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Blackburn Cemetery

Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

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Photo & Surveys © by: Jim Woodruff & Others


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If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website,
please send the Area Coordinator an e-mail which can be found at top of this page.For further information on persons buried here, call Brad Rogers (405) 613-8663.

Do to the size of this location Surnames are split

A-L and M-Z


Bethel Cemetery is located about four miles south of Hwy. 9 less than 1/4 mile west of the corner of 168th Ave SE and on Post Oak Road. From Hwy. 9 east of Norman,
take 156th Ave SE south to Post Oak Road. Turn left {east} and go almost to 168th Ave SE. It is on the south side of Post Oak Road.
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S1-R9-7 ABBOTT PHOEBE H. 1839 1913 See photo
S1-R9-8 ABBOTT G. W. 2/27/1840 3/10/1893 See photo
S6-R12-9 ABSHIER LORETA 10/24/1901 11/1/1961 Wife of John M.
See photo
S6-R12-10 ABSHIER JOHN M. 2/18/1899 9/15/1989 See photo
S6-R12-11 ABSHIER JOHNICE 5/4/1931 7/27/1983 Daughter
See photo
S1-R10-2 ALEXANDER ELLA 7/9/1905 1909 See photo
S1-R10-3 ALEXANDER ELSIE 2/27/1912 1916 See photo
Unmarked ALEXANDER GIRTIE LEE 1889 07/14/1945 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
LEE ROY 3/26/1917 6/3/1972 SFC US Army WW II
See photo
S4-R1-2 ALEXANDER NADINE 8/6/1922 8/31/1937 See photo
S4-R1-3 ALEXANDER ANNIE E. 7/20/1889 7/6/1964 See photo
S4-R1-4 ALEXANDER WILLIAM A. 5/26/1883 6/6/1976 See photo
S4-R1-5 ALEXANDER GEORGE No dates   See photo
S4-R1-6 ALEXANDER MARY 09/22/1860 09/06/1947 See photo
S4-R1-7 ALEXANDER OSCAR L. 6/17/1886 11/30/1981 See photo
S4-R1-8 ALEXANDER DOVIE L. 7/30/1891 8/9/1981 Mar. Oscar 1/1907
See photo
ELMER N. No dates 6/8/1940 PVT US Army WW I
See photo
S4-R1-10 ALEXANDER RANZA MAY 10/16/1895 12/30/1969 See photo
NEAL 12/29/1930 12/18/1999 US Air Force
See photo
WILLIAM S. 5/23/1927 2/10/1993 TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
BILLY RAY 7/7/1952 12/1/1994 CPL USMC VIETNAM
See photo
S1-R10-8 ALLEN VELMA 12/5/1901 3/15/1919 See photo
S1-R10-9 ALLEN JAMES C. 7/22/1854 3/4/1938 See photo
S1-R10-10 ALLEN DRUSILLA 4/28/1867 11/6/1947 See photo
S4-R5-9 ALLEN EARL THOMAS 10/12/1917 12/4/1989 See photo
S4-R5-10 ALLEN
TOMMY E. 11/7/1930 6/4/1975 SM SGT USAF Korea
See photo
S6-R7-1 ALLEN LORETA "RITA" 9/13/1930 10/8/1995 Wife of Carl L.
See photo
S6-R7-2 ALLEN CARL L. 5/18/1928 9/10/2000 See photo
S3-R2-1 ALSUP SARAH B. 1838 1921 See photo
WILLIAM 2/28/1928 11/28/1998 LTJG US Navy
See photo
See photo
Unmarked ANDERSON MAMIE ROSENE 12/15/1879 11/05/1954 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S2-R9-16 ATNIP GROVER 2/2/1924 3/8/1924 See photo
S4-R5-3 ATNIP DOLLIE E. 9/16/1913 12/29/1981 See photo
S6-R12-2 ATNIP RUTH I. 8/25/1891 2/5/1973 Wife of R.E.
See photo
S6-R12-3 ATNIP R. E. 12/12/1890 1/5/1978 See photo
S6-R12-4 ATNIP EFFIE O. 7/28/1918 3/2/2000 Wife of Orin L.
See photo
S6-R12-5 ATNIP ORIN L. 3/5/1910 4/1/1992 Husband of Effie O.
See photo
S6-R12-6 ATNIP JUANITA 10/2/1955 10/2/1955 See photo
S3-R12-13 AUSTIN RALPH 1/9/1871 11/18/1943 See photo
S3-R12-14 AUSTIN SIRENA 9/17/1870 9/3/1951 W of Ralph
S3-R6-2 BAILE ROXIE Can't read it   photo
S4-R3-8 BARKER MARY P. 8/11/1919 9/5/1985 photo
Alvin Eugene 9/9/1931 8/16/2020 Obit/Photo
S3-R12-9 BARNARD Arthur Frank 1/29/1889 3/2/1952 H of Frances photo
  BARNARD Betty R 9/29/1924    
  BARNARD Bobby Ray 5/22/1951 5/20/2014 Wed Phyllis 9/20/1958
S3-R12-11 BARNARD BONNIE 8/19/1914 4/6/1946 photo
Charles Wesley "Skip" 2/4/1930 3/5/2011 US Army Korea
Air National Guard
Wed Naomi 10/25/1952
Photo & Obit
S1-R11-17 BARNARD Charles Wesley Aug 1857 8/15/1939 H of Isabell
S3-R3-16 BARNARD DANNY LEE 10/24/1953 5/24/1999 photo
S3-R12-10 BARNARD FRANCES C. 9/5/1895 10/10/1943 W of Arthur
S4-R6-8 BARNARD Glenn Allen 10/7/1947 9/11/2002 Wed Sherry 9/19/1973
S4-R1-20 BARNARD GUSSIE L. 12/13/1901 12/15/1997 W of Harley T.
S4-R1-21 BARNARD Harley Thomas 2/10/1899 5/27/1949 H of Gussie  Photo
S3-R2-18 BARNARD Hattie Gertrude (Talbot) 4/21/1896 2/3/1981 W of Virgil
Unmarked BARNARD Ida "Addie" Price (Wade) 08/15/1866 05/27/1939 W of Silas
Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S3-R6-1 BARNARD INA BELL Infant girl   D of Ocie & Nadine
S1-R11-16 BARNARD Isabell (Woods) 1867 1947 W of Charles
Unmarked BARNARD Jeanetta Ruth 04/07/1913 06/13/1987 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S1-R2-4 BARNARD JESSE No dates   photo
Lewis J "Bee" 7/15/1935 3/8/2017 National Guard for 43 years
S1-R1-6 BARNARD Louiza Jane (Blackburn) 8/25/1867 9/5/1900 W of Richard
S1-R1-7 BARNARD Mary Edith (Gray) 2/8/1833 6/12/1929 W of Richard photo
S1-R2-6 BARNARD Mary Edith 6/1911 No date See photo
S1-R2-3 BARNARD MARY LOU 9/1/1934 9/1/1934 D of Harley & Gussie    photo
S4-R7-9 BARNARD Nadine Margarine (King) 9/30/1911 4/24/1979 W of Ocie
  BARNARD Naomi Fay (Watkins) 7/31/1929 7/15/2015 Wed Charles "Skip" 10/25/1952
Photo & Obit
S4-R7-10 BARNARD OCIE 1/22/1907 4/28/1986 H of Nadine  photo
S1-R2-7 BARNARD OPAL D. 12/1923 3/1925 photo
S1-R3-1 BARNARD ORA 7/16/1873 3/24/1947 Sister of Jeanette C.
  BARNARD Phyllis Jean (Story) 6/26/1948 1/22/2015 Wed Bobby 9/20/1968
S1-R11-10 BARNARD RALPH S. 5/5/1897 8/23/1918 S of Silas & Ida
S1-R11-11 BARNARD RAY & RUTH Can't read   Infants of Silas & Ida      photo
S1-R1-8 BARNARD Richard James 8/2/1821 7/25/1909 H of Mary Gray photo
S1-R1-5 BARNARD Richard James 9/6/1867 10/20/1957 H of Louisa 
  BARNARD Sherry G 1/11/1949   Wed Glenn 9/19/1973
Unmarked BARNARD SILAS H. 03/07/1861 06/06/1942 H of Ida
S of Richard
Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S3-R2-19 BARNARD VIRGIL LEE 6/26/1897 9/28/1983 H of Hattie  photo
S1-R3-10 BARNES SALLY (PARKER) 1839 1911 See photo
ARTHUR EUGENE 10/28/1929 2/4/1999 USN, Husb of Minnie
See photo
See photo
BAYLES Henrietta Jean Abbott 4/25/1941 6/8/2020 Wife of Jimmy Ray
See Photo-Obit
JIMMY RAY 12/18/1937 6/13/2019 See Photo-Obit
S4-R2-6 BENGE DAVID PAUL 6/19/1920 10/31/2003 Husband of Jessie M.
See photo
S1-R13-12 BERNARD LENA EMMA 5/24/1879 10/23/1964 Mar. W.W. 10/28/1896
See photo
S1-R13-13 BERNARD WILLIAM WASHINGTON 8/13/1864 4/30/1936 Born Russell Co., KY
See photo
S1-R13-14 BERNARD FLORENCE A. 10/23/1843 2/27/1911 See photo
S1-R13-15 BERNARD NANCY LEVONIA 10/1/1870 8/17/1897 See photo
S1-R14-20 BERNARD ROSWELL 6/29/1876 11/16/1951 See photo
WOODROW W. 5/30/1916 1/1/1950 TSGT WW II
See photo
S1-R14-22 BERNARD HOUSTON D. 2/19/1932 7/2/1933 Son of Allie & Charlie
See photo
S1-R14-23 BERNARD ETHEL M. 1/22/1911 5/17/1911 See photo
S3-R4-1 BERNARD BESSIE (WHITE) 6/26/1904 3/8/1925 See photo
S5-R1-1 BERNARD RILEY MONTERVILL 6/16/1898 1/1/1974 See photo
S5-R5-1 BERNARD BABY GIRL 3/17/1972 3/17/1972 See photo
S5-R5-2 BERNARD ALLIE M. 8/29/1907 7/12/1990 Wife of Charlie H.
See photo
S5-R5-3 BERNARD CHARLIE H. 6/2/1906 6/5/1977 See photo
ALFRED JAMES 10/23/1933 9/6/1998 CPL US Army
See photo
S3-R12-6 BEST LYDA H. 1896 1943 See photo
S1-R13-3 BETTES MARTHA A. 1862 1941 Wife of Joseph J.
See photo
S1-R13-4 BETTES JOSEPH J. 1858 1933 See photo
S1-R13-5 BETTES IRENE 11/27/1836 3/18/1912 See photo
S1-R13-6 BETTES BABY No dates   See photo
S1-R13-7 BETTES ANDY No dates   See photo
S3-R3-5 BETTES ETTA L. 12/25/1893 7/10/1988 Wife of Lee W.
See photo
S3-R3-6 BETTES LEE W. 9/10/1891 1/14/1981 See photo
S3-R5-1 BETTES MELVIN EUGENE 11/24/1931 10/21/2000 See photo
S4-R10-4 BETTES WILLIAM A. 8/30/1891 7/22/1978 See photo
S4-R10-5 BETTES MARTHA L. 11/1/1900 4/21/1961 Wife of William A.
See photo
JON ALLYN 9/3/1939 8/29/2001 PVT USA Vietnam
See photo
Unmarked BIGELOW VIRGINIA LOUISE 05/19/1923 12/16/1991 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S5-R5-5 BISHOP MICHAEL J. 1/23/1945 11/8/1991 See photo
S6-R1-4 BLACK JEFFERY TODD 4/13/1973 3/16/1997 See photo
S1-R1-17 BLACKBURN SAMUEL LEVI 9/2/1906 5/7/1969 See photo
S1-R1-18 BLACKBURN SAMUEL Mc 1865 1948 See photo
S1-R1-19 BLACKBURN HATTIE J. 3/18/1877 10/7/1974 See photo
S1-R8-7 BLACKBURN ELIZABETH 1832 1899 See photo
S1-R8-8 BLACKBURN W. FRANK 1848 1930 See photo
S1-R9-11 BLACKBURN FRANKIE L. 9/13/1905 6/12/1981 Wife of Alfred T.
See photo
S1-R9-12 BLACKBURN ALFRED T. 7/21/1905 1/4/1975 See photo
Unmarked BLACKBURN SARAH JANE 03/08/1860 01/14/1934 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S4-R2-5 BLEDSOE MARK ANDREW 5/15/1970 5/28/1979 See photo
S4-R9-18 BONHAM DOROTHY 1910 1937 See photo
S4-R9-19 BONHAM MARY J. 5/8/1868 12/16/1942 See photo
S4-R9-20 BONHAM C. G. 12/4/1866 12/13/1940 See photo
S1-R12-2 BOWERS GEORGE WILLIAM 4/23/1904 10/2/1976 Husband of Pheobe
See photo
S3-R1-10 BOWLING JOE A. 11/29/1933 4/22/1999 Mar. Mary 5/2/1959
See photo
S6-R1-2 BRADLEY CARL G. 5/16/1906 9/22/1979 See photo
S6-R6-3 BRADLEY DOYLE EDWARD 12/13/1928 1/23/2003 See photo
S6-R8-1 BRADLEY TILLMAN G. 3/9/1904 7/1/1980 See photo
S6-R8-2 BRADLEY MINNIE B. 2/8/1909 3/9/1997 Wife of Tillman G.
See photo
S1-R5-6 BRANNON WILLIAM W. 2/17/1904 No date See photo
S1-R5-8 BRANNON W. A. 8/25/1859 10/1/1917 See photo
S1-R7-7 BRANNON ANSEL Gadis 8/22/1843
Norman, OK
See photo
S1-R11-13 BRANNON JOSE E. 6/18/1859 11/11/1896 See photo
S1-R11-14 BRANNON JULIAN 9/22/1853 10/22/1939 See photo
S1-R14-11 BRASIER INFANT No dates   See photo
S4-R3-14 BROWN STEPHANIE NICOLE 1/11/1981 1/11/1981 See photo
WILLIAM HOMER JR. 7/20/1926 2/6/2000 S1 US Navy WW II
See photo
S1-R1-9 BRUESCH NORMAN EUGENE 5/25/1929 5/25/1929 Son of Lee
See photo
S1-R1-10 BRUESCH FREDDIE LEE No dates 1924 See photo
S3-R7-4 BRUESCH SIMON 5/1/1855 1/3/1933 See photo
S3-R7-5 BRUESCH LOUISA 6/10/1867 8/11/1954 See photo
S4-R1-11 BRUESCH BESSIE L. 12/18/1911 5/6/1992 Mar. Charles 8/2/1928
See photo
S4-R1-12 BRUESCH CHARLES L. 1/30/1911 6/30/1995 See photo
S4-R1-13 BRUESCH JIMMY DALE 6/17/1941 6/17/1941 Son of Lee
See photo
S4-R3-10 BRUESCH OLLIE 4/24/1891 8/28/1947 See photo
S4-R3-11 BRUESCH FRED 7/26/1886 11/13/1973 See photo
LOYAL J. 7/26/1926 9/24/1983 CPL USMC WW II
See photo
S4-R3-13 BRUESCH LORIE JO 8/21/1955 2/23/1973 See photo
  Bussell Betty J (Drew) 1/13/1932   Wed Paul Sr 10/14/1950
  Bussell Paul Stinson, Jr. 9/2/1951 12/6/2009 Photo
  Bussell Paul Stinson, Sr. 2/22/1930 9/25/2011 Wed Betty 10/14/1950
Photo & Obit
S2-R2-11 BUTLER INFANT 3/?/1921 3/?/1921 See photo
CLARK LAWSON 1/5/1913 3/17/1983 MAJ US Army Korea
See photo
S3-R6-13 CAMPBELL KARA LYNN 3/29/1971 3/29/1971 Dau. of Don A.
See photo
S3-R6-14 CAMPBELL CHARLES LEROY 10/4/1905 1/5/1974 Husband of Beulah
See photo
S3-R6-15 CAMPBELL DON ALAN 4/30/1942 12/30/1982 See photo
S4-R7-2 CAMPBELL SHERMAN FLOYD 03/31/1932 02/15/1975 See photo
S3-R3-10 CANANT JO ANN 10/28/1935 3/29/1996 See photo
S3-R3-12 CANANT CRAIG 12/5/1960 12/5/1960  
S1-R9-17 CAPES EVA DEAN 2/22/1924 2/26/1961 See photo
Unmarked CARLISLE J. P. 1870 08/18/1938 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S4-R10-3 CARPENTER ROBERT W. 4/7/1949 5/10/1993 Son of Mable D.
See photo
S6-R10-4 CARPENTER MARTHA (TOWNSEND) 3/27/1931 12/31/1999 See photo
S1-R2-17 CARTER GLADYS JEAN (WILLIAMS) 2/21/1923 11/11/2000 See photo
S3-R5-2 CHENOWETH J. B. JR. 4/9/1955 1/19/1992 See photo
S4-R10-1 CHESSER JOE No dates 1927 See photo
S9-R1-1 CHESSER AUBRE JEAN 6/2/1928 9/3/1999 See photo
Unmarked CHESSER JULIA 02/15/1915 01/25/1935 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked CHESSER L. A. 07/24/1882 05/11/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S4-R10-18A CHOATE MELISSA ANN 9/21/1981 3/24/2002 See photo
S4-R4-5 CLAYDON THOMAS M. 2/20/1950 10/6/1967 See photo
S4-R7-11 CLINE C. LOUISE 8/3/1931 10/17/2003 See photo
S3-R2-24 Clinkenbeard JOHN 11/5/1873 4/6/1940 See photo
S3-R2-25 Clinkenbeard MARTIN 2/20/1879 6/27/1962 See photo
S3-R2-26 Clinkenbeard BERTHA M. 3/18/1891 2/27/1982 Mar. Martin 5/3/1908
See photo
S4-R7-17 Clinkenbeard MARVIN HOLBERT 9/12/1912 9/20/1982 See photo
S4-R7-18 Clinkenbeard EDITH PEARL 6/30/1918 6/19/1991 Wife of Marvin H.
See photo
S6-R4-1 COBB JEAN M. 8/6/1956 12/20/1983 See photo
S2-R2-7 COCHRAN MARY 1855 1916 See photo
S2-R2-8 COCHRAN R. A. 1826 1901 See photo
Unmarked COFFEY BARBARA 1858 02/20/1938 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S2-R2-15 COLERICK INFANT Daughter 2/4/1901 2/4/1901 See photo
S2-R2-16 COLERICK CLARENCE LEE 12/30/1907 8/11/1985 See photo
S2-R3-2 COLERICK MAHALA ANN 1865 1945 Wife of William H.
See photo
S2-R3-3 COLERICK WILLIAM H. 1860 1922 See photo
S2-R3-5 COLERICK MARION KAY 7/24/1932 3/10/2004 Wife of Donald L.
See photo
S1-R7-5 COLES MAGGIE 1871 1952 See photo
S6-R9-1 COLLETT FRIEDA J. 2/15/1927 9/2/2002 See photo
S4-R7-6 COLLINS DELBERT L. 4/29/1930 11/24/1976 See photo
S4-R7-7 COLLINS FLORENCE D. 9/14/1914 3/5/2002 See photo
S4-R7-8 COLLINS NELSON 3/22/1905 4/27/1986 See photo
S3-R2-2 Collinsworth
BARBARA RUTH (WYNNE) 8/31/1927 11/5/1985 See photo
S1-R3-2 CONLIN JEANETTE 1881 4/3/1937 Sister of Ora Barnard
See photo
S4-R7-12 CONN KATHY A. 10/3/1940 7/9/1998 Wife of Donald L.
See photo
S4-R7-13 CONN DONNA RENEE 9/29/1960 4/28/2003 See photo
S1-R11-15 COOK
SAMUEL E. 3/5/1903 7/7/1977 PVT US Army WW II
See photo
See photo
S6-R7-3 CORNELL KENNETH ROBERT 3/27/1942 6/21/2001 Husband of Sharon G.
See photo
S6-R7-4 CORNELL JANICE LOUISE 12/31/1983 7/7/1984 See photo
S1-R1-13 COSA CHARLES G. 9/23/1912 5/12/1972 See photo
Unmarked COTTRELL ELIZABETH 11/04/1890 11/14/1938 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S4-R3-15 COX
ORVILLE D. 3/10/1922 8/17/1999 S1 US Navy
See photo
S4-R3-16 COX ETHEL MAY 2/9/1899 12/21/1973 See photo
S4-R10-10 COX ZELLA 6/18/1909 8/12/1941 See photo
S6-R15-2 COZART MICHAEL R. 9/17/1955 5/22/1995 See photo
A. B. 12/13/1926 5/4/1986 US Army WW II
See photo
See photo
S1-R1-2 CRAIG DOVIE 7/31/1905 8/8/1996 Wife of Birl
See photo
S1-R1-3 CRAIG BIRL 10/24/1896 4/10/1978 See photo
S1-R1-4 CRAIG B. D. 3/16/1934 3/16/1934 See photo
S3-R2-6 CRAIG IRA G. 10/26/1930 12/28/1996 See photo
S3-R2-7 CRAIG V. GLEN 3/17/1905 7/16/1980 Husband of Dorothy
See photo
S3-R2-8 CRAIG DOROTHY M. 12/23/1908 7/21/2000 See photo
S3-R2-9 CRAIG BABY No dates   See photo
S3-R2-10 CRAIG JERALD D. 8/11/1949 8/11/1949  
S3-R2-11 CRAIG THOMAS LEE No dates   See photo
S3-R2-12 CRAIG LILLIAN FRANCES No dates   See photo
S3-R2-13 CRAIG GEORGIA LEE 5/24/1930 3/?/1932 See photo
S3-R2-14 CRAIG T. LEE 3/7/1903 10/9/1975 See photo
S3-R2-15 CRAIG AGNES 9/21/1906 8/17/1993 Wife of T. Lee
See photo
S5-R10-1 CURRY JACK D. 1/6/1919 10/1/1996 Mar. Clara 5/3/1939
See photo
S5-R11-1 CURRY STEVEN D. 12/1/1950 4/19/1995 Mar. Kathleen 3/8/1974
See photo
Thomas A 9/16/1940 10/29/2011 Obit
US Navy
US Merchant Marines
  DAGGS GEARY WAYNE 4/30/1950 2/26/2004 US Army, Vietnam
See obit
S6-R11-7 DAKE
WILLIAM LEWIS 7/17/1926 2/18/2000 F2 US Navy WW II
See photo
S6-R11-8 DAKE DOROTHY J. 2/6/1928 7/16/1993 See photo
S1-R3-3 DANIEL OLA MAY No dates   See photo
S1-R5-3 DANIELS ZONIA (MARTIN) 12/26/1885 2/3/1967 See photo
S1-R10-11 DANIELS CATHARINE T. 7/27/1903 10/3/1987 See photo
HARRY M. 9/5/1922 10/25/2000 US Navy WW II
See photo
S1-R10-13 DANIELS BILLY LEE 5/27/1926 11/1/1996 See photo
S2-R2-1 DANIELS GLENDA KAY 10/30/1948 9/16/1990 See photo
S2-R2-23 DANIELS LINNIE 10/15/1876 11/15/1915 Wife of Marion H.
See photo
S2-R2-24 DANIELS MARION H. 10/20/1871 5/1/1961 See photo
S2-R3-4 DANIELS SAMMIE MABLE 1/6/1916 5/20/1995 See photo
S2-R3-6 DANIELS LONNIE M. 5/16/1911 4/5/1981 See photo
S2-R3-7 DANIELS BEACHER 1902 1904 See photo
S2-R3-8 DANIELS JOHNNIE 1909 1911 See photo
S2-R6-2 DANIELS GILBERT JR. 1/1/1932 1/8/1932 See photo
S2-R6-7 DANIELS MARIE 12/31/1910 2/28/2003 See photo
S2-R6-8 DANIELS GILBERT 6/14/1907 5/18/1993 Husband of Marie
See photo
S2-R7-1 DANIELS BETTYE JEAN 4/15/1933 4/15/1933 See photo
S3-R11-5 DAUGHERTY DOROTHY E. 6/16/1927 6/10/1995 Wife of Abner H.
See photo
S3-R11-6 DAUGHERTY ABNER HIX 8/31/1913 7/29/1980 See photo
S4-R5-14 DAVIS VIRGINIA M. 12/2/1923 9/9/1969 See photo
S4-R5-15 DAVIS CLARENCE L. 1/11/1915 7/17/1989 See photo
S6-R10-7 DAY CHARLIE W. 1/28/1882 6/27/1962  
S2-R4-1 DAYHOFF HATTIE 9/29/1877 2/5/1907 See photo
S1-R10-5 DOAKE JOHN W. Can't read   Son of H.A. & E.J.
See photo
S1-R10-6 DOAKE KATY A. Can't read   Dau of H.A. & E.J.
See photo
S1-R10-7 DOAKE CHARLEY W. Can't read   Son of H.A. & E.J.
See photo
S1-R9-13 DODD JIMMY E. 4/10/1944 4/11/1944 Son of Jean & D.R.
See photo
S2-R9-5 DODD MARY ELLA (VOWELL) 10/25/1878 8/11/1962 See photo
S3-R9-3 DODD RUSSELL E. 12/21/1919 10/7/1999 US Army WW II
See photo
See photo
S4-R9-1 DODD DORTHA L. 4/15/1926 9/4/1926 See photo
S4-R9-6 DODD MARY C. 12/17/1848 1/14/1927 See photo
S4-R9-21 DODD CLYTHA A. 11/7/1905 11/20/1991 Mar. Cantrell 2/20/1923
See photo
S4-R9-22 DODD CANTRELL M. 6/18/1904 11/12/1988 See photo
S4-R9-23 DODD T. J. 1850 1/18/1943 See photo
S4-R9-24 DODD W. C. 1868 2/8/1944 See photo
S4-R9-25 DODD MRS. W. C. Can't read it 6/25/1947 See photo
S1-R10-4 DOKE M. S. 12/28/1888 7/17/1890 Dau. of W.J. & J.
See photo
RICHARD L. 9/10/1925 7/7/2000 SGT US Army WW II
See photo
See photo
S1-R10-1 ELLISON THOMAS J. 8/16/1868 2/18/1898 See photo
S4-R5-4 ELLSWORTH W. M. 5/28/1866 10/22/1936 See photo
S4-R5-5 ELLSWORTH MINNIE 12/29/1876 1/1/1950 Wife of W.M.
See photo
S4-R5-6 ELLSWORTH WILLIAM 9/19/1919 4/2/1980 See photo
S3-R6-9 ERICKSON L. ETHEL 4/4/1885 3/14/1970 See photo
S3-R6-10 ERICKSON LOUIS A. 6/13/1868 6/10/1955 See photo
S2-R4-4 EVANS DALTON WESLEY 9/19/1932 8/10/2002 See photo
S2-R4-5 EVANS DAVID W. 2/3/1957 3/3/1997 See photo
S4-R6-7 EVANS ELSIE FAYE 1937 2000 See photo
S8-R12-2 EVANS
DOYLE WELTON 2/27/1939 1/13/2002 US Marine Corps
See photo
See photo
GEORGE F. 8/25/1901 9/5/1987 SEA1 US Navy WW I
See photo
ROBERT F. 11/24/1920 1/28/1995 PVT US Army WW II
See photo
S1-R7-6 FERRELL DEDE 10/24/1957 11/28/1994 See photo
S3-R1-1 FERRELL CHARLES W. 6/13/1947 7/8/1994 See photo
S3-R1-2 FERRELL CHRISTOPHER J. 8/28/1970 7/3/1985 See photo
S3-R1-3 FERRELL CHARLES WILLIAM II 1/8/1971 6/11/1985 See photo
LARRY RAY 1/10/1952 3/17/1998 SGT USMC Vietnam
See photo
See photo
S4-R2-1 FERRELL CLARA MAY 12/4/1890 4/18/1918 See photo
S2-R8-11 FIELDER FANNIE 6/21/1911 3/8/1993 Wife of D. Kelly
See photo
S2-R8-12 FIELDER D. KELLY 3/23/1897 1/29/1980 See photo
S4-R5-16 FILIPSKI OPAL M. 7/17/1916 5/25/1967 Wife of Adam P.
See photo
S4-R5-17 FILIPSKI ADAM P. 8/24/1902 4/5/2001 See photo
S1-R14-10 FINUFF ELIZABETH 11/10/1844 3/20/1902 Wife of F. P.
See photo
Unmarked FLINT LOLA FRANCIS 09/02/1907 02/06/1966 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S4-R5-13 FOLLOWWILL OSCAR F. 9/12/1895 1/3/1952 See photo
DALE EUGENE 12/7/1948 1/4/2002 US Army Vietnam
See photo
See photo
S2-R4-2 FOWLER GLADYS 11/11/1908 12/1/1908 See photo
S1-R4-10 FRANCE MARTHA E. 7/9/1867 10/20/1946 Wife of William H.
See photo
S1-R4-11 FRANCE WILLIAM H. 10/28/1857 10/20/1924 See photo
S1-R4-12 FRANCE JESSIE L. 11/2/1894 11/13/1911 See photo
S1-R4-13 FRANCE JOHNNY L. 12/3/1896 11/3/1911 See photo
S1-R4-14 FRANCE ANNA MARIE 12/12/1909 1/18/1910 See photo
S1-R4-15 FRANCE LANAS J. 1861 1895 See photo
S1-R4-16 FRANCE INFANT No dates    
S2-R9-1 FROST JACK W. 3/30/1933 5/16/1992 See photo
S1-R14-12 FULLER INFANT No dates   See photo
S4-R3-1 FULLER GEORGE E. 7/1/1860 10/12/1928 See photo
S4-R3-2 FULLER DOROTHY I. 11/22/1863 6/29/1945 Wife of George E.
See photo
S6-R12-12 GARDNER CLAUDE R. 1/3/1922 4/29/1987 See photo
S6-R12-13 GARDNER JOAN 8/16/1928 10/1/1963 See photo
Unmarked GARVER MARGARET 1846 05/10/1928 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S2-R8-7 GASTON ANNA F. 8/21/1905 5/12/1912 See photo
S2-R8-9 GASTON HOMER McREE 1/25/1908 12/20/1913 See photo
S1-R6-1 GATES OPAL J. 6/20/1923 12/25/1984 Wife of Lloyd L.
See photo
S1-R6-2 GATES LLOYD L. 10/24/1921 6/18/1982 See photo
S3-R10-12 GEER MICHAEL EVANS 10/23/1959 2/5/1995 See photo
S1-R5-7 GILES MAUDE E. (BRANNON) 3/4/1873 2/9/1938 See photo
S1-R12-1 GILKEY CHARLES M. 12/5/1818 11/7/1897 See photo
S1-R11-1 GILL ROBERT F. 1/27/1875 4/27/1959 See photo
S1-R11-2 GILL HATTIE M. 1/4/1878 2/28/1928 Wife of Robert F.
See photo
S1-R11-3 GILL GEORGE W. 12/28/1836 9/11/1916 See photo
S1-R11-4 GILL MARY P. 7/8/1844 6/5/1935 Wife of George W.
See photo
S1-R11-5 GILL JACK 4/27/1927 1/14/1928  
S1-R11-6 GILL ELZA G. 7/30/1914 10/28/1915 See photo
S3-R5-9 GILL
MERLE EUGENE 8/6/1923 12/3/1987 US Navy
See photo
S3-R5-10 GILL CHARLOTTE E. 1/25/1903 8/13/1987 Wife of Horace H.
See photo
S3-R5-11 GILL
HORACE HENRY 12/31/1894 9/15/1966 PVT WW II
See photo
See photo
S3-R6-3 GILL JULIE BELL 3/22/1922 7/30/1972 Wife of Orben G.
See photo
S3-R6-4 GILL ORBEN G. 3/5/1916 7/30/1972 See photo
S3-R6-5 GILL JOHN RAY 6/1/1942 1/14/2000 See photo
S3-R6-6 GILL ROY L. 8/6/1900 3/15/1964 See photo
S3-R6-7 GILL MINNIE B. 10/19/1903 3/4/2001 See photo
S3-R6-8 GILL MIRIAM GLEE 3/9/1934 3/24/1934 See photo
S3-R7-12 GILL JOHN H. 3/17/1870 11/27/1965 See photo
S3-R7-13 GILL NANCY HELEN 10/26/1872 3/18/1950 See photo
S1-R4-4 GLASS MARY (HAGGY) 7/6/1873 5/8/1965 See photo
S1-R4-5 GLASS WILLIAM No dates   See photo
S4-R7-15 GOFF JORENE 1/5/1956 7/4/1982 Wife of Gary J.
See photo
S4-R7-16 GOFF GARY J. 6/23/1950 8/27/1983 See photo
S2-R9-2 GRAY MARY FRANCES 4/14/1909 4/9/1982 See photo
S2-R9-3 GRAY GEORGE 1903 10/20/198? Difficult to read
See photo
S3-R3-11 GRAY IVAN LEE 9/3/1940 9/20/2000 Husband of Lillian
See photo
S4-R4-8 GRAY EMMA SUE 2/14/1940 3/1/1995 Mar. Virgil 6/21/1956
See photo
S2-R8-10 GREEN LORENE 6/11/1913 9/13/1914 See photo
S1-R6-8 GRIFFIN MAY 10/13/1889 11/2/1894 See photo
S1-R6-9 GRIFFIN H. 1861 1924 See photo
S1-R6-11 GRIFFIN NANCY 11/1864 5/1947 See photo
S1-R6-12 GRIFFIN R. H. 1885 1928 See photo
S1-R13-8 GRIMMETT FLAVIN D. 1879 1912 See photo
S1-R13-9 GRIMMETT MYRTLE E. 9/8/1884 10/25/1917 See photo
S2-R8-14 GRIMMETT LOYD 11/27/1917 1/16/1918 See photo
S4-R8-4 GRIMMETT CAROLINE 3/20/1850 12/13/1922 See photo
S4-R8-5 GRIMMETT SAMPSON G. 12/29/1849 3/13/1927 See photo
S4-R8-6 GRIMMETT OLIVIA M. 5/13/1852 11/8/1924 Wife of Sampson
See photo
S4-R8-7 GRIMMETT JAMES A. 12/29/1882 12/27/1956 See photo
S4-R8-8 GRIMMETT ALICE M. 2/28/1882 11/16/1967 See photo
Unmarked GRIZZLE ALTA FAY 07/03/1927 07/24/1927 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S3-R5-7 GRIZZLE JERRY A. 12/25/1941 1/21/1942 See photo
S1-R3-4 HAGGY VIRELDA 4/15/1911 4/16/1931 See photo
S1-R3-5 HAGGY LOLA M. 1916 1918 See photo
S1-R3-6 HAGGY MYRTLE 1895 11/11/1918 See photo
S1-R3-8 HAGGY TOBITHA No dates   See photo
S1-R3-9 HAGGY CHARLES E. 10/31/1931 10/31/1931 See photo
S1-R4-1 HAGGY ELSIE M. 9/6/1918 10/18/1991 Mar. Art E. 6/4/1935
See photo
S1-R4-2 HAGGY ART E. 7/2/1917 4/12/1980 See photo
S1-R4-3 HAGGY E. R. 1866 1942 See photo
S1-R4-6 HAGGY DELLA M. (LANGLEY) 8/22/1915 12/17/1981 Wife of Eli
See photo
S1-R4-7 HAGGY ELI 3/18/1903 7/31/1979 See photo
S1-R4-8 HAGGY RUBY EYVONNE 11/25/1953 11/25/1953 See photo
S2-R10-2 HAGGY LORENE 12/30/1918 7/18/1946 See photo
S2-R10-3 HAGGY ALMA WILLIAM 9/25/1900 7/29/1974 See photo
S3-R2-22 HAGGY JESSIE M. 6/13/1869 8/6/1943 See photo
S3-R2-23 HAGGY SARAH A. 3/13/1869 11/21/1952 Wife of Jessie M.
See photo
S4-R7-19 HAGGY GOLDIE A. 6/7/1898 10/28/1984 Wife of Henry G.
See photo
S4-R7-20 HAGGY HENRY G. 10/17/1896 1/24/1966 See photo
S5-R12-1 HAGGY
BOBBY G. 5/28/1931 1/10/2002 CN US Navy
See photo
S5-R13-1 HAGGY WILLIERE ELEANOR 5/2/1931 4/30/1995 Wife of Frank E.
See photo
S6-R12-1 HAGGY MICHEL LEE 8/3/1962 6/20/1969 See photo
S4-R9-2 HAHN
CONRAD O. 7/4/1906 3/8/1971 PVT 18 FLD ATRY
See photo
See photo
S4-R9-3 HAHN MARY DELINDA 3/5/1903 5/11/1968 Wife of Conrad O.
See photo
Unmarked HAILE CLAUDIA SLAWSON 10/15/1907 11/20/1975 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S1-R14-3 HALL STEVEN BRENT 12/7/1956 9/8/1982 See photo
S2-R1-10 HALTOM ANNE No dates   See photo
S3-R3-9 HANKINS JOHN BOONE 11/23/1919 2004 Husband of Lillian
See photo
S3-R3-8 HARDER No other information      
S1-R11-12 HARRIS TENNIE 2/19/1882 4/6/1909 See photo
S1-R13-11 HARRIS JARRET T. 12/13/1817 12/23/1898 See photo
S1-R13-17 HARRIS JOSEPH M. 4/8/1848 7/5/1896 See photo
S1-R13-18 HARRIS JOHN A. 1/18/1886 8/24/1964 See photo
S1-R13-19 HARRIS LELAR 9/20/1886 11/9/1976 Wife of John A.
See photo
S2-R10-12 HARRIS MYRTLE B. (STEWART) 2/20/1929 12/26/1981 See photo
S3-R6-12 HARRIS JAMES A. 11/8/1914 12/3/1993 Husband of Flora
See photo
M. DOYLE 11/11/1921 11/10/1994 SSGT USAF WW II & Korea
See photo
S3-R13-3 HARRIS IVA No dates   See photo
S3-R13-4 HARRIS L. M. 6/29/1881 2/13/1939 See photo
S3-R13-5 HARRIS CAROL 2/21/1907 2/8/1994 See photo
S4-R6-5 HARROD MYRA E. 2/19/1912 9/18/2002 Wife of Harold L.
See photo
HAROLD L. 7/7/1916 7/13/1999 PFC USAAF WW II
See photo
S1-R9-9 HARTSOCK MARY C. 1834 1919 Wife of Charles W.
See photo
S1-R9-10 HARTSOCK CHARLES W. 1838 1914 See photo
S4-R5-11 HAUN ELMER "SHORTY" 3/7/1902 2/3/1990 See photo
S4-R5-12 HAUN RUTH DORCAS (FOLLOWWILL) 9/22/1905 4/2/1989 Wife of Elmer
See photo
S4-R7-3 HEDGES ALTA 1918 9/1/1989 See photo
S3-R8-1 HEMSLEY CHARLES Can't read it 1919 Difficult to read
See photo
S6-R6-1 HENDERSON ELISE S. (McCARRELL) 4/7/1908 6/5/2000 See photo
S6-R8-4 HENDERSON GUY "RED" 12/9/1899 9/16/1972 See photo
S4-R5-1 HENRY FRANCE E. 12/10/1839 1/10/1925 See photo
Unmarked HENSLEY CHARLES Unknown 02/07/1919 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S1-R9-1 HENSON ELMO 7/24/1903 8/?/1903 See photo
Unmarked HERMAN W. C. 02/24/1923 08/16/1923 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
S3-R5-14 HERREN HAROLD WAYNE 11/19/1931 1/21/1998 PVT USA Korea
See photo
See photo
S3-R12-15 HOBAUGH JOHN A. 12/14/1896 1/20/1972 See photo
S3-R12-16 HOBAUGH JACK A. 9/19/1951 9/22/1951 See photo
S3-R12-17 HOBAUGH JILL A. 9/19/1951 9/22/1951 See photo
S6-R12-14 HOGLUND BETTY JOE (ABSHIRE) 6/4/1926 1/16/1995 Dau of Loretta & John
See photo
S4-R9-13 HOLDER HELEN (KING) 8/13/1938 12/26/1986 See photo
S4-R9-17 HOLDER CLAY C. 9/24/1920 3/29/1990 See photo
S4-R4-6 HOLIDAY KRYSTAL GAIL 12/13/1977 12/16/1977 See photo
S4-R4-7 HOLIDAY STEPHANIE RENEE 12/13/1977 12/16/1977 See photo
S2-R8-4 HOUCK ELLEN 3/5/1910 3/5/1910 See photo
S2-R9-27 HOUCK ERLINE 5/?/1934 3/25/1938 See photo
S2-R9-23 HOUCK Ernest Jason "Jay" 1/9/1910 3/16/1990 See photo
H of Lula M
Wed 8/13/1932
S2-R9-24 HOUCK INFANT 8/13/1937 8/13/1937 D of Ernest & Lula
See photo
S2-R9-26 HOUCK James "Sidney" 3/10/1907 12/14/1987 See photo
H of Leona
S2-R8-8 HOUCK Jessie Arlean 4/17/1913 8/11/1913 See photo
  HOUCK Johnnie Lee May 16,1929 Jun 16, 2015 Obit
S2-R9-25 HOUCK Leona M (Cottrell) 3/20/1911 2/27/1996 W of James
See photo
S2-R9-21 HOUCK Lula Jane (Atnip) 7/15/1887 10/20/1976 W of William
See photo
S2-R9-22 HOUCK Lula Marie (Vaughn) 1/4/1916 8/14/1999 W of Ernest
Wed 8/13/1932
See photo
S2-R8-6 HOUCK MARK 1/2/1910 1/10/1910 See photo
S2-R8-2 HOUCK MAUD G. 1889 1973 W of Mote
See photo
S2-R8-3 HOUCK MOTE S. 1887 1935 See photo
H of Maud
S2-R8-5 HOUCK ODELL No dates   Infant
See photo
S2-R8-1 HOUCK Paul H Oct 15, 1923   H of Vivian
Wed 3/13/1970
S2-R10-8 HOUCK RHODA A. 1850 1931 W of Saberth
See photo
S2-R10-9 HOUCK Saberth Hoyt Sep 12, 1852 1934 See photo
H of Rhoda
S2-R9-14 HOUCK VEARRIS 6/2/1905 6/1/1921 See photo
S2-R8-1 HOUCK VIVIAN M. 7/11/1922 12/11/2000 Mar. Paul 3/13/1970
See photo
S2-R9-20 HOUCK William "Lawson" 1/3/1875 7/16/1958 See photo
H of Lula J
S2-R9-19 HOUCK WILLIE 10/9/1914 7/28/1934 See photo
S1-R13-1 HOWARD DONNA MARIE 9/19/1947 10/28/1988 See photo
S4-R6-1 HOWE WILLIE JOE 7/28/1937 4/19/1992 See photo
S4-R6-2 HOWE WILLIAM R. 4/30/1882 4/29/1956 See photo
S4-R6-3 HOWE AMERCIAN ANN 2/12/1900 2/4/1966 Wife of William R.
See photo
S4-R7-1 HOWE PERRY W. 10/3/1919 6/15/1971 See photo
S1-R14-6 HUGHES W. O. 5/17/1888 2/7/1900 See photo
S2-R6-1 HULL EARL WILLIAM 1910 1910 See photo
S3-R5-3 HURST RANDY JOE 7/4/1956 1/2/1992 See photo
WILBURN UTAH 1/31/1926 4/20/1991 PVT USMC WW II
See photo
See photo
S3-R5-5 HURST GEORGIE F. 2/28/1907 6/6/1982 Wife of G. L.
See photo
S3-R5-6 HURST G. L. 7/9/1902 7/16/1990 See photo
S3-R5-8 HURST VINYARD 1872 1937 See photo
S5-R1-2 HUXMAN MELISSA KAYE 4/17/1983 8/12/2000 See photo
S4-R7-14 IVEY BILLY JOE 1927 2000 See photo
S2-R9-28 JACKSON ADA MAE 12/10/1910 1/8/1988 Wife of W. Melvin
See photo
S2-R9-29 JACKSON W. MELVIN 11/26/1908 6/24/1974 See photo
S6-R1-1 JACKSON ROSELLA 1/14/1913 9/11/1986 See photo
S2-R5-1 JANSEN SADIE E. 3/19/1893 12/23/1973 See photo
S2-R5-2 JANSEN BARNEY 6/18/1873 12/29/1956 See photo
S1-R3-7 JARVIS EDDIE 3/14/1915 12/?/1918 See photo
S2-R5-5 JENNINGS SUSIE 1/27/1833 8/4/1904 Wife of E.P.
See photo
S2-R5-6 JENNINGS E. P. 1/18/1836 11/7/1919 See photo
S2-R5-7 JENNINGS ERNEST E. 2/27/1911 6/8/1986 See photo
S2-R5-8 JENNINGS RUBY J. 2/6/1916 2/10/1999 Wife of Ernest E.
See photo
S2-R6-10 JENNINGS ANNE M. 6/10/1941 3/11/1993 Mar. Billy 7/17/1959
S2-R6-11 JENNINGS BOBBY G. 9/12/1934 11/26/1996 photo
S3-R2-20 JENNINGS SARAH 10/6/1878 9/2/1958 photo
S3-R5-13 JENNINGS JIMMY D. 4/28/1934 7/25/1999 photo
S1-R3-26 JOHNSON MAUD ELIZABETH (WILLIAMS) 8/23/1900 5/3/1983 photo
S2-R2-20 JOHNSON ELSIE JANE (WYNNE) 1914 1988 W of J.P.
S2-R7-4 JOHNSON MARIE 11/2/1911 2/4/1915 photo
S8-R2-1 JONES David Wayne Sr 2/3/1950 11/13/2002 photo
  Jones Douglas Frank "Doug" 3/9/1960 6/24/2011 Obit
S1-R14-9 KERBY HENRY L. 7/5/1880 4/21/1898 photo
S4-R3-4 KERR BABY No dates   photo
S4-R3-5 KERR ROSEMMA 1918 1950 photo
S4-R7-22 KERR
JOHN SYLVESTER 5/17/1935 4/8/1976 FN US Navy Korea
ALFRED BILLTRED 3/5/1942 2/4/1998 US Army
S5-R9-1 Killingsworth DENNIS C. 1/17/1956 5/27/2001 Mar. Margaret 7/2/1994
See photo
S5-R9-2 Killingsworth HOLLY CAROL 12/8/1958 8/30/2001 Ireland Funeral Home
See photo
S2-R5-4 KING SARAH E. 12/8/1859 4/30/1939 See photo
S2-R6-3 KING MABEL I. 8/31/1915 3/7/1919 See photo
S2-R6-4 KING HARDIE M. 9/28/1905 8/20/1906 See photo
S2-R6-5 KING DORA M. 11/15/1885 4/24/1976 Mar. J.M. 12/17/1904
See photo
S2-R6-6 KING J. M. 2/15/1882 12/13/1969 See photo
S4-R8-9 KING BEN H. 12/29/1891 9/15/1929 See photo
S4-R8-10 KING JACKIE W. 12/3/1922 6/17/1931 Son of Ben H.
See photo
S4-R9-9 KING RADOLPH J. 1/24/1944 12/22/1989 See photo
S4-R9-10 KING WILLIAM DONALD 7/24/1933 7/24/1933 See photo
S4-R9-11 KING CLARA (FRYMAN) 8/28/1911 10/23/1969 See photo
S4-R9-12 KING
WILLIAM SIMON 1/15/1908 1/21/1959 PFC US Army WW II
See photo
S4-R9-14 KING VIOLA B. 4/4/1935 2/21/1936 See photo
S4-R9-15 KING DEBBY ANN 10/28/1915 2/3/2002 See photo
S4-R9-16 KING WILLIAM HOWARD 7/8/1905 12/10/1989 See photo
S6-R10-10 KING A. A. "LON" 10/7/1913 1/24/1995 See photo
S6-R10-11 KING CLEOPATRA 10/26/1922 5/6/1996 Mar. A.A.9/9/1942
See photo
S6-R11-5 KING ADDIE JEWELL (KOZIOLEK) 8/19/1923 12/9/1994 See photo
S6-R11-6 KING
See photo
S6-R9-2 KINSEY ALETA G. 3/29/1938 4/21/1996 See photo
S6-R9-3 KINSEY SHERRY SUE 3/3/1960 11/14/1992 See photo
S6-R4-2 KNIGHT LILLIE L. 10/4/1916 11/25/1978 See photo
S6-R4-3 KNIGHT BEN B. 9/8/1951 9/10/1975 See photo
S7-R1-3 KNIGHT HAROLD D. 1/4/1961 7/1/2001 See photo
S1-R6-7 KNOLES OLIVER 4/6/1886 11/14/1901 See photo
S6-R2-1 KNOX STEVEN HAYDEN 8/2/1956 1/27/1982 See photo
S2-R9-15 KUNKEL VAVA RUE 8/18/1927 7/25/1928 See photo
S3-R7-19 LAMB MICHAEL LEE 6/18/1953 4/30/1980 See photo
S3-R7-20 LAMB MARVIN CARL 11/28/1950 6/18/1975 See photo
S3-R7-21 LAMB BETTY (SLAWSON) 1/7/1935 2/14/1997 Wife of Millard L.
See photo
S3-R7-22 LAMB JOHN 2/3/1921 8/31/1979 Son of O.C.
See photo
S3-R7-24 LAMB CHARLES LEMUEL 11/15/1922 2/18/1983 See photo
S3-R6-16 LAW JON KENT 2/5/1941 1/2/1983 Husband of Ruby J.
See photo
S1-R14-15 LEE TOMMIE V. 2/18/1898 7/28/1900 See photo
S2-R3-1 LEE MARY K. 3/31/1894 6/25/1993 See photo
S6-R10-8 LEE MILDRED 1919 1994 Smith Funeral Home
See photo
S2-R6-12 LESTER CATHERINE 3/15/1938 2/9/2000 Mar. Ken 11/21/1953
See photo
S2-R6-13 LESTER KEN M. 7/8/1934 4/8/1990 See photo
S3-R10-3 LEVY CHARLENE (WRIGHT) 10/14/1934 10/14/1988 See photo
S3-R10-5 LEVY DAVID LEE 2/27/1953 2/1/1997 See photo
S1-R14-4 LEWIS RICHARD "MARK" 3/17/1958 8/31/1992 See photo
S2-R7-2 LEWIS ISAAC E. 1904 1904 See photo
S2-R7-3 LEWIS LENNIE FRANCES 1868 1904 See photo
S2-R2-4 LEWLLEN LONIA 3/13/1902 7/26/1983 See photo
S5-R1-3 LOVELESS WILLIAM LYNN 4/19/1941 11/15/1987 See photo
S5-R1-4 LOVELESS BOBBY R. 8/5/1935 5/28/1993 Husband of Virginia
See photo
S5-R1-5 LOVELESS OCA ORLEAN 9/26/1914 11/6/1995 Wife of William E.
See photo
WILLIAM EARL 1/15/1911 2/18/1980 S1 US Navy
See photo
See photo
S1-R6-5 LOWELL COY L. 8/28/1902 1/13/1905 See photo
S2-R1-2 LOWELL NANCY 6/15/1858 11/5/1899 Wife of A.W.
See photo

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