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gate  photo
Garth & Edie Baker

Sunset Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum
Payne County, Oklahoma

Partial Survey

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e-mail to Rex Warlick<.

ANDERSONAlline C. [Rhamy]27/Jan/1948  W/O John R. Anderson
ANDERSONJohn Randall26/Jan/1949 "Together Forever"
BAKERJimmy Leroy24./Jul/1934
Jennings OK
Stillwater OK
 "US Navy" H/O Opal Baker, S/O Charle Lowelly & Frances Wilma [Gordon] Baker, Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Cushing OK See obit
BILLINGSLEAEva "Sue" [Rodgers]12/May/1914
Stroud OK
OK City OK
W/O Maurice H. Billingslea, D/O Frank Rogers & Leona [Wynn] Rogers, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
BILLINGSLEAMaurice H.04/Jan/191029/Jul/1997H/O Eva Sue [Rodgers] Billingslea
BOUSEHelen Grace [Shepherd]30/Nov/1923
Perry OK
W/O Bill Lee Rauh [2] Clarence Peler Bouse, D/O Byron & Zelpha Shepherd, soil conservation clerk, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
BRADLEYJames Newton II22/Feb/193430/Jan/2015H/O Ruth Helen [Whitson] Bradley, M 10/Oct/1954, S/O James Newton & Ann Elizbeth [Osterhaus] Bradley, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
BUCKDaniel Charles "Danny"04/Oct/1963
Fort Worth TX
Stillwater OK
S/O Richard Forde & Harriet [Ojers] Buck, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
CLEVELANDGeorge Lee26/Oct/1933
Kaw City OK
Stillwater OK
H/O Karldene [Marshall] Cleveland, S/O Everett Nealy & Gertrude Wilhelmine [Meyer] Cleveland, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
COFFMANClyde Bill19/Apr/192002/Mar/2000 US Navy SS/W & H/O Geneva Marie Coffman
COFFMANGeneva Marie23/Apr/1937 SS/W & W/O Clyde Bill Coffman
DEMAREEDonald Perry14/Mar/192021/Sep/1988SS/W & H/O Esta Mae "Pat" [Caldwell] Demaree, S/O James Henry & Ettie Z. [Kimple] Demaree
DEMAREEEsta Mae "Pat" [Caldwell]05/Mar/1921
Payne CO OK
Tulsa OK
W/O Donald Perry Demaree, M 26/Dec/1938 Winfield KS, John Gabriel & Pauline Clara [Ahner] Caldwell, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK  obit
Stillwater OK
Stillwater OK
H/O Edna [Frazee] Emmons, M 07/Apr/1951 Yale OK, S/O Harry Edward & Julias [Ferguson] Emmons, Davis Funeral Home ~ Davis OK obit
FLOYDBetty Sue [Gibson]28/Jul/1922
Adair OK
Stillwater OK
W/O John Leroy Floyd, Acy & Martha Merritt Gibson, Davis Funeral Home ~ Davis OK obit
FLOYDJohn Leroy22/Nov/191808/Nov/2003
Stillwater OK
 "US Navy ~ World War II" SS/W & H/O Betty Sue [Gibson] Floyd, Stillwater Parks Department director
GREEN Walter T. 28 Oct 1925 9 Jul 2017 Obit
GRIMMElnora B.02/May/193502/May/2015DD/O Floyd W. & Eliza Frances [Snyder] Grimm, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
Katherine L. "Kathy" Robertson
8 Nov 1940
7 Sep 2017
HAMAlpha May [Bunney]19 Jan 1911
Stillwater OK
29 Mar 2015
Stillwater OK
W/O Robert Lester Ham, M 24/Dec/1931 Stillwater OK, D/O Hayden Thomas & Annie [Haegele] Bunney, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
HANSENDorothy Louise [Rogers]02/Nov/1920
Justin TX
Britton OK
W/O Lawrence O. "Larry" Hansen, M 1939 Norman OK, D/O Alfred Jerry & Blanche Arminta Rogers, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK  obit
Edith T. Tatro
4 Oct 1917
11 Jul 2012
HOYNina Mary [Stout]18/Jan/1927
Covington OK
Stillwater OK
W/O Wallace Herbert "Jiggs" Hoy, D/O Harold Oscar Stout & Lena [Beopple] Stoput Carlile, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
KAUTZSamuel Henry14/Sep/1925
Cushing OK
Perkins OK
 "US Military ~ World War II ~ Asian Theatre" H/O Alma Louise [VanGilder] Kautz, M 06/Jul/1947, S/O John Henry & Margaret Ellen [Koble] Kautz, twin of Benjamin, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
LACYLarry Neal18/Sep/1936
Guthrie, OK
Stillwater. OK
H/O Joan [Little] Lacy, S/O Alvin & Lottie Lacy, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
LAMBERTDolores Lucille [Schmidt]15/Jan/1935
Lambert KS
D/O Carl Henry & Irene Mary [Radford] Schmidt, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
LOMENICK-WILKERSONSawyer Gaige08/Jan/201508/Jan/2015 
LOZIERMarion B. 23/Sep/1908 29/Jun/1978 SS/W & H/O Thelms Mae [Whitten] Lozier, S/O Loyd Brown & Millie Elizabeth Jane [Rector] Lozier
LOZIERThelma Mae [Whitten]03/Mar/1913
Norman OK
08 Jan 2011
OK City OK
W/O Marion B. Lozier M 12/May/1930 Moore OK, D/O Walter A. & Sara J. [Ross] Whitten, Davis Funeral Home ~ Davis OK obit
William Grant "Bill"
15 Aug 1924
29 Sep 2012
US Navy WWII  Obit
MATTHEWSDyton Bennett11/Jun/1920
Texanna OK
Tulsa OK
  "US Army Air Corps ~ World War II" "Married Sept 19, 1942" SS/W & H/O Katherine Louise [Ackley] Matthews, S/O John Henry &Sarah Matthews, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
MATTHEWSKatherine Louise [Ackley]05/Aug/192014/Jan/2004
Tulsa OK
"Married Sept 19, 1942" SS/W & W/O Dyton Bennett Matthews
McHENDRYDonnie Ray13/Nov/1941
Ringwood OK
Catoosa OK
H/O Unknown McHendry, S/O Estel & Stella McHendry, Hay broker, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
MEEKERJames Edward "Ed"21/Aug/193419/Jan/2000
SS/W & H/O Shirleu June Meeker, S/O Oakley Edward & Madaline A. [Lewis] Meeker photo
MEEKERMadaline A. [Lewis]03 Dec 1907
Winfield KS
21 Aug 1997
W/O Oakley Edward Meeker, M 22/Nov/1927 Wellington KS, D/O Charles M. & Bennie [Anson] Lewis obit & photo
MEEKEROakley E.02/Sep/1895
Stillwater OK
Husband of [1] Anna M. Huls, div [2] Madaline A. Lewis, S/O Charles Calvin & Elsie Amelia [Aldridge] Meeker photo
MEEKERShirley "June"25/Jun/193705/Sep/1999
W/O James Edward "Ed" Meeker photo
NICHOLSRaymond Dean03/Jun/1932
Harrah OK
OK City OK
  "Sgt US Army ~ Korea" H/O Patsy Lou Nichols, S/O Norby Glee & Dortha Mae [George] Nichols, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK See obit
Father of: Nikki L. Hoffman
O'BRIENFrank P.26/Oct/1921--/Sep/1980 "Sgt US Army ~ World War II"
O'BRIENSean Christopher30/Jul/197103/May/2015
Stillwater OK
Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
RAFFJoseph Samuel "Joe" Dr18/Mar/1902
Montreal Canada
Stillwater OK
  "US Military H/O Stella Leona [Hefley] Raff, practiced in Madill
RAFFMurna Jean [Christofferson]11/Jun/1936
Stillwater OK
W/O Lionel Mischa Raff, M 6/Aug/1955, D/O Arthur Engvol & Hildur Olive [Swanson] Christofferson obit
RAFFStella Leona [Hefley]--/Sep/190516/Jun/1993
Stillwater OK
 SS/W & W/O Joseph Samuel Raff MD, D/O Joseph Barton & Mary Elizabeth [Nichols] Hefley
REEDRobert McLeod "Bob"13/Feb/1922
Chicago IL
Tulsa OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" H/O Esther "Jean" Iris [Thompson] Reed, M 19/Jun/1948, S/O Victor Herbert Reed & Mary Margareth [McLeod] Reed, Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Cushing OK See obit
RICKSEva Ruth [Taylor]23/Mar/191618/Apr/2015
W/O Loyd John Thomas Ricks, M 05/Feb/1940, D/O Levi & Alma Taylor obit
RICKSLoyd John Thomas22/Apr/1914
--/Jun/1990 "SP2 Us Navy ~ World War II" H/O Eva Ruth [Taylor] Ricks, S/O Isaac L. & Lizzie Ricks
ROBINSONForrest Wayne10/May/1945
Elk City OK
OK City OK
S/O Joe Abner & Daisy Alice [Lacey] Robinson, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
ROLLINSJoshua Clint21 Nov 199103 Apr 2015 H/O Jordan [Mayfield] Rollins, S/O Jaysant Northcutt & Michelle Fowler, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
SCHULTZCharles Fredrick27/Jun/1931
Fairmont OK
Cushing OK
 US Air Force Korea H/O [1] SS/W Margaret Alice [Meeker] Schultz [2] Jean Roll [Martin] Schultz, M 08/Apr/1995, S/O Clarence and Clara [Riekenberg] Schultz, aerospace engineer obit & photo
SCHULTZMargaret Alice [Meeker]21 Mar 193230 Oct 1992
St Louis MO
SS/W & 1st W/O Charles Fredrick Schultz, M --/Apr/1952, D/O Oakley Edward & Madaline A. [Lewis] Meeker, Davis Funeral Home ~ Davis OK  obit & photo
SCHUTTEJaxton Malachi23 Apr 2015
Stillwater OK
30 May 2015
Stillwater OK
S/O Johnathan Powell & Nicole Schutte, inoperable congenital heart disease, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
SMITHNita Marie [Bays]01/Sep/195205/Apr/2015
Stillwater OK
W/O Delbert Smith, M 01/Dec/1977, D/O Raymond "Owen" & Pearlie Marah [Thomason] Bays, Guthrie Post Office rural mail carrier, cancer, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
SROCKDonald Glenn08 Aug 1929
Blooming Prairie MN
30 Mar 2015
Perry OK
H/O Joyce Loraine [Beal] Srock, M 30/Mar/1951, S/O Hugo & Bertha Srock, Alzheimer's, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
STANTONFred Alvin02/Apr/192206/Jan/1990 "Pfc US Army ~ World War II" SS/W & H/O Rose Marie [Baldridge] Stanton
STANTONRose Marie [Baldridge]16/May/1927
Wichita, KS
Tulsa OK
SS/W & W/O Fred Alvin Stanton, M --/Jun/1943, D/O Francis & Martha [Bales] Baldridge, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
TIPTONClarence Jess19/Oct/1929
Payne CO OK
Ripley OK
 "Oklahoma A1C US Air Force ~ Korea" H/O Unknown Tipton, S/O Jess J. & Marie Alta [Cullers] Tipton
TOLANDRobert O "Bob" Rev02/Oct/1929
DeWitt AR
Stillwater OK
SS/W & H/O Wanda L. [McCoy] Toland, S/O James M. & Florence [Watkins] Toland, Biblical scholar, pastor & successful businessman, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
TOLANDWanda L. [McCoy]20/Nov/1927
Garfield OK
Stillwater OK
SS/W & W/O Robert O. "Bob" Toland, M 07/Aug/1948 DeWitt AR, D/O Paul & Grace McCoy, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
VOGTBobby Allen24/Jan/1934
Yale OK
OK City OK
 "Oklahoma National Guard 45th Engineers ~ Germany" H/O Ina Mae [Taylor[ Vogt, S/O William Lee "Willie" & Edna Mae [Reddout] Vogt, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit
VOGTIna Mae [Taylor]12/Jan/1943
Prairie Grove AR
Perkins OK
W/O Bobby Allen Vogt, M 11/Jun/1967 Cushing OK, D/O William Edward & Dovie Roenia [Hodge] Taylor, strokes and a weak heart, Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK obit

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