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© Nareen Lake

Bethel Cemetery
Texas County, Oklahoma

© 2002-06 by: Nareen Lake

Location: 13 miles west of Guymon on Hwy 64 and 1/2 mile south of the highway. The cemetery is southeast of the old Unity School. Recorded and pictures taken by Nareen Lake in August, 2002.
Location Map

BAKERCarrie B18731942On SS with James N.
BAKERJames N.18681934 
BAYGlenn Russel20 Apr 19216 Jan 1923 
BLANKENSHIPThomas Jefferson12 Jul 189?  
BYRD  1929Baby
COPPAlton L.23 Aug 191218 Oct 1912 
COSSElizabeth18791927On SS with Zack
COXColumbus W.18541925On SS with Sarah Moore Cox
COXSarah Moore18551927 
COXWilly F.4 Jun 189031 Oct 1908 
DAWTYMr.  No dates
FRARYChas.  No dates
FRARY  21 Mar 1912s/o R. E. Frary
GAMBLEDr.  No dates
GLODENLeo F.24 Apr 19235 May 1923 
GLODENNelleta Faye 18 Dec 1937Other stone: "1936"
GRAYMrs.  No dates
KIRKArthur R.13 Apr 18968 Dec 1965OK PVT 15 EVAC HOSP WW I
KIRKCharles E.14 Feb 189415 Jun 1948OK PVT 128 INF 32 DIVWW I
KIRK*Susan M.18691960See Below
KIRKWm. H.18611924 
LARKINSTheo17 Mar 18582 Jan 1923 
LEACHDaniel M.5 May 188531 July 1984 
LEACHGeorge R.19 Mar 185419 June 1916 
LEACHNellie E.15 Dec 18852 July 1973On SS with Daniel M.
MC PHETERGladys*19201922See below
MOREHEAD   No dates or given name
PAULEYBilly N.19301935 
PAULEYDickey L.1932  
PAULEYLeroy Jr.8 July 192610 July 1926s/o Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Pauley
PAULEYLeslie D.19 Jun 19074 Nov 1919 
PAULEYThelma L.19221937 
ROBERTSRichard* 1930can't read; See below
*SANBORNAmy18751957See below
*SANBORNGuy18761962See below
SCHWENKEGlein____ 1922Missing letters
SCHWENKIEJohanna *18561924See below
SHAHANGeorge Joshua18721938On SS with Nina May
SHAHANNina May18771947 
SHORESArletta8 Apr 1943NoneOn SS with Duane
SHORESAvis Marie19 Sep 19205 Nov 1927 
SHORESCalvin Reece1 Jun 193618 Jan 1937 
SHORESEarl13 Apr 192221 Apr 1922On SS with Meurl
SHORESHomer16 Sep 191218 Jun 1980M. 2 Mar 1935
SHORESKenneth Duane7 Jun 194214 Sep 1997 
SHORESM.10 Nov 18379 Jul 1918On SS with M.J.
SHORESM. J.3 May 18493 Sep 1930wife of M. Shores
SHORESMerit "Mate"23 Dec 188116 Oct 1938 
SHORESMeurl13 Apr 192221 Apr 1922May be twins???
SHORESOna Fern31 Aug 19168 Dec 1928d/o Mr. & Mrs.C. Shores
SHORESPaul Clark31 Sep 191830 Dec 1991 
SHORESRosie12 Mar 191213 Dec 1997On SS with Homer
SHORESRuth M.18941995 
SMITHJames P.6 Nov 183527 Nov 1909 
SMITHJohn W.18791936On SS with Lona C.
SMITHLona C.188019__ 
SMITHMrs. James P.18471932 
SMITHOliver Carder18481928 
SMITHOna Wilson18841957Next to Oliver Carder Smith
SMITHSONIsaac N.18651954 
SMITHSONNancy E.18651946 
SPARKSLeota A.13 Sep 18877 Dec 1934 
TAYLORL. W.  No dates; Next to Zona
TAYLORZona  No dates
UNKNOWN 2 18441928Name is unreadable
WEBBAugustus H.27 Jan 18408 May 1928On SS with Martha J.
WEBBBaby Boy2 Oct 19243 Oct 1924On SS with Daisy Marie
WEBBBlanche4 July 187631 Mar 1928 
WEBBDaisy Marie1 Aug 192511 Oct 1932 
WEBBJohn A.18741962On SS with Nancy G.
WEBBLonnie A.15 May 190428 Sep 1925 
WEBBMartha J.8 Nov 18489 Jan 1932 
WEBBNancy G.18781965 
WEBBStella Grace4 Apr 19164 Dec 1916d/o J. A. & N. G.Webb
WEBBWilliam N. C.18881962 
WEBB 27 Jan 19094 Apr 1909s/o J.A. & N. G. Webb
WOLGRAMB. A.18 Apr 19129 Oct 1917d/o M. E. Wolgram
WOLGRAMLeo John14 Feb 191620 Jan 1935s/o Ed and Mary Wolgram
*WYANTChas. P.19381949See below

My thanks to Mrs. Jo Patton for loaning me this book:
COUNTRY CEMETERIES IN TEXAS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, Compiled by Peggy Hyer and Anna Mayer, Published and copyrighted by Beaver River Genealogical and Historical Society, March, 1996, (405) 552-2716, Route 1, Box 79, Hooker, Oklahoma 73945.
The information with an astrisk beside it is from the book and added with permission from the Beaver River Gen. & Hist. Society to supplement the information that was missing from stones that had deteriorated (as you can tell from the pictures) from the time they were recorded in 1996 and the present 2002. The three names at the top of the list are in the book but I could not find them in the cemetery.
They may be the unknown pictures.

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