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Cache Creek Mission Cemetery
West of Apache
Caddo County, Oklahoma

Established 1947

Cache Creek Mission Cemetery directions:

From Apache, OK, take Hwy 19 west for approximately 5 mi. At CS 2550
turn south for approximately ¾ mile. Cemetery is on the east side of road.

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e-mail to Sandi Carter.

ALLRED Sam 1844 1909 See photo
ANDERSON Johnnie E. 1906 1952 "Daddy" See photo
BAUER Rosa Lee 17/Sep/1932 06/Dec/1932 D/O Willian & Adele [Hrbacek Bauer, unmarked grave
BEALL Fred Oliver 10/Jun/1892 23/Sep/1968  "Oklahoma Pvt CO B 52 MG BN ~ World War I" "[Married] 46 Yrs" "Together Forever" SS/W & H/O Julia A. Beall
See photo
BEALL Infant Son 12/Dec/1922 12/Dec/1922 "Infant Son of Julia & Fred Beall" See photo
BEALL Julia A. 1899 1970 "[Married] 46 Yrs" "Together Forever" SS/W & W/O Fred O. Beall See photo
BROWN Basil H. 1840 1919  "Corp 4 Btry Ark LT Arty ~ Confederate States Army " See photo
BROWN Pansy [Tyson]   1914 See photo
CHAPMAN Cora   --/May/1909 Unmarked grave
COOPER A. W. 06/Nov/1882 20/Apr/1936 Unmarked grave
COOPER Grace 14/Sep/1890 30/Oct/1974 See photo
CRANE Babe 03/Nov/1918 03/Nov/1918 "Asleep in Jesus"
See photo
CRANE Matilda [Welch] 1883 1968 SS/W & 2nd W/O Stephen Stires Crane, M/O Opielee, Edna & Infant Son Crane See photo
CRANE Stephen Stires 14/Oct/1864
Leavenworth KS
Apache OK
H/O [1] Louise Julianna [Hellemann] Crane, F/O Edith C., Riley J. & Ethel Crane, SS/W [2] Matilda [Welch] Crane, F/O Opielee, Edna & Infant Son Crane, S/O Jackson Brown & Sarah Ann Caroline [Lowe] Crane See photo
CROW Eula B. 1913 1913 SS/W & S/O Nola J. Crow, same plot W/ & & D/O Henry H, & Ida B. Crow, Crow Plot See photo
CROW Henry H. 1869 1957 H/O Ida B. Crow, same plot W/ & F/O Eula B. & Nola J. Crow, Crow Plot See photo
CROW Ida B. 1877 1913 W/O Henry H. Crow, same plot W/ & M/O Eula B. & Nola J. Crow, Crow Plot See photo
CROW Nola J. 1903 1950 SS/W & S/O Eula B. Crow, same plot W/ & D/O Henry H. & Ida B. Crow, Crow Plot See photo
CUTHBERTSON Harry 23/Jul/1920 28/Aug/1926 "Son" See photo
CUTHBERTSON J. S. 31/Aug/1869 22/May/1938 "Father" SS/W & H/O Minnie Cuthertson
See photo
CUTHBERTSON Minnie 09/Sep/1876 04/Jan/1954 "Mother" SS/W & W/O J. S. Cuthbertson See photo
CUTHBERTSON Virginia 1838 1920 "Grandmother" See photo
GARRISON Baby 1954 1954 See photo
GILBREATH Bertha Rosamary 12/Ju/1923 14/Jun/1923 "Age 2 Days"
D/O Almira [Kerr] Gilbreath Ramser
GILBREATH Henry 04/Jan/1841
Fairplay WI
Centerville TX
 "Sgt CO K 5 ILL Cav ~ Civil War" SS/W & H/O Sarah Jane [Clendenin] Gilbreath, F/O Mary Cloe 7 John Henry Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH John Henry 11/Nov/1889
Delphos KS
Apache OK
"My Beloved" 1st H/O Almira Elnora [Kerr] Gilbreath Ramser, F/O Walter John, Wylie Francis, Margaret & Bertha Rosemary Gilbreath, S/O Henry & Sarah Jane [Clendenin] Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Johnetta Darlene 16/Feb/1946   SS/W Victor John Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Karen [Bomar] Sep 1952   "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes To The Hills...."[Married] Mar. 21, 1981" SS/W & W/O Mark Walter Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Lois LaMae [Mattoon] 05/Nov/1920   "Walter John And Lois LaMae Mattoon Gilbreath Married April 20, 1941" "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills, From Whence Cometh My Help, My Help Cometh From The Lord, Which Made Heaven And Earth. Psalm 121" SS/W & W/O Walter Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Mark Walter 19/Nov/1953 29/Aug/2006 "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes To The Hills...."[Married] Mar. 21, 1981" SS/W & H/O Karen [Bomar] Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Mildred Eleanor 30/Oct/1924 04/Nov/1924 "Infant Dau Of Roy & Bertha Gilbreath"
GILBREATH Myra Marie 20/Apr/1921 16/Jul/1922 D/O John H. Gilbreath & Almira [Kerr] Gilbreath Ramser See photo
GILBREATH Rosamary   1923 "Age 2 Days" See photo
GILBREATH Sarah Jane [Clendenin] 13/Oct/1849
Rockwood IL
05/Jan/1924 SS/W & W/O Henry Gilbreath, M/O Mary Chloe & John Henry Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Victor John 03/Jul/1944 14/Apr/1999 SS/W Johnetta Darlene Gilbreath, S/O Walter John & Lois LaMae [Mattoon] Gilbreath See photo
GILBREATH Walter 1896 1911 See photo
GILBREATH Walter John 23/Oct/1915 13/Jul/1994 "Walter John And Lois LaMae Mattoon Gilbreath" "Married April 20, 1941" I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills, From Whence Cometh My Help, My Help Cometh From The Lord, Which Made Heaven And Earth. Psalm 121" SS/W & H/O Lois LaMae [Mattoon] Gilbreath, F/O Victor John & Mark Walter Gilbreath, S/O John H. Gilbreath & Almira [Kerr] Gilbreath Ramser See photo
GILBREATH Zita 1892 1914 See photo
GILMAN Carroll Eugene 02/Jan/1949 31/Jan/1990 "Loving memories last forever"
See photo
GILMAN Clela M. [Moser] 29/Jun/1925 07/Nov/2003 "Mother" "A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend" See photo
GILMAN Walter Leonard 11/Nov/1920 22/Nov/2002 "Father" "He Started Here Traveled Far Now Forever Home" See photo
GOAD Charles Pinkney 12/Feb/1838
Apache OK
 CO G 1st Arkansas Infantry ~ Civil War H/O Martha Ellis [Ray] Goad, S/O Alexander S. & Jane [Henderson] Goad See photo
HAMILTON Virginia Lee 07/Oct/1933 03/Dec/1997 "Beloved Wife And Mother"
See photo
HEILAMAN Amanda 1878 1966 SS/W France F. Heilaman See photo
HEILAMAN France F. 1870 1943 SS/W Amanda Heilaman See photo
HEILAMAN Gary James 05/Jun/1946
Lawton OK
Duncan OK
 "Sgt US Army ~ Vietnam" "Married Nov. 20, 1964" "Loving Parents Of Our Son ~ Christopher Paul And His Wife ~ Nancy Rebecca:" "Pawpaw And Memaw To Tyler Scott" SS/W & H/O Philonda Nadine [Smith] Heilaman, S/O Charlie Ray & Irene Mary [Gilman] Heilaman See photo
HEILAMAN Irene M. 1908 1972 "Married May 4, 1925" SS/W & W/O Ray C. Heilaman, M/O Ray Leon, Gary, Virginia, Clela & Mary Heilaman Heilaman See photo
HEILAMAN Philonda Nadine [Smith] 1946   "Married Nov. 20, 1964" "Loving Parents Of Our Son ~ Christopher Paul And His Wife ~ Nancy Rebecca" "Pawpaw And Memaw To Tyler Scott" SS/W & Gary James Hellaman See photo
HEILAMAN Ray C. 1905 1980 "Married May 4, 1925" SS/W & H/O Irene M. Heilaman, F/O Ray Leon, Gary, Virginia, Clela & Mary Heilaman See photo
HEILAMAN Ray Leon 18/Feb/1941
Apache OK
Apache OK
H/O Sandy Heilaman, F/O Mike, Beverly & Shelly Heilman, S/O Ray C. & Irene M. Heilaman
HOGHDUFFER L/alia 12/Aug/1894 06/Dec/1913 "Dau of G. A. & L. O. Hoghduffer" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven" See photo
HRBACEK Charles R. 03/Jul/1941 29/Sep/1985 "Married to Sheree March 22, 1982" See photo
HRBACEK Freda L. 01/May/1909 24/Mar/1994 "Precious Lord Hold My Hand" SS/W & W/O Louis W. Hrbacek See photo
HRBACEK Ida [Manske] 24/Feb/1871 1954 SS/W & W/O Paul Hrbacek, M/O Louis W. Hrbacek
See photo
HRBACEK Infant Son 29/Nov/1939 30/Nov/1939 "Infant Son Of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hrbacek" See photo
HRBACEK Louis W. 17/Mar/1906
24/Apr/1971 "Precious Lord Hold My Hand" SS/W & H/O Freda L. Hrbacek, S/O Paul & Ida [Manske] Hrbacek See photo
HRBACEK Paul 1868 1930 SS/W & H/O Ida Hrbacek, F/O Louis W. Hrbacek See photo
INKS James Monroe 24/Jul/1859
Caddo CO OK
H/O Mary R. [Spradling] Inks, F/O Mabel Claire [Inks] Myers Green See photo
JENKINS Minnie Maude 27/Oct/1902 26/Sep/1924 See photo
JOHNSON Ray B. 1906 1918 "Son Of T. B. & N. B. Johnson " "Asleep In Jesus" See photo
JOHNSON Thomas B. 27/Jun/1861 15/Mar/1925 See photo
KEELER Clarence Leonard 18/Jul/1896
Purcell OK
Kingston OK
 "Sgt US Army ~ World War I" SS/W & H/O Eda Clara [Wagner] Keeler, M 28 May 1921 Caddo CO OK, F/O Clarence Edward Keeler, S/O Samuel Austin & Ella Jane [Powell] Keeler See photo
KEELER Eda Clara [Wagner] 06/Jul/1901 07/Jan/1994 SS/W & W/O Clarence Leonard Keeler, M/O Clarence Edward Keeler, D/O Karl F. & Caroline Louise [Mannschreck] Wagner See photo
KEELER Ella Jane [Powell] 12/Sep/1872
16/Feb/1967 "Mother" SS/W & W/O Samuel Austin Keeler, M/O Orville Taylor, James Austin, Clarence Leonard, Mamie Ella, Earl Lester & Josephine Alma Keeler See photo
KEELER Infant Daughter 07/Sep/1914 07/Sep/1914 "Infant Daughter Of O. T. And P. A. Keeler" Possibly Mildred Mae Keeler D/O Orville Taylor & Pearl Anna [McDaniel] Keeler See photo
KEELER Infant Son C. E. Keeler 11/Nov/1921 11/Nov/1921 "Infant Son C. E. Keeler" Possibly Clarence Edward Keeler, S/O Clarence Leonard & Eda Clara [Wagner] Keeler See photo
KEELER Nina B. 09/Jun/1906   SS/W Orville Taylor Keeler See photo
KEELER Orville Taylor 06/Jul/1892
Liberty Hill TX
H/O [1] Pearl Anna [McDaniel] Keeler, F/O Mildred Mae & Dorothy Pearl Keeler [2] SS/W Nina B. Taylor, S.O Samuel Austin & Ella Jane [Powell] Keeler See photo
KEELER Samuel Austin 23/Jun/1851
Ducktown TN
06/Aug/1920 SS/W & H/O Ella Jane [Powell] Keeler, M 31 May 1891 Madisonville TN, F/O Orville Taylor, James Austin, Clarence Leonard, Mamie Ella, Earl Lester & Josephine Alma Keeler, S/O William Manson & Nancy Mahala [Baker] Keeler See photo
KING Joe Derrell 04/Jul/1912 02/Jul/1914 "Son of T J & R B King" "Weep not papa and mama for me, I am waiting in Heaven for thee"
KLINE J. T. 12/Sep/1919
Konawa OK
Apache Caddo CO OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" "In God's Care" SS/W & H/O Margaret [Gilbreath] Kline, M 29 May 1969 Shamrock TX, S/O Joseph & Adeline Kline See photo
KLINE Margaret [Gilbreath] 01/Apr/1920 11/Jun/2008 "In God's Care" SS/W & W/O J. T. Kline, D/O John H. Gilbreath & Almira [Kerr] Gilbreath Ramser See photo
KNOWLES Martha A. 16/Aug/1879 25/Mar/1921 "Asleep in Jesus" Hard to read marker
See photo
McMICHAEL Hattie 02/Apr/1886 1979 "Wife of Sam"
MOHME Henry 29/Jan/1841
03/Jul/1915  "Union Army ~ Civil War" "Asleep In Jesus" "He was the sunshine of our home" H/O Rachel Mohme See photo
MORRILL Richard A. 1869 1920 See photo
MOWERY Francis Frederick 27/Mar/1909 11/Jun/1916 "Son of Mrs. Ruth Mowery" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven" See photo
MYERS Arthur L. 12/Jul/1924 08/Oct/1982 "At Rest With God" See photo
MYERS Dorothy Mary 12/Jun/1926 08/Mar/1982 See photo
MYERS Robert Garland "R. G." 26/Sep/1882
OK City OK
"Many sleep but not forever" H/O Mabel Claire [Inks] Myers, M 18 Oct 1905 Caddo CO OK, F/O Clare Aline, Russell Garland, Cleo Mildred & Tiny Florence [Myers] Bentley, S/O Henry P. & Elizabeth [Campbell] Myers See photo
NEELY Arvel J. 12/Feb/1891 11/Feb/1916 Very hard to read marker
See photo
NEELYBaby19161916 See photo
NEELYR. W. "Bob" 07/Jun/1869 13/Sep/1919 "Father" See photo
PARRISH Elizabeth 1857 1919 See photo
PETTIGREW Hugh 11/Jun/1872 21/Nov/1935 "Father" See photo
POWERS Kenneth Loyd 09/May/1972 19/Jun/1997 "You are safe in my heart and my heart will go on" "Son Of Loyd & Mary" "Brother Of Jana ~ Katy ~ Gala" "Dearly Missed" "A Cowboy For Jesus" "Loved Forever" "Next Time It Will Be Forever" See photo
RAMSER Almira Elnora [Kerr] Gilbreath 1887 1964 "The Lord Is My Shepherd" W/O [1] John Henry Gilbreath [2] B. Carl Ramser, M/O Walter John, Wylie Francis, Margaret & Bertha Rosemary Gilbreath See photo
RAMSER B. Carl 1886 1959 "God Is Love"
2nd H/O Almira Elnora [Kerr] Gilbreath See photo
SANMANN Clela 17/Mar/1928 04/Feb/1982 "Mother" See photo
SIMMONS Lottie 19/Oct/1913
Apache Caddo CO OK
Apache Caddo CO OK
W/O Roy Simmons, M 17/Apr/1929 Lawton OK
SIMS Alva B. 11/Sep/1928
Apache Caddo CO OK
Lawton OK
 US Army ~ Korea H/O Anna Marie [Hrbacek] Sims, F/O Robert & Glenda Sims, S/O Aubrey & Violet [Gibson] Sims
SIMS Ralph C. 27/Nov/1953 02/Nov/1992 "Beloved Son And Brother" See photo
TIMMONS Johnny 1926 1926 See photo
TIMMONS Myrtle 1909 1933 See photo
VAIL Gertrude E. 24/Dec/1875 13/Jan/1971 SS/W & W/O Otho P. Vail See photo
VAIL Otho P. 15/Jan/1867 02/Jun/1925 SS/W & H/O Gertrude E. Vail See photo
VICKREY Elsie Lee 11/Mar/1944 14/Mar/1944 "Our Darling At Rest" See photo
VICKREY Laura Etta 18/Dec/1904 04/May/1990 "Precious Lord Take My Hand" SS/W & W/O William Lewis Vickrey See photo
VICKREY Lila Gertrude 24/May/1910 17/Jun/1914 "Our Darling" "Asleep in Jesus" See photo
VICKREY Steven Lewis 25/Jun/1960 28/Jun/1960 See photo
VICKREY William Lewis 20/Dec/1900 14/Jan/1978 "Precious Lord Take My Hand" SS/W & H/O Laura Etta Vickrey See photo
WALKER James W. 30/Jun/1861 02/Dec/1928  See photo
WILLIAMS Rachel 05/May/1907 06/Jun/1916 See photo
WILLIAMS       See photo
YOUNGBLOOD Danny Ray 23/Jun/1948 10/Apr/1995  "US Army ~ Vietnam" See photo
YOUNGBLOOD Frank 1875 1920 See photo

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