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B Surnames

Graham Cemetery

Carter County, Oklahoma

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BAILEY BELFORD J 21-Sep-02 30-Jan-81 H of Virgie
Wed 3/15/1924
BAILEY DAVID A 1980 1980  
BAILEY Delores Sue Smith Dec 18, 1947 May 6, 2005 W of M L
Wed 8/24/1964
BAILEY DONALD KEITH 11-Dec-38 2-Jan-40  
BAILEY Dora M. Aug 31, 1912 Oct 2, 2002 W of Earl
Wed 9/6/1932
BAILEY EARL R 1909 1979 H of Dora
Wed 9/6/1932
BAILEY M L Apr 28,1945   H of Delores
Wed 8/24/1964
BAILEY MACK F 23 AUG 1871 12-Jul-62 H of Maggie
Wed 7/16/1899
BAILEY Maggie M Oct 28, 1879 Oct 26, 1972 W of Mack
Wed 7/16/1899
BAILEY Marcus Lee "Mark" Jan 30,1972 Feb 25, 2012  
BAILEY Nellie M 1917 1987  
RAYMOND R 13-Jan-20 6-Dec-78 Pvt US Army
BAILEY VIRGIE M 5-Apr-08 28-Apr-89 W of Belford
Wed 3/15/1924
BAILEY WILLIAM ELAM 23-Mar-00 12-Jul-48  
BALLINGER SARAH ALICE (Ragsdale) 5 MAR 1875 9-Apr-68  
BARBER Bobby Ray Jun 13, 1977 Aug 19, 2000  
BARBER Clarence Allen Mar 3, 1959 Mar 24, 2005  
BARBER EARNEST A 3-Jan-10 29-Oct-64 H of Lola
Wed 10/31/1931
BARBER Lola Mae (Morrow) Mar 7, 1913 Feb 5, 2005 W of Earnest
Wed 10/31/1931
BARBER MAUDE ANN (DAVIS)(Hughes) 11 MAR 1889 12-May-36  
BARBER Rocky Lee Oct 13,1999 Oct 13, 1999  
BARBER WILLIAM Thomas May 23, 1879 Nov 26, 1958  
BARKER ALBERT 1872 1933 H of Marinda
BARKER MARINDA R 1885 1973 W of Albert
Barnett Dante Kade Dec 8, 2010 Dec 8, 2010  
CLAUDE   20-Jan-33 Electrician
US Navy
BARNWELL EDNA B 14-Sep-05 4-Dec-94  
BARNWELL Dr. J. T. 26 OCT 1866 18-Feb-34  
BARNWELL LAVANIA E 7 OCT 1867 27-Oct-57  
BARNWELL TOM 16-Mar-03 27-Nov-77  
BASS Alpha Omega Briscoe Jun 2, 1914 Jun 5, 2003 W of R. N
Wed 4/11/1935
BASS R. N. "NICK" 12-Mar-13 13-Aug-97 H of Alpha
Wed 4/11/1935
Bates Alice Faye Bridges Aug 7, 1944 Jul 9, 2014  
BAXTER BILLIE Deane Chance 19-Oct-26 16-Mar-94 W of Morris
Wed 8/30/1944
MORRIS R 5-May-20 15-Jul-97 H of Billie
Wed 8/30/1944
BEAIRD EDNA PEARL 25-Dec-19 18-Sep-74  
Joel L Jan 12, 1926 Jan 31, 1963 H of Wanda
PFC Co c 345 Inf
BEAIRD Joel Wayne Oct 6, 1943 Jul 27, 1990  
SAMMIE H 1919 1995 US Army
BEAIRD Wanda L  Hill (Beavers) Dec 18, 1927 May 20, 2002 W of Joel L
W of Roy Beavers
Wed 1965
BEATY GEORGE F 7 MAR 1881 7-Sep-40 H of Ida
BEATY IDA DEAN 6 SEP 1882 2-Mar-73 W of George
BEATY OTIS L 25-Oct-01 1-May-33  
BECK GUY JR 18-Aug-22 12-Feb-33  
BEELER ROBERT 1921 1926  
BEER VERDA C Jones 20-Jul-21 10-Apr-89  
BEERS IRVIN 9 JUN 1899 14-Nov-53 H of Jewell
BEERS JEWELL 12-Jul-06 16-Jul-81 W of Irvin
BELIEW Jessie O. Jul 15, 1905 Sep 30, 1999 W of Olen
Wed 3/18/1956
BELIEW OLEN 3-Jan-05 18-Oct-92 H of Jessie
Wed 3/18/1956
BENNETT BABY Girl 19 DEC 1898 22 SEP 1899  
BENNETT CHARLES Allen 2 NOV 1874 22-Jul-20  
BENNETT EMMA McCourtney 13 FEB 1878 2 JAN 1899  
BENNETT MILDRED E 11-Oct-08 22-Jul-09  
BENNETT SARAH JANE Rogers 19 DEC 1834 31-Jul-27 W of John Burks Bennett Burial UNK
Wed 5/27/ 1852
BLACKERBY Melvin M. Apr 16,1925 Jun 27, 1992  
BLACKERBY OLA M 1900 1968  
BOYD HENRY 9-Jan-12 4-Mar-93 H of Loretta
BLEVINS LORETTA 18-Jun-16 26-Jun-94 W of Boyd
BLEVINS TOMMIE M 7-Mar-42 17-Apr-42  
BOYCE SALLIE ALICE 23-Nov-09 1-Mar-35  
BRAUCHER CHARLES W 1915 1995 H of Vera
BRAUCHER VERA G 27-Mar-11 8-May-77 W of Charles
BRENT Chester L Aug 7, 1903 Jul 27, 1957 H of Mattie
Wed 4/5/1926
BRENT GEORGE T 14-Mar-06 14-Dec-69 H of Opal
Wed 4/23/1932
BRENT MATTIE T 13-Apr-02 23-Dec-82 W  of Chester
Wed 4/5/1926
BRENT Opal Mae Smith Apr 14, 1914 Oct 3, 2002 W of George
Wed 4/23/1932
BRENT STANLEY CAMP 6-Mar-55 6-Mar-55  
BRIDGES JAMES Harrison 11 DEC 1892 25-Sep-67 H of Lena
BRIDGES LENA Mae Robinson 10-Aug-03 10-Jan-76 W of James
BRIDGES Marjorie Faye Nov 1, 1928 Jul 2, 2006 W of William
BRIDGES WILLIAM "Bill" 6-Jan-24 10-Nov-85 H of Marjorie
BRISCOE Barry 5/9/1939 4/20/1967 Photo
BRISCOE Betty Jean Walk 3/8/1941   Wed Jerry 7/3/1961 Photo
BRISCOE Edd      
BRISCOE Effie Cannon 1/13/1887 5/11/1962 W of Thomas J  Photo
BRISCOE Frances Marie Hope 1/18/1923 6/15/1966 Wed William J "Bill" 2/13/1960
James B 1/14/1915 7/15/1982 SSgt US Army   Photo
James Virgil 3/29/1897 11/21/1964 OK Pvt Co M 6 Bn Repl Trng Cen  WW I   Photo
Wed Maude 4/14/1918
BRISCOE Janella Joy 1931 1933 Photo
BRISCOE Jerry Bob 10/21/1944 12/16/2014 Wed Betty 7/3/1961  Photo
BRISCOE Joyce Darnell "Nell"  McLeroy 12/28/1938 4/15/2021 Wed Robert G 2/13/1960
BRISCOE Margaret Ann "Maggie" Ogletree (Reynolds) 9/5/1891 1/15/1975 W of Fordyce Reynolds
W of William B Briscoe
BRISCOE Maude Taylor 3/19/1897 10/25/1988 Wed James V 4/14/1918
BRISCOE Nancy E Dodds 11/30/1844 5/8/1928 W of William J   Photo
BRISCOE Olen E 8/10/1919 6/1/1971  
Robert Golden 11/1/1929 4/16/1996 Cpl US Army   Korea
Wed Joyce   2/13/1960
BRISCOE Robert Wilson 11/22/1905 11/28/1960 Photo
BRISCOE Samuel L 1876 1927 Photo
Samuel Leslie "Sammy" 12/26/1943 7/23/2015 Wed Valerie 4/3/1978
US Army & Reserves
BRISCOE Thomas Jefferson 5/15/1879 3/3/1977 H of Effie  Photo
BRISCOE Thomas Roy "Bus" 3/5/1912 5/20/1956 Photo
BRISCOE Valerie Jean Robbins 12/10/1956   Wed Samuel Leslie 4/3/1978
BRISCOE William Bird "Bill" 5/16/1874 5/8/1958 H of Maggie  Photo
BRISCOE William J 2/26/1844 9/10/1942 H of Nancy  Photo
BRISCOE William J "Bill" 12/17/1916 11/13/1991 H of Frances   Photo
BROOKS ELIZABETH 2 FEB 1876 2-May-38  
BROOKS GLADYS Louise 22-Dec-16 13-Sep-73  
BROOKS JOHN CLEM 8 NOV 1870 10-Jan-54  
BROOKS RALPH O "Whick" 7-Feb-00 22-Oct-68  
BROWN Bonnell Boles Sep 25, 1935 Feb 10, 2010 W of Loyd
Wed 4/23/1952
BROWN Eugene "Gene" 24-Mar-21 1-Feb-02 H of Othella
BROWN Jesse James 23-Dec-04 16-Apr-90 H of Juanita
BROWN JERRY LOYD 5-Oct-54 20-Aug-80  
BROWN Juanita Blain May 15, 1915 Sep 20, 2004 W of Jesse
BROWN Loyd Ratliff Mar 4, 1936 Sep 19, 2013 H of Bonnell
Wed 4/23/1952
BROWN Nadine Yvonne Rodgers Mar 23, 1932 Jan 26, 2012 W of Nolan
Wed 4/25/1953
BROWN Nolan Edward Apr 27, 1933 Aug 4, 2010 H of Nadine
Wed 4/25/1953
BROWN Othella Christine Hudson Apr 7, 1922 Nov 5, 2000 W of Eugene
BROWN Peggy Louise Oct 14, 1946 May 22, 1997  
Raymond Anthony "Tony" Aug 30, 1954 Aug 13, 2012 National Guard
Bruff Mary Overton Sep 17, 1925 Feb 18, 1996  
Bryson Norma Jo Feb 7, 1907 fEb 27, 2004  
Bullock Logan Scott Feb 3,1989 Jul 2, 2011  
BURNS BOB 18 FEB 1882 13-Jul-68  
BURNS ELIZABETH 10 MAY 1877 8-Dec-56  
BURNS OPAL SUE Smith Jul 12, 1935 Mar 11, 1996  
BURRIS Frances Pauline      
BURRIS HENRY A 21 FEB 1872 9-Oct-55 H of Lillie
BURRIS LILLIE D 12 JAN 1885 5-May-45 W of Henry
Burton Anna J. Lyles Mar 31, 1911 Jul 30, 2011 A "Rosie Riveters"
Bussell Rachael Sophia Mitchell 1868 1915  
C P "Pal" 17-Dec-27 26-Dec-01 H of JoAnn
Wed 1/19/1951
Pvt US Army
BUTLER ETTA V 22-Jun-03 11-Mar-89  
BUTLER IRVIN W 12-Nov-26 30-Jul-84  
BUTLER JoAnn Briscoe Dec 9, 1932   W of C. P
Wed 1/19/1951
BUTLER LLOYD W 11-Mar-24 7-Jul-29  
BUTLER OCIE MAY 27 JUN 1881 27-Feb-63  
BUTLER RONALD WAYNE 5-Jan-54 29-May-90  
BYRD E H 23 JUL 1851 21-Mar-23  
BYRD FANNIE PAUL 23-Apr-22 24-Jan-78  
BYRD FLOYD EDGAR 15-May-16 27-Oct-78  
BYRD JOHN WYATT 6 OCT 1887 23-Oct-78 H of Rosie
Wed 4/4/1909
BYRD M E 21 JUL 1858 9-Dec-36  
BYRD OLLIE LEE Harris 2-May-20 22-Jul-01  
BYRD ROSIE LEE Matherly 1 SEP 1891 1-Jun-81 W of John W
Wed 4/4/1909
BYRD RUBY MAY 1-Feb-28 2-Aug-47  
BYRD VIOLET   23-Apr-22  

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