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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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P Surnames

Ven Buren CO AR
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Minnie [Turney] Pack, F/O Mildred Marie [Pack] Plaster, S/O Luther Lafayette & Mary Ann [Blaney] Pack
 PACKKenneth Willard21/Feb/1940
Anadarko OK
S/O Cecil & Minnie [Turney] Pack, car accident
 PACKLuther Lafayette26/Sep/1886
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Mary Ann [Blaney] Pack, F/O Cecil Pack & Eva Lena [Pack] Turney, S/O Lafayette & Nancy [Burnette] Pack
 PACKMary Ann [Blaney]19/May/1889
Dabney AR
Fort Cobb OK
W/O Luther Lafayette Pack, M/O Cecil Pack & Eva Lena [Pack] Turney, D/O William Oliver & Hannah [Bruce] Blaney
 PECKJames Elmer23/Mar/1920
Bridgeport OK
Chickasha OK
 World War II Veteran
83 Yrs, H/O Mable [Pierce], M 26/Oct/1946 Lookeba OK, F/O Jim & Bill Peck, S/O Jim & Ethel [Muncy] Peck, Fort Cobb~Hackney Funeral Home
Row 3.5PAGEHarriet A.18351907SS/W Joseph P. Page
Row 3.5PAGEJoseph P.18301905SS/W Harriet A. Page
Row 8.36PARRISHJo Ann03/Apr/1933 SS/W Ottis Wayne Parrish
Row 8.36PARRISHOttis Wayne14/Jun/193124/Jun/1999SS/W Jo Ann Parrish
Row 10.20PARSONSLola [Gossett]18951917 
Row 7.22PARSONSRobert O.19201921Son of Lester O. & Blanche C.
Row 3.26PATTERSONAnnie J.18751964SS/W Willis J. Patterson
 PATTERSONGeorgia [Osborne]20/Dec/1938
Carnegie OK
Chickasha OK
66 Yrs, W/O Unknown Patterson, D/O John & Sally [Thacker] Osborne, Fort Cobb Funeral Home
See obit
Row 3.26PATTERSON Willis J. 1872 1926 SS/W Annie J. Petterson
Row 2.4 PAYNE Ada Adell [Page] 14/Mar/1861
Hartland MN
Fort Cobb OK
W/O Robert "R. T." Treat Payne, M 20/Feb/1879 Western NE, D/O Joseph Parker & Harriet Arcelia [Grandy] Page
See obit
 PAYNECiera R.24/Apr/199626/Aug/2005
Fort Cobb OK
9 Yrs, D/O Dean & Traci Rhoades Payne, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
See obit
Row 40
PAYNEDeward Eugene "Gene"16/Dec/1925
Cement OK
 "US Air Force ~ Korea"
 Fort Cobb Chief of Police
67 Yrs, H/O [1] Vera Hope [Duncan] Payne, M 24/Aug/1945 Searcy AR [2] Ellen Holland Payne, M 04/Aug/1986 Wichita Falls TX, S/O James Denton & Corda [Cocheran] Payne, Fort Cobb Funeral Home
See obit & photo
Related to: Vanita White Hazelrigg
Row 40
PAYNEHeather Dena--/Dec/1973--/Dec/1973D/O James Dean & Clydeen Payne, GD/O Gene & Hope Payne
See photo
Related to: Vanita White Hazelrigg
 PAYNEKeelie M.28/Jan/199826/Aug/2005
Fort Cobb OK
7 Yrs, D/O Dean & Traci Rhoades Payne, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
See obit
Row 35
PAYNEMarvin Jr19251979 Sgt US Army ~ World War II
Unmarked grave
Row 2.3PAYNERobert T.18/Mar/18431/ Aug/1918 CPL, Co F, 7 Regt, KY Inf ~ Civil War
Row 2.2PAYNESidney E.30/Jan/188313/Jan/1907Dau of R. T. & A. A.
 PAYNETye A.27/Apr/200026/Aug/2005
Fort Cobb OK
5 Yrs, S/O Dean & Traci Rhoades Payne, Comanche Nation Funeral Home
See obit
Row 40
PAYNEVera Hope "Hope" [Duncan]05/Dec/192329/Oct/1979W/O Deward Eugene Payne
See obit & photo
Related to: Vanita White Hazelrigg
Row 29.2 PAYNEVictoria Johnson06/May/189428/Feb/1982"Beloved Mother and Grandmother"
W/O [1] James Wiley Johnson, M 01/Oct/1909 Caddo CO OK, D/O Robert Lee & Mary Frances [Garner] Brown
Row 35
PAYNEWilladine19261993Unmarked grave
Row __PEARCEMrs 02/Feb/1922Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __PECKBilly Wayne01/Jun/194926/Jan/2010 "SP4 US Army"
Row 3.31PECKEarl21/Jan/192203/Dec/1996"Married January 19, 1946" Love Lives On" "Our Children Janie ~ Johnny" "Our Grandchildren Jodie ~ Kelly ~ Lori ~ Bryan ~ Kip ~ Cassi"
SS/W & H/O JoAnn [Evans] Peck
Row __PECKJames Elmer23/Mar/1920
Bridgeport OK
Chickasha OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" "Our Sons James D. & Billy W."
SS/W & H/O Mable D. [Pierce] Peck, M 26/Oct/1946 Lookeba OK, S/O Jim & Ethel [Muncy] Peck, Fort Cobb-Hackney Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 3.31PECKJoAnn [Evans]26/Feb/1928 "Married January 19, 1946" Love Lives On" "Our Children Janie ~ Johnny" "Our Grandchildren Jodie ~ Kelly ~ Lori ~ Bryan ~ Kip ~ Cassi"
SS/W & W/O Earl Peck
Row __PECKMable D. [Pierce]26/Apr/1926
Scott OK
Chickasha OK

W/O James Elmer Peck, M 26/Oct/1946 Lookeba OK, D/O Oz Roe & Minnie [Shaw] Pierce, artist
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __PENNINGTONJennifer Danielle05/Feb/1984
Kingfisher OK
OK City OK
D/O William & Carolyn Pennington, Bill Merritt Funeral Home ~ Bethany OK
Unmarked grave
Row 15.37PERDASOFPYArlen P.09/Sep194217/Jun/1998"We will meet again"
Row __PERKINSJ. C.190718/Dec/1914Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row 23.18PERKINSJesse T.18691934SS/W Nancy J. Perkins
Row 23.18PERKINSNancy J.18761957SS/W Jesse T. Perkins
Row __PERRINMichael07/Dec/197117/Oct/2003"Our Daddy"
S/O Michael Douglas & Debra Sue [Langston] Perrin
Row __PERRYCalvin Floyd07/Dec/194228/Oct/1995 "PO 1 US Navy ~ Vietnam" 
Row __PERRYE.19381982Unmarked grave
Row 1.13PERRYLeonard19331979"Thy will be done"
Row __PERRYRichard Herman Jr20/sep/194016/Sep/1998"In Remembrance of"
S/O Richard Herman & Opal Perry [Nails] Perry Lee
Row __PERSEJimmie04/Jul/186414/May/1931Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 3.30PETERSONBaby11/Jul/193011/Jul/1930 
Row 21.23PETERSONJames L.28/Dec/187227/Nov/1961 
Row __PETREEJack Wingo25/Nov/193520/Sep/1999"My memories of love will be of you" 
Row 41
PETREELetrice [Wingo]07/Nov/191022/Aug/1998"[Married] 48 Yrs"
SS/W & W/O William Dee Petree< D/O George Hill & Myrtle [Garner] Wingo
Row 41
PETREEWilliam Dee07/Mar 190617/Jul/1976"[Married] 48 Yrs"
SS/W & H.O Letrice [Wingo] Petree
Row __PETTYLeonard Dewayne "Linny"05/Dec/196918/Jan/2008"I thank my God every time I remember you Phillipians 1:3"
Row __PETTYTina Michelle [Butler]08/May/196824/Jan/2008"A sweet child and loving mother who is greatly missed but now she is heaven's lil angel"
Row 26.21PHILLIPSClarence C.18/Jul/190330/Nov/1988"Married 6 Jul 1925"
SS/W & H/O Lora L. Phillips
Row __PHILLIPSDonnes C. "Gorrell"16/Nov/192219/Oct/2003
Row __PHILLIPSGuy E.05/Aug/191718/Sep/1917SS/W Zelda L. Phillips
Row __PHILLIPSJeffery Scott10/May/196415/Dec/1994"Bow Dean" "Beloved Son, Brother & Friend"
Row 40

Groom TX
SS/W & H/O Loretta M. Phillips
Row 26.21PHILLIPSLora L.18/Nov/190803/Jul/1992"Married 6 Jul 1925"
SS/W & W/O Clarence C. Phillips
Row 40
PHILLIPSLoretta18891958SS/W & W/O Joe Phillips
Row __PHILLIPSZelda [Pierce]06/Dec/191515/Feb/2008SS/W Guy E. Phillips
Row 39
PINNERAnnetta Jean [Brock]17 Mar/194027/Jul/1999
"Married Sept 6, 1957"
SS/W & W/O Jerrold David Pinner, D/O William Henry & Lavena Oretha [Pittman] Brock
Row __PINNERGlen W.03/Jan/1936
Dalhart TX
Sequoyah OK
 "US Marine Corps" "Son of Joe and Jewel [Threlkeld] Pinner"
Fort Cobb-Hackney Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
 PINNERJerold D. "Jake"14/Jan/199914/Jan/1999 
Row 39
Row 39
PINNERJewell [Threlkeld]24/Sep/190001/Sep/1997"At Rest"
SS/W & W/O Joe Pinner, D/O Charles Henry & Nora Elizabeth [Laswell] Threlkeld
Row 39
PINNERJoe19/May/190012/Feb/1957"At Rest"
SS/W &H/O Jewel [Threlkeld] Pinner
Row 27.39PLASTERBessie [Owings]14/Jul/191415/May/1990SS/W & W/O Ray Plaster
Row 27.40PLASTERClay Arloweine18/May/1931 "Married 24 Dec 1949" "Parents of: Pamela Jo ~ Deborah Ann ~ Tamela Dian ~ Donna Kay"
SS/W & W/O Royce Ray Plaster
Row 28.39PLASTERDoyle Dean06Feb/194826/Sep/1991"In loving memory of our brother"
Row 27.41PLASTERMildred Marie [Pack]03/May/1937
Roswell NM
OK City OK

"Married 9 Apr, 1955" "Parents of: Troy Gayle ~ Jo Lynne" "Grandparents of: Erica Nocole "Niki" ~ Robert Wade II ~ Jamie Lynne"
SS/W & W/O Troy Dale Plaster, D/O Cecil & Minnie [Turney] Pack
Addl Info From: Troy Gayle [Plaster] Walling, Post Master Gracemont OK, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
See obit
Row 27.39PLASTERRay28/Jul/191211/Apr/1989SS/W & H/O Bessie Plaster
Row 27.40PLASTERRoyce Ray29/Oct/1931
Swan Lake OK
Anadarko OK
"Married 24 Dec 1949" "Parents of: Pamela Jo ~ Deborah Ann ~ Tamela Dian ~ Donna Kay"
SS/W & H/O Clay Arloweine Plaster
See obit
Row 27.41PLASTERTroy Dale07/Mar/193613/Oct/1993"Married 9 Apr 1955" "Parents of: Troy Gayle ~ Jo Lynne" "Grandparents of: Erica Nocole 'Niki' ~ Robert Wade II ~ Jamie Lynne"
SS/W & H/O Mildred Marie [Pack] Plaster
Row 8.22PLEDGERAbe--/Jul/1879
Cooke CO TX
1958H/O Ethel [Pitts] Pledger, M 17/Sep/1903 Pottawatomie CO OK, S/O Cicero & Sarah [Dawson] Pledger
Row 9.20PLEDGERBertha Myrtle [Cooper]190719781st W/O Clarence Pledger, M 11/Sep/1926 Fort Cobb OK
Row 9.19PLEDGERClarence22/Jul/1906
Tecumseh OK
OK City OK
"Father ~ Grandfather"
H/O [1] Bertha Myrtle [Cooper] Pledger, M 11/Sep/1926 Fort Cobb OK [2] Bonnie [Sensintafter] Pledger, M --/Apr/1979 Wheeler TX S/O Abe & Earthwl [Pitts] Pledger, Hinton Turner Funeral Home ~ Hinton OK
Row 8.24PLEDGEREdgar19041965H/O Rosa D. [Jarel] Pledger
Row 8.23PLEDGEREthel06/Jul/188606/Jan/1933W/O Abe Pledger
See obit
Row __PLEDGERHubert19291984S/O Clarence & Bertha Myrtle [Cooper] Pledger
Row 8.25PLEDGERRosa D. [Jarel]17/Jun/1905
Caddo CO OK
OK City OK
W/O Edgar Pledger,M 26/Dec/1931
See obit
Row __PLEWKristi Faye [Post]19/Jul/1974
OK City OK
Lawton OK
W/O Norman Guy P;ew, M 10/Jul/1999 Wichita Falls TXD/O Billie Robert & Opal Fayetta [Perry] Post
Row __PLUMMERCleo M.06/Feb/191405/Jul/1959Unmarked grave
Row 35
PLUMMERHarold20/Mar/19092/ Dec/1993 
Row __POAUTYGerald25/Aug/194130/Mar/1942 Farmer Funeral Home ~ Fairview OK
Unmarked grave
Row __PONDBaby27/Jun/192227/Jun/1922 
Row __PONDH. Lee20/Feb/190713/Mar/1973SS/W Ivy Anne Pond
Row __PONDIvy Anne10/Jan/191113/Apr/1991SS/W H. Lee Pond
Veterans Section, Row __POOLAWGerald Wayne01/Apr/1926
Mountain View OK
Carnegie OK
 "US Navy ~ World War II ~ Korea"
H/O Silvia "Oleta" Poolaw, S/O Horace & Rhoda [Redborn] Poolaw, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Row __POOLAWSilvia Oleta 07/Aug/192308/May/1978W/O Gerald Wayne Poolaw
 POSTBillie Robert "Bill"03/Apr/1941
Eufaula OK
Carnegie OK
 Sgt US Army ~ Vietnam" "Married Oct 17, 1966"
SS/W & H/O Opal Fayetta Post, S/O Robert Lee & Alberta Post
Row 9.40POSTDixie Rae [Weathers]28/Dec/192116/Oct/1998
W/O [1] Charles Edwards [2] T. D. Post
 POSTOpal Fayetta14/May/1949 "Married Oct 17, 1966"
SS/W & W/O Billie Robert Post
Row 36
PONDH. Lee20/Feb/190713/Mar/1972 
Row 36
PONDIvy Anne10/Jun/191113/Apr /1992 
Row 28.38POUNDCharles E.19361995"Married 21 Nov 1963" "Parents of: Jo Ann ~ Charlotte ~ Papa and Nanny of: Kim ~ Shane ~ Travis ~ Riki ~ Austin"
SS/W & H/O Joyce Ann [Plaster] Pound
Row 28.38POUNDJoyce Ann "Na-Na" [Plaster]25/May/1945
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
"Married 21 Nov 1963" "Parents of: Jo Ann ~ Charlotte ~ Papa and Nanny of: Kim ~ Shane ~ Travis ~ Riki ~ Austin"
SS/W & W/O Charles E. Pound, M Anadarko OK, D/O Timothy Ray & Bessie [Hamilton] Plaster, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __POUNDSClaude Pennon "Buddy"21/Oct/1911
Little River CO AR
Caddo CO OK
"Married Dec 29, 1935" "Parents of Greta Paul David"
SS/W & H/O Willie Voyle [Morrison] Pounds, S/O William Franklin & Lola Jane [Hinton] Pounds
Row __POUNDSWillie Voyle [Morrison]27/May/1916
Scotland AR
Fort Cobb OK
"Married Dec 29, 1935" "Parents of Greta Paul David"
SS/W & W/O Claude Pennon "Buddy" Pounds, D/O John William & Dora Ellen [Clutts] Morrison
See obit
Row 34
POWELLHenry F.186910/Jun/1953 
Row 34
POWELLTheodosia10/Apr/187108/Jul/1953Unmarked grave
Row 33
PRATHEREdward Samuel16/Apr/1902
Wheatland OK
H/O Pauline [Clauch] Prather, M --/Dec/1927, S/O Samuel E. & Unknown Prather
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 5.26PRATHERH. G.15/ Aug/187302/Mar/1947"Uncle"
Row 33
PRATHERPauline M. [Claunch]05/Dec/1908
Altus OK
W/O Edward Samuel Prather, Carmichael-Whatley Funeral Directors ~ Canadian & Pampa TX
Unmarked grave
Row 5.25PRATHERRose Etta [Troy]09/Jul/1874
Rice CO KS
Caddo CO OK
W/O Samuel E. Prather, M 11/Feb/1890
See obit
Row 5.24PRATHERRoy Homer1914 1938"Darling Son"
Row __PRATHERSamuel E. 01/Feb/1948
Caddo CO OK
H/O Rose Etta [Troy] Prather
Unmarked grave
Row 5.23PRATHERVan Troy19171919 
Row 16.8PRESSLYW.H.18471914"In Loving Mermory"
H/O Eva A. [Stacy] Pressly, buried Duncan OK
Row 37
PRICEAlma Pearl01/Oct/1896
Osage City MO
Carnegie OK

SS/W & W/O Ralph Price, M 24/Dec/1913 Jefferson City MO
Row 11.20PRICEFoy W.08/Nov/1894
Rogersville TN
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Sudie B. [Craft] Price, S/O Mack Sherman & Mary Elizabeth [Beck] Price
Row 10.7PRICEHugh Bascum23/May//1899
Morristown TN
Bixby OK
"I have finished the work Thou gavest me to do"
1st H/O Qlmq Grace [Wright] Price Douglas, buried Chickasha OK, S/O Mack Sherman & Mary Elizabeth [Beck] Price
 PRICEJake NMN25/Dec/187730/Jul/1952Unmarked grave
Row 10.5PRICEMack Sherman17/Mar/1861
Hawkins CO TN
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" [Beck] Price
Row 10.5PRICEMary Elizabeth "Mollie" [Beck]1869
Granville CO NC
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Mack Sherman Price, D/O Erasmus Quince & Elizabeth Jane [Grigsby] Beck
Row 27.4PRICEOlive E. 'Ollie" [McClellan]15/Feb/1987
Roddy TX
Chckasha OK
SS/W & W/O Thomas E. Price
Row 27.3PRICEOra Mae07/Aug/1908
Clay CO TX
03/Mar/1986"Beloved Sister"
D/O Thomas Ervin & Olive E. [McClellan] Price
Row 11.21PRICEOran D.25/Dec/191504/May/1917"Son of Mr & Mrs Foy W. Price"
S/O Foy W. & Sudie B. [Craft] Price
Row 11.19PRICEOris Lee16/Apr/189416/Feb/1966 PVT, US Army ~ World War II
Row 37
PRICERalph N.18951983
SS/W & H/O Alma Pearl Price, M 24/Dec/1913 Jefferson City MO
Row 27.2PRICERobert Henry30/May/188510/Nov/1990 
Row 21.2PRICESamuel R.16/Mar/1882
Bosque CO TX
14 /Apr/1939"Uncle At Rest"
Row 11.20PRICESudie B. [Craft]24/Mar/189416/Feb/1966SS/W & W/O Foy W. Price, M 08/Nov/1914
Row 27.4PRICEThomas Ervin17/Oct /187417/Jul/1944SS/W & H/O Ollie E. Price
Row __PRICEWilliam Reuben 01/Dec/1912
Comanche CO OK
09/Feb/1942 "Son At Rest"
S/O Thomas Ervin & Olive F. [McClellan] Price
Row 35
PRINCEBoyd F.17/Oct/192114/Oct/1991 Pvt US Army ~ World War II
Unmarked grave
Row 24.37PRITCHARDH. Lloyd19121994SS/W Larry Don & Lula Lee Pritchard
Row 24.37PRITCHARDLarry Don19481949SS/W H. Lloyd & Lula Lee Pritchard
Row 24.37PRITCHARDLula Lee19181964SS/W H. Lloyd & Larry Don Pritchard
Row 26.13PRITCHARDMyrtle E. [Schoolcraft]17/Jan/1881
Breckenridge TX
Carnegie OK
SS/W & W/O William D. Pritchard, D/O Joseph S. "Joe" & Sarah Elizabeth [Welch] Schoolcraft
Row 26.12PRITCHARDRonald D.11/Dec/194111/Dec/1941Unmarked grave
Row 26.13PRITCHARDWilliam D.18801945SS/W & H/O Myrtle E. [Schoolcraft] Pritchard, S/O Henry Millard & Unknown Pritchard
Pritchett Family Plot
Row 10.8
Pritchett Family Plot
Row 10.9
PRITCHETTFlorence Christiana [Dickenson]27/Feb/189019/Dec/19532nd W/O Thomas J. Pritchett
Pritchett Family Plot
Row 10.11
PRITCHETTLou Christina [Hall] 20/Sep/187722/Oct/1910
1st W/O Thomas J. Pritchett, teacher
Pritchett Family Plot
Row 10.10
PRITCHETTThomas J.05/Oct/1871
Foristell MO
Caddo CO OK
H/O [1] Lou Christina [Hall] Pritchett [2] Florence Christina [Dickenson] Pritchett, S/O William Henry H. & Sarah Jane [Luckett] Pritchett, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Pritchett Family Plot
Row 10.12
PRITCHETTThomas W.19101942S/O Thomas J. & Lou Christina [Hall] Pritchett
Row 40PROCTORAlbert Higgins "Doc"13/Oct/1897
Larkinsville AL
Fort Cobb OK
Former H/O Pearl Mable [Jeffcoat] Proctor, M 1918, Div, F/O Gilbert Hugh, Margerie Fern [Ables] and Kenneth Jay Proctor, S/O Hugh Alexander & Laura Jane [Selby] Proctor, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, buried next to friends Henry, Pansy & Silvia Shults
Row 38
PRUITTRonald14/Mar/198014/Mar/1980"In Memory of our Baby"
Row __PSHADDinnie 24/Nov/1920Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave

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