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gate photo
See layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Prairie View Cemetery
Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Jim Woodruff

Survey Updated 2003

Prairie View Cemetery, founded in 1903, is located about two miles east of Macomb or two miles west of Hwy 177 eight miles south of Tecumseh, OK. From Tecumseh, take Hwy 177 south to Hwy 59B. Go west on Hwy 59B two miles. The cemetery is on the north side of the road. I have listed the graves by row beginning at the west end of the cemetery and within the rows plots proceed from north to south. Example: R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of the fifth row from the east end. The first two rows are short rows in the far northwest corner of the cemetery. Also, some of the first eight rows are not straight, so you may have trouble finding the graves I have listed.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

Lot Number Last Name First & Middle Born Died Comments
R23-14 ADAMS Jack W. Dec 28 1930 Jun 2 1996 M SGT U. S. Air Force
See photo
R10-8 ALBERT Magdalena 1857 1915 Wife of Iler B. Albert
See photo
R10-9 ALBERT Iler B. 1853 1919 See photo
R6-5 ALLEN Edward D. 1865 1958 See photo
R6-6 ALLEN Lucie A. Jan 4 1827 Mar 27 1921 Mother
See photo
R6-23 ANDERSON Nellie May 16 1913 Feb 9 1972 Wife of Bud Anderson
See photo
R6-24 ANDERSON Bud 1913 1978 Veteran of World War II
See photo
R9-13 ARBAUGH Osburn C. Jan 23 1859 Jul 25 1945 See photo
R9-14 ARBAUGH Sarah E. Mar 19 1862 Dec 22 1954 Wife of Osborne C. Arbaugh
See photo
R6-10 BAILEY Baby No dates   See photo
R8-7BAILEYIda L.18641954 See photo
R8-8BAILEYClaude A.19011918 See photo
R8-9BAILEYJohn A.18571937 See photo
R11-25BAILEYL. D. "Bill"18851980 See photo
R11-26 BAILEY Eula Jessie 1903 1949 Wife of L. D. Bailey
See photo
R18-12 BAILEY Clara L. Feb 25 1903 May 18 1980 Wife of Jacob C. Bailey
See photo
R18-13 BAILEY Jacob C. May 21 1898 Jan 31 1980 See photo
R10-15 BAKER David F. 1857 1926 See photo
R10-13 BARNARD Ida Dec 16 1974 Sep 23 1916 Wife of Clay C. Barnard
See photo
R10-14 BARNARD Clay C. Aug 8 1869 Mar 3 1958 Company K IT US Vol. Inf. Sp. Amer. War
See photo
R22-2 BARNES Thomas L. Jun 29 1949 May 5 1996 U. S. Navy Vietnam
See photo
R3-15 BEALL Jack B. 1901 1967 See photo
R12-11 BENCE Susanne 1858 1924 Wife of Dr. Frank Bence
See photo
R12-12 BENCE Dr. Frank 1850 1921 See photo
R20-30 BERRY
Kenneth Ray Jul 19 1929 Feb 8 1984 PFC US Army Korea
See photo
R20-31 BERRY Ruby Ethel Nov 21 1910 Jul 11 1982 Wife of Donald P.
See photo
R20-32 BERRY John Mar 22 1903 Sep 26 1991 See photo
R21-18 BERRY Donald Paul Mar 14 1936 Apr 4 1988 Married Aug 25 1956
See photo
UNK BIEN David W. May 19 1954 Dec 2 2010 See obit
R10-17BIZZLEBettie LeeApr 2 1863Sep 14 1931 See photo
R11-8BIZZLEAnderson L.Sep 23 1861Jul 5 1936 See photo
R11-9 BIZZLE Newton Nov 25 1883 Jun 21 1946 See photo
R11-10BIZZLETessieDec 5 1891May 2 1958 See photo
R18-25BLAGGRuth R.Apr 6 1907Jan 23 1994Wife of Hubert A.
See photo
R18-26BLAGGHubert A.Feb 17 1907Mar 30 1984 See photo
R7-1BLYTHEMinnie E.Oct 10 1880Dec 14 1934 See photo
R7-2BLYTHEWinford19121912Age 6 months
See photo
R7-3BLYTHEJohnnieJan 24 1908Jul 1 1908Son of G. W. and M. E.
See photo
R7-4BLYTHEGrandma18491931 See photo
R7-5BLYTHEGeorge W. S.Jan 3 1869Nov 29 1951 See photo
R7-8BLYTHEWill "Bill"Jun 13 1903Feb 11 1976 See photo
Sidney Allen4/8/19019/13/1968CPL Air Service WW I
See photo
R7-10BLYTHEWillie C.Nov 6 1909Apr 3 1980Wife of Sidney A.
See photo
R7-11BLYTHEOrlie DeanOct 20 1934Oct 31 1934 See photo
R7-12BLYTHEOrvinSep 17 1933Feb 9 1988 See photo
R11-31BLYTHEEdith M.Oct 25 1911May 28 1977Wife of Earl
See photo
R11-32BLYTHEEarlMar 14 1911Apr 16 1984Married Dec 24 1946
See photo
R20-1BLYTHEGeorge T.Aug 17 1907Dec 5 1984Married to Lois 49 years
See photo
R3-10BOATMANNora B. WaldrupMay 6 1929Oct 7 1997 See photo
R25-5BONEChip AllanSep 21 1994Sep 21 1994Son of Jeff and Rebecca
See photo
R21-15BOWERMANEdith MarieApr 29 1920Dec 19 1981Wife of Otis W.
See photo
R21-16BOWERMANOtis WilliamJun 29 1906Feb 26 1976 See photo
R17-7BRANCHClaudeFeb 2 1901Jun 25 1989 See photo
R10-18BREWERO. C.Sep 12 1883May 1 1935 See photo
R10-19BREWEREula L.18891970 See photo
R15-13BROCKMary E.Jul 25 1845Mar 20 1927Wife of William J.
See photo
R15-14BROCKWilliam J.Jun 19 1841Jan 22 1936 See photo
R15-15BROCKJohn L.Jan 7 1870Jan 1 1941 See photo
R12-10BROWNRobert NewtonApr 24 1912Sep 20 1913 See photo
R13-34BROWNEva18911960Wife of Donald
See photo
R13-35BROWNDonald18911977Married Oct 3 1910
See photo
R14-18BROWNDorothy V.Apr 4 1931May 15 1996Wife of Apollos W.
See photo
Apollos WilburOct 16 1921May 25 1980CPL US Army World War II
See photo
R15-30BROWNEdmond "Chuck"Dec 26 1918Oct 17 1988 See photo
R15-31 BROWN Ruth E. Jan 9 1919 Sep 12 1997 Wife of Oscar C. Brown
See obit
See photo
R15-32 BROWN Oscar C. Jan 19 1912 Sep 13 1990 Married May 14 1953
See photo
R3-19BUCHANANRonaldMay 10 1958May 10 1958 See photo
R3-20BUCHANANDonaldMay 10 1958May 10 1958 See photo
R13-19BUCKMASTERLela MotleyAug 28 1924Sep 21 2000 See photo
R18-8BURDENArieJul 12 1868Mar 28 1962Mother
See photo
R18-9BURDENAlva LesterJun 28 1908May 1 1989Married Sep 26 1931
See photo
R18-10BURDENDorothy E.Jul 8 1910Feb 21 1999Wife of Alva L.
See photo
R6-11BYRDEltonNov 30 1908Mar 3 1911Son of G. T. and N. L.
See photo
R6-12BYRDGeorge T.Oct 24 1875Jun 16 1937 See photo
R12-6CALLAWAYDaniel JuliusFeb 2 1921Nov 18 1922 See photo
R12-7CALLAWAYVerdun JoeFeb 27 1939May 10 1940 See photo
R12-8CALLAWAYLanta I.Jan 2 1898Jul 20 1996Wife of Travis
See photo
R12-9CALLAWAYTravisAug 5 1895Dec 31 1972Married Dec 31 1917
See photo
R20-18CALLAWAYElva H.May 1 1921Nov 27 1996Wife of Jack R.
See photo
Jack R.Jun 21 1923Feb 13 1978US Army
See photo
R9-39CARDEROrtha E. SellJun 23 1917Jul 8 1978 See photo
R12-23CARDERAddie SheppardJun 23 1918Apr 1938 See photo
R15-29CARDERLevi18731932 See photo
R8-19CARNAHANMonah L.Oct 30 1903Aug 22 1995 See photo
R20-13CHAPMANHerbert H.Apr 15 1912Oct 26 1998Reser Funeral Home
See photo
R15-10CLANTONIva R.Jul 11 1911Dec 23 1916 See photo
R13-12CLARKMartha A.May 24 1860Feb 9 1922Wife of Francis M.
See photo
R13-13CLARKFrancis M.Apr 27 1857Mar 15 1925 See photo
R13-14CLARKLula B.Jul 26 1896May 7 1917Daughter of F. M. and Martha
See photo
R14-12CLARKAlva C.Oct 19 1917Nov 5 1918 See photo
R14-13CLARKAnna BellNov 28 1915Aug 23 1919 See photo
R12-24CLEMENTRobert E.May 29 1871Aug 19 1941 See photo
R12-25CLEMENTSarah E.May 11 1877Jul 29 1959 See photo
Billy C.Apr 25 1925Dec 3 1981US Army World War II
See photo
R19-6CLEMENTStella B.Aug 29 1888Jun 18 1976 See photo
R19-7CLEMENTCharlie M.Aug 23 1890Jan 30 1965 See photo
R6-13CLEMENTSInfantMay 2 1908May 2 1908Son of J. F. and A. E.
See photo
R23-3CLOCKReEtta B.Jan 9 1921Apr 16 1992Wife of Russell
See photo
R23-4CLOCKRussellJan 6 1915Apr 16 1991 See photo
Jimmy R.May 6 1944Jan 21 1994US Army
See photo
R9-18COBBNathan18651940 See photo
R9-19COBBRachel Elder18881971 See photo
R16-8 COBB Infant Feb 22 1936 Feb 24 1936 Daughter of Mae and Ed
See photo
R16-9 COBB Wilma June Nov 28 1934 Feb 1 1936 Older stone had death Nov 1 1937
See photo
R18-30COBBLillie MaeMay 5 1906Apr 22 1989Wife of James E.
See photo
R18-31 COBB James Edward Jan 17 1896 Dec 22 1987 Married Mar 24 1930
US Army World War I
See photo
R18-32 COBB George Henry Feb 2 1901 Aug 21 1980 Brother
See photo
R18-33 COBB Lonnie Lee Apr 30 1894 Jan 27 1973 Uncle Lee
See photo
R10-5 COLEMAN Nora Aug 16 1889 Nov 29 1911 Wife of O. S.
See photo
R10-6 COLEMAN Wilson Jul 19 1887 Feb 18 1920 See photo
R10-7 COLEMAN C. R. Feb 10 1857 Mar 4 1938 See photo
R12-4 COLEMAN Elbert Aug 5 1933 Aug 8 1933 See photo
R12-5 COLEMAN Delbert Aug 5 1934 Aug 8 1934 See photo
R20-14 COLEMAN Dee Roy Sr. Sep 9 1902 Aug 3 1972 Father
See photo
R18-15 COLEY Alta Dutton Oct 10 1900 May 25 1996 See photo
R20-38 COLEY William M. "Buck" Mar 2 1899 Sep 8 1981 See photo
R12-19 COMA Harrit Jun 185? Dec 29 1935 Difficult to read
10 CONDON Webster B. 1859 1923  
R10-11 CONDON Helen Freitag 1871 1955  
R10-12 CONDON Mary Louise 1926 1926 See photo
R8-27 COOK Cheryl Jean Aug 17 1953 Aug 17 1953 Daughter of Irene and Bill
See photo
R22-1 COOK Jackie E. Jun 4 1977 Jul 2 1999 See photo
R13-2 COOPER Arline Nov 7 1917 Nov 26 1933 Son of Fannie
See photo
R13-3 COOPER Albert J. Jun 29 1905 Mar 9 1916 Brother of Fannie E.
R13-4 COOPER Fannie E. Mar 26 1884 Mar 11 1924 Wife of George A.
See photo
R13-5 COOPER Hubert H. Jan 4 1904 May 29 1933 See photo
R22-3 COPE Bessie Clement Oct 8 1919   Wife of Elwood T. Cope
See photo
R22-3 COPE Elwood Thomas Jul 28 1911 Sep 17 1985 Married Aug 15 1938
See photo
R9-22 CORNELL Abbie Melcher 1847 1935 See photo
R8-1 COTTEN Edward G. Jun 18 1848 Dec 11 1918 See photo
R9-35 COUCH Edward C. Apr 14 1901 Jun 26 1960 See photo
R9-36 COUCH Lola Feb 28 1911 May 22 1990 See photo
R20-7 DAY
Jasper Glen Nov 28 1921 Jun 18 1977 Married Aug 8 1947
U. S. Army
See photo
R2 DAY Billie Ruth Cope Mar 1 1928 Apr 13 2001 Wife of Jasper G. Day
See photo
R13-15 DeJONGE Nellie C. Jul 28 1900 Mar 23 1993 Wife of Jasper G. Day
See photo
R13-16 DeJONGE John Nov 13 1913 Jun 13 1993 See photo
Ira Mar 26 1887 Sep 29 1953 357 Infantry World War I
See photo
R3-31 DELANEY M. Lionel Feb 12 1890 May 2 1952 See photo
R3-32 DELANEY Karen Sue Oct 31 1946 Jan 15 1947 See photo
R3-33 DELANEY Infant Apr 12 1941 Apr 12 1941 Daughter of James
See photo
R23-9 DENNEY John Robert Dec 22 1945 Jan 15 1997 See photo
R21-17 DODGION Gene H. Sep 23 1928 Arp 28 2002 TSGT USAF Korea
See photo
R13-6 DOSS Emalie Jul 12 191? Jul 12 1916 Stone is broken
R14-14 DOUGLAS George W. Oct 5 1896 Feb 18 1957 See photo
R14-15 DOUGLAS Effie Jun 10 1873 Apr 26 1940 Wife of George W.
See photo
R15-23 DOUGLAS Infant Jun 30 1935 Jun 30 1935 Son of Delmar
See photo
R15-24 DOUGLAS Donald Gene Aug 25 1939 Aug 31 1939 See photo
R20-4 DOWELL Gene Jul 27 1914 Oct 28 1994 See photo
R20-5 DOWELL Madge Mar 19 1914 Sep 30 1990 Wife of Gene
See photo
R20-6 DOWELL David Kirk Mar 3 1943 May 18 1973 See photo
R3-2 EDGIN Charles F. Jul 25 1889 Apr 20 1954 See photo
R3-3 EDGIN Maxine J. Sep 22 1914 Aug 17 1916 See photo
R4-2 EDGIN Samuel J. May 8 1899 Feb 22 1952 See photo
R4-4 EDGIN Addie Jul 23 1883 Feb 25 1910 See photo
R4-5 EDGIN Beulah Jan 11 1904 Sep 9 1919 See photo
R4-6 EDGIN Alice W. Aug 27 1863 Oct 27 1915 See photo
R4-7 EDGIN David C. Mar 7 1887 Aug 13 1911 See photo
R5-1 EDGIN James H. Jan 23 1851 Jan 10 1941 See photo
R12-14 EGGERS C. G. 1854 1928 See photo
R20-35 EGGERS Edwin Joe Jul 1 1916 Nov 6 1975 World War II Korea
See photo
R9-21 ELDER Edolphus Roscoe Dec 21 1886 Dec 23 1965 See photo
R9-2 ELLIS Emma Elizabeth Apr 14 1862 No date See photo
R9-3 ELLIS Daniel Harvey Dec 24 1850 Mar 9 1926 See photo
R11-1 FARMER Birtie Opel Mar 6 1914 Nov 26 1915 Daughter of B. A. and M. A.
See photo
R20-20 FISHER Mable Hughes Sep 19 1919 Aug 11 2002 See photo
R14-16 FLOWERS Beatrice Oct 19 1907 Nov 14 1975 Wife of Victor
See photo
R14-17 FLOWERS Victor Apr 3 1904 Oct 4 1976 See photo
R2-2 FLOYD Noah Oct 13 1903 Mar 8 1904 Son of H. C. and E. L.
See photo
R3-14 FOLKS S. L. "Dee" Aug 13 1890 Sep 21 1949 See photo
R14-5 FORBES Donald A. May 11 1914 Aug 1 1914 See photo
R20-2 FORBES Lillie V. Sep 19 1893 Nov 15 1994 Wife of Delmer C.
See photo
R20-3 FORBES Delmer C. Jun 23 1888 Feb 20 1980 Married Jun 11 1913
See photo
R23-6 FUCHS Polly Jo Ellis Jul 30 1949 Dec 8 2000 Wife of Delbert
See obit
R23-7 FUCHS Opal L. Jan 30 1911 May 12 1992 Wife of Gilbert C.
18 children listed
See photo
R23-8 FUCHS Gilbert C. Feb 13 1901 Mar 30 1998 Married Jun 12 1929
See photo
R23-10 FUCHS John Robert Dec 22 1945 Jan 12 1997  
R11-20 GARRETSON Eunice 1918 1998 Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
R11-21GARRETSONBurleigh Hugh19171995 See photo
R11-24GARRETSONJeri LynnMar 21 1962Mar 21 1962Daughter of Don and Mary
See photo
R9-15GARRISONTaylorFeb 27 1908Aug 23 1958 See photo
R9-16GARRISONJahuJun 5 1878Nov 18 1953 See photo
R9-17GARRISONMaryMar 17 1875May 11 1930 See photo
William D.Dec 13 1838May 8 1919Company K Georgia Reg. CSA
See photo
R20-25GAYTawana "Tootie"Oct 16 1923Mar 6 1988 See photo
R25-1GREENVelma E.Feb 21 1923Jun 26 1992Wife of Lee Roy
See photo
R25-2GREENLee RoyJan 1 1918Jul 15 2002Married Oct 26 1946
See photo
R13-7GREERJuanita L.Sep 15 1918Feb 13 1920Daughter of Arthur
See photo
R22-8 GRIFFIN Franklin Arnal Mar 3 1905 May 12 2000 Married Feb 24 1927
See obit
See photo
R22-7 GRIFFIN Lucitta Viola Johnson Nov 3 1907 Jun 23 1990 Wife of Franklin A.
See photo
Melvin W.Jun 8 1928Jul 27 1989SA US Navy Korea
See photo
R9-6GRISSOMJohn ThurmanOct 23 1909Mar 13 1911 See photo
R15-7HARTVernard19151918 See photo
Charles C.Oct 16 1937Dec 27 2002US Army
See photo
R21-6HAWKINSRuby A.Jul 8 1908Nov 17 1993Wife of Dan
See photo
R21-7 HAWKINS Dan Aug 23 1895 Feb 29 1980 Married Nov 5 1923
See photo
Daniel JosephJan 24 1930Mar 28 1985PVT USA Korea
See photo
R3-11HENDERSONInanell and AunzellJun 25 1940Jun 25 1940 See photo
R12-3HENDERSONEmma Villines18891926 See photo
R18-6HENDERSONJames AnthonyMar 5 1893Mar 20 1967 See photo
R18-7HENDERSONAllie E.Dec 20 1895Aug 21 1984Wife of James A.
See photo
RayNov 28 1921Oct 6 1994TEC5 USA World War II
See photo
R6-17HILTONLevita June19351935Age 6 months
R11-7HINDSAudrey E.Oct 20 1886Dec 23 1930 See photo
Ralph ArnoldDec 12 1913Jul 25 1968PHM1 US Naval Reserves WW II
See photo
R12-15HUGHESOliver HarrisonJun 2 1934Jul 19 1934 See photo
R12-16HUGHESJane AnnJan 25 1867Aug 17 1950 See photo
Thomas OttomerAug 6 1894Nov 27 1970F3 US Navy World War I
See photo
R20-21HUGHESWilber A.Oct 29 1889Jan 5 1972 See photo
R8-11HUGHSRev. H. M.Dec 5 1858Aug 11 1926 See photo
R3-26HUMPHREYCharles W.Jul 9 1922Jan 26 1973 See photo
R3-27HUMPHREYWeda JeanSep 30 1928Dec 21 1969 See photo
R3-28HUMPHREYCharlie F.Dec 23 1876Mar 5 1963 See photo
R3-29HUMPHREYNova E.Jun 29 1891Aug 7 1958Wife of Charlie F.
See photo
R8-12HUNTERMary EttaAug 16 1933Aug 24 1933 See photo
R17-5HUNTERBettyMar 13 1905Dec 9 1981Wife of Roy
See photo
R17-6HUNTERRoyNov 28 1901May 25 1997 See photo
R3-1ISLEYElla EdginMar 29 1892May 16 1964 See photo
R9-37JACKSONGertie J.Oct 23 1894Jan 251977Wife of Virgil L.
See photo
R9-38JACKSONVirgil L.Dec 2 1894Aug 8 1952 See photo
R6-29JETTArba EarnestApr 16 1900May 9 1975 See photo
R3-24JOHNSONEula D.Jun 13 1885Oct 29 1965Wife of Leonard C.
See photo
R3-25JOHNSONLeonard C.Nov 12 1884Jul 18 1966 See photo
R9-20JUDAHLucille C.Nov 28 1907Mar 17 1964 See photo
R20-33KAFFERMARY ALICE2/29/19082/28/1990Wife of Carl
See photo
R20-34KAFFERCARL4/16/190812/29/1985 See photo
R11-18KAPPUSAMBROSE FRED2/5/18856/28/1977 See photo
R11-19KAPPUSDORA HELEN11/23/18838/15/1961Wife of Ambrose F.
See photo
HARRY M.8/27/18972/24/1962PVT US Army WW I
See photo
R10-3KELLERMABEL1/20/19023/4/1920Daughter of W.H. & L.E.
See photo
R19-2KELLYMILDRED (McKINNEY)1/29/19267/5/1999 See photo
R9-23KIMEWILL18851940 See photo
EDWARD J.6/29/19213/29/1993US Army WW II
See photo
R9-25KIMEADA CATHERINE2/2/18928/14/1979 See photo
R9-26KIMEALBERT "FRANK"10/3/18878/7/1970 See photo
WESLEY9/3/19178/2/1981US Army WW II
See photo
R8-13 KING H. J. 11/7/1900 5/4/1941 See photo
R8-14 KING JIM No dates    
R8-15 KINGLOUELLANo dates   
R9-34KINNONETHEL8/20/18956/26/1946 See photo
R9-4KIRKENDALLIMA VIVIAN2/8/19153/18/1916 See photo
R8-10KLINGLESMITHC. T.3/12/184610/6/1973 See photo
R21-3KLINGLESMITHCLARA A.6/17/19032/24/1985Wife of John C.
See photo
JOHN C.6/13/18968/5/1975SEA2 US Navy WW I
See photo
R20-36KYLENORMA E.9/26/19083/13/1980Wife of Joe R.
See photo
R20-37KYLEJOE R.5/22/19089/9/2002 See photo
R6-27LAMIRANDGLADYS V.8/22/191912/7/1997 See photo
R15-22LANEINFANT5/20/19325/20/1932Son of W.L.
See photo
R16-6LASENBERRYBELVA JANE2/17/19487/21/1975 See photo
R17-8LASENBERRYMILDRED J.12/27/192412/31/1998Wife of V.E. "Ed"
See photo
R17-9LASENBERRYV. E. "ED"1/27/19246/1/1993 See photo
R6-7LEEPERBESSIE4/7/18686/24/1924Wife of Albert
See photo
R6-8LEEPERALBERT10/3/18663/24/1933 See photo
R6-9LEEPERBETTIE11/11/18662/13/1915Wife of Albert
See photo
R5-4LOWERYEDYTHE19211996 See photo
R5-5LOWERYJOHN WESLEY JR.6/10/19278/24/1993 See photo
R6-30LOWERYBABYNo datesSon of John & Edith
See photo
R6-31LOWERYJACKIE D.12/1/194511/2/1960 See photo
R6-32LOWERYJENNIE MAE4/7/190510/22/1993Mar. John 4/30/1926
See photo
JOHN W. SR.7/8/18943/22/1962PVT US Army WW I
See photo
R20-15MANNEMILY (COLEMAN)7/26/19063/3/1976Mother
See photo
R18-22MARTINKATIE ORA9/19/18838/20/1971Wife of John B.
See photo
R18-23MARTINJOHN BATTLE9/3/18806/27/1968 See photo
R18-24MARTINKENT RAY19211996 See photo
R15-4MASTINOLIVER P.18761947 See photo
R15-5MASTINOTIS H.1/11/191312/31/1915Son of O.P. & Lizzie
See photo
R15-6MASTINELIZABETH18931921Wife of Oliver P.
See photo
R11-33MATHEWSIRENE MARIE12/15/19473/15/2001 See photo
R25-3MAYBERRYGRACE INA MAE6/1/192811/24/1992  
R18-27McBEEEFFIE B. (MARTIN)10/26/19042/16/1987 See photo
R6-18McGLASSONGEORGE W.3/19/194010/26/1981 See photo
R6-19McGLASSONMAUDIE M.19091995Stanley-Lee Funeral Hm.
See photo
R19-3McKINNEYGENE12/25/19014/25/1981 See photo
R19-4McKINNEYMATTIE3/27/18984/17/1981Wife of Gene
See photo
DOUGLAS FLOYD6/10/19254/27/2000USA WW II, Pur. Hrt.
See photo
R17-2MEGEHEEDOUGLAS LEROY II5/7/19715/21/1992 See photo
R9-28MELOTT CATHERINE S.2/25/19267/23/1982Wife of Jack Craig
See photo
R3-12MELVINWILLIE B.18931947 See photo
R3-13MELVINWALTER 18901974 See photo
R5-2MELVINP. P.6/17/18532/10/1910 See photo
R24-2MERRELLKIRK10/16/19611/26/2002Husband of Leeann
See photo
R21-19MILLSARLIE VERDO8/4/19154/23/1989 See photo
R9-29MINYARDROY19031968 See photo
R9-30MINYARDETTIE18701945Wife of William
See photo
R9-31MINYARDWILLIAM18661946 See photo
R6-36MITCHELLDOLLIE V. (THACKREY)4/12/18971/17/1968 See photo
R7-6MITCHELLBERTHA V.4/4/19004/13/1978Wife of Lester R.
See photo
R7-7MITCHELLLESTER R.7/22/189310/18/1971 See photo
R8-2MITCHELLWILLIAM REED3/9/18506/26/1934 See photo
R8-3MITCHELLMANDY M.6/10/18561/1/1918Wife of William R.
See photo
R8-4MITCHELLBILL R.1/15/18778/15/1956 See photo
R8-5MITCHELLCARRIE M.11/11/18815/21/1951Wife of Ben M.
See photo
R8-6MITCHELLBEN M.6/8/188111/3/1916 See photo
UNKNOWNMOONBETTY19342011Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
R13-30MOONMINNIE LUE10/23/18858/2/1979Wife of William T.
See photo
R13-31MOONWILLIAM THOMAS8/7/18793/9/1962Born Summerville, TX
See photo
R13-32MOORELILLIE VIRENA6/20/18871/26/1966Wife of James B.
See photo
R13-33MOOREJAMES B.12/17/18826/6/1966 See photo
R20-41MOORELINDA L.5/8/196410/6/1996Mar. Timmothy 6/1/1995
See photo
R20-42MOORETIMMOTHY M.4/8/196810/6/1996 See photo
R15-28MORRELINFANT5/12/19295/12/1929Son of John & Zula
See photo
R1-1MOTLEYTHOMAS S.18646/1899Son of J.R. & Malinda
See photo
R1-2MOTLEYLUDA MAE6/6/19084/27/1909 See photo
R13-9MOTLEYMALINDA (HARKEY)3/18332/1917Wife of John R.
See photo
R13-10MOTLEYINFANT19171917Son of John & Ethel
See photo
R13-11MOTLEYBABY10/30/191810/30/1918Son of Lafe & Effie
See photo
R13-17MOTLEYJAMES R.12/5/18596/22/1927 See photo
R13-18MOTLEYMATTIE1/2/18725/21/1961 See photo
R13-20MOTLEYJESSIE R. (CORNELL)6/26/188912/22/1965Mar. Oscar 1/6/1910
See photo
R13-21MOTLEYOSCAR S.2/25/18869/26/1928Son of James & Ozella
See photo
R13-22MOTLEYEFFIE7/22/18986/19/1986Wife of Lafe M.
See photo
R13-23MOTLEYLAFE M.6/10/18977/7/1960 See photo
R13-24MOTLEYSARAH11/28/18708/26/1931 See photo
R13-25MOTLEYW. M.4/28/186611/12/1937 See photo
R13-26MOTLEYJAMES LENARD11/15/18897/7/1935 See photo
R13-27MOTLEYMAGGIE LEA8/1/189111/25/1982Wife of James L.
See photo
R13-28MOTLEYVIRGIL L. "BUSS"2/29/191210/28/1941 See photo
See photo
R18-19MOTLEYBOBBY FRANK7/1/19408/1/1974 See photo
R18-20MOTLEYE. F. "PETE"3/5/19045/15/1992 See photo
R18-21MOTLEYBEULAH6/16/19053/26/1993Wife of E.F. "Pete"
See photo
R15-17MULDERORA GLADYS19151934 See photo
R15-18MULDERTHELMA L.2/19/19336/27/1949 See photo
R15-19MULDEREVELYN A.10/21/19346/27/1949 See photo
R15-20MULDERCORA L.10/21/19075/31/1952 See photo
R15-21MULDERHENRY J.9/24/187311/13/1954 See photo
R16-3MULDERJOHN C.11/17/19062/9/1983Shaw Funeral Home
See photo
R24-3MULLINSVENES O.1/12/194610/10/2000 See photo
R8-28MURPHYKATHARINE1/24/19082/5/1962Mar. Eber 4/14/1924
See photo
R8-29MURPHYEBER F.7/12/19046/26/1979 See photo
R9-40MURPHYMELLIE V.9/13/19101/28/2001 See photo
R9-41MURPHYMATTIE L.8/2/18863/22/1963Wife of Charles H.
See photo
CHARLES HENRY2/1/18797/29/1960PVT 29 Vol. Inf. Sp. Amer. War
See photo
R9-43MURPHYJ. STEVE8/8/19339/24/1948 See photo
R18-1NELSONANNIE8/10/19245/31/1976 See photo
LEMUEL E.1/6/19155/31/1972PFC 75 CAC WW II
See photo
R4-1OWENGEORGE N.18691926 See photo
R18-11PARRAMOREDUARD8/30/19024/30/1966Mar. Anna 8/10/1928
See photo
R3-16PICKERINGJULIA J.3/15/19103/22/1980Wife of Laurel A.
See photo
R3-17PICKERINGLAUREL A.3/1/19026/17/1977 See photo
UnknownPITTMANETHEL ORENA (HUGHES)6/22/18885/11/1928Dau of Hardin & Jane
UnknownPITTMANVELMA MAY5/27/19367/2/1937Dau of Thomas & Martha
R11-27POLKINFANTNo dates Son of E.R.
See photo
R11-28POLKMATILDA B.9/1/18691/6/1957 See photo
R11-11PORTERMARY LOUISE9/15/18702/14/1958 See photo
R11-12PORTERJAMES HAMPTON10/13/18552/9/1931 See photo
R13-8PORTEREDWARD4/22/19294/22/1929 See photo
JESSIE M.9/23/190110/11/1968PVT Med Dept WW II
See photo
R18-4PORTERLAURA V.11/8/189911/4/1982 See photo
RANDALL K.5/18/19553/25/1992US Navy VIETNAM
See photo
R18-29POSTLULA ANNA7/21/19305/8/1997 See photo
R20-39POWERSGERTRUDE B.11/27/19181/10/1982Wife of Cecil
See photo
CECIL E.7/14/19185/29/1988PFC US Army WW II
See photo
JAMES A.12/4/193911/8/1993PFC USA VIETNAM
See photo
R15-16PYLELEONA C.18891931 See photo
R12-13RADLELETA B.7/9/18906/11/1971 See photo
R14-2RAGERRUBY L.6/22/192210/31/1922 See photo
R14-3RAGERZOE A.11/5/19121/4/1916Daughter of E.L. & M.O.
See photo
R14-4RAGERCHESLER M.11/23/19141/2/1915Son of E.L. & M.O.
See photo
JAMES EARL12/27/19297/23/2001MSGT USAF Korea
See photo
R6-14RAYNOMAH B.7/20/19045/20/1923Daughter of W.E. & H.T.
See photo
R6-15RAYWILMA E.11/17/18862/24/1968Wife of H.T.
See photo
R6-16RAYH. T.12/1/18829/19/1964 See photo
ROBERT H.8/5/19245/12/1993USMC WW II
See photo
R16-1REDWINEJOHN W.18641936 See photo
R16-2REDWINESARAH18741936Wife of John W.
See photo
R6-4REIDSUSAN C.5/15/18411/21/1916Wife of Fred
See photo
R9-7REYNOLDSTROY19071923 See photo
R9-8REYNOLDSARCENIA LEE18671935 See photo
R9-9REYNOLDSJOHN HENRY18641940 See photo
GEORGE B.6/6/189210/11/1986USA Co. B, 357 Inf.
See photo
R3-18RHODDCURTIS WAYNE5/18/19615/20/1961 See photo
R16-4RICHARDSONEARL8/13/191812/1/1978 See photo
R21-10RICHARDSONZELTA J. M.10/23/19222/17/2001 See photo
GARY GENE11/4/195110/4/2002PV2 USA Vietnam
See photo
R12-2RIGSBYS. W.3/8/187910/27/1918Woodsmen of the World
See photo
R11-13RITCHIEELIZABETH12/4/186611/3/1936Wife of Isom S.
See photo
R11-14RITCHIEISOM S.8/18/18608/9/1941 See photo
WILLIAM E.9/12/18939/30/1943PVT US Army QMC
See photo
R11-16RITCHIEOMA M.3/31/18995/13/1971Wife of William E.
See photo
WILLIAM H.8/3/19219/28/1953MSGT USAAF WW II
See photo
R15-8RITCHIEESTHER11/13/19161/24/1917Daughter of L.D. & M.R.
See photo
R15-25ROERALPH THOMAS7/31/191712/11/1932 See photo
R15-26ROELILLIE E.4/3/188310/4/1935Wife of Jarrett
See photo
R15-27ROEJARRETT5/16/18779/11/1948 See photo
JACK19201971PVT 29 INF. WW II
See photo
R2-1 ROSE MAUD 10/28/1893 12/16/1900 Daughter of J.T. & E.L.
See photo
R20-16ROSELIUSTHELMA A.7/24/19107/4/1997 See photo
R20-17ROSELIUSJOHN F.10/4/18993/24/1973 See photo
R20-23ROSELIUSVIOLA MAE11/18/18997/5/1985Mar. Charles 1/22/1918
See photo
CHARLES LUE10/18/189612/21/1973PVT US Army
See photo
UNK ROSELIUS JACK 8/18/1921 3/5/2007 See obit
JOHN ACE7/8/18892/28/1964PVT 345 Inf. WW I
See photo
R6-26ROSSJ. B. "BILLY"5/28/19274/17/1968 See photo
R20-29RUSHSHANE LEE12/23/198112/24/1981 See photo
R11-6RUSSELLJESSIE (SHEPPARD)8/15/19061/28/1934 See photo
J. N.No dates Co. A, 153 IND Inf.
See photo
R11-22RUTLEDGENAN ALICE7/12/18883/4/1943Wife of William C.
See photo
R11-23RUTLEDGEWILLIAM C.4/17/18869/13/1960 See photo
R15-11RUTLEDGELEONA19011927 See photo
R15-12RUTLEDGEW. D. ??No dates Difficult to read
R24-4SANDOVALOLANo dates Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
R9-11SAPPENFIELDJULIA J.1/5/18646/15/1932Wife of Ephram M.
See photo
R9-12SAPPENFIELDEPHRAM M.8/27/186412/4/1935 See photo
R6-28SAWYERREJEANA ANN12/5/196312/5/1963 See photo
R21-1SAWYERPEARL R.12/31/190610/4/1990Mar. Willard 11/17/1942
See photo
WILLIARD I.2/17/19071/2/1991US Army WW II
See photo
R14-1SCHUMACHERROSE (SPRAY)3/22/191011/2/1996B. Eisenhower Fun. Home
See photo
R17-3SCOTTARIE E.7/20/19144/3/1988Mar. Melford 2/9/1931
See photo
R17-4SCOTTMELFORD C.11/12/19065/1/1999 See photo
R20-22SEARSGLEN EARNEST5/20/19184/25/1973Mar. Verma 5/6/1939
See photo
R20-22ASEARSVERMA AGNES5/15/191812/26/2008Mar. Glen 5/6/1939
See photo
HARLEY DEE4/28/19412/2/1995US Navy VIETNAM
See photo
R9-5SELVIDGEESSIE (KIRKENDALL)8/9/18807/18/1963 See photo
R11-29SHEPPARDROSA LEE18801952 See photo
R11-30SHEPPARDTHOMAS T.18681952 See photo
R12-20SHEPPARDFRANCIS E.3/19/188411/9/1965Wife of Luther E.
See photo
R12-21SHEPPARDLUTHER EDGAR6/29/18821/19/1938 See photo
R12-22SHEPPARDCHARLES LINDBERGH7/31/192710/27/1968 See photo
R13-1SHEPPARDLOUANNA4/19/19206/16/1921 See photo
WILLIAM RAY5/23/19169/2/1965SSGT 163 AAA WW II
See photo
R21-9 SHEPPARDTHOMAS "PETE"6/9/19101/16/1981Husband of Eula
See photo
R8-22 SHIREY Unknown      
R8-23 SHIREY Unknown      
R8-24SHIREYMAY18941993Wife of Alex
See photo
R8-25SHIREYALEX18921945 See photo
L. CLYDE10/11/19207/15/1986PVT US Army WW II
See photo
R10-4SHIREYFLOYD12/17/19141/8/1922 See photo
R23-11SILERGEORGIA ANN11/11/19288/13/1999Mar. Guy 1/5/1957
See photo
R10-16SMITHWILLIAM ISAAC11/11/18949/7/1934 See photo
R9-32SPARKSHIRAM T.11/15/187611/12/1953 See photo
R9-33SPARKSBELLE4/28/18814/9/1966Wife of Hiram T.
See photo
R6-1SPORTSMANMINNIE7/16/18643/14/1931 See photo
R6-2SPORTSMANGILLIE V.8/26/18394/21/1922Wife of Thomas A.
See photo
R6-3SPORTSMANTHOMAS A.5/27/18366/6/1917 See photo
R14-6SPRAYCARRA MATILDA9/23/19011/27/1985Wife of William T.
See photo
R14-7SPRAYWILLIAM THOMAS10/7/19013/2/1982 See photo
R14-8SPRAYALICE18791953 See photo
R14-9SPRAYWILLIAM H.7/2/18714/23/1949 See photo
R14-10SPRAYGRADY L.3/26/190410/28/1917Son of W.H. & M.A.
See photo
R14-11SPRAYEARNEST C.5/12/18995/2/1914 See photo
R15-1SPRAYW. W.18411923 See photo
EVERETT N.6/1/189812/9/1969CM3 USNRF WW I
See photo
R15-2STAPLESTHOMAS J.6/28/18591/5/1918 See photo
R15-3STAPLESJAMES H.1/3/186512/22/1934 See photo
R20-26STAPPBOBBIE JO2/9/19266/8/1982Wife of Kenneth W.
See photo
KENNETH WALTER8/12/19217/8/1988US Navy WW II
See photo
KENNETH JOE "KJ"4/8/19512/17/2003US Army Vietnam
See photo
UnknownSTEFFEYJAMES FLEMIN8/5/184012/16/1912No Stone
R18-17STUARTTERESA DIANA11/29/19546/28/1967 See photo
JOHN ROY5/2/18972/21/1968PVT WW I
See photo
R22-10TEEGARDENMARY (TOWNES)3/8/191111/20/1996 See photo
WALTER LEE9/9/19273/23/1987SGT US Army KOREA
See photo
R21-12TEETEREMMA MARIE9/8/19054/3/1984 See photo
SAMUEL EUGENE1/18/192910/25/1990CPL US Army
See photo
R22-4TERRYVIVLE B.5/26/19236/17/2000Wife of James C.
See photo
R22-5TERRYJAMES C.6/20/19298/9/1938 See photo
R22-6TERRYDARRELL RAY6/1/19665/12/1983 See photo
WADE JR.1/15/19482/15/1968CPL USA VIETNAM
See photo
R6-35THACKREYOMER E.12/17/18743/11/1959 See photo
R11-5THOMASRUBEL B.12/22/19281/7/1929Dau of Burl & Sadie
See photo
R18-34THOMPSONJOHN M.19321969 See photo
R23-12ATIPTONCONSTANCE B.3/17/193512/8/2006Mar. Jimmie R. 5/5/1965
See photo
R23-12TIPTONJIMMIE RAY6/13/19302/22/1997Mar. Constance B. 5/5/1965
See photo
R22-9TOWNESFRANK LOUIS11/12/19535/20/1982 See photo
R10-1TROXELLUTHER HUMBIRD7/29/189711/30/1918Son of Flora
See photo
R23-2TUCKERVERNON LEE1/27/194410/12/1985 See photo
R4-8TURNERDELMER4/8/19144/19/1990Mar. Floy 12/24/1935
See photo
R4-8ATURNERFLOY M.7/1/19168/20/2007Mar. Delmer 12/24/1935
See photo
R4-9TURNERMARTIN J.4/15/189512/8/1972 See photo
R4-10TURNERLILLIE BELLE4/8/18964/16/1959Wife of Martin J.
See photo
LESTER S.9/2/193112/2/1950PFC US Army MIA
See photo
R20-43VANNNANCY19492002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
R16-7VICKERYE. V.12/19143/1966 See photo
R3-21VILLINESGEORGE NEWELL12/29/189010/17/1954 See photo
R3-22VILLINESMINNIE C.8/8/18773/28/1970Wife of John W.
See photo
R3-23VILLINESJOHN W.1/5/18756/7/1932 See photo
R11-2VILLINESOLIVER W.9/1/19148/28/1915 See photo
R11-3VILLINESHEZEKIAH4/20/18651/31/1912 See photo
R12-1WALDRONELLA2/18/18494/17/1935 See photo
R20-10WALDRONALMEDA12/1/18935/16/1975Wife of William B.
See photo
R20-11WALDRONWILLIAM BURL10/26/18851/31/1973 See photo
ORVILLE L.9/22/19142/14/1974SGT US Army
See photo
R3-7 WALDRUP JOE No dates   See photo
R3-8 WALDRUP VIRDELL No dates   See photo
R3-9WALDRUPCLAUDIE KENNEDY4/26/18969/1985 See photo
R9-1WALLWILLIAM E.3/23/18802/3/1919 See photo
See photo
R3-4WEAVERPHILIPS B.11/4/190610/3/1910Son of G.W. & S.E.
See photo
R3-5WEAVERGEORGE K.11/12/190112/23/1901Son of G.W. & S.E.
See photo
R3-6WEAVERVIOLA B.7/31/19164/1/1986 See photo
R8-16WEAVERLEON J.1/26/188712/27/1974Son of G.O. & C.E.
See photo
R8-17WEAVERCANDIS E.5/22/18638/13/1954Wife of George O.
See photo
R8-18WEAVERGEORGE O.10/25/18561/11/1942 See photo
R10-20WEBBE. J.18581934OK Pioneers
See photo
R10-21WEBBNELLIE E.18691943Wife of E.J.
See photo
R5-3WELLSZELMAR8/17/19041/8/1905Dau of A.F. & Victor
See photo
R4-3WELTYANNE (EDGIN)12/26/18969/8/1993 See photo
R15-9WILLIAMSMARY T.18721935 See photo
R23-15WILLIAMSGWEN Y.4/25/19374/8/1999Mar. Ferrell 1/24/1969
See photo
R23-16WILLIAMSFERRELL D.5/2/19365/2003 See photo
HOMER LEE5/26/19346/7/2002USAF Korea
See photo
R6-20WILSONDELIA F.1/16/19123/17/1979Mar. William 12/23/1926
See photo
WILLIAM M.6/12/19071/5/1985US Navy WW II
See photo
R8-20WILSONTHELMA B.12/13/19045/17/1942 See photo
R22-11WOODSKATHERINE (CONDON)11/23/18907/4/1988 See photo

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