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Lilac Hill Memorial Garden Cemetery

Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Established 1962

At Rest
This is my own this hollowed space,
This is my own final resting space. And when the fires have ceased to burn,
Unto God's hands, I shall return. Then lay me down with earth to blend
eternity in peace to spend. And cast my name in bronze, I pray
To tell the ages I passed this way.
B. J. Hurley
Photos submitted by: Ronda Jolls

4600 South Broadway Ave.
Moore, OK
{405} 329-0694

Directions - From I-35 South thru Moore, take the Indian Hills Rd. Exit and go East over I-35 overpass. Drive approximately 2 miles. Turn left {north} at the stop sign at Broadway. Cemetery will be on the right {east} side of the street. Caretaker's place is on the left {west} side of the street past the cemetery, in a brick house with the cemetery name and number on the garage door. The cemetery entrance sign is not real noticeable except for the beautiful crepe myrtles and other flowers surrounding the signage.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website,
please send area coordinator an e-mail.

SURNAME First Mi Born Died Comments
Argo Perry Clifford 1919 Aug 19, 1972 H of Sarah
Argo Sarah Imogene (Young) May 5, 1923 Mar 12, 1993 W of Perry
ARMSTRONG Roy Lee 1/12/1962 9/22/2005 See photo
BARKER Herbert J. 4/26/1933 3/15/1999 See photo
BARRINGER Charles N. 1/21/1942 3/8/1988  
BARRINGER Charles Newbern 1915 1973  
BARRINGER Rose Mary 1919 1976  
Frank Gilliam 9/21/1917 1/9/1989 Maj US Ar Force WW II Korea
See photo
BEARD Richard Bricent 11/6/1952 2/17/2003 Son of Gladys Jeanette and Richard
BEASLEY George A. C. 8/7/1935 11/27/1992 spouse buried in Moore City Cem
BLACK Alberta 3/17/1919 1/7/2002 Wife of Woodrow B.
Woodrow B. 3/24/1917 3/27/2003 Hus of Alberta
BLOOMER Norma Jean 1923 1990 photo
BOX Nicholas Jr. 12/9/1980 12/10/1980 photo
Alton E. 11/5/1931 11/19/2009 US Air Force
Wed Monta C 1/13/1956
Brasiel Mildred I (Jones) 5/15/1931 12/19/1995  
Brasiel Nathaniel Jerome 1/16/1969 3/10/1974  
BRAY Bobby E. 3/23/1934 9/1/1994 H of Bertha B
BRITT Josephine "Joy" I. 1924   W of William C
BRITT William "Bill" C. 1924   photo
BRODIE Helen A. 1916 1981 W of William Howard
BRODIE William Howard 1924 1989 photo
BROSSETTE Hardy O. 7/8/1906 9/9/1980 photo
BROWN Ben A. 4/3/1924 1/7/2000  
BURRESS Sylvia Beatrice 12/22/1914 6/10/1979 wife of Virgil Eugene
See photo
BURRESS Virgil Eugene 11/5/1914 12/15/1995 See photo
BURROW Pearl F. 11/25/1903 6/4/1989 See photo
James Harley 8/14/1959 1/3/1990 SGT US Air Force
See photo
CHALLIS Betty Lucinda (Horner) 5/18/1931 3/8/1991 See photo
CHURCH Laura B. 1890 1973  
Lenn R. 4/27/1921 1/24/1997 US Army WW II
See photo
CHURCH Mildred L. 1916    
CHURCH Winnie Lee 5/27/1924 6/27/2004 See photo
CLAY G. Ruth 1922 2008 wife of Jack C
See photo
CLAY Jack C. 1918 1991 See photo
COOTS Benn McKinley Prince 8/14/1904 4/24/1993 See photo
William A. Jr. 1930 1981 SFC US Army Korea
See photo
Willie A. 2/16/1893 6/14/1993 PVT US Army WW I
See photo
COSTELLO Dale E. 6/20/1955 10/9/2007 Beloved Daddy of Britney
See photo
COX Doris Gail (Monholland) 2/17/1956 1/10/2010 marr Kenneth Ray 6/20/1979
DALLMAN Samuel Kenneth 10/16/1990 10/16/1990 See photo
DAVIS Wanda May 1/12/1934 8/2/2009 See photo
DOBYNS Mykel Chaz 12/4/1991 12/5/1991 See photo
DOUGHTY Edna M 2/15/1933 3/4/2008 wife of Marshall M
See photo
DOUGHTY Marshall M. 1/22/1932 5/27/2003 See photo
Charles Dewayne 10/3/1949 3/16/1972 Oklahoma SN US Navy Vietnam
See photo
DUNCAN Cynthia Ann (Beard) 10/3/1949 3/16/1972  
DUNN Billy J. 8/10/1935 2/11/2002  
DWYER David M. 5/26/1953 4/18/1988 See photo
DWYER Elizabeth Galvin 3/25/1916 8/18/2008 See photo
DYSON Larry E. 9/27/1955 9/1/2002  
EASTEP Lillian 1912    
EDMISTON Alice B. 3/10/1910 10/24/1981 See photo
EDMISTON Clarence F. 9/10/1911 1/29/1981 See photo
ENGLAND Thomas Dale 5/22/1962 11/21/1993 See photo
Corbett D. 3/2/1933 11/22/1985 1st SGT US Army Vietnam
See photo
FENT Lloyd Arthur 1900 1981  
FISHER Ernestine Jewell (Gilstrap) 04/09/1924 11/16/2008 Wife of Leslie R. Fisher
dau of Ernest and Bessie (Passons) Gilstrap
GABRISH Anna M. 1938   wife of William M
See photo
GABRISH William M. 1936   See photo
GADBERRY Paul Stephen 11/6/1936 6/4/2007 See photo
Gordon Robert 11/25/1919 12/30/2004 US Army
See photo
GREEN David Victor 8/11/1953 11/6/2002  
Eugene Sr. 8/8/1933 4/18/2002 SP3 US Army Korea
See photo
GROTTS Cynthia Ann 8/31/1960 10/12/1972 See photo
GURLEY Robert L. 11/8/1949 5/23/1984 See photo
HANDLEY Raymond LaRoy 1923 1978 See photo
HANDLEY Wilma Jean 1923 2003 See photo
HARRIS Faith Allison 3/5/1995 3/5/1995 See photo
HARRIS Mary Fran (Caron) 7/23/1932 11/5/1995 See photo
Edward Clifton Jr. 4/15/1923 4/27/2002 US Air Force
See photo
HEARN Marjorie H. 7/6/1928 3/11/1999 See photo
HEATH Charlotte E. 1945 1974 See photo
HEIDEBRECHT Joe Dale 11/20/1940 8/14/1990 See photo
Donald Gene 5/2/1935 9/8/2003 SFC US Army Vietnam
See photo
HORNER-CHALLIS Betty Loucinda 5/18/1931 5/8/1991  
HOTZE Donald R. 1934 1994  
HOTZE Freddie O. 1910 1980  
HOTZE Ivy Mae 1935    
HOTZE Jessie W. 1912 1985  
JENNINGS William Eric 1/27/1956 3/19/1976 See photo
JEWELL Bobby Joe 8/8/1934 11/8/2011  
Bobby G 5/9/1932 9/18/1998 Cpl US Army  Korea
JONES Bubba   Mar 1999  
JONES John Ellis 7/16/1892 8/21/1977  
JONES Martin Odell
6/1/1939 12/18/2002  
JONES Pamela Sue (Moore) 2/15/1951 3/24/2014  
JONES Peggy Lee (Pullins) 2/12/1978 1/27/1998 W of William
JONES Williams Cole



H of Peggy
Teddy Clay 11/9/1904 11/5/1973 Oklahoma
See photo
KEITH Sharon Kay 8/9/1948 6/10/1992 See photo
KENNEDY Herbert J. 1/6/1913 2/21/1996  
KENNEDY Lois 7/13/1908 6/27/2000 Wife of Herbert J. Kennedy
Gerald 5/31/1919 4/27/1980 PVT US Army WW II
LANHAM Rachel E. 10/8/1907 12/24/2006 wife of Wayne W
See photo
LANHAM Wayne W. 7/31/1908 10/1/1995 See photo
Roger Dale 1/10/1937 3/2/1996 US Army
See photo
LEVERETT Effie Ann 2/23/1900 11/7/1983  
LIBERTO June Ava 6/29/1929 6/18/1982 wife of Robert Joseph
See photo
Robert Joseph 3/20/1929 10/18/1977 SSGT US Air Force Korea
See photo
LOWDER Cecil Clifford 9/12/1923 12/11/1988  
LOWDER Malcolm Leon 12/1/1903 8/1/1990  
MASON-DYSON Sandra J. 9/19/1948 11/6/1999  
MAYBERRY Lindsay W. 3/4/1928 4/30/1993 husb of Mattie M
See photo
MERCER Winifred V. 9/19/1920 7/31/1972 See photo
MERRICK Lois S. 5/28/1910 4/3/1992  
MERRICK Otha L. 5/29/1911 2/28/1968  
MIRAMONTES Lillian 6/18/1989 9/21/2004  
MONHOLLAND L. Carlton 10/28/1925 1/12/1999 See photo
MONHOLLAND L. Dean 5/4/1932   marr L Carlton 5/8/1948
See photo
MONTOYA Cecilia T. 9/27/1921 8/29/1997 See photo
Earl Carl 4/26/1916 1/6/1992 PFC US Army WW II
See photo
NAYLOR Gary Bruce 9/26/1952 6/4/1989 See photo
ORTIZ Retha Monique 11/24/1982 11/8/2004 See photo
PALACIOS Adam R. Jr. 1/6/1957 2/21/2005 husb of Maria E
See photo
Jerry W. 2/8/1964 6/1/2005 TSGT US Air Force
husb of Daniela C L
See photo
PETERS John S. 1903 1982 See photo
PETERS Madeleine K. 3/27/1909 1/21/2002 Wife of John S. Peters
POLK Ada R. 1906 1992 wife of Russell H
See photo
POLK Russell H. 1906 1999 See photo
POTTS John 1907 1986 See photo
POTTS Kathryn L. 1912 1964 wife of John
See photo
POWELL Charles LaVant 8/23/1954 4/11/1982 See photo
PRATHER Dorothy L. 3/31/1918 4/23/1995 wife of Frank H
See photo
PRATHER Frank H. 6/8/1908 12/28/1990 See photo
PRATHER John E. 8/28/1946 9/11/2000 See photo
PRICE Ronnie L. 1/11/1948 9/11/2005  
PULLINS-JONES Peggy S. 2/12/1978 2/23/1989  
REAM Boudinot 1905 1978 See photo
REAM Flora 1911 2007 Wife of Boudinot
See photo
RICHARDS Alan L. 12/29/1913 2/3/1980  
RIGGS Raymond V. 11/24/1917 3/25/1968 See photo
RIVERA Domingo Jr. 3/5/1981 3/5/1981 See photo
ROBERTSON Erma Byron 8/26/1905 9/10/1986 See photo
RODARM Ted C. 1917 2010  
RODARME Bill 1901 1981  
ROULSTON Terry Dale 9/25/1963 7/17/2005 See photo
RYAN John W. 11/11/1905 4/23/1993 See photo
RYAN Lillie M. 5/22/1910 12/15/1994 wife of John W
See photo
SAMMAN Buena Viola 10/30/1915 5/17/1996 See photo
SCHAT Victoria 1998 2005 See photo
SEABOLT Warren J. 6/11/1921 12/9/1981 See photo
SEABOLT Wilma F. 8/9/1916 5/1/1999 wife of Warren J
See photo
SHENE Joyce Zell 11/4/1941 3/6/1994 See photo
SHEPPARD Patty Lynn 1/9/1936 4/27/2004 wife of Theryl M
See photo
Theryl M. 1/15/1936 12/2/1999 PFC US Marine Corps
See photo
SIMS Leonard L. 1915 1977 husb of Pauline L
See photo
SMITH Ollie Mae Rodarm 1882 1970  
STARR Gregory Todd 6/25/1972 4/6/2004 See photo
STEWART Maggie J. 7/8/1946 2/23/2002  
Floyd 12/13/1919 1/29/1980 SSGT US Army WW II
See photo
STIMSON Ruth E. 10/11/1919 1/24/1982 wife of Floyd
See photo
STROUP Robert Jerome 1/3/1917 3/8/1997  
STROUP Edna Cate 3/21/1921 12/5/1991  
TRUJILLO Reymundo Sr. 1941 1992 husb of Vicki Ann
See photo
THOMAS Merlin J. 1908 1982  
THOMAS Nellie Mae 1914    
THOMPSON Connie Joetta 4/29/1948 6/2/1966  
THOMPSON Donald L. 11/22/1925 11/28/1984  
THOMPSON Laura M. 1907 1996  
THOMPSON Leslie L. 1902 1974  
THOMPSON Nellis Faye 11/28/1929 10/22/2001  
THOMPSON Thomas Neil 8/16/1967 6/3/1969  
TUBBS Floyd C. 1897 1985  
TUBBS Grace M. 1893 1989  
TUTOR Barney R. 3/6/1905 2/23/1995 See photo
TUTOR Nettie Edna 2/9/1909 10/22/2005 wife of barney R
See photo
TYNER John Wayne 5/8/1991 5/23/1991 See photo
TYNER Marshall Dillon 5/8/1991 6/14/1991 See photo
VALLE Venita Lee 8/28/1959 6/5/1992 See photo
VAN LEHN Mary Lucille 6/21/1927 8/18/1989 wife of R A
See photo
R. A. 12/2/1923 10/8/1989 SGT US Marine Corps WW II
See photo
Frank Joseph 4/18/1914 4/17/1986 US Army WW II
See photo
VIRGILIO Gertrude Fay 3/1/1921 8/20/1995 wife of Frank Joseph
See photo
WALSH Frank Ross Jr. 7/28/1964 12/13/1992 See photo
Robert Hans 2/1/1960 2/15/1989 US Army
See photo
Grace L. (Koebel) 10/3/1923 5/1/1986 AS US Navy WW II
wife of Stuart R Jr
See photo
Stuart R Jr. 7/20/1920 1/16/1986 TEC 5 US Army WW II
See photo
WHITTAKER Irene 1899 1974  
George R. 1/14/1935 4/26/2006 US Army
husb of Joyce
See photo
WILLIAMS Joyce 1936   wife of George R
See photo
WILLIAMS Nelson T. Sr. 7/22/1965 5/21/1998 See photo
WILSON Kevin D. 6/30/1961 7/21/1995 See photo
YORK-FENT Maurine Elizabeth 6/24/1917 9/24/1990  

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