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Post Oak Mission Cemetery,
Comanche County, Oklahoma

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T Surnames
 TABBY~KAH~NEE 185817/Oct/1902"Aged 44 Years"
 TABBY~TOSAVIT 184515/Apr/1916"Age 71 Years"
 TABBYYETCHYCharles Sunrise1889
Lawton OK
H/O [1] SS/W Esther [Parker] Tabbyyetchy [2] Beatrice Helen Williams Tabbyyetchy , Becker Funeral Home
 TABBYYETCHYEsther [Parker] 19/Jun/19191st W/O Charles Sunrise Tabbyyetchy, D/O Quanah Parker & Takewm Aerwuth
 TABBYYETCHYMorris28/Jun/191426/Oct/1983"*Comanche Code Talker* Sgt US Army ~ World War II" S/O Charles Sunrise & Esher [Parker] Tabbyyetchy
 TAH~CHA~WAH~HEMAHInfant Daughter  "Infant Daughter of Cor and Claud Tah-Cha-Wah-Hemah"
 TAH~CHA~WAH~HEMAHInfant Son  "Infant Son of Cor and Claud Tah-Cha-Wah-Hemah"
 TAH~CHA~WAH~HEMAHRollen 09/Mar/1913"" 
 TAH~KO~MAHInfant Girl22/Sep/192123/Sep/1921`"Infant Girl of Tah-Ko-Mah"
 TAH~SU~ACON 181420/Nov/1914"100 Y"
 TAH~WATCH~E~WOFF~PILEJoseph189425/Feb/1912"Aged 18 Years"
 TAHAHDelmar19441993S/O Donald & Rodsella [Niedo] Tahah, Huddleston FHM
 TAHAHHelmar V.24/Oct/1941  
 TAHAHJames Delmar20/Sep/196718/Sep/1999FHM
 TAHAHMarilyn J. "Mumpsie"08/Jul/194619/Jan/2008"Beloved Mother & Grandmother" 
 TAHAHMichael19701993Huddleston FHM
 TAHAHRosella [Niedo]24/Apr/1916
Indiahoma OK
10/Dec/2013 W/O Donald Tahah, M Indiahoma OK, D/O Joseph Moafpopwat Niedo & Maggie Otah Weyahyepchy Niedo Coffey, full-blood member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHCHAWAHHEMAHSON  "Son of Claud Roy Tahchawahhemah"
 TAHCHAWICKAHINFANT191214/Apr/1912"Infant Of Tahchawickah" 
 TAHCHAWWICKAHAllen11/Feb/191616/De/1993"PPC US Marine Corps ~ World War II" S/O Pete Coffee & Maggie [Niedo] Tahchawwichah
 TAHCHAWWICKAHCoffee187317/ug/1923"Gone but not forgotten"
 TAHCHAWWICKAHDavid Leroy28/Oct/1951
Seattle WA
OK City OK
"He will be remembered" S/O Allen & Fern [Pueblo] Tahchawwickah, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHCHAWWICKAHMaggie [Niedo]  W/O Pete Coffee
 TAHCHAWWICKAHPatrick A.06/Mar/195007/Jan/1995 "Pfc US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam"
 TAHCHAWWICKAHPauline19146/Sep/1916"2 Y"
Joshua TX
Fort Worth TX
 Former Lawton Police Officer"Honoired Dad" H/O Unknown Tahchawwickah, S/O Allen & Sarah [Burgess] Tahchawwickah, He was a fancy dancer and a gourd dancer, Comanche Nation of Oklahoma & a descendant of Chief Wildhorse, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHCHAWWICKAHRodney Gene31/Aug/1958
Lawton OK
Edmond OK
"" H/O Kristie R. [Chance] Tahchawwickah, M 02/Apr/1998 Wichita Falls TX, S/O Preston & Valerie [Saupitty] Tahchawwickah, Comanche Nation FHM
 TAHCHAWWICKAHVince M.12/Dec/1980
Dallas TX
Richmond VA
 "US Army" "Beloved Son" S/O Rodney Tahchawwickah & Cindy Jackson, Comanche Nation of Oklahoma Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHDOOANIPPAHDay03/Jul/190713/Nov/1993 "US Army ~ World War II" 
 TAHDOOANIPPAHLouella [Weavel]16/Jul/1928
Stillwell OK
Sapulpa OK
 Lawton Indian Hospital"Precious in the sight of the Lord" W/O Videll Tahdooahnippah , D/O Albert & Annie [Blackbird] Weavel, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHDOOAHNIPPAHVidell10 Oct 1939
Lawton OK
08 Oct 2006
Cache OK
 US Navy ~ US Naval Reserves H/O Louella [Weavel] Tahdooahnippah, M 10 Oct 1962 Walters OK, S/O Day & Lela [Yellowwolf] Tahdooahnippah, Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TAHKOFPERThurma [Tehauno]18801959"Gone but not forgotten"
 TAHKOMAHAgnes18811953"Loving Grandmother of Rance Hood"
 TAHKONGNihera 1954 
 TAHKONYWalter190102/Jun/1906"5 Y"
 TAHMAHKERACynthia Ann19041960"Gone but not forgotten" D/O Tahmahkera & Weyodee [Parker] Tahmahkera
 TAHNEWEHMMrs185529/Dec/1916"61 Y"
 TAKE~YAU~NE 186413/Jun/1923"Aged 59 Years" 
 TAKEY TEHY  1919 
 TANAARIEErie Wah-Pee   
 TAR~SIPBlancheFeb/191713/Jan/1918"Aged 11 Months" 
 TARSIPChild  "Child of Amos Tarsip"
 TARSIPChild  "Child of Amos Tarsip"
 TARSIPChild  "Child of Amos Tarsip"
 TARSIPChild  "Child of Amos Tarsip"
 TARSIPChild  "Child of Amos Tarsip"
 TARSIPLeupp1903 "LT"
 TARSIPMoses191307/Oct/1932"Age 19 Yrs"
 TAUWER 185929/Nov/1916"63 Y"
 TE~HU~NAJacob191306/Apr/1914"1 Y"
 TECKAYHNE 183119/Mar/1901"Mother" "70 Y"
 TEHAUNOPatsy Ruth Sankadota23/Feb/1929 "Mom" SS/W & W/O Vernon Tabbytosavit Tehauno, Sr
 TEHAUNOReuben187929/Dec/1925"46 Years"
 TEHAUNORonald Linn13/Mar/194701/Aug/2007 
 TEHAUNOVernon Tabbytosavit, Sr15/Oct/192423/Nov/1997"Dad" SS/W & H/O Patsy Ruth Sankadota Tehauno
 TEN~E~QUERRobert191113/Mar/1913"Aged 2 Years"
 TENEQUER 185310/Mar/1903"50 Y"
 TENEQUERAgnes [Tahkomah]188022/Nov/1953 
 TENEQUERBob "Pahve"18921958 
 TENEQUERCecelia Carol [Sandoval]25/Dec/1948
Crownpoint NM
Lawton OK
W/O Bob William Tenequer, M 27/Apr/1977, D/O Victor & Martha Sandoval, Navajo Nation, Comanche Nation FHM
 TENEQUERChild  "Child of Neal and Florence Tenequer"
 TENEQUERCliffordAug/191919/Feb/1920"6 M"
 TENEQUERDon11/Apr/191916/Apr/1919"5 D"
 TENEQUERDon Raymond, Sr.27 Jul 1938
Lawton OK
05 Dec 2001
Farmington NM
H/O Generita [Francisco] Tenequer, F/O Mary, Michael, Joe Paul & Don Raymond Tenequer, Jr., Martha Turner, Lance & Janell Laughlin, Monte Balen, S/O William & Martha Tenequer, Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, Navajo Nation Rodeo Cowboy Association, All Indian Rodeo Cowboy Association, Arizona Racing Association
Woodmen Memoral?TENEQUERHarry08/Jan/190613/May/1907 
 TENEQUERInfant  "Infant of Neal and Florence Tenequer"
 TENEQUERInfant 07/Feb/1905"Infant of S. Tenequer"
 TENEQUERJames190813/Apr/1918"Aged 10 Years"
 TENEQUERJane W.27/Nov/189420/Sep/1980"The most precious mother has return to heaven Amen"
 TENEQUERLonnie Wayne "Big O"12/Feb/194313/Jul/2003 "SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam"
 TENEQUERMartSep/191431/Dec/1914"3 M"
 TENEQUERMartha [Asenap]14/Sep/191007/Jul/1988"Our Loving Mother" W/O Unknown Tenequer, D/O Herman & Bessie [Parker] Asenap
 TENEQUERMichael Fred12/Feb/196707/Oct/2014 "US Army ~ 23 yrs" H/O Shelley Tenequer, S/O Don & Julia [Bolen] Tenequer, member of the Comanche Nation & Chickasaw Nation, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
Comanche CO OK
Lawton OK
"" H/O Agnes [Tahkomah] Tenequer, S/O Oscar a& Agnes [Tahkomah] Tenequer, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TENEQUERShelby187316/Oct/1939"Age 66 Years"
 TENEQUERSmall Child   "Small Child Marthello Tenequer"
 TENEQUERSylvan191517/Sep/1917"2 Y"
 TENEQUERWilliam "Bill"03/Aug/190906/Nov/1953"Love one another as I have loved you"
 THOMFrancella [Poafpybitty]01/Aug/194024/May/2011"Age 70" W/O Melvin D. Thom, D/O Frank & Irene [Chappabitty] Poafpybitty, 1958 Comanche Princess, Comanche Nation FHM
 TIEBOGoldieMar/191728/Oct/1917"7 M"
 TIEBOInfant 07/Nov/1913"Infant Of Tiebo"
 TIEBOJohn190703/Jul/1913"6 Y"
 TIEBOLee Roy21/May/192127/May/1921"6 D" 
 TIEBOOrvillie190922/Mar/1913"4 Yr"
 TIEBOSophia190116/Feb/1941"Age 40 Years"
 TIEBOWalkerSep/191220/Jun/1913"9 Mo"
 TIMSUYACKEY 187113/Dec/1918"47 Y"
 TISEKAPappech  "Pappech Child of Fred Tiseka"
 TISSY~WAH~WOON~ARD 18641914"About 50 Years Old"
 TISSYCHYMary08/Dec/190702/Jul/1916"Asleep in Jesus"
 TO~AUM~SEE~SU~NAH 187414/Jan/1921"47 Y"
 TO~AUM~SEE~SU~WAT 187314/Jan/1921"48 Y"
 TO~TITE 186825/Jan/1915"Age 47 Yrs"
 TO~WOCK~NIE 1852Aug/1905"Aged 53 Years"
 TOCAHWAHEMAH 18801926"AGE 46 Yrs"
 TOCAHWAHEMAHElla190430/Jun/1919"15 Y"
 TOEHAYCathy Diane [Large]10/Jan/1952
Fort Washakie WY
Lawton OK
WO Rolaine Toehay, M Lawton OK, D/O Stanley, Sr & Margie [Leasie Aunquoe] Large, member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe in Fort Washakie WY, also of Kiowa and Comanche descent, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
 TOFPOIE 18781961"Grandma"
 TOK~OYIA~YACKETClark187715/Jul/1933"Age 56 Y"
 TONEMAHAlice Mae18/Sep/194615/Oct/1993"Sister, Auntie, Fiancee, Educator, Friend"
 TONEMAHHarry Treat28/Jul/191525/May/1989"Wed Jul 28, 1935" SS/W & H/O Reona Asenap] Tonemah
 TONEMAHRoena [Asenap]12/Oct/191428/Nov/1987"Wed Jul 28, 1935" SS/W & W/O Harry Treat Toemah, D/O Herman & Bessie [Parker] Asenap
 TOO~AH~VONIE 186814/Jul/1918"50 Y"
 TOO~AH~VONIEMother  "Mother Too-Ah-Vonie"
 TOO~AH~VONIESam 06/Apr/1901 
 TOO~AH~VONIETi~Wotze  27/Jun/1908 
 TOO~AH~VONIEWife 25/Dec/1900"Wife of Too~Ah~Vonie"
 TOOAHNIPPER 187224/May/1944 
 TOOAHNIPPERDaniel30/Jan/191517/Apr/1972"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills"
 TOSAWOOSSAWHE 182225/Oct/1902"80 Y"
 TOT~PO~NETE  23/Jul/1930 
 TOT~PONETEMaud 1931 
 TOTITELucy01/Jan/189427/Sep/1982"In memory of my beloved aunt"
 TOTITEThomas190022/Mar/1929"Age 29 "H/O Annie Totite Otipody
 TOTITEThomas, Jr24/Sep/1926 05/May/1928 
 TOVAH 186118/Nov/1915"54 Y" 
 TREBOOpalDec/191605/May/1918"Aged 2 Yrs & 6 Mos"
 TUCKERDon Ray07/Oct/1936
Hobart OK
Frederick OK
 Principal, Teacher & Coach Indiahoma Publis School System"Beloved Son, Brother, and Father" H/O June Mullins Hix Tucker, M 27/Feb/1998 Vernon TX, SS/W & F/O Hoyt A. Tucker, Jackson Funeral Home
 TUCKERHoyt A.17/Aug/196911/Mar/1990SS/W & S/O Don Ray Tucker, S/O June Mullins Hix Tucker

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