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Independence Cemetery

Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Cemetery Pic
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Submitted & © by: Jim Woodruff & Area Coordinator

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☰ Cemetery Layout

I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5. R1-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the first row at the front of the cemetery. The rows are not very straight, so my row numbers could be off a little. You may have to do a little searching but the cemetery is small enough so you shouldn't have much trouble.

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Independence Cemetery is located just south of Hwy. 9 on the east side of Norman's 48th Ave. SE.

Location SURNAME First Mi Born Died Comments
R11-10 ARMSTRONG LUCRETIA 1870 1942  
Samuel C. 1828 2/8/1892 Co. F, 24th MO Inf.
Family Info & Photo
R1-5 BARB JOE W. 1912 1913 photo
R14-1 BARB CHLORA ANN 7/6/1888 1/6/1969 W of R. H.
R14-2 BARB R. H. 1/2/1885 2/24/1957 photo
R10-10 BARNETT BABY No dates    
R13-5 BARNHILL GEORGE No dates    
R1-10 BARTO BABY 1911 1911 Photo
R1-11 BARTO GEORGIA ANN 1871 1947 W of W.W.
R1-12 BARTO W. W. 1851 1923 photo
R1-13 BARTO BABY HENRY No dates   photo
R4-5 BARTO BEULAH & EULAH 1905 1905 photo
R4-6 BARTO JEMIMA 1833 1907 photo
R5-11 BARTO DOCIA (HOWERY) 1877 1948 photo
R5-12 BARTO A. C. 1867 1948 photo
R5-13 BARTO RAY 1916 1972 photo
CECIL WORTH 2/24/1894 6/16/1965 Pvt US Army
WW I     photo
R10-3 BARTON JOHN 1864 1921  
R1-18 BATES INFANT 11/15/1921 11/16/1921 S of J. A.
R8-24 BENTLEY JOHN No dates   photo
R5-3 BEZDICEK MARIE 6/12/1843 3/26/1909 W of Jan
R5-4 BEZDICEK JAN 3/9/1841 3/23/1909 photo
R1-19 BLACK SARAH 1833 1917 W of James
R1-20 BLACK JAMES 1833 1909 photo
R8-23 BLAIR BABY 1907 1907  
R1-6 BOWERS HESTER ESTELLA (CRISWELL) 1/20/1888 7/7/1910 W of Arthur
R1-7 BOWERS FRANK E. 10/22/1909 6/30/1910 S of A. & E.
R13-3 BRADBURY EVA ERSAY 5/14/1896 12/22/1950 photo
R3-5 BROWN CHARLIE No dates    
R9-11 CARR JESSIE 1904 1904 S of W H & D A
R1-17 CARTER OPTIE No dates   photo
R3-9 CASSADY BABY No dates    
R11-9 CHAMPEAU BABIES 10/5/1920 5/19/1922 photo
Bobby Elmer "Bob" 10/13/1930 6/22/2015 US Army
R3-19 CHAMPEAU DORSIE K. 8/13/1907 12/20/1995 photo
R3-15 CHAMPEAU ELMER R. 9/20/1888 11/26/1947 photo
R8-14 CHAMPEAU EMILE M. 1858 1932 H of Melissa photo
R3-18 CHAMPEAU ERNEST 4/7/1870 7/13/1945 photo
R8-12 CHAMPEAU ERVIN 11/29/1899 1/14/1902 S of A. & M. J.
R3-17 CHAMPEAU JENNIE 10/29/1876 9/25/1974 Photo
R8-13 CHAMPEAU MELISSA J. 1866 1945 W of Emile M.
R9-10 CHILTON SAM 1839 1912 Difficult to read
R8-15 CLEAVER DELBERT W. 1/15/1935 3/23/1942 photo
R8-31 CLEAVER HERBERT WALTER 2/21/1896 2/3/1987 photo
R8-32 CLEAVER JULIA (CHAMPEAU) 3/20/1902 3/13/1995 W of Herbert W.
R11-7 COLEMAN C. E. 11/5/1876 3/6/1893 W of Albert
R11-5 COLMAN BABY D. No dates   photo
R11-6 COLMAN BABY B.     photo
Unknown COX STEPHEN BURT 5/22/1965 6/24/2010 S of Mae D. Cox
R5-17A CRAIG CARRIE 1865 1956 wife of Ben
See photo
R5-17 CRAIG SAMUEL BENJAMIN "BEN" 4/1862 1937 See photo
R6-11 CRAIG J. J. 3/29/1904 4/18/1904 Son of S.B. & C.G.
See photo
R6-12 CRAIG E. E. 7/6/1899 7/9/1899 Son of S.B. & C.G.
See photo
J. H. 1830 1916 Donor of Independence Cemetery. Cival War Vet.
See photo
R1-8 CRISWELL ELMER E. 10/30/1902 7/2/1910 Son of D.A. & S.J.
See photo
R1-9 CRISWELL RETTA M. 1/23/1901 6/17/1910 Dau of D.A. & S.J.
See photo
R1-25 CURREN ADMIRAL DEWEY 4/27/1899 2/24/1979 See photo
R1-26 CURREN EVELYN BELL 2/14/1902 3/29/1981 Mar. Admiral 1/11/1922
See photo
R8-8 CURREN IDA 1881 1923 Wife of Charles H.
R8-9 CURREN CHARLES H. 1878 1954  
R10-8 CURREN SUSANNAH 1847 1832 W of Robert
R10-9 CURREN ROBERT 1834 1908  
? DAVENPORT Bessie Nadine (Barto) 7/23/1914 8/29/2003 Wed Roy 6/24/1936
Darrell Dean 7/11/1937 3/20/2015 Wed Eunice 6/24/1956
US Air Force
Photo & Obit
UNKNOWN DAVENPORT Eunice Ann (Oliphant) 11/29/1939 12/31/2008 Wed Darrell
Roy Jackson 2/04/1915 04/14/2003 S2 US Navy WW II
Wed Bessie  6/24/1936
R3-16 DAWKINS ETHEL (CHAMPEAU) 4/24/1895 5/1/1965  
JNO. No dates   Corp'l "Co. K, S4 ILL Inf."
R4-10 DILBECK BABY No dates   photo
R4-11 DILBECK TINY No dates   photo
R12-4 DYE DOROTHY JANE 4/20/1927 3/12/1984 W of Marvin C.
R12-4A DYE MARVIN CLARK 02/08/1926 09/27/2003 See photo
R11-4 ELLSWORTH ALICE No dates   See photo
R7-7 ENDICOTT BABY No dates 1981 See photo
R4-13 ESKEW ANDREW 1/1/1850 7/21/1899 See photo
R4-14 ESKEW JAMES ANDREW 4/30/1890 8/5/1936 See photo
R1-23 FAIR WILLIAM 7/21/1809 12/11/1896 See photo
R1-24 FAIR LUTHER 7/29/1874 6/13/1896 See photo
R3-6 FARRIS LEONARD No dates 1900? Difficult to read
See photo
? FIELDS Children     children of A E & D E Fields
See photo
R7-1 FIELDS THOMAS JEFFERSON 12/23/1861 07/08/1944 See photo
R7-2 FIELDS LOUISA VIRGINIA (THURMOND) 11/27/1824 5/29/1892 See photo
R10-11 FIELDS MAULTIE 12/30/1902 2/27/1903 Child of A.E. & D.E.
See photo
R10-12 FIELDS MAY 12/30/1892 3/18/1901 Child of A.E. & D.E.
See photo
R9-4 FLANAGAN GERTIE 12/15/1893 1/20/1894  
R9-5 FLANAGAN LAURA 12/16/1889 3/20/1894 See photo
R9-6 FLANAGAN JAMES 1/15/1850 2/2/1904 See photo
R9-7 FLANAGAN MILLIE 3/25/1857 3/9/1942  
R9-14 FLANAGAN DOROTHY P. 6/30/1918 6/27/1980 Wife of Robert L.
See photo
R9-15 FLANAGAN ROBERT LOUIE 11/16/1908 8/2/1990 See photo
R7-6 FLANNIGAN JR. No dates 1888 Difficult to read
See photo
R8-1 FLORIDA J. K. 1844 1921 Difficult to read
See photo
R8-2 FLORIDA WILLIE 1900 1901  
JAMES T. 1/29/1895 10/17/1969 PVT USA WW I
JOHN H. 12/20/1897 9/5/1944 PVT USA SERV CORPS
R6-10 FORTMANN LUDWIG 10/5/1901 7/5/1902 Son of H. & L.
See photo
R12-1 GILL BABY No dates   See photo
R12-2 GILL F. A. 1884 1929  
R12-3 GILL C. L. 1848 1914  
R11-1 GOSS MOLLY No dates   See photo
R11-2 GOSS HARDY No dates   See photo
R11-3 GOSS WILLIE No dates   Uncle
See photo
R5-16 GRAIG CARRIE 1865 1956 Wife of Ben
R1-3 GRIZZLE JACKIE 1929 1929 See photo
R1-4 GRIZZLE JAKE 1865 1930 Difficult to read
See photo
R8-25 GRIZZLE MARY & INFANT 1910 1940 See photo
R8-26 GRIZZLE ALTA F. No dates 1927 See photo
R8-27 GRIZZLE WANDA M. No dates 1930 See photo
R5-15 GUFFEY Can't read it.      
R8-29 HAGGY LIGE No dates    
R3-21 HAMMON OLLIE MAE 1/24/1901 2/27/1990 Dau of C. & I. Curren
See photo
R6-5 HARLAN STEVE 1901 1960 See photo
R6-6 HARLAN IVA 1899 1966 Wife of Steve
See photo
R4-16 HASKINS LEOTA CHARLENE 8/31/1943 11/8/1983 See photo
R1-14 HAVILL LUVINA 8/12/1819 9/10/1897 Wife of John
See photo
R1-15 HAVILL NEVA 8/25/1902 8/21/1908 Dau of C. & M.L.
See photo
R1-16 HAVILL ONA 2/11/1886 4/13/1918 Son of L.H. & Anna
See photo
R2-1 HAVILL ANNA A. 12/26/1852 8/24/1925 Wife of L.H. "Ren"
See photo
R2-2 HAVILL L. H. "REN" 5/5/1855 6/27/1934 See photo
R2-3 HAVILL THELMA L. 8/5/1909 6/3/1934 See photo
R4-15 HENRY H. E. 7/23/1859 11/29/1898 Difficult to read
R6-1 HEWITT MATTHEW ALAN 12/20/1970 12/20/1970 See photo
ALAN LEWIS 11/04/1942 08/21/2001 Sgt US Armt, Vietnam
See photo
R6-2 HEWITT GEORGIA (MARTIN) 7/6/1890 8/18/1987 See photo
R6-3 HEWITT MARK 4/25/1890 10/9/1956 See photo
R7-3 HEWITT MARCARINA R. 12/31/1851 05/31/1933 wife of G D
See photo
R7-4 HEWITT G. D. 1850 1931 See photo
? HOLLAND BABY no date   See photo
R11-11 HOLLENBECK CLYDE 1891 1915  
R11-12 HOLLENBECK ELI 1844 1918 Husb of America B
R11-13 HOLLENBECK R.B. 1841 1925  
R13-4 HOLLENBECK VERA 1897 1980? Difficult to read
See photo
HENRY H. 1/24/1836 9/9/1901 "Co. F, 24th MO Inf."
See photo
R10-5 HOWARD McLISSIA 2/12/1878 5/2/1940 wife of Charlie S
See photo
R10-6 HOWARD CHARLIE S. 2/17/1869 10/8/1950 See photo
R10-7 HOWARD LISSIA 1879 1940 Difficult to read
See photo
? HOWERY CHARLES L. 1899 1982 See photo
? HOWERY MARIE C. 1898 1995 wife of Charles L
See photo
R5-9 HOWERY JAMES E. 1902 1902 See photo
R5-10 HOWERY TOM 3/4/1857 4/13/1910 See photo
CHARLES LEE 8/2/1899 5/2/1982 GM2 USN WW I
See photo
R9-8 HUDSON IVA 1908 1928 Difficult to read
R8-10 KILLEY MR. & MRS. L. No dates    
R7-5 KROSZRWSKI BABY No dates   See photo
R8-16 LARASON BABIES (2) No dates   See photo
R8-17 LARASON M. H. 11/1866 1936 See photo
R8-18 LARASON NANCY (ARBUCKLE) 11/7/1832 11/6/1904 wife of Charles
See photo
CHARLES 04/05/1832   "Co. F, 35 MO Inf."
See photo
R8-20 LARASON BELLE 3/17/1935 2/8/1910 dau of M H Larason
See photo
R9-9 LARASON BABY No dates   See photo
R8-5 LEE HIRAM G. No dates 1927? Difficult to read
R8-6 LEE BESSIE 12/18/1899 7/14/1949 Wife of H.L.
R8-7 LEE H. L. 11/25/1898 6/30/1948  
TED BERT 3/30/1916 5/16/1994 PFC USA WW II
See photo
R1-30 LESTER GERALDINE R. 4/24/1920 9/26/1995 Mar. Ted 5/28/1938
See photo
R3-10 LONG BOB No dates    
R9-3 LONG CARRIE 11/17/1875 5/?/1892  
R1-3 MARTIN HELEN 1/10/1930 1/12/1930 Dau of Joe & Mary Lea Martin
See photo
R1-3 MARTIN NORMA no dates   Dau of Joe & Mary Lea Martin
See photo
R1-21 MASTERS JESS LUTHER 11/11/1906 3/10/1973 See photo
R1-22 MASTERS VERDENA MAWRINA 5/9/1918 7/10/1999 Wife of Jess L.
See photo
R8-21 MEARS BABY No dates    
R8-22 MEARS BABY No dates    
R14-3 MELUGIN LIZA JANE 1850 1895 See photo
  Mitchell Walter Howard 12/29/1983 2/14/2014 Obit
R4-17 MYERS CHARLEY B. 7/27/1906 11/8/1987 See photo
R4-18 MYERS MARY GRACE 11/23/1909 1/25/1991 Mar. Charley 60 years
See photo
R4-19 MYERS JAMES EDWARD 5/5/1938 8/3/2000 See photo
R6-4 MYERS DELORES F. 12/1940 1/1941 See photo
R1-27 PEERY MILES T. 9/27/1904 7/30/1980 See photo
R1-28 PEERY NORA MAE 1/19/1899 1/8/1993 Wife of Miles T.
See photo
R13-2 PHILLIPS GLADYS I. 10/8/1901 8/9/1970  
R8-28 POPE HARLAND 1/30/1897 8/25/1899 Son of W.H. & L.R.
See photo
Unknown POTTER SHAWN EDWARD 6/14/1980 2/21/2006 See photo
R4-12 PUCKETT L. A. No dates 1907 Grandfather
See photo
R14-10 REED AMOS JR. 3/26/1937 3/26/1937 See photo
R3-14 RIVERS BESSIE LOWE (STARKS) 10/13/1908 5/26/1998 See photo
R11-14 ROBY BLANCHIE 12/22/1908 5/5/1909  
R10-2 SAMS FELIX 1874 1953 See photo
R5-5 SLAJER GEORGE 11/30/1903 1/3/1904 son of Josef & Anna
See photo
R5-6 SLAJER CHARLEY 11/7/1902 12/29/1902 son of Josef & Anna
See photo
R5-7 SLAJER JOSEF 1872 1942 See photo
R5-8 SLAJER ANNA 1873 1915 Wife of Josef
See photo
Unknown STARKS CECIL MASTERSON 2/10/1905 9/23/1983 See photo
R10-1 STARNES GRACIE 5/16/1894 7/27/1895 See photo
BOBBIE L. 9/2/1930 2/17/1999 CS1 USN KOREA
husb of Dorothy M
Marr 9/3/1949
See photo
R3-20 STEWART CYNTHIA SUE 1/17/1951 11/28/1997 See photo
R7-8 STURGES THERESA E. 2/3/1879 10/6/1903 Dau of J.T. & M.E.
See photo
R7-9 STURGES CHARLIE G. 3/24/1881 6/7/1902 Son of J.T. & M.E.
See photo
R4-9 SUMPTER HENRY L. 12/5/1895 2/13/1902 Son of J. & A.
UNKNOWN SUMPTER MARTHA 08/17/1909 no date dau of John Elias
See photo
R4-7 TARKINGTON EDDIE R. 4/22/1850 3/3/1934 Wife of Allen W.
See photo
R4-8 TARKINGTON ALLEN W. 7/21/1843 11/13/1908 See photo
R14-4 TARKINGTON FELIX 1895 1901  
R14-5 TARKINGTON RAY 1907 1908  
R14-6 TARKINGTON MELVIN 4/1914 7/1914  
R14-7 TARKINGTON MARY 1879 1914 Wife of George
See photo
R14-8 TARKINGTON GEORGE 1870 1957 See photo
R14-9 TARKINGTON WALTER 1902 1926 See photo
R3-7 TEEL EMMA J. 1850 1937 Wife of Richard
See photo
R3-8 TEEL RICHARD 1846 1930 See photo
R3-11 TEEL DOCIA 1887 1969 Wife of Don
See photo
R3-12 TEEL DON 1878 1950 See photo
MELVIN DEWEY 5/6/1918 3/10/2000 US Army WW II
See photo
R4-2 TEEL JAMES MILTON 4/1/1892 5/8/1956 See photo
R4-3 TEEL OLA B. 8/19/1908 3/1/1992 Wife of Jess C.
See photo
R4-4 TEEL JESS C. 3/8/1885 9/28/1937 See photo
R6-7 TEEL JOHN C. 11/29/1875 5/2/1945 See photo
R6-8 TEEL LIZZIE 4/17/1882 8/17/1922 Wife of John C
See photo
R6-9 TEEL BABY No dates   See photo
R3-13 TODD
ROSS 12/28/1902 11/21/1972 PFC BTRY G 89 CA (AA) USA WW II
See photo
R3-22 TODD SAMUAL A. 1860 1928 See photo
R3-23 TODD ELIZABETH 1877 1907 Wife of Samual A.
See photo
R3-24 TODD FLORA 11/28/1905 7/3/1906 Dau of J.H. & H.
R3-25 TODD WALTER D. 11/10/1894 2/10/1973 See photo
R11-8 TODD BABY 10/8/1920 10/8/1920 Baby of J.M.
R3-1 VALOUCH FRANTISKA 1843 1920 See photo
R3-2 VALOUCH JOSEF 1841 1923 See photo
R3-4 VALOUCH JOE VALENTA 1894 1914  
R1-2 VEAL NORMA KAY 5/4/1925 10/5/1978 D of  J. & M. Martin
R1-1 VEAL THOMAS BENJAMIN "JACK" 5/14/1925 1/20/2003 H of Norma
R9-12 WALKER MOORE abt.1883 2/9/1905 Obit
Unknown WARREN FANNIE FERN ROLLINGS 9/3/1915 8/3/1943 photo
R8-4 WELLS MAZIE ANN 12/22/1943 5/12/1979  
Leo Howard 9/20/1926 11/11/2012 Obit
US Army Air Corps
R8-30 WHITEHEAD GRANDPA No dates    
R9-13 WILSON RHODA J. 5/20/1832 12/1/1899 W of Manoail
DAVID CROCKETT 8/10/1840 2/19/1896 "Co. E, 3rd Ark. Cav."
R5-2 WOODS MRS. MOLLIE "MARY C." 12/1851 08/24/1924 W of David C.

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