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© Nareen Lake

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Texas County, Oklahoma

© 2003-06 by: Nareen Lake

Location: Going north out of Guymon, Oklahoma, stay on Highway 136 toward Federita, Kansas for 7 miles; turn left (west) on Texas County Road N and go one mile; turn right (north) 1.2 miles. The cemetery is on the right side of the road.
All of the stones were in good shape and there appeared to be no unmarked graves.
Recorded 3 May 2003 by Nareen and Bob Lake
Location Map

BARTELSAnna M.18631935On SS with Edward Bartels
BARTELSEarl11 Jul 191328 Oct 1949Father
BARTELSLinda Mae26 Jan 194726 Nov 1949d/o Earl & Cordelia Bartels
BARTELSLot Marker   
BARTELSOtto H.29 Nov 18847 Sep 1976 
BARTELSRenata14 Jun 18849 Dec 1968On SS with Otto H. Bartels
BARTELSSheryl Kay12 Sep 194729 Apr 1999 
BAUERBetha18671955On SS with William A. Bauer
BAUERFred A.18631954 
BAUERLeo H.25 Sep 19044 Apr 1986Married 24 Jul 1927
BAUERVirgie M.11 Jul 190816 Oct 1998On SS with Leo H. Bauer
BAUERWilliam A.18651928 
BOHNENBERGERKatherine E.18511936 
BRUNEArthur W.18851958 
BRUNELouise L.18841973On SS with Arthur W. Brune
CORNELSONRheba Marie19291930Daughter
ECKHOFFGerd27 Jul 18447 Jun 1926 
ECKHOFFSophia5 Feb185126 Aug 1924On SS with Gerd Eckhoff.
EGGERSBetty Lou22 Jan 193322 Jan 1933 
FOWLERIra M.18851920 
GACKSTATTEREdwin H.26 Dec 1925NoneOn SS with LaFern Marie
GACKSTATTERLaFern Marie22 Jul 19298 Oct 1994 
GUMPERAlbert C.8 Oct 188624 Jun 1954 
GUMPERRose M.28 Jan 189019 Mar 1982On SS with Albert C. Gumper
HARRGladys Stelzer27 Apr 192726 Jun 1988 
HARRWilliam McKay25 Jun 192426 Jun 1988Next to Gladys Stelzer Harr
HEIMSOTHAlbert E.17 Feb 191025 May 1986 
HEIMSOTHBertha M.21 Jan 18755 May 1962On SS with T. Wilhelm
HEIMSOTHGiulia P.16 Jan 191730 Jul 1997Next to Albert E. Heimsoth
HEIMSOTHHelen R.23 Oct 191410 Nov 1994Next to Alma W. Wright
HEIMSOTHT. Wilhelm25 March 18774 Feb 1944 
HEIMSOTHViola Bettie26 Sep 191716 Feb 1968 
HEIMSOTHWalter John23 Jun 190313 Aug 1982Next to Viola Bettie Heimsoth
HEISERHarvey S.18911967 
HERMValerie Annette4 Apr 19645 Apr 1964d/o Howard & Wanda Herm
HUFFORDBetty Heimsoth14 Nov 193917 Feb 1978Next to Helen R. Heimsoth
KAPPELMANNCarl Hermann13 Jan 190725 Aug 1908 
KLEFFMANCarl E.15 Aug 19116 Jan 1987Uncle
KLEFFMANNHenry F.18731932 
KLEFFMANNSophia A.18761944On SS with Sophia A. Kleffmann
KROENCKEEmma18941984Next to Will C. Kroencke
KROENCKEJohn C.4 Feb 18623 Jan 1931 
KROENCKEMathilde15 Jan 18623 Oct 1918On SS with John C. Kroencke
KROENCKEWill C.18871953 
LEMKEEmma C.18931952On SS with Wilhelm G. Lemke
LEMKEInfant Son18 Dec 19181 Jan 1919s/o W. G. & Emma Lemke
LEMKEWilhelm G.18821945 
MARTIREMatthew Robert11 May 199423 Jul 1995 
MEINIGPaulSep 1865Aug 1927 
MUELLERHarry A.14 Dec 191020 Dec 1910Next to Louis H. Mueller
MUELLERJohn4 Sep 191823 Sep 1994US Army WW II
MUELLERLouis H.18831965 
MUELLERLydia J.18831938Next to Harry A. Mueller
MUSSMANNAnna Louisa14 Jul 187431 Jan 1934On SS with Henry Mussmann
MUSSMANNHenry31 Dec 187116 Oct 1953 
NIEDENSCarl Sr.18991977 
NIEDENSPaula (Schade)19051987On SS with Carl Sr.
PIEPHODelores Bauer5 Jan 1929NoneNext to Vernon Orin Piepho
PIEPHOVernon Orin19 Jul 19202 Feb 1989 
STELZERBert H.18931965Next to Lillie S.
STELZERLillie S.19001964 
STELZERRuth Ann10 Dec 1960 c/o Kenneth & Betty
STONERPaul Leland6 Mar 19239 Feb 1990 
WRIGHTAlma W. Heimsoth13 Feb 191228 Aug 1997 

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