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In Memory of my father Wayne and his twin brother Dwayne

Delaware Cemetery
Washington County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

Partial Survey

Location:  This Cemetery is on Private land near Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma. My cousin, James Hammon helped me with this survey, several of his ancestors are buried in this cemetery.

There was an article in the newspaper around December, about someone going into this cemetery and destroyed, and took several markers. We hope the missing, and destroyed markers will soon be replaced. I have been told that this cemetery is usually locked, and permission from the Delaware tribe to get into the cemetery must be obtained.

If you have family buried in the Delaware Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Annajo for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
Please use the search "find" box below when looking for family. You might find a picture in the cemetery but there might be an obit in a different place.

I try to let you know if we have a Trail of Tears Plaque recipient (marked by the symbol) AND if we have a veteran (marked by the image symbol).

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Last Name First & Middle Born Died Comments
ADAMS Charles 1912 1999 Photo
ANDERSON George T. 1876 1935 Photo
ANDERSON Jess C. 2-Apr 1949 23-Dec 1979 Photo
ANDERSON Joda T. 27-Mar 1921 28-Feb 1949 image  Photo
ANDERSON Little George 10-May 1914 31-Jan 1919 Photo
ANDERSON Mary no date 1891 Photo
ANDERSON Ollie Beaver 10-May 1889 9-Oct 1981 Photo
ANDERSON Rosa Lucinda (Martin) 29-Apr 1920 30-May 1996 Photo
ANDERSON Win Da La Quah no date 12-Mar 1912 Photo
BEAVER Alonzo 21-Jan 1897 30-Oct 1963 image  Photo
BEAVER Dalton 1892 1906 Photo
BLACK Myrtle Mae (Falleaf) 17-Sep 1912 7-Sep 1984 Photo
BROWN Charles 1980 1904 Photo
BROWN Loyce E. 16-Aug 1915 17-Dec 1979 Photo
BROWN Mary no date 23-Nov 1928 Photo
BROWN Mary Elizabeth Elkhair 2-May 1908 6-Jun 1986 Photo
BROWN William 14-Dec 1862 11-Mar 1915 Photo
BUFFALO James F. 20-Apr 1890 24-Dec 1954 image  Photo
BULLETTE Boston no date 30-Nov 1886 Photo
BULLETTE George 1885 1916 Photo
BURNETT Clyde Earl 21-Dec 1946 2-Sep 1985 image  Photo
BURNETT Genevieve 1925 1975 Photo
BURNETT Kenneth C. 15-Feb 1923 4-Jan 1974 image  Photo
CHARLEY Frank 1887 1928 Photo
DEAN Louise G. (WEMATAEXKWE) 1944 1994 Photo
DEAN Nora Thompson 1907 1984 Photo
DOLES Joseph Ernest 3-Jan 1933 9-Jun 1990 image  Photo
DOLES Pearl Longbone 27-Jan 1907 8 July 1985 Photo
EASEY William J.   20-Dec 1919 Photo
ELKHAIR Cynthia Lorraine 27-Jan 1949 23-Nov 1994 Photo
ELKHAIR Infant son of
Ray and Juanita
  1948 Photo
ELKHAIR Jesse 1972 1961 Photo
ELKHAIR Josie 1883 1922  
ELKHAIR Juanita Alberta Hill 24-Jun 1918 4-May 1966 Photo
ELKHAIR PAH-LEE-NOW 1841 1928 Photo
ELKHAIR Ray Andrew 16-Apr 1914 1-May 1974 Photo
ELKHAIR Ray Andrew Jr.     image  Photo
ELKHAIR Susie   17-Oct 1925 age 77 years  Photo
ELLIS Bert 26-Mar 1910 8-Jan 1990 Photo
ELLIS Nannie W. 1-Apr 1902 7-Aug 1978 Photo
FALLEAF Douglas Wayne 27-Apr 1934 2-Aug 1990 image  Photo
FALLEAF Ida 1882 1910 Photo
FALLEAF Lourena A. 26-Apr 1909 1-Feb 1978 s/w William Y  Photo
FALLEAF Numerous 30-Dec 1914 7-Apr 1976 image  Photo
FALLEAF Sallie Elkhair 1888 1951 Photo
FALLEAF William Y. 26-May 1907 9-Jul 1978 s/w Lourena A.  Photo
FALL-LEAF John Nelson 19-Nov 1950 1-Nov 1982 Photo
FOUTS Julius 14-Apr 1862 4-Aug 1926 Photo
FOUTS Minnie 15-Jul 1871 25-Dec 1949 Photo
FRENCHMAN Adam F. 17-Jan 1905 15-Apr 1981 Photo
GIBSON J.W. 1860 1915 Photo
GOLDESBERRY Elmer 1909 1971 Photo
GOLDESBERRY James Elmer 1937 1980 Photo
GOLDESBERRY Morene M. 16-May 1916 10-Sep 1996 Photo
GOLDESBERRY Rosie Curleyhead 1888 1974 Photo
GOODMAN Marth McIlroy 28-May 1959 31-Dec 1998 Photo
HADLEY Mona 1920 1951 Photo
HILL Albert T. Ben 1872 1945 Photo
HILL Alonzo T. 22-Dec 1900 18-Mar 1923 Photo
HILL Audrey 1908 1919 Photo
HILL Charlene L. 1926 1933 Photo
HILL Charles Joe 17-Mar 1934 16-Apr 1989 Photo
HILL Jane 26-Feb 1882 1-Oct 1950 Photo
HILL John B. 15-Mar 1920 13-Jul 1974 image  Photo
HILL Lee E. 1915 1916 Photo
HILL Perry 1912 1978 image  Photo
HILL Roosevelt B. 23-Feb 1906 15-Oct 1943 image  Photo
JACKSON Emma M. 1986 1958 Photo
JACKSON James Harold 8-Oct 1892 6-Jul 1973 image  Photo
JACKSON John Albert 26-Jul 1923 3-Jul 2003 image  Photo
JACKSON Leonard Francis 10-May 1949 10-Jun 2000 Photo
JACKSON Marion Francis 28-Aug 1926 1-Jul 1984 image  Photo
LONGBONE Anna Wilson   1941 Photo
LONGBONE Emmett W. 1902 1957 Photo
LONGBONE George 1883 1920 Photo
LONGBONE Jacob 1905 1975 Photo
LONGBONE Juanita P. 17-Jun 1916 25-Dec 1979 Photo
LONGBONE Leonard 31-Aug 1910 20-Dec 1979 Photo
LONGBONE Ray   28-Dec 1928 image  Photo
LONGBONE Silas 1871 1918 Photo
LONGBONE Walter Veach 20-Mar 1920 19-Nov 1980 image  Photo
LONGBONE Willie   5-Aug 1946 Photo
MARTIN Frank E. 6-Jul 1915 28-Feb 2001 s/w Violet Woody  Photo
MARTIN Violet Woody 20-Oct 1917 27-Mar 1996 s/w Frank E.  Photo
MCCARTLIN Fannie 18-Apr 1903 17-Dec 1977 Photo
MCCARTLIN Glenn Roy 1-Sep 1926 22-Jan 1987 image  Photo
MCCARTLIN John George 14-Dec 1924 9-Dec 1989 image  Photo
MCCUEN William   19-Jun 1912 Photo
MCEWIN Charles   26-Jul 1928 age 50 years  Photo
MCEWIN Joseph 1882 1-May 1937 Photo
MCEWIN Lee J. 19-Aug 1915 9-Dec 1963 image  Photo
MCILROY Mildred (Sissy) 2-Jan 1923 28-Oct 1986 S/W R. M. (Bob)  Photo
MCILROY R. M. (Bob) 11-Oct 1921 8-Jul 1993 S/W Mildred (Sissy)  Photo
MENDOZA Evelyn Mae 9-May 1918 31-Jan 1992 Photo
METCALF Sally 14-Jan 1930 19-Jan 1939 Photo
MOODY Thomas L. 1-Jan 1948 7-Dec 1999 image  Photo
PARKER Dennis 6-Aug 1879 17-Jul 1922 Photo
PARKER Laura 15-May 1865 11-Nov 1942 Photo
PARKS Annie 1890 1980 s/w Jacob  Photo
PARKS Clarence George 28-Aug 1920 2-Jun 1987 Photo
PARKS Debra Hilwauker 21-May 1949 28-Feb 1998 Photo
PARKS Jacob 1890 1949 s/w Annie  Photo
PARKS James J. 1897 1972 Photo
PARKS Jeanette 1898 1984 Photo
PARKS John   25-Oct 1924 age 67 years  Photo
PARKS Peggy Marie 6-Dec 1926 29-Apr 1987 Photo
PARKS Rosa 1861 1936 Photo
PARKS Oliver 1898 1917 Photo
POWELL Joseph 17-Aug 1883 29-Nov 1941 image  Photo
STOUT Jack K. 5-Jan 1924 4-Dec 1985 image  Photo
SUMPTER Tecumseh 2-Oct 1919 19-Apr 1962 image  Photo
THAXTON Dempsey Logan 28-Dec 1920 19-Mar 2000 Photo
THAXTON six infants     Photo
THOMPSON James H. 1867 1964 Photo
THOMPSON Jessie 16-Feb 1896 2-Oct 1911 Photo
THOMPSON Sarah Wilson 1874 1934 Photo
TIGER Irene Mary Anderson 25-Aug 1911 6-Jan 2001 Photo
WAHNEE James 1907 1980 Photo
WAHNEE Raymond 22-Feb 1934 15-Mar 1986 image  Photo
WATERS Edith Parks 17-Oct 1910 22-Jan 1986 Photo
WEBBER Anna Elkhair no date no date Photo
WHITE Ralph Wayne 25-Jan 1947 29-Apr 1993 image  Photo
WHITEFEATHER Charley 1883 1927 Photo
WHITEFEATHER Josephene 1863 1917 Photo
WILLIAMS Lillie     Age about 30 years  Photo
WILLIAMS Samuel 1823 1909 Photo
WILSON Betty Ann 24-Jan 1930 25-Nov 1996 Photo
WILSON Charlie 1897 1924 Photo
WILSON Charlton Louis 17-Sep 1922 19-Jul 1975 image  Photo
WILSON Christopher A. 13-Feb 1958 5-Sep 1990 Photo
WILSON Frank 4-May 1885 1-Apr 1937 Photo
WILSON Jacob 11-Oct 1880 12-Apr 1903 Photo
WILSON Mary (Hill) 1859 1934 Photo
WILSON Walter 21-Apr 1895 25-Jan 1969 image  Photo
YELLOWJACKET John   28-Apr 1906 Photo

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