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Cimarron County, Oklahoma

Garrett Cemetery

gate photo
© Nareen Lake

LOCATION: Going north on Hwy. 287 from the Courthouse in Boise City, OK. go 12 miles; turn left for 0.5 miles and north 0.4 miles. The turnoff on Hwy. 287 is just past the sign for the Strong Ranch.

The Powers family told us that Cimarron Trail was close by and there were several who died on their journey and are buried here which accounts for most of the "unknown" graves.

The cemetery was recorded and pictures taken in May, 2003 © by Bob and Nareen Lake.

ATKINSJohn Austin02 Feb 189408 Jun 1973 OK Sgt US Army WW ISee More
ATKINSNellie Roy30 Oct 189406 Jan 1966  Se More
ATKINSOla Jean Eiland26 Dec 190601 Mar 1993  See More
BEMISLydia188103 Mar 1902  See More
BEMISMadaline 1938  See More
BLEVINSSamuel B.20 Jan 187425 Oct 1903  See More
BRIGGSTheordore F.18381903IL Pvt CO B 1 Reg CA Cav Civil WarSee More
BRISTOLFrank L.07 Nov 191325 Jun 1982 Sgt US Army WW IISee More
BRISTOLNell Kohler08 Jan 1914  Married 07 Nov 1945See More
BRITEA. Howard19 Apr 187812 Jun 1930  See More
BRITEAlfred H.25 Mar 189919 Apr 1907 Son of A. H. & O.A. Brite
Died of Diptheria
See More
BRITEFred Carl30 Jun 191216 Mar 1954  See More
BRITEOnia A.03 Jun 187907 Dec 1945  See More
BRITEOscar08 Jun 190323 Apr 1907Son of A. H. & O. A. Brite
Died of Diptheria
See More
BRITEViola22 Jun 190620 Apr 1907Dau. of A. H. & O.A. Brite
Died of Diptheria
See More
BROCKMANJoseph L.19331983  See More
BROWNHenry Grady14 Mar 189110 May 1909  See More
BRUNERM. B.  CO G. 1st KY CAV See More
BRUNERLieut. T. N.  CO K. 1 KY CAV See More
BURNETTJ. W. "Pete"15 Jun 191830 Apr 2003 Married Feb. 15, 1941See More
BURNETTLona18831949  See More
BURNETTMarie Novetta02 Nov 192128 Feb 1991  See More
BURNETTMary Ruth1924   See More
BURNETTRobert D.19181973  See More
BURNETTT. D.18811959"Father" See More
BURROWSIrene M. Rice15 Dec 186901 Sep 1906 Wife of J. J. BurrowsSee More
CARTERMartha A. Powers20 Nov 192103 Mar 1966  See More
CHRISTIAN"     See More
CLARKLura Bell04 May 189230 Dec 1965  See More
CLARKRobert Harry22 Mar 189707 Apr 1973  See More
COMPTONMatilda16 May 185314 Dec 1939 "Mother"See More
COPEAnner Eiland18801960"Mother" See More
COZBYDonald Hogue19 July 190224 Oct 1931  See More
CRANMERBertha Jo-Hannah27 Mar 191102 June 1985 See More
DAVIDSONEdythe E.19041977  See More
DAVIDSONMichael Ray27 Nov 195216 Sep 1954  See More
DAVIDSONWilliam Edd18941950  See More
DICKSONJ. Dode18791941  See More
EILANDClaudia M. (Billie)22 Jul 191113 Jul 1966 See More
EILANDDan J.18671958"FATHER" See More
EILANDDaniel Calvin18981980PVT US Army WW IISee More
EILANDEllen25 Oct 187213 Apr 1938 "Mother"See More
EILANDJohn Ross16 Dec 191230 Apr 1986  See More
EILANDMary E.26 Jul 189630 Oct 1970  See More
EILANDMary Mildred06 Nov 190929 Aug 1959  See More
EILANDSie10 Feb 190104 Jan 1969BMC US Navy WW I & IISee More
ELLINGWarren L.19091975  See More
EMBRYOrvle G.13 Oct 191602 Mar 1991 TEC 5 US Army WW IISee More
EVANSThomas H.10 Aug 185826 Mar 1904  See More
FORDElizabeth 08 June 1900Aged 67 years;See More
FORDHarold W.19071985  See More
FORDJ. Martin31 July 185917 Aug 1935  See More
FORDKate H.29 Oct 187418 Dec 1951  See More
FORDMyrna J.19071986  See More
FRYEmma F.19172003  See More
FRYEugene A.19091983  See More
FRYMaude J.17 Apr 187827 Feb 1909 Wife of S. A. FrySee More
FRYO. U.18691896"Brother" See More
FRYScipio A.10 July 186007 Dec 1928  See More
GARLINGTONBeulah19051988Married Aug. 20, 1922See More
GARLINGTONW. Chester19041983Married Aug. 20, 1922See More
GISTCarl07 Mar 190624 Sep 1986  See More
GISTMarie E.04 Jun 190508 Aug 1990  See More
GLINESMary Alice07 Aug 192726 Jan 1963  See More
GRABEALJoel J.19561957  See More
GRABEALJohn J.19561957  See More
GRABEALMary R.19541957 
GRABEALRuth Kohler19261957  See More
HARMONGeorge B.20 Jul 186206 May 1938  See More
HEINCandy19551956  See More
HEINMary Helen17 Feb 193606 May 2001 "Loved by all who knew her"See More
HOUTSEarl F.29 July 190428 Feb 1961  See More
HOWELLIrene Eiland27 Nov 190320 Oct 1988  See More
HOWELLVictor13 July 189502 Sep 1973  See More
JAMESBuck19 Aug 190904 May 1987 Married 17 Sep 1954See More
JAMESClaren Larren22 Mar 191417 Apr 1965 OK MN3 USNR WW IISee More
JAMESCora Victoria31 Jul 1875
15 Oct 1960
Boise City, OK
 See More
JAMESHugh12 Aug 190630 Jul 1973SC3 US NAVYSee More
JAMESJohn Andrew25 Feb 1868
28 Jul 1950
Boise City, OK
 See More
JAMESJosie18 Jun 191023 Feb 1991  See More
JAMESLois M.08 Nov 190720 Jan 1983  See More
JAMESVictor07 May 190120 Dec 1986Son of John and Cora JamesSee More
JUDKINSRalph Wayne Jr.06 Mar 197027 Jun 1970  See More
KINGJames R.28 Jul 187309 Jan 1907  See More
KOHLERAlbert04 Jul 191504 Nov 1993 Married 27 July 1938See More
KOHLEREwell J.19061981  See More
KOHLERJ. Jensen 24 Jan 1941"Infant" See More
KOHLERJulius16 June 187902 Apr 1969  See More
KOHLERMary19221922  See More
KOHLERMinnie29 Apr 188311 Nov 1974  See More
KOHLERNina11 Aug 1918   See More
KOHLERParlee19132003Married 07 Aug 1931See More
KOHLERRobert E.1911   See More
LANCASTERM. T.18681938  See More
LINDSAYJulia 17 Feb 1890Aged 39 yearsSee More
McCALLEddie L.08 Oct 189818 May 1974  See More
McGOWANBertha14 Apr 189009 Sep 1908  See More
McGOWANDorothy J.19 Jan 184920 Nov 1931 "Mother"See More
McGOWANEdwin H.25 Mar 187527 Feb 1937  See More
McGOWANHenry07 Mar 184404 Jan 1925 "Father"
Civil War Vet Service in Co. C. 4th Reg. TN Mounted Inf.
See More
McGOWANHenry Bert20 Aug 188022 Jan 1968  See More
McGOWANIndia Pearl24 Jan 187929 Nov 1976  See More
McGOWANMelvina18761954  See More
METCALFHenry A.02 Dec 189020 Jul 1893 Son of J. L. & C. MetcalfSee More
MITCHELLEllen M.10 June 1949 Married 2 Sep 1971See More
MITCHELLSgt. James D. Jr.02 Aug 194211 Nov 1985Loving husband and father; gave his life in the line of duty. See More
NORTHBernie N.18761959  See More
NORTHJennie L.14 Apr 188424 Dec 1972  See More
OLIVERBurl F.09 Aug 191318 May 1938  See More
OTTINGERBurt Marshall02 Feb 189603 May 1968  See More
OTTINGERDavid Clark23 Sep 186920 Dec 1954  See More
OTTINGERMildred Dobbs06 June 191004 Mar 1992  See More
OTTINGERViola Isabell30 Apr 186717 Mar 1939  See More
PARKERCurtis Don27 Apr 192729 Jul 1972 SI US NAVYSee More
PARKERHelen09 Feb 1927   See More
PHIPPSChloe I.25 Dec 189722 Dec 1975  See More
PHIPPSGale V.08 Sep 189811 June 1973  See More
PHIPPSL. Leon19 Feb 193921 Feb 1939  See More
POWELSONOklahoma A.24 Feb 189415 Oct 1956 IA PFC Btry F 129 Field Arty WW ISee More
POWERSJacob James19071982PVT US Army WW IISee More
POWERSJacob S.11 Aug 187821 Dec 1969  See More
POWERSLawrence19162002Father of Ellen M. MitchellSee More
POWERSLillie M.20 May 187909 May 1958  See More
POWERSNaomi E.28 Nov 192101 June 1990  See More
PULISJettie18971978  See More
SCHNEIDERHerman A.1883 1959On SS with Mary D. Schneider See More
SCHNEIDERMary D.1884 1961 See More
SCHULTZHarriet A. Cozby01 Dec 190226 Feb 1982  See Moe
SIMMONSTom19001979  See More
SINCLAIRRobert "Bobby" O.26 Aug 193910 Apr 1997 See More
SLOANDudley C.25 Aug 187809 Nov 1947  See More
SLOANNeva01 Jan 188004 Jun 1948  See More
SPARKMANDorsey R.07 Mar 190014 June 1981 Married 21 Feb 1926See More
SPARKMANEthel J.30 May 190401 Nov 1993  See More
SPARKMANMary Lou (Shultz)11 Aug 1944  Married 18 Feb 1965See More
SPARKMANWesley A.16 Jul 193708 Jun 2001 Married 18 Feb 1965See More
STRONGBertha M.10 Oct 189705 Jan 1947  See More
STRONGCamella02 Mar 1926 Married 5 Sep 1943See More
STRONGC. E. (Cy)02 Nov 189224 Dec 1966  See More
STRONGHoward03 Sep 192022 July 1980  See More
STRONGJohn Riley10 Jan 192214 June 1991 1ST SGT US ARMY WW IISee More
STRONGLou Ellen16 Jun 191722 Jun 1998 WW I VET 90th DIV OK 8 FEX.See More
STRONGVirginia May Dickey10 May 1926   See More
STRONGWilliam A.18911947  See More
SUDDARTHBertha E.14 Feb 190608 Oct 1993  See More
SUDDARTHRoy L.31 Dec 188930 Mar 1956 OK SGT CO F 357 INF WW ISee More
TANDYElaine Viola30 Mar 1915   See More
TANDYWalter Lacy08 Apr 191803 Apr 1987  See More
TAPPEdmund P.13 Feb 191128 May 1997  See More
TAPPM. Lucile13 Sep 191002 Aug 1996  See More
TURPINPearl L. Powers23 Oct 191220 Feb 1999  See More
UNKNOWN 1     See More
UNKNOWN 2     See More
UNKNOWN 3     See More
UNKNOWN 4     See More
UNKNOWN 5     See More
UNKNOWN 6     See More
UNKNOWN 7     See More
UNKNOWN 8     See More
UNKNOWN 9     See More
WATKINSTom18761963  See More
WHITEMary Ann28 Dec 193001 Jan 1989  See More
WHITEMary Etta09 June 189326 Dec 1968  See More
WHITERoyal K.06 Nov 189329 Sep 1971  See More

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