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These obituaries have been transcribed from various newspapers or local funeral homes. Although some of the people died in another county in Oklahoma or another state, they have connections to Roger Mills County. The person themselves may have never lived in Roger Mills County, but have family or friends who do/did. The death notices and/or obituaries are reprinted here with permission. All obits list newspaper and date published or funeral home, where known.

Some of them have been submitted by Roger Mills County researchers. If you have information you would like to share, please send an e-mail to the area coordinator and I will get it online as soon as possible.

Some of those listed have a biography instead of or in addition to an obituary

Obituary & Biography Index
Roger Mills County, Oklahoma

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Aanderud, Elizabeth Yvonne Ormand
Abbott, William F
Abercrombia, Alzada Jannetta Cline
Ackley, Lahoma June
Adams, Clarence Marvin
Adams, Fanny L
Adams, Geraldine Melton
Adams, Howell J US Flag
Adms, Jerry
Adams, Kelsa Dean US Flag
Adams, Leona Addingto
Adams, Marie Kennemer
Adams, Muriel Kendall
Adams, Richard “Dick” US Flag
Adams, Wayland
Aderholt, Virginia Ann
Agee, Minerva Lois Prestridge
Aikins, Donnie E US Flag
Aikins, Easter M Beck
Akers, Osie
Albin, Catherine Laverne
Albright, Roy Lyle
Alexander, Allen John US Flag
Alexander, James M
Alexander, Rondal Ray
Alexander, Shirley Conrad
Allee, Andrew Lafayette
Allee, Bob Frank
Allen, Allabelle Louise Tindell
Allen, Clovis W US Flag
Allen, Dorothy Joe Cotton
Allen, Elmer Guen
Allen, Granville William
Allen Glenda Mae Gateley
Allen, Gwendolyn Pauline Heath
Allen, Jack
Allen, Jimmie Irene Shelton
Allen, Jody Von
Allen, John Robert US Flag
Allen, Marvin Ellsworth
Allen, Mollie
Allen, Opal Fae Caudle
Allen, Seth A
Allgood, Mrs Robert
Allinger, Thomas D
Allison, Mary Ellen
Altenhofel, William Fredrick
Amend, Willis A
Amrine, John E US Flag
Anderson, Airleen
Anderson, Bennie L
Anderson, Freeman
Anderson, Hart US Flag
Anderson, Helen Juanita Pierce
Anderson, J M
Anderson, Jack William
Anderson, James D
Anderson, John A
Anderson, John H
Anderson, Kathleen Watson
Anderson, Linnie May Bright
Anderson, Lyda Alide
Anderson, Michelle Haney
Anderson, Minnie Lee
Anderson, Lyda Alide
Anderson, Roscoe
Andrews, George Walker
Andrews, Merle Mitchell
Andris, Hazel Ann
Aneshansley, Francis Spurlin
Araganbright, Lona Smallwood
Archer, Blane
Archer, Dean Ross
Archer, E R
Archer, Inza Pearl Evans
Archer Justin
Archer, Marion Ansel US Flag
Archer, Martha Jane
Archer, Martha Marie
Archer, Mary Lehta Tomberlin
Argo, Gladys
Argo, Robert Lee
Armbruster, Boy
Armstrong, Essie Bell Armistead
Armstrong, Walter B
Arnold, Jerry Eugene
Arnold, Willa Dean Allen
Arteberry, Shirley Gardner
Askew, Grace Opal Young
Atchley, Elec A
Atkins, Betty Jean Penry
Atwood, Charles Franklin
Atwood, Mrs
Atzet, Mary Giminez
Aulbert, Lee
Aument, Rose Helen
Avery, W M
Avriett, G C US Flag
Ayers, Alexander T
Ayers, Effie
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Babbet, Orland
Bachmann, Ima Ona
Bachmann, Robert S
Bacon, Charles Worthy
Bacon, Jenifer Sue
Baggett, Clifford Eugene
Baggett, Estella Rogers
Baggett, Henry David
Baggett, James Edward
Baggett, Kate Raye Prichett
Baggett, Lucius T
Baggett, Newman V
Baggett, Richard Voyne US Flag
Baggett, Terrence J “Ted”
Bailey, Bessie Ruth
Bailey, Billie Kay
Bailey, Bonnie Vincent
Bailey, Erman C
Bailey, Fonnie George
Bailey, James W US Flag
Bailey, Larry R
Bailey, Loyla Don
Bailey, Ocie Eldred
Bailey, Olive James US Flag
Bailey, Preston Erman
Bailey, Vera Watson
Bailey, William Green
Bailey, Willie Inez Barker
Bain, Eula Massey Phelps
Bain, William C Sr
Baird, Scott S
Baker, Alice Noblitt
Baker, Alma Margie
Baker, Andrew Ray
Baker, Annie M
Baker, Betty Jo Mitchell
Baker, Chad
Baker, Child
Baker, Dale Parson US Flag
Baker, Don P
Baker, Edward James US Flag
Baker, Fannie May Parsons
Baker, George
Baker, Guy Pride
Baker, Henry W
Baker, Henry W
Baker, Hubert Ulan US Flag
Baker, James Monroe
Baker, Jamie Lynn
Baker, Linda Kay Haas
Baker, Mary Jolene
Baker, Merrill L
Baker, Milo A US Flag
Baker, Pearl
Baker, Robert Truman
Baker, Ruby Wood
Baker, Sidney Lee
Baker, Verbon “Chuck”
Baker, Willie William
Baldwin, Frank E
Baldwin, Viola Collins
Bales, Charles W
Ballard, Dola Ferris
Ballard, Dwight L
Balllard, Joe Wendle
Ballard, Lillie M Farnsworth
Ballard, Royal L
Ballard, Wilbert Monroe
Ballard, William M
Ballenger, Bart Montgomery
Ballenger, Julia
Ballou, Bernice Milan
Ballou, Lawrence W
Banks, Elcie
Bannister, Grace Cheney
Bannister, Tillman
Barbee, Erlene
Barbee, Jennie C
Barbee, Lyman
Barbee, Wendall Roger
Barbee, Wilma C
Barber, Clara Ann Koller
Barber, Claude Charles
Barber, Edythe May Rowe
Barber, Frank Willaim
Barber, June Winona Hardin
Barber, Opal Irene Snow
Barber, Wilburn
Barbour, Verna Lee Gamble
Barfield, Harry E
Barfield, Rosa Parlee Ayers
Barham, Grace Irene
Barham, J B
Barker, Arthur T
Barker, Bessie Thomason
Barker, Dora Amanda Wright
Barker, Earl J
Barker, Elbert
Barker, Fred James
Barker, Glen R
Barker, Hiley Melvina Musick
Barker, Hiram Everett
Barker, James Riley
Barker, James Taylor US Flag
Barker, Jesse T
Barker, Larry Zayne
Barker, Leroy L
Barker, Marquerette Atha
Barker, Mary Ann Barrett
Barker, Merrill L
Barker, Mozell Sweetman
Barker, Orville F “Dink”
Barker, Raymond Levi US Flag
Barker, Sophia
Barker, Troy Dean US Flag
Barnard, Sam T
Barnes, Clifford Barnard
Barnes, Don Vernon
Barnes, Edna Earl Boulware
Barnes, Elizabeth Wright
Barnes, Epp
Barnes, Herman H
Barnes, J G
Barnes, James Harrison
Barnes, Jesse Burnett
Barnes, John William
Barnes, Maria Boulware
Barnes, Nellie Ann Atwood
Barnes, Willie Frances
Barnett, Lola Marie Bohanon
Barrett, Charlotte I
Barrow, Lenora Mae
Barten, Lille Grace Gibbs
Barten, Mary Angeline Dowling
Barton, David L
Barton, Ella Ford
Barton, Eugena Rynea
Barton, Floyd
Barton, Frank
Barton, Fred Robert
Barton, Helen Blanche Carsten
Barton, Jesse Joseph
Barton, Lela Gertrude Underwood
Barton, Lillie Eakins
Barton, Robert Eugene
Barton, Robert E II
Barton, Thelma Faye
Barton, Veta Pearl Holland
Bartlett, Margaret Leona Ford
Bartz, Arie Younger
Bartz, Ida Leenwick
Bartz, Lester
Bartz, Mamie Jewell McDerman
Bartz, Onita
Bartz, Rodney Dee
Bartz, Orville
Bartz, William Richard
Bashaw, Henry
Bashaw, Jimmy Dean Jr
Basler, Ines Lahoma
Basler, Isidor Aubie
Bassett, Estella Ruth Gordon
Batchelor, Buddy
Batchelor, Charles US Flag
Batchelor, donnie Ray
Batchelor, Erma Cordella Hooten
Batchelor, Fannie Devere
Batchelor, Lonnie I US Flag
Batchelor, Lonzo J
Batchelor, William Henry
Batchelor, Willie Ann Bowman
Bates, Mrs F M
Batterton, Laura
Bauman, Delilah
Bauman, Effie Beatrice
Bauman, Emma Malone
Bauman, Marion Edward
Bauman, Mary Abbie
Bauman, Owen Albert
Baxley, Hiram
Bauman, Willis Frank
Baxter, Elsie Reah Garretson
Baxter, Fred Oliver
Baxter, Geneva Ruth
Baxter, Robert
Baxter, Virgil C Dr
Bayless, Billy Roy
Bayless, T N
Beadle, J M
Beadle, Richard Osborn
Beal, Flossie Olive
Beals, Bonita Iris Smith
Beals, Gary Lee
Beals, Harold L
Beals, Henryetta Garrison
Beals, Judy Diane Gates
Beals, Larry Thomas
Beals, Loyd
Beals, William Thomas
Bean, Mary Ann
Beard, Jacob
Beason, Thomas Jefferson
Beatty, Robert Clinton
Beatty, Sarah Ellen Stewart
Beatty, William Allen Beaty, Betty Jo Barrett
Beaty, Cary Mildred Fields
Beaty, Frank Emerson
Beaty, Helen Charlene
Beaty, John
Beaty, Laura A
Beaty, L D Jr
Beaty, Lela Marie Powell
Beaty, Leo D
Beaty, Powel
Beaty, Robert William
Beaty W A
Beauchamp, Jesse
Beavin, Austin H
Beavin, Carl A
Beavin, Elizabeth Flemming
Beavin, Infant
Beavin, Lewis R
Beavin, Mable E Warren
Beavin, Maggie
Beavin, Paul Joseph
Beavin, Roy Eugene
Beck, Carrie Marie
Beck, Margaret Iyvonne Tripp
Beebe, Alma R Perry
Beebe, Hazel Caudle
Beebe, Pauline Weeks
Beebe, Wealthy S Newton
Beebe, Zane
Beeson, Joshua Wendell
Beeson, Orville
Beeson, Ryan Lance
Beggs, Infant Son
Beierschmitt, Alberta Jane
Beierschmitt, Billy H
Beierschmitt, Caroline Kiessling
Beierschmitt, Esta Blackmon
Beierschmitt, Gary LeeUS Flag
Beierschmitt, Henry
Beierschmitt, Luella
Beierschmidtt, Roberta
Beierschmitt, William H
Belew, Charles Everett
Bell, Albert Ezekiel
Bell, James Eugene Dr
Bell, John Jr
Bell, John William
Bell, Leona Mae
Bellamy, Gladys C
Bence, Jackie Duward Bender, Hannah A
Benn, Hazel Dykes
Bennett, Jennie Flack
Bennett, William
Bentley, Larry Wayne
Bentley, Alma Nell Richard
Bentley, Audrey Evelyn Taylor
Bentley, Lonnie Dee
Benton, Viola V Cotton
Berger, Herbert F
Berry, Son
Berry, Bryan
Berry, Clara Morgan
Berry, Claud E
Berry, Edrea L Bauman
Berry, Evelyn Louise Forester
Berry, Evelyn Marie McClellan
Berry, Hattie Belle Anderson
Berry, Helen Reeves
Berry, James Clifford
Berry, Joe Worley
Berry, Lonnie
Berry, Robert Wayne
Berry, Samuel T
Bessire, Carl William
Bessire, Eddie
Bessire, Effie C Bird
Bessire, Elsia Bonner
Bessire, Jess
Bessire, Leo Frederick
Beumgartner, Albert W
Bibbs, H B
Biddle, Pat Brewer
Bigfoot, Billy JoeUS Flag
Biggs, Zella Opal Williams
Billings, Benjamin Floyd
Billings, Ralpy Wayman SrUS Flag
Billingsley, Earl Billingsley, Henry Clay
Bingham, Easter Lilly Bachmann
Bingham, Jack Allen
Bingham, Rube Herbert
Bingham, Lea Allen Wylie
Bingham, Sam
Binion, ArlieUS Flag
Binion, Grace L Binion, Imogene “Jean” Conway
Binion, Lee
Bird, C Everett
Bird, Nancy Anna Smith
Bird, Wanda E Haskins
Bishop, Joe EmmettUS Flag
Bison, Jennie White Skunk
Biswell, Joshua
Black, Kenneth FosterUS Flag
Black, PaulUS Flag
Blackburn, Grace
Blackburn, Marjorie Dawn Green
Blackburn, Mrs Walter
Blackketter, J WendellUS Flag
Blackketter, James Eugene
Blackketter, Koert CUS Flag
Blackketter, Lena Levena Schockey
Blackketter, Roy
Blackshear, Ellis Jr
Blackshear, Marie Griffin
Blair, Georgie Lauderdale
Blair, Lilian McCaskill
Blair, Ralph Dean
Blair, Ray,ond
Blamey, Mray g
Blamey, W P
Bland, Otis G
Blank, Madeline
Blanken, Nicholas
Blankenship, Edith
Blann, Ira Richard
Blann, John B SrUS Flag
Blann, Lester William
Blann, Lula Mae
Blann, Mary Lavola Short
Blansett, Nellie
Blanton, Donald Lee
Blanton, Frank Jr
Blanton, Infant Son
Blanton, Vera Virginia Shotwell
Blanton, Verona Rebecca Wheeler
Blanton, William Albert
Blaylock, Charles JUS Flag
Blaylock, D MorrisUS Flag
Blaylock, Dollie
Blaylock, Dudley Jasper
Blaylock, Edith May Hyer
Blaylock, Julia Virginia
Blaylock, Mabry Gene
Blosser, Mrs G W
Blount, C E Jr
Blount, Eddie Lynn
Blount, Flossie Olive Beal
Blount, Laura Sue
Blundell, Blanche Melissa Barber
Blundell, Claud
Blundell, Edgar LeeUS Flag
Blundell, Elizabeth Arnold
Blundell, Eulois Townsley
Blundell, Harlie E
Blundell, Lloyd William
Blundell, ruby Pearl Miller
Blurton, Audrey IreneMerritt
Blurton, Clara Bell Isenhower
Blurton, Jesse Aron
Blurton, John AUS Flag
Blurton, John Oliver
Blurton, Mary ann Hayes
Blurton, Mr
Blurton, Rolly
Blurton, Tempie Letha
Boal, Grace Belle Crump
Boal, H M
Boal, Hoy M
Boal, Troy ClarkUS Flag
Boatwright, Esther Davis Simpson
Boatwright, Otto E
Bobo, Jack Laurel
Bocox, Nora Catherine Garver
Bodey, Josei Pearl Sherwood
Bogart, Ruth
Bogges, Alfred Marion
Bogges, Orvil Lee
Boggs, Nettie Ellen
Bolton, Alice Switzer
Bond, Edward Elmer
Bonds, Emma
Bonds, Gary DaleUS Flag
Bonds, Louis
Bonds, Luther
Bonds, Manford O'NealUS Flag
Bonds, Violet Coleman
Bonner, Anna Laura Burch
Bonner, Elizabeth
Bonner, James William
Bonner, Mittie Izera Hawkins
Bonner, Nancy V
Bonner, Ruth
Bonner, Tom O
Bonser, Dennis Lee
Bonser, JoeEl Estelle Stephenson
Bonser, Lawrence
Bonser, Minnie Pearl Archer
Bonser, Troy
Boone, Andrew J
Boone, Paige G
Boots, D D
Bouquest, Mr
Boren, Melvin AllenUS Flag
Boren, Thomas Duncan
Boswell, Dee
Boswell, Kimberly Ann Pery
Boswell, Lavada Brinlee
Boswell, Mary Bartee McCombs
Boswell, roberta Hensley
Boswell, William Thomas Bottom, Clyde Edward
Bottom, Essie Leora Weast
Bottom, Eva S
Bottom, George Grayson
Boucher, Thomas
Bouldin, Hiram Vernon
Boulware, Doyle W
Boulware, Laura Barzine
Boulware, Mary E Bonner
Boulward, Mary Etta Allee
Boulware, Ninnie Susan
Baughan, Fountain JamesUS Flag
Bowen, Harry
Bowen, Thelma Bavalee Lane
Bowers, Alma
Bowers, Benjamin Henry
Bowers, Carrie Addie
Bowers, Doris Johanna Gilliand
Bowers, Fannie Bell
Bowers, Frank Gross
Bowers, Josie
Bowers, Larry W
Bowers, MIldred Ellen
Bowers, Ralph
Bowers, Raymond Frank
Bowers, Thomas A
Bowers, William Jefferson
Bowers, William J
Bowler, Zenoba Ilene Githens
Bowman, BillUS Flag
Bowman, Charlie HUS Flag
Bowman, Ebe Fair
Bowman, David Thomas
Bowman, Lola May Stephenson
Bowman, Mary Alice Stults
Bowman, Nancy Catherine Stiltz
Bowman, Noah Irvin
Bowman, Nimrod Michael
Bowman, Rosa Viola Haight
Boyd, Robert Reed Quensenbury
Boyer, Kelley Eugene
Boyer, Paul Sherman
Boyer, Paul Sherman Jr
Boyett, Eva Burrow
Boyett, Harlan Eugene
Boyett, Jesse L
Boyle, Elneta Faye Packard
Bozarth, Audrey Rachel Parkhurst
Bozone, Erma Barker
Bradford, Beulah
Bradford, Charlie Monroe
Bradford, Frankie Lester
Bradford, Isaac E
Bradford, Otis EUS Flag
Bradford, Ruth G
Bradford, Twyman
Bradley, Alfred James
Bradley, J
Bradley, Mary Ethel Burnell
Bradley, Sam
Bradley, Thomas J Sr
Bradley, Wallace P
Bradley, Willard Dee
Bradshaw, David Michael
Bradshaw, Genevieve Mouser
Bradshaw, Jessie Elbert
Bradshaw, J M
Bradshaw, Mark Alan
Bradshaw, Mary Louise Glasgow
Bradshaw, Norma Jeanne French
Brady, Bonnie Lee Easter
Brady, Brian Virgil
Brady, Charles EdwardUS Flag
Brady, Dennis
Brady, Kathleen
Brady, Richard Francis
Brady, Sarah Pearl Singletary
Brady, Warren DUS Flag
Bramlett, B GUS Flag
Branch, J HUS Flag
Brandel, Craig
Branham, Mary Anita Haines
Brann, Douglas GUS Flag
Brann, Fred G
Brann, Myrtle Douglass
Branscom, Frances Elwilda
Branson, Mary Fronia Simpson
Brauchi, Viola
Brausell, Cody Wayne Brausell
Bray, Lula Mae
Brazell, Delma Lucile
Brazell, Emma L.
Brazell, Larry
Brazell, Leonard D.
Brecheisen, Ernestine H.
Breeze, Leo Edgar
Brewer, G. Preston
Brewer. George Warren
Brewer, Jimmie E.
Brewer, Lera Belle
Brewer, Mildred
Brewer, Ruby Lela Jackson
Brewer, Wilma
Brewer, William Jr
Brewster, B. W. "Slim"
Brewster, Evalena
Brey, Herman Charles Sr
Brickell, Frederick Lester
Brickell, Joseph T.
Briggs, Beth Hanawalt
Briggs, Don Charles
Briggs, Eva Lucille
Briggs, Gary Wayne
BriggsHelen Reust
Briggs, Jessie E.
Briggs, Mabel Penny
Briggs, Margie
Briggs, Noel Emil
Briggs, Robert E.
Briggs, Thomas Edward
Briggs, Thurman Earl
Brigham, Maynard G.
Bright, Alva Lee
Bright, Bert Levi
Bright, C. A. Bright
Bright, Claude Grover
Bright, D.
Bright, Leroy J. (Ted)
Bright, Mammie J.
Bright, Martha Patterson
Brigham, Rachel Lee
Brinkley, Roy Allen
Brinlee, Charles E. "Tuffy"
Brinlee, Clarence O.
Brinlee, Dottie
Brinn,Ashley Nicole
Briscoe, Lee
Briscoe, Ray
Brittain, Bert A.
Brittain, James Wiley
Brittain, Roy Lee
Broadbent, Ferris Hayes
Broadbent, Florence Marguerite Tilton
Broadbent, Russell
Broadbent, William
Brock, Laura Elizabeth
Brooks, Charles Danul
Brooks, Eva Lewis
Brooks, John Henry
Walter Wyatt
Brookshier, Gale
Broome, Carl W.
Brothers, Betty Ellen
Brothers, Dorothy
Brothers, Everett
Brothers, Georgia Alice Ford
Brothers, Guy Ervin
Brothers, H.A. (Dick)
Brothers, May Zelle Ford
Brothers, Sarah Adeline
Brothers, Will Ray
Brown, Algie A.
Brown, Benjamin H.
Brown, Billie
Brown, Birdie M.
Brown, Carl Rusco
Brown, Caroline Amelia
Brown, Child
Brown, Clarence Ambrose Sr
Brown, Clarence Earl
Brown, Clifford Lyle
Brown, Coy M.
Brown, Captain David L.
Brown, Edith Fern
Brown, Elmer Brown, Jr.
Brown, Fannie Sing
Brown, Flora B.
Brown, Florence Elizabeth
Brown, Florence Fox
Brown, Glen Donald
Brown, Gerald Harrison
Brown, Gerald L.
Brown, Helen Crow
Brown, Infant
Brown, Ira Lee "Pud"
Brown, J.M.
Brown, James "Jim" A.
Brown, Jesse O.
Brown, John Frederick
Brown, John Otto
Brown, John Wesley
Brown, Lance Henry
Brown, Lillian Gilchrist
Brown, Marie
Brown, Mary Elizabeth
Brown, Mary June
Brown, Mary Lee Irma
Brown, Mary Louise
Brown, Mattie P. Morton
Brown, Merton D.
Brown, Michael "Mike" Bernard
Brown, Michael Carllee
Brown, Ona Vale
Brown, Pat
Brown, Penelope Josephine Hobson
Brown, Ruby Loretta West
Brown, Ruth Mott
Brown, Sarah Elizabeth
Brown, Vauda Marie
Brown, Velma V.
Brown, Warner Alexander
Brown, Willard W. "Bill"
Bruening, Leona Castle
Bruton, Jimmy Dean
Bruton, Martha Alice
Bruten, Nada Juanita Montgomery
Bryan, Geneva Nadine
Bryan, George Marcus
Bryan, Leonard Hollis
Bryan, Linda Kay
Bryan, Lorene
Bryan, Luther Henry
Bryan, Mildred Inabell
Bryan, Mrs. Herbert
Bryan, Mrs. L. H.
Bryan, Shirley
Bryant, Eunice
Bryant, George Moaten
Bryant, Sim
Bryson, Bertha Matilda
Bucher, Doris E.
Buel, Fred Byron
Buffalo, Murl Nolen
Buffaloe, Walter Burl
Bull, Almond Derrill
Bull, Jacob Elijah
Bull, James G.
Bull, Pauline E.
Bull, R.R.
Bull, Saliney Belle (Underwood)
Bull, Temple
Bullard, Alice Mae Drake
Bullard, Alvis (T-Bone)
Bullard, Andrew Jackson
Bullard, Bessie May
Bullard, Cecil Franklin
Bullard, E. W.
Bullard, Ephrem W
Bullard, James Lee
Bullard, Linda Eliva Austin
Bullard, Ruth Chambers
Bullard, Hester Lee (Heck)
Bullard, James Lee
Bullard, Jesse Carl
Bullard, Mary Alta Folks
Bullard, Ollie M.
Bullard, Ovel
Bullcoming, Vernon Ray
Bullis, Guy
Bullis, Infant Girl
Bumpus, Agnes L. Beavin
Burch, Glenna
Burch, J. R.
Burch, Kristian Kerr
Burch, Leland Clarence
Burch, Oliver Tillman
Burch, Veda May
Burckhalter, Irene
Burckhalter, Rheba Dee
Burckhalter, Ruby Irene Hartman
Burckhalter, Samie “Buck”
Burgee, A.T.
Burgeson, Gladys Clements
Burgess, Emma Zetta
Burgess, Faye Vivan
Burgess, Isaac
Burgess, Thomas E.
Burke, Floyd E.
Burke, Nadine Clark
Burks, Charles H.
Burks, Dessie Lucille
Burks, Mollie M.
Burks, Paul Wheeler
Burks, Steling Leon Dr
Burks, W. F. (Pete)
Burlingame, Ona
Burnam, Elmerine
Burnett, Amanda Bell
Burnett, Florissa Marie
Burnett, Mrs. Henry
Burnett, Pearl
Burnham, Mary L.
Burnham, William Henry
Burns, Amy C. Lee Churchill
Burns, Beeler Charles
Burns, Beulah
Burns, Billie M.
Burns, Callie
Burns, Burns, Chad Eric
Burns, Charles Lee
Dolphie Graham
Burns, Donald Wayne (Don)
Burns, Erma Lea
Burns, Fred
Burns, George William
Burns, Hazel Nell
Burns, James Dan (Danny)
Burns, Leonard W.
Burns, Mary Elizabeth
Burns, Nellie Florence
Burns, Pearl
Burns, Pete S.
Burns, Viola Mae
Burns, W.B.
Burns, Willard Larry
Annie "Esther"
Burrows, Cathy Ann Campbell
Burrows, Daisy Bird Cowger
Burrows, Damon O US Flag
Burrows, Daniel Leon
Burrows, George
Burrows, Jarrel John
Burrows, Louie Clifford
Burrows, Burrows, Robert Duncan
Burrows, Burrows, May L Smith
Burtnett, Clarence Arthur
Burtnett, D. C.
Butcher, Maria delSocorro
Butler, Alva
Butler, George
Butler, John Matt
Butler, Julia Ordelpha Evers
Butler, Laura Rae Parman
Butler, Lillie May
Butler, Melvin James
Butler, Mildred Lavada
Butler, Walter Earl
Butler, William Ellis
Buttry,Martha Elizabeth
Buttry,Mrs. Mitchell H.
Royce Denver
Byars, Richard William
Byars, Vera Irene Barker
Byfords, Leona Mae
Byrd, Kenneth A
Byrd, W A
C  Back to Top
Caffey, Andrew Jackson
Caffey, Lyda
Caffey, Myrtle Mae Kepley
Caffey, Shell
Caffey, Pauline
Cagle, Sylvia Lenora Springer
Calaway, Aaron Franklin
Calder, Jacob B
Calder, John Henry
Calder, Mildred
Calder, Nora
Callaham, Mary Ellen Slane
Calvert, Edna Malson
Calvert, Edna Marie
Calvert, Eldridge Wallace
Calvert, Frank Rector
Calvert, Ivy Lucy Little
Calvert, James Andrew
Calvert, Robbie Ann Stephens
Clavert, Robert M
Calvert, Vernon Wayne
Campbell, Ira S US Flag
Campbell, Nelona Barnes
Candy, Elizabeth Ethel Left Hand
Candy, John Douglas Sr US Flag
Cannon, Herbert “Herb” US Flag
Cantrell, Elizabeth Alice Callahan
Carder, Mariah Jane Brown
Carnes, Alta Mae Ensminger
Carson, Wilma Oree
Carter, John Ewing
Carter, Mary Cordelia Maples
Carter, Robert Leonard Rev
Cary, William Sheldon
Casady, Beuna
Casady, D D
Casady, Edward Eugene
Casady, Etta Viola Dillinger
Casady, Florence Fay
Casady, John C
Casady, Joseph Madison
Casady, Klina Elsie Potter
Casady, Lenora Ann Poole
Casady, Mann J
Casady, Mitchell Frank
Casady, Oscar P
Casady, Ott
Casady, Paul US Flag
Casady, Temple
Casady, William Jackson
Casady, William Robert
Casady, Woodrow US Flag
Casey, Mittie Opal Blake
Cash, Susie
Caster, Leah
Caster, Merrill C
Caster, Rodney
Castle, John Addison
Castle, Lola Mae Griffey
Castle, Rita DiPaolo
Castle, Thelma Smith
Castle, Theodore Addison
Castle, Ted Ira US Flag
Castle, William US Flag
Castleberry, George Everett
Casto, Clyde R US Flag
Castor, Cayson Shane
Castor, Cherly Lea Burns
Catanzarite, Anthony D Jr
Cates, Cecil Curtis US Flag
Cates, Geneva Mitchell
Cates, Joe US Flag
Cates, Kenneth W US Flag
Cates, Pauline Trent
Cates, Rhoda J Fimple
Catt, Shawna Rae
Caudle, James
Caudle, James Columbus
Caudle, MIllard Franklin
Caudle, Olive V
Caudle, William Henry
Cavener, Henry Harrison
Cecil, Luelia Wylie
Cecil, Lucille Allie Ellis
Cecil, Woodrow Wilson US Flag
Chalfant, Carolyn Sue Rhoades
Chalfant, Infant Son
Chalfant, J. Warren
Chalfant, Laura Warren
Chalfant, Mildred Small
Chalfant, William Lowe
Chambers, Minnie Louise
Chambers, Robert Duncan
Chaddock, Doris Divida Wilson
Chance, Alberta
Chandler, Amos C.
Chandler, Frances L Trammell
Chandler, Leland
Chapman, Elsie D
Chapman, Glenda Jean
Chapman, Harry C
Chapman, John Clifford
Chapman, Mary Caroline Thomas
Chapman, Norman Dale
Chapman, Pearl Montgomery
Chappell, Francis Asberry
Chappell, Norma Jo
Chappell, William Arthur
Chastain, Donna Sue Jones
Cheateaux, Mary Ruth Cornett
Cheatham, William Arthur
Cheek, Annabelle Poarch
Chenoweth, Valera V
Chick, Charlie
Chick, Claude L US Flag
Chipps, Jennie Roman Nose
Chisum, Virginia Ann Sumpter
Chowning, Z R
Christian, Myrtle A Bradshaw
Churchill, Vernon
Clapp, Alex
Clark, Joe
Clawson, Clara Margaret Bartz
Clay, Eleazer Jr US Flag
Clay, Hardy Lowe Loftin
Clay, James Madison
Clay, Jessie Lee US Flag
Clay, John
Clay, John Fred
Clay, Matt Wayne
Clay, Ray E
Clayton, Alice Burgess
Clayton, Alonzo F. "Lonnie"
Clayton, Alice Burgess
Clem, Maggie Ellis Laws
Clem, Mark Everett
Clem, Phillip Nofsker
Clevinger, Trace Allen
Clift, Elston Charles “Jack”
Clift, Annie Gladys Mabra
Clift, Burnice Earl
Clift, Georgia Lottie Edith Kelley
Clift, Homer Edward
Clift, Winona Vemeda Crockett
Clifft, Edward Arthur Jr
Clifft, Elva Creswell
Cline, Daniel Kinsey
Cline, James E. "Jimmy"
Cline, Jessie Gray
Cline, Lula Margaret Scott
Cloud, Lucy
Cloud Thunder, Daughter
Cobb, Fred M US Flag
Cobb, Mable Glynn Bowman
Cobb, William Richard
Cockrell, Dale
Cockrell, Gary Don
Cockrell, Georgia Edith Lewis
Cockrell, Kristin Don
Cockrell, Tim R
Cockrell, Sallie
Coe, Clara Mae Taylor
Cofer, Charles O
Cofer, Corelia Melvina
Cofer, Gary Charles
Cofer, Gus
Cofer, Jim J
Cofer, Nellie May Hill
Coffey, Alfus Milton
Coffey, Clarence Ray
Coffey, Curvin, B US Flag
Coffey, Freeda Allene
Coffey, Juanita J Howell
Coffey, Marion
Coffey, Mickey
Coffey, Olen
Coffey, Ronnie
Cogburn, Charles Richard
Cogburn, Doris Myrtle Hitt
Cogburn, Mildred F
Cogburn, Robert Alpheus
Cogburn, Sidney Roy
Coker, Deryl Lavern
Coker, Dow R
Coker, John Henry
Coker, Peggy Fern Averett
Coker, Roy Leon
Colburn, Bea Lile
Colburn, James A
Cole, Christeen L. Ricks
Cole, Flora Mae Lucas
Cole, Franklin Thomas US Flag
Cole, Genia Humphrey
Cole, James F
Cole, James Franklin
Cole, James Ira
Cole, Jennie Ruth Riley
Cole, Jessie Theodore
Cole, Joe Lee
Cole, Johnathan Martin
Cole, Mary Ethel Mastin
Cole, Odeca I Morton
Cole, Ulysses S
Collins, Ellen Mae
Collins, John J
Collins, Frank H
Collins, Melvin Earl
Conner, Franklin Delano US Flag
Conrad, June L Morrison
Conrad, Nellie Estelle Hicks
Conrad, Virgil Dewey
Conway, C G Rev
Conway, Girl
Conway, Mrs
Coogle, B S “Bill”
Cook, Homer Dwight
Cook, James J
Cook, Laura Elizabeth Willaimson
Coon, Quinn US Flag
Cooper, George H
Cooper, Homer Russell
Cooper, J C
Cooper, J W
Cooper, Lula Frances Brady
Cooper, Richerd Brady
Cooper, Russell Murray
Cooper, Velam Tomberlin Green
Cooprider, Elijah D
Cooprider, Eleanor Berlien
Coots, Jerry Warren
Cope, Houston
Copeland, C.E.
Copenhaver, Cecil A.
Coplen, Ola Mae
Cornett, Boyd F.
Corson, Mary A
Cotter, Ocie
Couch, Albert Russell “Buck”
Cox, Cora M.
Cox, Curtis
Cox, Delpha
Cox, G. W.
Cox, Hez D.
Cox Mayo L.,
Cox,Rebecca Silas
Cox, Rufus Newton
Cox, Thelma Leona Brewer
Cox, Thomas Carter
Cox, Thomas Arnold US Flag
Cozort, Hattie Rowena Sullivan
Crabb, Cora
Crady, Mrs.
Craft, Annie E.
Craig, Billy Monroe
Craig, Bob Carl
Craig, Patricia Faye Pettyjohn
Crandall, Ann Ator
Crandall, Carl Danul
Crandall, Mikie Joe
Crawford, Arthur Herbert
Crawford, Lola Latane Tracy
Crawl, J B
Creach, Andy Guy Sr
Creach, Arthur E
Creach, Dessie Mae Gass
Creach, Effie D
Creach, Etta L
Creach, John Dan
Cree, Ellen F
Creacy, Roy Leo
Creach, William S
Cree, Infant Dau
Cree, Thomas Bud
Creed, Luther
Creswell, Francis Dale
Crosby, Vern
Cross, John D.
Crow, Wayne J.
Crum, Walter Marion
Culp, Addie
Culp, Mahala Emeline Barnes
Culp, Mollie Frances
Culver, Archer D.
Culver, Minnie Roberts
Cunningham, Joe
Cunningham, Laura Ballinger
Curtis, Alta Mae Gass
Curtis, John Franklin
Curtis, Nancy Annabelle (Baker)
Curtis, Clarence Day
Curtis, John Franklin
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Dammon, Daniel
Davis, Billie Rae Cannon
Davis, Ben E
Davis, Ray L
Davis, Ryan Matthew US Flag
Daivs, Vercia Calvin “V C”
Dean, Beatrice Cates
Dean, Dr
Dean, Orpha Glee Nickels
Dewey, Mamie Hornbeak
Diehl, Daughter
Digby, Oma A Wells
Dillingham, Henry Carl
Dockins, Leon Carroll
Dollar, Billie R McDanile
Donnelly, James
Dooty, Ester Opal Jencks
Doss, Jim
Downs, Opal Collins
Doxey, Mrs Sam
Drake, Billy June
Drew, Mr
Driver, Malohn Lee US Flag
Duke, Doris “Tooter” Wynne
Duke, Phyllis Joann Bonser
Dudney, B F
Dudney, Joe
Duncan, Mrs Hix
Dunlap, Dalen
Dunlap, Jack W
Dunlap, Pearl Eva
Dykes, Eliza Jane Hall
Dykes, Henry Clay
E  Back to Top
Eakins, Cora Lou Moore
Eakins, George Calvin
Eakins, James Montgomery
Eakins, Larissa Frier
Eakins, Mary Dialtha James
Eakins, Noah Jones
Eakins, Sarah Ann Lilley
Earle, Clyde
Easter, Clovis L US Flag
Edson, Emma Lee Smith
Elkins, Hartzell B
Erwin, Vera Evans
Estes, Berta Purcell
Estes, Winford
Evans, Laura Virginia Murphy
Evett, Lawrence Elwood
F  Back to Top
Falconer, Alexander
Fannon, Bessie Fay
Farmer, John Wilson
Farmer, Martha Ellen Bullard
Farmer, Maude Florence Field
Farmer, Richard R
Farni, J Doyle
Ferguson, Charles Douglas
Ferrell, Franky Pauline Hendircks
Field, Thomas G
Fields, Fletcher
Fishburn, Infant
Flenner, Dorothy May Plummer
Ford, Lena Rivers
Ford, Margaret Catherine Lacey
Ford, Oscar D
Ford, William Alfred
Forgey, Cora Leneve Luttrell
Forster, Nellie Irene Hooten
Fowler, Lillian Elizabeth Stroup
Fowler, Tabitha Jane Ferguson
Franklin, Lena M Stults
Friedrishsen, Lieschen John
Friend, Michael Stephen
Frost, Ruth A Hill
G  Back to Top
Gamble, J M
Gantz, Herman
Garrett, Alice Mary Lacey
Garver, A W “Dub”
Gault, Lovetta Lorene Wood
Gee, Pauline Ware
Gillespie, Betty M Eaglin
Gillette, Jean Vincent
Gilliland, Daren Keith
Gilliland, Mary Katherine Ackley
Gleaves, Alva Alton
Godden, Billy Dwayne
Goodwin, Dan Edward US Flag
Goodwin, John W
Gowdy, Sally Gail Burford
Grabeal, Mildred Irene Downen
Grant, Jolene Haney
Graves, George Wayne
Gray, Baby
Gray, John Reynolds
Gray, Maggie
Graybill, Harry Earl
Graybill, Irene Violte Barten
Graybill, Roy
Green, Homer Allen
Green, Malinda Marie
Green, Mrs
Green, Rheuben Whitfield
Greever, Hazel
Grice, David
Guernsey, Charles
Guernsey, Mrs Charles
Guernsey, Pauline
Gunn, W H
H  Back to Top
Hadlock, Virla Drake
Hagerman, Charles Leonard
Hall, Infant
Hamilton, Mrs & Son
Hammack, Calla Lilly (Pannell
Hammon, Oscar Calvin
Hammond, Opal Mae Hunt
Hammond, Susie Cash
Hamon, Claude William
Hanawalt, William D US Flag
Harden, Voisie Marie Vinson
Haney, Walter Leon US Flag
Hardy, Elwood Joseph
Hardy, Berta Mae
Hardy, Sam Carter
Harmon, Eddie Redden
Harrell, Clystia Marie Weast
Harris, Daughter
Harris, Hugh Wesley
Harrison, Baby
Harrison, Gary
Harrison, Infant
Harrold, Don US Flag
Harrold, Eva Lou
Hartley, Albert Harve
Hartman, Biddie Rose Frazier
Hartpence, Jimmy Wayne US Flag
Hastie, Gladys Grayson
Hawkins, J C
Hayden, Leola Lee Shay
Hedland, Nana Boal
Hefferman, Jeff
Hensley, Erma May Gantz
Hensley, Mrs Charles
Henson, Elmer Glenn US Flag
Henson, Dorris Ellen Matthews
Herbert, Laura
Heriford, George Dale
Hext, Laura
Hiatt, Ruby Jo Rice
Hicks, Edna L York
Hicks, Grover George
Hicks, John A
Hill, Ada Mary Turner
Hill, Jim
Hill, William Riley
Hlawacek, Mary
Holland, Ruth Jane Johnson
Hooper, Coleman Lee US Flag
Howenstine, Maralyn L Orgain
Hughes, Marvin Dale US Flag
Hughes, Velma Louise Williamson
Hulng, Darrell W
Hungate, Adolphus Polonius
Hungate, Jesse Simpson
Hungate, Nancy Lucretia Stark
Hunt, Hilda Grace US Flag
Hunt, Mrs
Hunt, Norma Parker
Hunt, R
Hunt, W M
Hunter, Beatrice Butler
Hutton, Child
Hutton, Mrs M F
Hyman, Raymond Augustus
I  Back to Top
Ingerson, Bufored Charles
Ingerson, Charles N
Ingerson, Mary Hagerty
Ingram, Jay William
Inman, Easter Little
Inman, Juliu J Wheelock
Irby, Florence Myural Wakefield
Isch, Beualh daugherty
Isch, Lester E
Ivy, Georgia Belva
Ivy, Homer Newton
Ivy, Jacob L
J  Back to Top
Jackson, Margaret
Jantzen, Billie Dwight
Jefcoat, Bob
Jencks, Robert Francis
Jenkins, Emmitt Dean
Johnson, Ethel Lucille Mills
Johnson, Josei
Johnson, Paula Beavin
Jones, Mrs Frank
Jones, Henry Austin
Jones, Hugh Hoover
Jones, Ira G “Buster”
Jones, Mrs Oscar
Jones, Rudy Lynn
Jones, Sue Nell Trammell
K  Back to Top
Kauk, Lester David US Flag
Kauk, Paul Leon
Kauk, Roy Gilmor US Flag
Keahey, Gary Eldridge
Keahey, Leona Inez Bevin
Keen, Grandma
Kelley, Mary Ann
Kendall, Kenneth Neal
Kendall, William Dana
Kendall, Willie Francis
Kenner, Dorothy Ola
Kenner, William H
Keister, Josephine (McEntire
Kepley, Elizabeth F Williams
Kepley, John Henry
Kepley, J N
Kepley, Robert Preston
Keto, Benti Ralph
King, Donald J US Flag
King, Edith Elizabeth
King, Janice Kaarpenko
Kirk, Pinkney Everett
Klopfenstein, Sarah J
L  Back to Top
Lacey, Ed
Lacey, Edna A Phillips
Lacey, Emmet R
Lacey, Etta Henrietta Wright
Lacey, Frank Crockett
Lacey, Fred Clinton
Lacey, George Houston
Lacey, George Valentine
Lacey, Jackson Boston
Lacey, Jeff Elbert
Lacey, May
Lacey, Mary G
Lacey, Mary Jane Stewart
Lacey, Nancy Catherine Stewart
Lacey, Nathan Josh
Lacey, Stoney Neal US Flag
Lacey, Velma Mary Hodges
Lackey, Royse Lee
Lane, Jackie Lynn
Lane, John William
Lanham, Eugene V
Lantz, Delbert Dalen
Larkey, Kay Haigood
Law, Ruth B
Lay, Curtis
Leedy, Ethel
Leeper, J
Leslie, William Bernard
Lester, M M
Lester, Nellie Sherwood
Libby, Gladys Rebecca Farmer
Linville, Willie Etta Trent
Lippencott, Bud
Little, Son
Logan, James Anderson Jr US Flag
Lohberger, Howard Fred
Love, Mildred Nell Young
Lovett, Bea Lacey
Lovett, Hazel Harrel
Luttrell, Benjamin
Luttrell, Dean Daylon
Luttrell, Dolph Montgomery
Luttrell, Fannie Evelena Spitzer
Luttrell, Gladys Marie McReynolds
Luttrell, Henry Jackson
Luttrell, Hervie Everett
Luttrell, Nancy Alice Ranes
Lutz, Melvin A
M  Back to Top
Mabra, Clayton E US Flag
Marba, Evelyn
Mabry, Thomas J
Machey, Assen
Mackey, A.
Mackey, Dale Granger
Mackey, Ruthie Passmore (Carnahan)
Macklin, Clifford M US Flag
Madden, Frances
Madden, Volinas
Maddoux, Loyd H
Males, Earnest A
Males, Helle Lykke (Hansen)
Mallard, Earl James US Flag
Malloy, Arlie L
Malson, D A
Malson, Daniel Andrew
Malson, Georgia L. Skeens
Malson, Hazel Marie Riley
Malson, Johnny James
Malson, Lowell Dwight
Malson, Willis Lyle
Maltby, Carrie Jane Henry
Mangold, C O
Mangold, Flossie Helen Keller
Manhart, Essie E
Manhart, Robert Adolph
Manning, Infant
Markham, John
Marshall, Alvin
Marshall, Gwenda Beals
Marshall, John W
Mason, Bonnie Rorabough
Mason, Jimmy Dean
Mason, Wynona
Massey, Daughter
Massey, Jewel Viola Parker
Martin, Alva Lloyd
Martin, Gerald Lloyd
Martin, Mrs W T
Martin, Siddie Ophella
Matthews, Mary Ann
Mayes, Hobe
Mayfield, Dora Emma Evans
Mayfield, Ralph Duward US Flag
Mayfield, Wynne
Mayhugh, Gertrude Johnson
Mays, J A
Meacham, Marjorie Fowler
Meadow, Earl
Meadows, Betty L Hall
Meadows, Charles US Flag
Means, John Oliver US Flag
Mease, Wilbur Dwain
Medford, Dr.
Medlock, James US Flag
Meek, Edward Aldean
Meek, Lorenzo Dow
Meeks, Daughter
Meeks, Ollin Kenneth
Merritt, Joseph Henry
Merwin, Frances Butler
Messier, Lottie Mae Hilley
Meyers, Ed
Mikkelsen, Howart T
Mikkelsen, Iline D
Milan, Ted US Flag
Milburn, Thomas R
Miles, Evelyn Gayle Pewo
Miller, Esther Goin
Miller, Henry W
Miller, Murrell E US Flag
Miller, Margaret Reinhardt
Millington, Cora Dell
Mills, Edward Leroy Sr US Flag
Mills Fern Raye Sketchley
Mills, Ila
Mills, Lorraine Jones
Mills, Susannie Bowen
Mills, William Albert
Mitchell, Bert Walden
Mitchell, E L
Mitchell, Ethel Maude Moye
Mitchell, James Lon
Mitchell, Martha C Chowning
Mitchell, Mrs Dick Repass
Moad, Alfred
Moad, Joseph Alexander
Moad, Naomi Gailey
Moad, William Gilpin
Mobley, Goldie I
Mobley, James
Mobley, Josie
Mogg, Beverly Beth Reimer
Mogg, Jack M Dr US Flag
Moler, Eddie Lee
Montgomery, Robert Boyd
Moody, Mrs
Moore, Adolphur Emily (Hungate)
Moore, Helen Bashaw
Moore, James H US Flag
Moore, Opal Pauline Harrel
Morgan, Alvin Clarence
Morris, Dorothy Matilda
Morris, Roberta Leta Parkhutst
Morrison, Lois Elizabeth
Morton, Pete J
Mosher, C M
Motzenbocker, Dorothy Jean Trent
Mouser, Jennie
Mueler, Helen Marie Rice
Mullins, H. A. “Moon”
Musick, Gene
Musick, James C
Musick, E L
Myers, Jane Evelyn
Myers, Jewel Beatrice Cline
Myers, Lee Howard
Myers, Roy L US Flag
Mc  Back to Top
McArthur, Ollie Irene Bell
McCamon, Alonzo J
McCaskill, Bobby James
McCaskill, Edward Armstrong
McCaskill, Jay B
McCaskill, Jimmy Dean
McCaskill, Linda Rae
McCaskill, Mabel Minervia
McCaskill, Urey W
McClain, Bessie May
McClellan, Annis Therice
McClellan, Billy Lee
McClellan, Clara Iola Beals
McClellan, Clarence E US Flag
McClellan, Dennis Glynn US Flag
McClellan, Ethel Aderhold
McClellan, James E
McClellan, Jesse David
McClellan, Lawrence Augusta
McClellan, Lester Clarence
McClellan, Margaret K Aderhold
McClellan, Nellie Clare Archer
McClellan, Rena Hill
McClellan, Russell
McClendon, Frances Leann Metzer
McColgin, Grant
McColgin, Sterling Simison
McCollum, William Lowayne
McConkey, Willie E Huff
McCord, Mrs J A
McCoy, Charles Earl Jr
McCoy, Charles Earl Sr
McCoy, Daisy Modeena Messer
McCraw, John Lewis
McCullough, Edna
McCullough, Everett US Flag
McCullough, Mary Esther
McDaniel, Bob US Flag
McDaniel, Florence
McDaniel, Floyd Eugene “Gene”
McDaniel, Margaret Ima Lutz
McDaniel, Vina
McEntire, ImaJean
McIntyre, Melvin Roy
McEntire, Monnie Lee
McEntire, Thomas Jefferson
McFarland, Etta Lawson
McGahey, Billy Jean Pope
McGarvey, David William
McGlothlin, Oran HillardUS Flag
McGee, Ella Leah
McKay, Belva Launa Butts
McKay, Floyd
McKay, Lewis James
McKay, Martha Violet Harrell
McKay, Ollie Mae Meadows
McKay, Ruby Jewell Moore
McKean, Wilkie Collins
McKee, Glenna Samples
McKinstry, Freeman
McLain, Patricia Ann
McLean, Bartley John David
McLean, Beulah Simpson
McLean, Norma Sue Cranfill
McLean, Stell Jess
McLeod, Clifford Randolph
McMurtry, William T
McRee, Joseph Jackson
McReynolds, Mrs
McReynolds, Stella May
N  Back to Top
Nabors, Leo
Naeve, Ella Caroline Kruse
Nail, Grandmother
Nalley, Guy David
Nance, Tom
Napier, Ermin Alta Daugherty
Narans/Narang, Mother
Nations, Paul Edward
Neal, Charles Holiday
Neathery, John B.
Nebhut,Carl Ray
Nebhut, John Cole
Nebhut, Lillie Frances
Neely, Child
Neely, Grandma
Neff, Everett Charles
Neighbors, Edwin Douglas
Neal, Henry F. (Hank)
Nelson, Charles A.
Nelson, Charles Axel
Nelson, Claud L.
Nelson, Finis Harley
Nelson, James O.
Nelson, John Fred
Nelson, Kathryn
Nelson, Patricia Ann
Nelson, Thomas
Nelson, Velma
Nelson, Virginia Wheeler
Nemsgern, John Edward
Nemsgern, Mary E.
Nemsgern, Nicholas
Nethrey, Mary Ann Beeding
Newcomer, Laverne M.
Newlin, Frances Elizabeth
Newman, Dr.
Newton, George Lynn
Newton, Glen
Newton, Nellie Katie Lee
Nichols, Gertrude Gee
Nichols, Leonard Leroy
Nichols, Mabel May
Nichols, Matilda Anne Benson
Nichols, Vera Odessa Holcomb
Nicholson, Paul
Nighbert, Harold Larue
Nischwitz, Jesse Hayes
Nischwitz, Loretta N Lacye
Nix, Lillie Irene Rose
Nix, Mike
Noblitt, Cora Ezell
Noblitt, Earl
Noblitt, Thelbert
Noland, Irene A.
Norman, Kathy Stephens
Northcutt, George C.
Northcutt, Margaret
Northrup, Ellen
Northrup, Thomas
Northrup, Thomas
Nowlin, Mary Ida Morton
O  Back to Top
Oakley, Cpl. Ray O.
Oakley, Ray
Oakley, Ray Osborne
Ogden, Opal Lee
Ogle, Alonzo Alvin
Ogle, Eva A. Womble
O'Farrell, Fannie Fanshier
O'Hair, Donald Robert
Oliver, Jesse Lee (Dick)
Olson, Ruth Campbell
Ormand, Dorothy May
Ormand, Wesley Leon
Orr, McRee (Mac)
Osage, Augustine W.
Osborn, Mr.
Owen, John Thomas
Owen, Phoebe Frances
Owens, A. Y.
Owens, Baby Girl Owens, Emmit
Owens, Willie Mae Owens
Owings, Mary Katherine Kirby
P  Back to Top
Page, E. Z.
Page, Edwina June
Page, George
Page, Kenneth
Page, Lucille
Page, Marvin
Painter, D. L. (Roy)
Pankey, Hettie Lou
Pankey, William H.
Park, Andrew Hiram
Park, Floyd Carey
Park, Harland O.
Parker, Elvy Eual
Parker, George W.
Parker, James Harrison Jr.
Parker, Jessie
Parker, Roy Lee
Parker, William Earl
Parkhurst, Charles E.
Parkhurst, Wayne L
Parks, Claudie Estes
Parks, Ethyn “Dick”
Parks, James "Jim" Alden
Parks, Mrs. I. O. D.
Parks, Ollie Thelma Romines
Parks, Pearlie Lee
Parlette, Mr.
Parman, Aubrey B. Jr
Parman, Francis Marion
Parman, Martha Jane
Parman, Mary Alene
Parnell, D. A.
Parr, Wayne
Parsons, Edward Lee
Parsons, Gary D.
Parman, Grover F.
Parnell, Woodrow Wilson
Paschal, Mrs. J. L.
Patterson, Albert Murray
Patterson, Frances Lucille
Patterson, Jewel Gray
Patterson, Marvin
Patterson, Nancy Jane
Patterson, Shirley Sue Shotwell
Patton, Elsie Alice Horrell
Patton, Leo
Patton, Lillian Alminta
Patton, T. H.
Patton, William H. "Bill"
Payne, Eldon
Payne, Henry C.
Payne, J. Leroy
Payne, James Marion
Payne, Oma Lee
Pearson, Dr. W. F.
Peck, Catherine Minerva Howard
Pedigo, Velta Rae Walker
Peery, James Edward
Peery, Loretta Cobb
Pennington, Earl C.
Penticuff, Nicole
Perkins, Boy
Perkins, Ola Otera
Perry, Alonzo
Perry, George Wesley
Permenter, Ruby Potter
Perry, Carrie
Perry, David Walter
Perry, Joseph T.
Perryman, Gladys M.
Peters, Dorothy Alice Schandorf
Peters, Lawrence Wright
Peters, Marie
Petersen, Claus Henry
Petersen, David G.
Petersen, Edith Melvina Conner
Petersen, John H.
Petersen, James R.
Petersen, Martin William
Petersen, Mrs. W.W.
Petersen, W. W.
Petty, Lovie Iren
Phenix, Charlie
Philippi, Rita
Phillips, Paul Allen
Phipps, John W.
Pickett, Dave
Phipps, Willie Estelle Bachel
Picklesimer, Andrew
Pierce, Baby Boy
Pierce, Cleo Ralph
Pierce, Dorothy Saretha Megee
Pilkilton, Linda Hudgins
Pinkston, Edward Lowell
Pinkston, Joseph B
Pitcock, Mrs. S. A.
Pitcock, S. A.
Pitts, Jesse Jr
Plummer, Pernie Rachel
Plummer, Tommy Alan
Plunckett, Johnny
Plunkett, Sarah Louisa
Poarch, Mrs. M. L.
Poarch, W. M.
Poff, Raymond L.
Pohlson, Kathleen Moore
Poindexter, Delores
Poindexter, Hershel C.
Poindexter, Kenneth Simeon
Polk, Lewis T.
Polk, Nettie
Ponder, Margaret Catherine
Ponder, Thomas
Pool, Wallace Scott
Poor, R. A.
Pope, Bennie Ernest
Pope, Foster
Pope, Mamie Burns
Porch, Wilhemina Carolina
Porter, Anthony Wayne
Porter, Bertha Scott Adams
Porter, George
Porter, J. T.
Porter, James Luke
Porter, John Alva
Potter, Ruth
Potts, Billy Wayne
Potts, George Walter
Potts, Jaunita
Powell, Anna May Foster
Powell, John Jefferson
Powers, Julia Ann
Powers, J. B.
Powers, J. H.
Powers, Julius H.
Powers, Maggie "Toots"
Powers, Raymond Dempsey Sr
Powers, Susie Cash
Pratt, Glenn Gale
Pratt, Lula K.
Prescott, J. T.
Prescott, Sarah L.
Prestridge, Andrew Chisholm
Prestridge, Cletice Ivory
Prestridge, Ethel D.
Prestridge, George
Prestridge, George Harold
Prestridge, James Larkin
Prestridge, Larkin
Prestridge, Lula Maude Cofer
Prestridge, Marguerette Louise
Prestridge, Minerva
Prestridge, Oran Randall
Prestridge, Pete
Prettyman, Ophelia W.
Price, Dorothy Joan
Price, Edysol Bryan
Price, H.B.
Price, Linda Gayle
Price, Tommy Gordon
Proctor, Alonza Arthur "Lonnie"
Proctor, David Ray
Proctor, Elizabeth Leullen
Proctor, Frank Sr
Proctor, John Moses
Protz, Albert "Pete"
Provines, Robert C.
Provines, Robert W.
Pullen, J. E.
Pullis, Alma D. Smith
Pumphrey, Donald Grant
Purcell, Ernest
Purcell, Gene
Purdy, Freeman W.
Purdy, Ida May
Purdy, Joe
Purvis, Frank Jr
Purvis, Frank E
Puryear, Charlie D.
Puryear, John J.
Pyeatt, Jewel Fay Daniels
Pyeatt, William Henry
Pyle, B. F.
Pyle, Ledocia L.
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Quattlebaum, Adella Ester Quattlebaum, Herman Clifton Quattlebaum, Phoebe Moseley  
R  Back to Top
Rackley, Edith May
Rackley, Jess
Raff, Dennis Elbert
Raff, Nell
Ragains, Thomas J.
Rainey, Susie
Ramsey, Brian Ralph
Ramsey, William
Randall, Earnest B.
Randall, Ethyl Howard
Randall, Mrs. Ernest
Rarick, William Stewart
Ratliff, Wesley H.
Ray, Edna
Ray, Leah
Ray, Martin
Ray, Myrtle A.
Ray, Novalene
Ray, Victor H.
Rayfield, Boy
Read, Virginia Fish
Rector, Charles Isaac
Rector, Frances Earl
Rector, Robert Earl
Redden, Janet
Redden, Ola Elzada Rollins
Reddick, George
Reed, Alta Riley
Reed, Billie Mack
Reed, Bowie
Reed, Cleve N.
Reed, J. B.
Reed, Janey Elenor
Reed, Lee
Reed, Matthew
Reed, Mrs.
Reed, Nelson Leander
Reed, Riley A.
Reed, Viley Pearl
Reese, Wear J.
Reeves, Elcon Ray
Reeves, Julia
Reid, Andrew Douglas
Reimer, Alma Amanda
Reimer, Dr. George A.
Reimer, Patricia Lou
Reinschmiedt, Don Keith
Rennels, Doyle E.
Rennels, Gertie Mae
Rennels, Hazel Beatrice Allison
Rennolds, Allie Vera Jacobs
Repass, Mrs. E. S.
Reser, Elizabeth E.
Reser, J. W.
Reust, Ruth Elizabeth
Reynolds, Arthur Cecil
Reynolds, Ben V.
Reynolds, Dorothy Mae Sadler
Reynolds, Fern Crawl
Reynolds, Hetta Alberta
Reynolds, Marion R.
Reynolds, Mason
Reynolds, Sallie J.
Rhoades, Edward M.
Rhoades, Grant Weldon Rhodes,
Rhoades, Kyle Eugene Rhodes,
Rhoades, Weldon Carter
Rhoton, Cecil J.
Agnes Inez
Rice, Andrew Daniel
Rice, Edward Allen
Rice, Emma Francis
Rice, J. M.
Rice, Marvin Leroy
Rice, Raymond
Rice, Richard Dale
Rice, Rondel W.
Richards, Bonetta A.
Richards, Evelyn
Richardson, Carl Edwin
Richardson, Charles R. (Bob)
Richardson, Elsie Ellen
Richardson, Judith Darlene Snider
Richardson, K. T.
Richardson, Lucy Mae
Richerson, Myna Texana
Ricketson,Raymond "Jack" Jr
Riddle, Dorothy E.
Riedl, Vera
Ridgeway, Clyde F.
Ridgeway, Evalyn Regina Welling
Ridgeway, Paul
Ridgeway, Pete James
Ridgeway, William Herman
Rackley, Edith May
Ricker, Mattie
Ridgway, Albert Donald
Riemer, Dorothy Oneta Montgomery
Riggs, Stacy
Riley, Debs
Riley, Dr. Henry
Riley, Jack Manham
Riley, Joe
Riley, Mrs. Joe
Riley, Pearl
Riley, Mrs. W. J.
Riley, William Jessie
Riley, William T. Riley Sr
Riley, William Tommy Jr
Rimbey, Wilburn S.
Rios, Betty Rose Douglas
Rios, Juan
Rimbey, Naomi Pearl Cunningham
Rimby, Sarah
Risley, Charles E.
Risley, Charles Edward Jr
Risley, Fred O.
Risley, Lewis Albert
River, Cheif Henry Elk
Rivers, James W.
Road,Edwin T. Jr.,
Roark, Austin L.
Roark, Claude Theodore
Roark, Michael Lee
Robbins, John R.
Robbins, John Ransom
Robbins, Roy J.
Robbins, Sarah Elizabeth
Roberson, Nellie
Robert, Martha Amenda
Roberts, Beatrice
Roberts, Cathryn B. "Kate"
Roberts, Clyde C.
Roberts, Juanita Jo Ann
Roberts, Leonard Truman
Roberts, Mark
Roberts, Son
Roberts, William J.
Roberson, Clyde Earl
Robertson, Carl Gene
Robertson, Karol Kay
Robertson, Kenneth (Preach)
Robinson, Alene Glenn
Robinson, Buena Edna Bell
Robinson, Donald Ray
Robinson, Emma Elizabeth
Robinson, George Edgar
Robinson, Grant Wilbur
Robinson, Hazle
Robison, Joe Alec
Robinson, John
Robinson, John A.
Robinson, Johnnie L.
Robinson, LaCreta Hutchinson
Robinson, Male
Robinson, Martha J.
Robinson, Nellie Marjorie
Robinson, Olen
Robinson, Rodney Farrell
Robinson, Tom E.
Robison, Dora Mae Abbott
Robison, Jerry Fate
Robison, Norman Dale Sr
Rodriguez, Margaret Elizabeht
Rogers, Baby
Rogers, C. A.
Rogers, Darryl Lee "Coach"
Rogers, James Roy
Rogers, John Clayton "JC" Rogers, Jr.,
Rogers, Mary Jane
Rogers, Mrs. F. E.
Rogers, William
Roles, Callie
Rollmann, Bea
Roper, Allen
Rorabaugh, George
Rorabaugh, James Daniel
Rorabaugh, Lloyd Otis
Rorabaugh, Susan J.
Rose, Carl Monroe
Rose, Flora
Rose, Lavena Imogene
Rose, Mollie R.
Rose, Royce Clayton
Rosebetter, Mr.
Rosenlund, Louis
Ross, Edna
Ross, James W.
Ross, Rena Lucille Wallace
Ross, Rosa Bruno
Rounds, Alma Imogene Graybill
Rounds, Aubrey Maxine
Rounds, Lester Gordon
Rowe, James W.
Rowen, Charles Walter
Rowen, Emma King
Rowland, Cal
Rowlett, Irene Wesner
Rucker, Katie
Ruby, Fern Taylor
Rule, Inez
Rule, Lonnie R.
Rule, R. L.
Rule, Sam D.
Rundblad, Lovera Maxine Wood
Rupert, Gussie L. Cordell
Rupp, Lula Mae Flenner
Russell, Dr. Bredford W.
Russell, Claude
Russell, Joe
Russell, Otis Paul "O. P."
Rutherford, Joe Bill
Rutherford, Kenneth R.
Rutherford, Ruby Delhi
Rutherford, Wayne Ella
Rutledge,James Thomas
Rutledge,Mrs. M. C.
Ryan, Hubert Ray
Rymer, Isaac
Rystrom, Barbara Ella
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Sadler, Ressie Eileen (Springer)
Sadler, Dannie Lee
Sadler, Earl
Sadler, Maci Lou
Sadler, Rex
Sadler, Wayne L
Saffer, George W.
Saffer, Lizzie
Sain, Clarice Ann
Salter, Della Estella Rose
Salter, Josephine Smithey
Salter, Henry A.
Salyer, John
Salyer, Mrs. A. J. M.
Sample, Clara
Samuel, Mart
Samuels, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
Sanchez, Apolonio Toby
Sanchez, Myra Lee Roman Nose
Sanders, Bebe
Sanders, Rev. James
Sanders, LeRoy
Sanders, Oleta M.
Sandusky, John H.
Sangmaster, Lizzie
Santner, Agnes Marie
Santagelo, Frankie Gerald
Sanve, Arnold L.
Sanve, Carl Knudsen
Sanve, Herbert M.
Sanve, Miss
Sasser, Frances Elizabeth
Sasser, James H. "Sonny"
Sasser, Melvin
Sauter, Lee Vernon
Savage, Lew Mabry
Sawin, Ralph W.
Saxton, Minnie
Schelistede, Bertha Augusta
Schertzer, Horatio L.
Schibbelhut, Henry "Hank"
Schiller, Mrs.
Schmidt, Alma Leona Butler
Schmidt, Della Estella Rose
Schmidt, Marie Dora
Schmidt, Jane
Schmidt, Joyce
Schmidt, Steven
Schmidt, Trenton Isaac James
Schmidt, Julius
Schmitz, Jeannie Lucile Nabors
Schrader, Ivory
Schwander, Inf. Dau.
Schwartz, Thomas Riley
Schweers, Jeannette
Schwer, Essie Marie
Scott, Alice Hall
Scott, Agnes Ruby Little
Scott, Augustus C.
Scott, Clyde
Scott, Francis A.
Scott, Frances Lorena Davis
Scott, George Loyd
Scott, George Lloyd Scott, Jr.,
Scott, George Maryland
Scott, George McCullun
Scott, Herman D.
Scott, Norma
Scott, Oscar Thomas Jr
Scott, Vannie F.
Scott, Vincent Harold
Schertzer, Horatio L
Scrivner, Benton Franklin
Scrivner, Charles Everett
Scrivner, Evelyn Lee Switzer
Scroggins, Anita
Scroggins, Earl L.
Scroggins, Jack Terrell
Scroggins, Russell (Russ)
Seago, Lorraine Louise
Sears, Terri Sue
Seier, Grace
Selby, Darlene Rae
Selby, Infant Child
Selby, Mae
Selby, Nelson Warren
Selby, Olive Frailey
Selby, Oliver F.
Selby, Orville F.
Selby, William Nelson
Serges, Martin Joseph
Settle, C. Rev.
Settle, Lloyd
Sewell, Everett Washington
Sewell, Jackson
Seymour, Ina M.
Shackelford, Jack Evans
Shahan, Mary Ann
Shaller, Ann
Shaller, C. C.
Shaller, Orville Henry
Shanahan, Loretta Salone
Shanda, Harriet
Sharum, Govie Lee
Sharp, Blant Steven
Sharp, Carolyn Dee
Sharp, Flouis
Shaw, Carrie
Shaw, Infant
Shaw, Mathew Hamilton
Shaw, Matthew Riley
Shaw, Mrs. Charles (Ardella)
Shaw, Milford
Shaw, Teresa
Shay, Zerilda Young
Sheehan, Walter
Sheets, Jewel
Shelby, William Nelson
Shelton, Bill
Shelton, Dean
Shelton, Elverda Jewell Yost
Shelton, MacGrover
Shelton, Menard Maderson
Shepard, Mildred
Shepard, Robert L.
Shepherd, John Wilburn
Shimault, Eldon L.
Shinault, Armetta Grace
Shinault, Velma Izella Jackson
Shindell, Elizabeth A. "Liz"
Shindell, Evelyn Bingham
Shipman, Luther
Shipman, Virgal R.
Shipp, Mildred Mae
Shirley, Earl Newton
Shirley, Joh W.
Shirley, Tommy Lee
Shirley, William Lester
Shockey, Charles G.
Shockey, Dale
Shockey, Glen Easter
Shockey, Orville
Shockey, Rae Magdalene
Shockey, Robert Lee
Shockley, Julia Ann
Shockey, John William
Shockley, Thomas C.
Shockley, Thomas Charles
Shoop, Mattie Elizabeth
Short, 2 Children,
Short, Mary Ann
Shotwell, Ricky Don
Shufeldt, Bill
Shufeldt, John Harmon
Shufeldt, Mrs. G. E. (Hettie)
Shugart, Julia S.
Shugart, Lilburn Orphit
Shugart, O. L. "Lem"
Shugart, Will
Sibley, Winnie Alice Brown
Sides, Irene
Sides, John Lowell
Sides, Lucy Elga
Sides, Ollie
Sifford, Joe
Silvia, Angie
Simco, Bill
Simmons, Jimmy
Simon, Adele
Simon, Mary
Simpson, Annie Belle
Simpson, Donald
Simpson, Ella Florentine
Simpson, Florence
Simpson, James Layette
Simpson, Mary Lou Simpson
Simpson, Mary T.
Simpson, Robert
Simpson, Roy Lee
Simpson, Thomas Albert
Simpson, Thomas Jeffers
Simpson, Vernon M.
Simpson, Wilma
Sims, Calvin Lee
Sims, Terrell B.
Sims, Woodrow Loyd
Sing, Inez Aderhold
Sing, Jim J.
Sing, John Henry
Sing, Mrs. J. H.
Singletary, Infant
Singleton, James M.
Singleton, Lucille
Siniard, Sidney M. "Sid"
Sipple, Blans
Sizemore, Columbus C.
Sizemore, Julia I. Brasher
Sizemore, Sherry Sue
Sizemore, Verden
Skeends, Georgia L.
Skelton, Ada Sue
Skelton, Claude Edward
Skelton, Jesse Floyd
Skelton, Junior
Skelton, Walter Ross
Skidgel, Inez W. Frankford
Skidgel, Milo Marion
Skinner, Grandpa
Spitzer, Ella Jane
Slack, Mr.
Slife, Ida D.
Small, Helen
Small, Helen Aubrey
Small, James E.
Small, R. Dale
Small, Worth
Smallwood, Chester F. (Buster)
Smallwood, Guy W.
Smallwood, John S.
Smedley, Lee
Smedley, Margaret
Smith, A. C.
Smith, Allan Lloyd
Smith, Agnes Taylor
Smith, Bobby Harold
Smith, Cecil Dewitt
Smith, Carla Sue
Smith, Dock
Smith, Ed 3 Children
Smith, Ethel Lucille McClellan
Smith, Dr. Edwin Ide
Smith, E. R.
Smith, Eli Calvin
Smith, Floyd "Bud Smitty"
Smith, Gary Dean
Smith, Grover Cleveland
Smith, Ida Bernice
Smith, Irene M.
Smith, John Henry
Smith, John S.
Smith, Leslie Baley
Smith, Leslie Dwayne "Smitty"
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, Loyd C.
Smith, Mabel Caroline
Smith, Mary Orlena
Smith, Meryl Coulson
Smith, Myrtle Belle
Smith, Nancy Anna
Smith, Pauline Athlie Carl
Smith, Pearl Linville
Smith, Peter W.
Smith, R. E.
Smith, Ralph E.
Smith, Raymond Lamoine
Smith, Richard Roberts
Smith, Robert Stephen
Smith, Rosa Lee
Smith, Rosannah
Smith, Ruby Mae
Smith, Shelly Jo
Smith, Squire McClure
Smith, T. D.
Smith, Thomas D.
Smith, Thomas Howard
Smith, W. C. "Smitty"
Smith, William
Snell, Ben
Snider, Bryan Lee
Snider, Cora Mabel
Snyder, Cecilia
Snyder, Ruby Opal Airington
Snow, Myra
Snowden, Alvin Leroy
Sodders, Boy
Sollars, Joe
Sollars, Prudy
Sollers, Eugene R.
Sollers, Eunice Irenerd
Sollers, Isaac
Sollers, Laura F.
Sollers, Stella L.
Sollers, Wyla H.
Solomon, Mattie Lou
Sooter, Matthew C
Sooter, Matthew H.
Sossamon, James Earl
South, Ruby Ann
Sowders, Joyce
Sowle, Bertha Velma
Sparks, Elizabeth M. "Betty"
Sparks, Freddie
Sparks, Kevin Wayne
Sparks, Nathan
Spaugh, Charles Andrew
Spaugh, Pearl Maria
Speed, Jack Patrick
Speer, Susan
Speilman, William "Bill"
Spell, Mrs. J.P.
Spencer, Annie E. Craft
Spillers, Bob
Spillman, William Perry
Spitzer, A.D.
Spitzer, Daniel David
Spitzer, Doyle Edward
Spitzer, Ella Jane
Spitzer, Harriett Alice Fitzwater
Spitzer, Minnie Lela
Spitzer, Thomas I
Spivey, H. L.
Spraberry,George E. Jr.
Sprawl, Mrs.
Springer, Dora
Springer, Mary M.
Springer, Scott Pierce
Sprowls, Betty Jo
Sprowls, Lois Alice
Sprowls, Roy Fremont
Sprowls, Winifred Bryce
Sprowls, Winn
Spurlin, Marguerite Irene Trammell
Spurlin, Oleta
Squire, James H.
Squires, Melvin W.
St. John, Eva L.
Stacker, Gotleib
Stafford, Ada Pauline
Stafford, Edward Lee
Stafford, Flora C.
Stafford, Lucy Love
Stafford, O. H.
Stafford, Wiley Carey
Stalcup, Harvey
Staley, Leondus
Staley, Sarah Louise
Stallings, Geraldine
Stamper, Carrol
Stamper, Gordon U.
Stamper, Robert H.
Stancel, Edmond Eugene
Standingwater, Helen Whiteman
Standingwater, Marlene
Stanford, Callie M.
Stanka, Zelma Virginia
Stanley, Mrs. Hollie
Star, Elton Ben Seven
Star, Frank R. "Toby"
Staton, Lottie
Stauber, Ida
Stauber, Mary Belle
Stauber, W. T.
Stayton, J. P.
Stebeck, O. M.
Steel, Beatrice G.
Steele, Edith Pauline
Steele, Mona L. Hammons
Steele, Willis W.
Steere, Jessie Elena
Steere, Solon R.
Steere, Thomas Harold
Stephens, Albert
Stephens, Boy (twin)
Stephens, Ernest G. (Lefty)
Stephens, Ezekiel "Zeke" Frances
Stephens, Foster F.
Stephens, Julia F.
Stephens, Leonard Ernest
Stephens, Mrs. Bert
Stephens, Ruby Bell
Stephens, Mrs. Sarah A. (Northcutt)
Stephenson, Clara E.
Stephenson, James F.
Stevens, Albert W.
Stevens, James Henderson
Stevenson, Dora
Steward, Joe Elgin
Steward, John J.
Steward, Lillie Mae
Steward, Lucy LaVona Morris
Stewart, Infants
Stewart, John M.
Stewart, Lettie Elizabeth
Stewart, Nancy Catherine
Stewart, Sarah Ellen
Stewart, W. D. "Dub"
Stewart, W. H.
Stice, Betty Jo Huffman
Stice, J. H.
Stice, Olivia
Sticley, David Huston (Hoot)
Sticley, Vivienne Swope
Stiles, Beulah Belle Sharp
Stilwell, Mrs J H
Stine, Charles
Stinson, Eileen Loretta
Stinson, Mavis Spurlin
Stinson, Marvin Arthur
Stinson, Ruby
Stitt, Mary Baker
Stoddard, Boyd Barton
Stoddard, Lola Lottie Quattebaum
Stockton, Lura C.
Stone, Austin Lane
Stone, Bobby
Stone, Velva Lucille Garretson
Stookey, Naomi "Yvonne" (Cordum)
Storm, Clinton "Music Man" Homa
Stout, Edna Marie Garretson
Stout, Georgia Wilson
Stout, James
Stout, Samuel Franklin
Stricker, Oliver
Strickland, Annie Laura
Strickland, Arleva Ruth
Strickland, Merle A.
Stroud,William Nathanal III
Strong, Bert
Stroup, Mariah Elizabeth
Stroup, Victor Oren
Stults, Adam D
Stults, Hobson
Stults, John
Stults, Mary Alice
Stults, Mary Opal
Sturgis, Oakley
Suffridge, Delmar
Sullenburger, Asher Jr
Sullins, Ethel Elizabeth Addington
Sullivan, Infant
Sullivan, Infant
Summers, Cuma Elloree Sadler
Summers, Danny Joe
Summers, Harley
Summers, Ira Loyd
Summers, James Earl
Summit, George Daniel
Sumpter, Homer
Surrett, Reuben
Suttle, Infant
Sutton, Frankie Odessus
Sutton, Mrs.
Sutton, Thomas H.
Swain, George Ann
Swanson, John
Swart, W. C. "Bill" Sr.
Swartwood, Edgar D.
Swartwood, Everett C
Swartwood, Glenn
Swartwood, James William
Swartwood, Mrs. F. G.
Swearingen, Edna
Swearingen, William Sylvester
Sweatt, Edgar A.
Switzer, Charley Lewis
Switzer, Lee A.
Switzer, Teresa Pauline
Swope, Edward P.
Swope, Genevieve Loretto
Swope, Leo John
Swope, William C.
Swopes, Martha Jane Purcell
Swopes, Tom E.
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Tanner, F E
Tanner, Ralph S
Tarleton, Morris E
Tarwater, Ossie Hutchens
Tate, Julia F
Tate, Lora Gay Deakins
Tate, Orville A
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Bessie Bell Bowman
Taylor, Cord Reece
Taylor, Effie A
Taylor, George W
Taylor, Grace Lula
Taylor, Grandma
Taylor, Harold Duane
Taylor, Icie Lavente
Taylor, J R
Taylor, James D
Taylor, Jamie Gwyn
Taylor, Janie Marie
Taylor, Jessie Maxine Evans
Taylor, Jessie Ray
Taylor, John Henry
Taylor, John I
Taylor, Joseph Pharington “J P”
Taylor, Josie
Taylor, Leonard L
Taylor, Lloyd C
Taylor, Nancy Elizabeth
Taylor, Naomi
Taylor, Orlena Amanda Dean
Taylor, Sammie Irene
Taylor, Silas
Taylor, Wayne R
Teague,Wildon D
Tedrowe, Pearl C
Terry, Bert
Thetford, Joice M
Thetford, Myrtle Emma
Thomas, Arnold Gene
Thomas, Bufford
Thomas, Dicie Ann
Thomas, Dr E F
Thomas, Fannie Mae
Thomas, Freddie
Thomas, Janie
Thomas, Joseph Samuel (Joe)
Thomas, J T
Thomas, Kenneth Leroy "Corky"
Thomas, Marion
Thomas, Maxine
Thomas, Riley M "Dude"
Thomas, Wilson
Thomason, Ola Mae Boulware
Thompson, Belle
Thompson, C B
Thompson, Carroll Thomas
Thompson, Edgar Miller "Ed"
Thompson, Esther Iva
Thompson, Gertrude Coffey
Thompson, Iva Dodd
Thompson, Jeanette May
Thompson, Joe
Thompson, Joseph Calvin
Thompson, Joseph Denton
Thompson, Mrs W S
Thompson, Nora Lee Risley
Thompson, Ruby Helen Fowler
Thompson, Sherman C
Thompson, Samuel Philip
Thompson, Thelma
Thornton, Almeda Myrtle Carter
Thornton, Charles E
Thornton, Chester
Thornton, Dale L
Thornton, Dave
Thornton, Mary A
Threlkeld, Clara Ann
Threlkeld, W D
Thurman, Bennett Joseph "Benjamin"
Thurman, Lt John William (Jack)
Thurman, Maggie Belle
Thurman, Merle B
Thurman, Melvin Franklin
Thurmond, A L Jr
Thurmond, A L Sr
Thurmond, John
Thurmond, Mrs E G
Thurmond, Oscar “O H”
Tice, Mattie Bell
Tidrick, Gertrude "Marie" Silsbee
Tignor, Earnest Junior
Tignor, Patrick Earnest
Tinkle, Robert Joseph
Tippens, Alcy D Family
Tippens, Patsy J
Thomas, Edison Tippens Sr
Tipton, Billy May
Tipton, Mrs Trellis
Tomberlin, Steven Ray
Tomberlin, Virgil Garland
Tomlinson, J K
Tomlinson, Jasper
Tomlinson, Oleta
Tomlinson, William C
Tosh, Lee
Tosney, David M
Touchstone, Shirley Elain
Tousley, Mrs James
Townsend, Alma Bell Wear
Townsend, Charles Loyd
Townsend, Don C
Townsend, Edna Mae Archer
Townsend, Fern Leary
Townsley, Frank H
Townsley, Jo Marie Holt
Townsley, Mary
Townsley, Stella Laverne
Townsley, Tuga
Townsley, Violet G
Tracy, Annie
Tracy, D W Jr
Tracy, Daniel W
Tracy, Edward B
Tracy, Elbert Collier
Tracy, John B
Tracy, Mildred Peterson
Tracy, Mrs D W
Tracy, Mrs E E
Tracy, Patrick
Trainham, Lila Grace T
Trammell, Arthur Jerry
Trammell, Billy Floyd
Trammell, Bob
Trammell, Canada Blankenship
Trammell, Charlie
Trammell, Clarence
Trammell, Dee
Trammell, Dennis
Trammell, Frank
Trammell, James Arminas
Trammell, Jennings
Trammell, Louisa J Cooper
Trammell, Mart
Trammell, Samira Myra (Snow
Trawick, Eva Farmer
Trent, Albert T
Trent, Anna Belle
Trent Johnny Clyde “J C”
Trent, L W Jr
Trent, Mrs T A
Trent, Nola
Trent, Wayne Robert
Trimble, Flora Mae Clem
Trimble, Geraldine (Geri) Smith
Trimble, John Raymond
Trost, Calvin Lester
Trost, Mary Sue
Trout, Fred James
Trout, Roy Bevins Jr
Trout, Scotty Otto
Truman, Montana Clifford
Tucker, Bonita Christene McGuire
Tucker, Cecil Ray
Tucker, Dewitt
Tucker, Gary
Tucker, Mrs J S
Tucker, W P
Tullis, Ralph C
Tunnard, Joe H
Turbyfill, Effie Maine Rowe
Turbyfill, Helen Provines
Turbyfill, Hullum
Turbyfill, Katie Cleo
Turbyfill, Luther M
Turner, Cora
Turner, Durward Q
Turner, Hetiwa Ina
Turner, Infant Girl
Turner, J W
Turner, Sarah
Twitty, Rev Z E
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Underwood, A M
Underwood, Arlus Ray
Underwood, Ethel Upchurch Underwood, Henry Everett Underwood, Robert Henry
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Vandagriff, H. R.
Vandagriff, Opal
Vandine, Willie Estes
Vandiver, Joseph Earl
VanHoff, John August
Vaughan, Ida White
Vaught, Grace Purcell
Veach, John Samuel
Veal, Bobby Gene
Ver Steeg, Fuku
Vick, Adron Ledroy
Vick, Otto Christopher
Viers, Thomas Jefferson
Viers, Troyce
Vincent, Arthur Cicero
Vincent, Billie A (Scott]
Vincent, C. E.
Vincent, Dennis
Vincent, Eva Pauline Danner
Vincent, James Edwin
Vincent, Maggie
Vincent, Mrs. J.E.
Vincent, Eva Pauline Danner
Vitato, Jessie May
Vogt, Ivan
Vredenburg, A. M.
Vredenburg, Inf. Dau.
Vredenburg, Maxey
Vredenburg, Roberta
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Wafford, Mrs
Wakefield, John Franklin
Waldby, J R
Waldon, Child
Waldrop, Guy
Waldrop, James Aubrey
Walker, B L "Buster"
Walker, Bonnie Jeanne Kenney
Walker, Charles Fredrick
Walker, Daisy
Walker, Frances
Walker, George Winfield
Walker, James Knox
Walker, Jimmy Ray
Walker, JoAnn
Walker, Lester
Walker, Louise Kirk
Walker, Mary Brown
Walker, R C
Walker, Robert Clint
Walker, Velma
Walker, Victor Calvin
Walker, Wanda Louisa
Walker, Willard
Walker, Willie Pearl
Walker, Winnie Lee
Walker, William Noel (Preach)
Wallace, Ernest Lloyd
Wallace, E V
Wallace, Julian
Wallem, Irma Davis
Wallis, Mrs Harry
Walton, Orval
Walton, Zona Gale Barten
Ward, Rex Edward
Ware, Carl W
Warren, Hillary Ross
Warren, John Henry
Warren, Mrs Hillary
Warren, Lvcurgus Decater
Warren, Mrs Steve
Warren, Nettie R Dick
Warrington, Thomas M
Warrington, Warren
Wasson, Frank
Watson, George Able Rev
Watson, Vera
Watts, Edwin
Watts, Luella Elizabeth
Watts, Vesta K
Wear, Baby
Wear, Earl
Wear, Murel Glenn
Weast, Lillie Mearl
Weast, Tommy
Weaver, John Sr
Weaver, John Jr
Weaver , William Derrel
Webb, Ara Pearl
Webb, Henry S
Webb, Inez Rebecca Gorton
Webb, Louis Percy
Webb, Malvina Salter
Weber, Julie Lee Davis
Weeks, Gene
Weeks, William W
Weiman, Fred
Weir, Gladys Pearl
Weir, Thomas Tyler
Weiser, Emery R
Weiser, Ross E
Wells, Elmer
Wells, Elsie Coon
Wells, Lee
Wells, Mrs
Wells, Parthnie
Wells, Robert Wesley
Welsh, Lillian
Welty, Wayne
Wentzel, Vida "Jo"
Wesner, Betty Potts
Wesner, Brian James
Wesner, Sgt Brian
Wesner, Marvin B
Wesner, Stephen Ray
West, Alva Lenora
West, Charles James
West, Elizabeth Ann Hogg
West, Ernestine
West, George V
West, Mandy Ellen
West, Mary Lee
West, Orma Scrivner
West, Seba Eugene
Wheeler, Ben
Wheeler, Bobby Dean
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, John Calvin
Wheeler, Lahoma
Wheeler, Leo Benjamin
Wheeler, Mrs Roy
Wheeler, Myrtle
Wheeler, Robert
Wheeler, Sarah (Sadie) Walker
Wheeler, William Dow
Wherritt, June Alene
Whinery, Olive
Whinery, Samuel Richard
Whipkey, Katie Mae
Whipkey, Vince
Whitaker, Lydia M
White, Billy "Gene"
White, Charles White Jr
White, Edgar S
White, Infant of Rev & Mrs H O
White, Franklin Leroy White Jr
White, George Van
White, Genareo Wynn
White, Gregory Kim
White, Jack Willis
White, James Herman
White, Lillian Delois
White, Mattie
White, Pearl Gresham
White, Viola Gladys (Leitner]
White, Warren Leslie
Whitledge, Ethel Mae
Whitson, Elmer "Lloyd"
Whitson, Jessie Thomas
Whitson, Lanita Marie
Whitson, Roy Wesley
Whitson, Theo
Whittington, Neal
Whittom, Arthur
Wick, Timothy Paul
Wickham, Carrel Raymond
Wickham, Grace Philomena
Wickizer, Jack L
Widener, Austin Norton
Widener, Freda Evelyn
Widener, Hugh F
Widener, Norman Clifford
Wiley, Child
Wiley, Emma
Wilkerson, Rev James Fredrick
Wilkerson, Nellie
Williams, Addie Miller
Williams, Beatrice Hawkins
Williams, Bretch Kelso
Williams, Clarence Garland
Williams, Clora
Williams, Dulsie Bell
Williams, Eugene
Williams, Eva
Williams, Frank C
Williams, Flossie Long
Williams, Gertrude I
Williams, Helen I Peterson
Williams, Henrietta P Stover
Williams, Homer Franklin
Williams, John M
Williams, Lee Edwin
Williams, Maxine
Williams, Melvin Ivan
Williams, Mrs M E
Williams, Oliver Martin
Williams, Patricia Emma Smith
Williams, Sophia May
Williamson, Della Sharlene
Williamson, Gabe Sr
Williamson, Linda Sue
Williamson, Wilma Jean Brown
Wills, Martha S
Wilmoth, Mary W
Wilson, Alice
Wilson, Alton J
Wilson, Arist Fay
Wilson, Baby Girl
Wilson, Baby Girl
Wilson, Bird
Wilson, Carl Vernon
Wilson, Charity Samantha
Wilson, E V "Red"
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann
Wilson, Eunice Lorene
Wilson, Iris Evelyn
Wilson, Infant Wilson - Dau of J J
Wilson, L X
Wilson, Marshal Eugene
Wilson, Martha M
Wilson, Nancy A DeArmond
Wilson, R C
Wilson, Roy L
Wilson, Temple Houston
Wimberley, Dr
Winburn, Dona Asylene
Winburn, John Martin
Winder, Billie Gean
Windle, Jessie Miller
Wingo, Joe L
Winkleblack, Lola Mae
Winn, Benjamin A
Winn, Charles H
Winstead, Thomas
Wohlgemuth, Neta Imogene Hart
Wood, Bessie Hester
Wood, Bud
Wood, Buster
Wood, Gordon Munsen
Wood, Ishmael Odell
Wood, Julie
Wood, Mary J
Wood, Odell
Wood, Polly
Woodall, Evelyn "Pud"
Woods, C A
Woods, Carl Edward
Woods, Calvin Monteville
Woods, Gertrude Emeline Martin
Woods, Infant
Woodward, Clyde
Woodward, Horace Rev
Wooka, Infant
Wooley, Carlene
Word, Jolena Lee
Workman, Betty Jo Bonser
Worley, Joel Marion
Wright, Ardie N
Wright, Asa Ruben
Wright, Blanch E
Wright, Cassie
Wright, David Lee
Wright, Elda Lewis
Wright, Elizabeth "Marlene'
Wright, Georgia
Wright, Jackie
Wright, James R Jr
Wright, Rosa
Wright, Sarah Ellen Wray
Wright, W B (Bill)
Wrobleski, Mary Ann V
Wyatt, Zip
Wylie, Earnest James
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Yell, Claud Raymond
Yell, Oscar F.
Yeoman, Leta
York, Bill
York, Jessie Elmira
York, Willie Hobart
York, Dayson Melton
York, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.
Yost, John Wesley
Yost, William Ralph
Young, Allison Clyde
Young, Audy Lenora Hammons
Young, Bessie McCain
Young, Chester Ray
Young, Claude E.
Young, Elmo
Young, Florence M
Young, Fred
Young, James W.
Young, Marie
Young, Mattie A
Young, Mrs. Florence M.
Young, Nancy Abbie
Young, Orville Alva
Young, O. H.
Young, Sherwood Price
Young, Vernie
Young, Vina Dee
Young, William Allison
Yowell, Delure Elizabeth
Yowell, Goldie
Yowell, Hubert Lee
Yowell, Joseph Earl
Yowell, Verna E
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Zimmerman, Berlin L.
Zimms, Arthur Nelson
Zimms, Floyd Reece
Zimms, Lorene May Brotherton
Zinkan, John
Zoldoske, Wilma Hayden
Zollner, Brent
Zollner, Clarence Howard Jr
Zybach, Irene Elizabeth

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