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Cemetery Pic
Layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Fairview Cemetery
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & by: Jim Woodruff

Fairview Cemetery is located about five and one half miles south of Hwy. 9, near Harjo. From the intersection of Hwys. 9 and 9A. go south for about five miles. At the Cemetery sign on Hwy 9A, turn west and go one mile. Then go south for one half mile. Then go west for one third mile. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end {near the gate} and proceeding east and with plots running from north to south. Examples: R3-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 3. R9-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the ninth row in from the gate.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please email area coordinator.

Lot Number
Last Name
First & Middle
R8-5 ALEXANDER HARVEY D. 8/14/1914 5/29/1916 Son of D. E. & R. A. Photo
R9-11 ALEXANDER GARLAND 7/11/1915 8/18/1915 Photo
R5-6 ANDREWS GLADYS 7/17/1905 11/19/1906 Daughter of J. W. & Maud Photo
R1-3 BAILEY WILLIAM BUCK 3/20/1920 6/4/1983 SGT USA WW II Photo
R1-4 BAILEY SUE 8/15/1947 6/8/1997 Wife of Eddie Photo
R4-11 BALDWIN ILICE C. 2/3/1901 10/24/1901 Son of H. E. & V. Photo
R10-1 BARTON WILLIAM H. 5/5/1844 1/17/1912 Photo
R5-3 BAXTER G. B. No dates    
R15-3 BAYLIS CAP 1871 1938 Photo
R15-4 BAYLIS IDA 1873 1914 Photo
R9-1 BLOUNT B. H. 7/23/1849 10/23/1916 Photo
R1-1 BRADBURN JOSEPH W. 1870 1931 Photo
R1-2 BRADBURN AURIE J. 1872 1950 Wife of Joseph Photo
R4-1 BRADBURN HUGH A. 12/4/1876 11/28/1900 Photo
R4-2 BRADBURN RACHAEL MAHALA 1/4/1836 4/27/1911 Wife of Isaac N. Photo
R4-3 BRADBURN ISAAC NEWTON 9/11/1837 1/29/1922 SGT Co. E 32 North Carolina Volunteer CSA Photo
R4-5 BRADBURN JENNIE {HARDING] 8/29/1902 12/24/1921 Photo
R17-2 BRISON WESLEY 3/2/1882 11/14/1926 Photo
R2-1 BRUNO MIKE "Juk-Nuk" 12/15/1905 8/23/1986 Photo
R2-2 BRUNO PAUL DANIEL 9/17/1961 7/16/1997 Photo
R16-1 BRYSON LITHA ANN 9/22/1876 2/20/1958 Wife of Oscar Photo
R17-4 BRYSON HARVEY A. 8/9/1909 12/17/1938 Photo
R16-5 BURTON DOROTHY LOUISE 3/13/1933 9/5/1933 Daughter of George and Minnie Photo
R5-10 CATES ALICE L. {GOSSAGE} 2/5/1896 9/22/1982 Photo
R9-12 CLEVENGER LON 2/26/1925 8/8/1925 Photo
R9-13 CLEVENGER LADELL 7/28/1920 2/26/1923 Photo
R12-1 COOK R. DEWEY 1/19/1841 4/29/1911 Photo
R10-9 DAUGHETY HELEN M. 1920 1920 Photo
R7-3 DIXSON LILLIE R. 9/13/1887 9/1/1912 Wife of W. R. Photo
R13-7 DIXSON LINDIA 2/15/1864 8/5/1937 Wife of Simon A. Photo
R13-8 DIXSON SIMON A. 1/18/1864 10/11/1926 Photo
R18-2 DIXSON EASTER L. 4/5/1919 4/7/1919 Photo
R9-7 DUGGAN ELIZA J. 2/18/1844 6/22/1939 Photo
R5-1 DUNBAR R. DEWEY 1899 1920 Photo
R7-4 DUNBAR MATTIE 12/8/1871 1/3/1923 Wife of Peter Photo
R7-5 DUNBAR PETER 9/29/1867 3/3/1936 Photo
R2-5 FAULKNER INEZ VERA 4/7/1914 10/5/1944 Photo
R10-2 FINNEGAN THOMAS E. 9/15/1858 9/6/1963 Photo
R10-3 FINNEGAN MARTHA A. 10/19/1860 12/21/1929 Wife of Thomas E. Photo
R10-4 FINNEGAN CHARLIE M. 5/25/1893 9/25/1917 Photo
R11-1 FLESHER INFANT 4/22/1910 4/22/1910 Daughter of T. B. & Mattie Photo
R11-2 FLESHER THOMAS B. 10/1/1864 8/22/1915 Photo
R11-3 FLESHER MATTIE 1874 1927 Wife of Thomas B. Photo
R17-5 FLESHER L. C. 12/28/1930 12/1/1938 Son of Tom & Gertrude Photo
R17-6 FLESHER FAY 8/9/1947 10/10/1947 Daughter of Tom & Gertrude Photo
R17-7 FLESHER MABEL GERTRUDE 3/23/1908 7/26/1994 Wife of Little Tom Photo
R17-8 FLESHER LITTLE TOM 12/11/1904 10/6/1974 Married Oct 1 1927 Photo
R3-1 FLYNN MILDRED CELESTE {BRUNO} 7/28/1929 12/2001 Photo
R4-4 GLUECK RICHARD EDWARD 6/20/1930 7/24/1986 Married Dec 28 1971 Photo
R4-4 GLUECK PATRICIA ANN {BRADBURN}     Wife of Richard E. Photo
Unk GOODGION MARY LAVONNE {CHEATWOOD} 9/29/1951 7/9/2016 Obit
R5-8 GOSSAGE WILLIAM P. 1/13/1885 9/22/1907 Photo
R5-9 GOSSAGE JOHN 4/30/1894 1/7/1919 Photo
R5-11 GOSSAGE OPAL CLEO 3/27/1919 No date Photo
R5-2 HILL RAYFORD N. 1892 1928 Stone overturned Photo
R7-1 HILL BEATRICE 3/3/1872 8/31/1905 Wife of William B. Photo
R7-2 HILL AURELLA 1919 1920 Daughter of R. N. & H. B. Photo
R8-1 HILL WILLIAM JESSE 8/17/1895 11/10/1918 USA War Service 1918 Photo
R8-2 HILL WILLIAM B. 1/6/1866 10/8/1953 I.O.O.F. Photo
R8-3 HILL RAYMOND L. 11/16/1900 11/11/1977 Photo
R8-4 HILL JUANITA M. 11/7/1916 2/8/1995 Photo
R9-6 HORN GEORGE 6/28/1831 8/1/1912 Stone overturned Photo
R9-8 HORN ALPHLEE 1921 1924 Daughter of G. B. & Ola Photo
R9-9 HORN OLA B. 1890 1937 Wife of Giles B. Photo
R9-10 HORN GILES B. 1889 1951 Photo
R16-3 HUGHES ETTA 10/19/1922 10/7/1983 Photo
R16-4 HUGHES CHARLIE 12/24/1921 11/1985 Photo
R7-12 JACKSON HENRIETTA M. 8/11/1844 8/31/1919 Wife of T. B. Photo
R14-3 JACKSON INFANT 11/28/1931 11/28/1931 Photo
R18-1 JACKSON CORA N. 9/7/1899 1/5/1919 Wife of W. D. Photo
R2-4 LACKEY JUNIOR 1931 2003 Cooper FH Photo
R10-16 LINGERFELT JOHN W. 4/3/1866 4/15/1912 Husband of R. H. Photo
R7-8 LOVELACE DAVID W. 1844 1923 Photo
R7-9 LOVELACE MARY M. 1846 1928 Wife of David W. Photo
R7-10 LOVELACE JAMES A. 1889 3/14/1918 Son of Donna L. Photo
R3-1 MACKEY ARRA 8/29/1906 8/11/1911 Photo
R6-1 MARTIN WILLIAM C. 4/25/1859 6/18/1918 Photo
R9-2 MARX W. No dates   Photo
R9-3 MARX MARY L. 8/4/1851 7/20/1921 Wife of Carl G. Photo
R9-4 MARX CARL G. 6/3/1846 5/5/1925 Photo
R9-5 MARX C. No dates   Photo
R16-2 MARX MACK No dates    
R11-6 MILLER INFANT 1920 1920 Daughter of J. E. & Eula Photo
R17-3 MOONEY SARAH E. 5/4/1852 7/23/1943 Photo
R4-6 MUDGETT BERENICE K. 2/1/1896 11/30/1900 Photo
R4-7 MUDGETT LILLIE A. 4/14/1862 4/6/1915 Wife of John Photo
R4-8 MUDGETT JOHN 1859 4/28/1922 Stone overturned Photo
R12-6 MYERS ELLA M. {FLESHER} 1898 1929 Daughter of L. M. & A. A. Photo
R12-7 MYERS AMANDA A. 1877 1918 Wife of Loranza Photo
R12-8 MYERS LORANZA M. 1873 1940 Photo
R12-9 MYERS LENA L. 4/13/1912 3/17/1997 Photo
R7-7 OLD ALPHA O. 11/24/1873 3/29/1905 Wife of R. E. Photo
R3-4 PRATT LULA MAY 10/23/1881 9/12/1944 Wife of Robert Photo
R3-5 PRATT ROBERT ARTHUR 4/30/1877 5/29/1945 Photo
R4-9 PRATT WILLIAM S. 4/29/1902 8/13/1913 Son of Gertie Photo
R4-10 PRATT LOUIS W. 5/2/1869 7/12/1910 Photo
R6-4 PRATT WALTER S. 11/23/1882 2/25/1928 Photo
R11-4 PRATT E. T. 3/11/1887 1/7/1919 Photo
R11-5 PRATT AMANDA No dates    
R9-14 RAY L. A. 9/14/1827 8/25/1905 Wife of Dr. A. Photo
R11-7 RICHARDS GENEVA WANDA 4/30/1926 5/1926 Photo
R11-8 RICHARDS INFANT 1925 1925 Son of Noel & Annie Photo
R18-3 ROSE JAMES T. 3/17/1870 9/11/1930 Photo
R13-9 ROWLAND CHARLIE L. 1/8/1899 7/16/1929 Photo
R14-2 RYAN ROY DEWITT 12/8/1909 3/16/1911 Son of J. F. & Minnie Photo
R10-5 RYKER LENORA PEARL 3/4/1887 2/17/1920 Wife of John P. Photo
R10-6 RYKER JOHN P. 3/2/1880 11/30/1949 Photo

Dean Blair
26 Mar 1976
17 Sep 2005
R2-3 SPARKMAN EMELINE R. 3/24/1856 11/7/1933 Wife of Francis M. Photo
R2-4 SPARKMAN FRANCIS M. 9/9/1856 No date Photo
R4-12 SPARKMAN GROVER C. No dates 10/24/1940 PVT 344 Field Artillery Photo
R4-13 SPARKMAN JOHN M. 1/25/1854 2/25/1946 Photo
R4-14 SPARKMAN DELITHA E. 11/27/1858 6/5/1932 Wife of John M. Photo
R4-15 SPARKMAN NANCY A. 9/15/1825 11/8/1901 Photo
R4-16 SPARKMAN EMMA F. 1/19/1877 2/7/1904 Daughter of J. M. & Delitha Photo
R4-17 SPARKMAN WILLIAM T. 3/11/1858 11/8/1933 Photo
R5-4 SPARKMAN LILLIAN E. 1/11/1923 2/11/1923 Daughter of C. M.
R5-5 SPARKMAN HELEN C. 11/25/1912 7/25/1914 Photo
R5-7 SPARKMAN INFANT 9/7/1910 9/7/1910 Daughter of R. L. & J. I.
R6-2 SPARKMAN GERTRUDE N. 4/2/1882 11/27/1978 Photo
R6-3 SPARKMAN MASTIN E. 12/18/1884 11/23/1953 Photo
R12-2 STOVALL WILLIAM N. 1/29/1916 11/12/1979 Photo
R12-3 STOVALL JASPER E. 9/12/1889 4/4/1960 Photo
R12-4 STOVALL JASPER N. 5/18/1853 6/7/1919 Photo
R12-5 STOVALL OTIS W. 10/15/1895 2/18/1922 Photo
R13-1 STOVALL OLMA L. 7/18/1888 1/5/1919 Photo
R10-7 SWARB EMMA L. 3/26/1866 4/5/1921 Wife of Jeremiah Photo
R10-8 SWARB JEREMIAH L. 9/20/1856 3/19/1928 Photo
R10-10 SWARB WILLARD 12/1905 12/1916 Photo
R10-11 SWARB ROBERT 4/13/1922 11/6/1922 Photo
R10-12 SWARB DAVID 7/21/1917 7/21/1917 Photo
R10-13 SWARB J. R. 4/10/1925 5/12/1987 SSGT USA WW II Photo
R10-14 SWARB MARY J. 12/15/1888 5/2/1966 Wife of Jim R. Photo
R10-15 SWARB JIM R. 1/17/1884 11/14/1956 Photo
R10-17 SWARB INFANT 1/17/1927 1/17/1927 Photo
R10-18 SWARB HELLEN JEWELL 2/1/1919 3/19/1919 Photo
R10-19 SWARB NOLA PEARL 7/17/1905 9/5/1905 Photo
R13-2 SWARB LULA JANE 10/18/1885 12/13/1954 Wife of William L. Photo
R13-3 SWARB WILLIAM L. 8/19/1882 5/11/1941 Photo
R13-4 SWARB DELLA MAY 4/12/1909 12/20/1987 Photo
R13-5 SWARB ELVA 8/20/1907 10/20/1986 Photo
R13-6 SWARB BILLY CHARLES 11/24/1927 11/5/1929 Photo
R7-6 TIBBS RUTH 8/20/1894 7/6/1943 Photo
R3-2 WALKER DORA 2/23/1864 12/6/1945 Photo
R3-3 WALKER W. M. 4/10/1858 4/6/1920 Photo
R8-6 WAREN HELEN LUCILE Can't read   Daughter of R. E. & Maud Photo
R7-11 WHITE INFANT 11/21/1906 11/27/1906 Son of J. L. & M. E. Photo
R15-1 WILSON ERMA MAY 1887 1974 Wife of Joseph L. Photo
R15-2 WILSON JOSEPH LEE 1878 1931 Photo
R17-1 WISE MAUDY 8/12/1901 3/14/1917 Photo
R14-1 YORK ROBERT HUGH 4/11/1925 9/5/1930 Photo

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