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Highland Cemetery
Pawnee County, Oklahoma

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E Surnames

If you have family buried in the Highland Cemetery or can give directions to the cemetery that I can place on the website or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

EAGLE Alexander 5 Dec 1888 6-Mar-1954 [next to Katherine Eagle]
EAGLE Katherine 16 May 1898 29-Nov-1979 [next to Alexander Eagle]
EAGLETON John Saunders 10-Mar-1905 9 Jan1898 S of William & Mattie?
EAGLETON Madeline Isabel 15-Mar-1905 16-Mar-1905 D of William & Mattie?
EAGLETON Mary Eloise 3-Mar-1905 21 July 1918* D of William & Mattie?
EAGLETON Mattie 75y 5m 5d 26-Apr-1905 W of William
EAGLETON Pauline 10-Jan-1908 14-May-1982 W of William
EAGLETON William L. 2-Feb-1905 17-Jul-1926 H of Mattie
EAGLETON William Lemuel II 28 Mar 1894 27-Jul-1982 H of Pauline Dellinger
EAGLETON William Lemuel III 27-Mar-1922 8-May-1996 H of Bonnie Lee
EASLEY Sarah P. 2 Dec 1860 28-Feb-1921 W of Woodson
EASLEY Woodson N. 27 July 1852 4-Dec-1901 H of Sarah
EAVES Louis Barry 29-Nov-1946 1-Feb-1970 -
ECHO-HAWK DelRay B. 1-May-1920 26-Dec-1970 -
ECHOHAWK Carrie 60y 8m 17d 10 Mar 1942* bot by Roy Gilmore
ECHOHAWK Chris M. 17-Nov-1928 3-Feb-1974 bot by Chris Echohawk
ECHOHAWK Francis William "Witty" 26-Feb-1930 20-Jun-1973 bot by Chris Echohawk
ECHOHAWK George Thomas 27 Dec 1899 19-Feb-1962 bot by Mamie Echohawk
ECHOHAWK Jeanine 17-Sep-1929 - W of Walter
ECHOHAWK Marie Joyce 20-Jan-1938 10 Mar 1982* [next to George Echohawk]
ECHOHAWK Mary Frances 25-Sep-1922 8-Jan-1986 bot by Chris Echohawk
ECHOHAWK Walter Roy 28-Jun-1928 19-Jan-1973 H of Jeanine
ECKLEY (baby) - - -
ECKLEY Martin V. 64y 23 Jan 1905* -
EDWARDS Burt - 31 Aug 1881 19-Dec-1937 H of Rose
EDWARDS Cassie - 10-Dec-1925 7-Sep-1987 -
EDWARDS Gail Borden 20-Jan-1923 8-Dec-1995 H of Janis
EDWARDS Janice Lorraine 9-Apr-1905 9 Feb 1989* W of Gail
EDWARDS Lorn "Jake" 14 Jan 1892 30-Mar-1979 H of Ulalia "Lyla" Wells
EDWARDS Philip K. 9-May-1905 - S of Gail & Janis?
EDWARDS Rosalind "Rose" Catlett 8 Dec1881 24-Jun-1941 W of Burt
EDWARDS Ruby 1m 16d 13 Nov 1922* bot by G.W. Edwards
EDWARDS Silas 24-Jan-1909 27-Jan-1993 -
EDWARDS Ulalia Fern "Lyla" Wells 18 Dec 1894 20-Sep-1985 W of Lorn
EDWARDS Wesley 3-May-1901 1-Sep-1956 -
EGGEN Henry David 26 Mar 1898 27-Mar-1969 S of Charles & Lydia
EILONTH Minnie - 10-Aug-1923 -
ELARTON Wayne 35y 28 June 1925* bot by W.F. Elarton
ELARTON William F. 76y 26d 23 Feb 1927* bot by W.F. Elarton
ELBERT Benjamin Charles 9-Sep-1915 9-Jan-1926 bot by Ben F. Elbert
ELFNER Charles A. Aug 1884 8-Dec-1913 -
ELLINGTON Annie Elizabeth 73y 26 Mar 1966* W of Charles?
ELLINGTON Charles Edward 87y 1 Aug 1964* H of Annie?
ELLINGTON Samuel E. 2-Nov-1912 1-Mar-1970 S of C.E. & Carrie
ELLIOTT (Mrs. L.A.) 88y 29 Aug 1915* -
ELLIOTT Dollie M. 25-Jul-1904 14-Feb-1981 bot by Laura McNeal
ELLIOTT Juanita Marie 8-Jun-1926 27-May-1967 "Mother"
ELLIOTT Samuel C. Jr. 20-Dec-1911 12-Jun-1994 H of Sorena
ELLIOTT Sorena Lois 8-Mar-1915 17-Jul-1952 W of Samuel
ELLIOTT Surber 16y 13 Dec 1909* [disinterred 10 May 1919]
ELLIS Billy Robert 15-Jun-1929 20-Feb-1995 -
ELLIS Daisy Davis 12-Jan-1919 1-Sep-1987 W of Leo?
ELLIS Leo 29-Apr-1914 27-Mar-1973 H of Daisy?
ELLISON Curry Elwin 15-Sep-1925 28-Dec-1995 H of Sue
ELLISON Sue B. 2-Sep-1933 - W of Curry
ELMORE Alfred Basil "Bo" 7 Feb 1892 26-Jul-1969 H of Florence
ELMORE Charles Edward "Pete" 9 July 1895 14-Dec-1959 H of Florence
ELMORE Cordelia Wilson 29-Jan-1905 20 July 1949* W of William
ELMORE Elva Elizabeth 20 May 1891 14 Feb 1980* W of Kellous
ELMORE Florence E. 10 Aug 1896 16-Mar-1980 W of Charles
ELMORE Florence Eva 11 Apr 1896 22-Apr-1982 W of Alfred
ELMORE Kellous Ottman 77y 2m 28d 19 Nov 1959* H of Elva
ELMORE Rae M. 43y 11m 3 Oct 1931* W of Finley O.
ELMORE William K. 65y 1m 23d 22 Apr 1919* H of Cordelia
ELSEY Sara Adeline Webb 6 Jan 1892 4-Apr-1983 Sis of Mary Haddox
ELSTON (baby boy) - 11-May-1905 -
ELSTON (baby) 0 days - [Potter's Field]
ELSTON (baby) - 5 Apr 1942* [Potter's Field]
ELSTON Billy D. Jr. 20-Mar-1977 20-Mar-1977 S of Billy & Pat
ELSTON Bonnie Jean Miles 12-Oct-1942 2-Feb-1996 [Mother]
ELSTON Emma Alexander 14 Sept 1893 18-Jan-1966 bot by George Alexander
ELSTON Fred Jr. 30-May-1926 7 Apr 1983* -
ELSTON Fred Lee 8-Jul-1945 18-Jul-1991 bot by Mattie Elston
ELSTON Izetta 20y 10m 15d 1-Jun-1926 bot by Robert Elston
ELSTON J. H. Clark 81y 2m 13d 29 May 1950* bot by Robert Elston
ELSTON Lucille Mervia 24-Feb-1925 13-Jul-1974 bot by Marcia Elston
ELSTON Mary 10-Feb-1905 23 Jan 1938* -
ELSTON Robert 55y 6 Sept 1955* bot by Fred Elston
ELSTON Rosa Lee 11y 5m 12d 17 June1942* bot by Robert Elston
ELSTON Suzanna - 28-May-1905 -
ELWOOD Dale Vaughn 13-Jun-1924 10-Nov-1981 H of Maxine
ELWOOD E. Maxine 13-Jan-1927 - W of Dale
EMERY V. Jean 14-Nov-1948 - D of Verbena
EMERY Verbena Rappuie 2-Apr-1910 6-May-1996 D of Joseph Rappuie?
ENDICOTT Richard T. 22 June 1898 10-Aug-1979 H of Violla
ENDICOTT Viola S. 7-Feb-1901 22-Mar-1983 W of Richard
ENDICOTT Warren 21 July 1890 17-Apr-1944 bot by Warren Endicott
EPPLE Beatrice Mary - 13-Jun-1905 -
EPPLE Sam 30-Oct-1905 6-Nov-1971 -
EPPS John Henry 19-Apr-1903 13 Aug 1980* botby John Green
ESHELMAN Albert W. 5-May-1915 - H of Elsie
ESHELMAN Andrew Charles 9-Jun-1900 10-Jul-1977 H of Eula
ESHELMAN Blanch Josephine - 27-Aug-1918 [same as Martha?]
ESHELMAN Cecil Ray 11-Sep-1906 24-Feb-1974 H of June
ESHELMAN Clara May 30-Oct-1917 - W of Clarence
ESHELMAN Clarence Elmer 2 Sept 1886 1-Jan-1968 H of Ida & Nellie
ESHELMAN Clarence M. "Mac" 4-Jan-1912 - H of Clara
ESHELMAN Edward Adam 42y2m 7d 13-May-1922 H of Ruth
ESHELMAN Elsie Hattie 21-Nov-1909 28-Aug-1995 W of Albert
ESHELMAN Emma Louise 27 Oct 1859 2-May-1910 W of Charles
ESHELMAN Eula Mae 14-May-1905 12-Dec-1986 W of Arthur
ESHELMAN Eunice Valeta 8-Nov-1925 2-Sep-1999 D of Clarence & Ida
ESHELMAN Ida Mae Griesel 20 Feb 1884 10-Jan-1938 W of Clarence
ESHELMAN Jimmey M. 10-Nov-1940 8-Dec-1940 bot by Harvey Dallas
ESHELMAN June Ellen 10-Jun-1924 11-Dec-1991 W of Cecil
ESHELMAN Martha Josephine 3-Aug-1918 6-Dec-1918 bot by Wilford Eshelman
ESHELMAN Mildred I. 23-Jul-1923 13-Aug-1935 -
ESHELMAN Ruth Josephine 21-Feb-1905 4 Jan 1930* W of Edward
EVANS David E. 2-Sep-1906 1-Dec-1975 H of Loye
EVANS Elizabeth 64y 21 Feb 1951* [next to Wm. Evans]
EVANS Eugene E. "Gene" 6-Sep-1904 17-Dec-1961 H of Helen
EVANS Helen Jo 31-Mar-1909 3-Apr-1993 Wof Eugene
EVANS Loye Elzada 11-Apr-1908 4-Aug-1979 W of David
EVANS William M. 53y 9m 23d 25 Mar 1937* [next to Elizabeth Evans]
EVANTS Frank Q. 21y 6 July 1896* -
EVANTS J. B. 61y - -
EYLER Frank R. 9-Dec-1920 - [same stone as George & Pearl]
EYLER George W. 12 Mar 1877 25-Jan-1970 H of Pearl
EYLER Pearl May 5 Nov 1885 13-Mar-1983 W of George

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