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Sunny Lane V Surname Index

Submitted by: Bill Hallman

VALADEZ Debra D. Sect. 9 N-Z
VALANDEZ Angel Marie Sect. 9 N-Z
VALE Dora J. Sect. 3
VALE Harry E. Sect. 3
VALE Lillian E. Sect. 3
VALENTINE Audie Sect. 9 N-Z
VALENTINE Dave A. Sect. 7 N-Z
VALENTINE Della E. Sect. 7 N-Z
VALENTINE Timothy Alan Sect. 13
VALLE Miguelito Sect. 12
VALLET Alexander Sect. 3
VALLEY Cora B. Sect. 10 Part 5
VALLEY Edward L. Sect. 10 Part 3
VALLEY Esther L. Sect. 10 Part 3
VALLEY Walter V. Sr. Sect. 10 Part 5
VAN ANTWERP Jerome D. Sect. 6 N-Z
VAN ARSDALE Gerald M. Sect. 12
VAN AUKEN Fayette T. Sect. 11
VAN AUKEN Robert Danforth Sect. 18
VAN AUKEN Ruth (Bowen) (Cutler) Sect. 18
VAN BUSKIRK Earl W. Sect. 14 N-Z
VAN BUSKIRK Ruby M. Sect. 14 N-Z
VAN CAMP James E. Sect. 12
VAN CAMP William S. Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN CURREN Lee Roy Sect. 11 South
VAN DUSEN James O. Sect. 13
VAN DUSEN William Sect. 14 N-Z
VAN HORN Charlie L. Sect. 8 Part 1
VAN HORN Ernest I. Sect. 8 Part 2
VAN HORN Minnie M. Sect. 8 Part 2
VAN HUSS Daisye Sect. 14 N-Z
VAN METER Ruth R. Sect. 6 N-Z
VAN NESS Elmer E. Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN OLINDA Martha Sect. 2
VAN SCHUYVER George Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN SCHUYVER Gillie M. Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN SCHUYVER Laverne Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN SCHUYVER Odus Eugene Sect. 7 N-Z
VAN SCHUYVER Wayland M. Sect. 11
VAN WINKLE Bobby Sect. 13
VANCE Clayborn R. Sect. 10 Part 7
VANCE Gertrude E. Sect. 10 Part 7
VANCE Todd Alan Sect. 11
VANCERIA Edward Sect. 13
VANCIL Fred Henry Sect. 10 Part 7
VANCIL Maude R. Sect. 10 Part 7
VANCUREN Lula Lee Sect. 14 N-Z
VANDAVEER Ralph Sect. 8 Part1
VANDERBOX Grace Sect. 6 N-Z
VANDERBOX James Sect. 6 N-Z
VANDERGRIFF Helen (Ramsey) Sect. 6 N-Z
VANDERGRIFF William Palmer Sect. 6 N-Z
VANDERVORT Curtis E. Sect. 3
VANDERVORT Curtis L. Sect. 3
VANDERVORT Mary L. Sect. 3
VANDIVER John H. (Rev.) Sect. 2
VANDIVER Susan Eva Sect. 2
VANETTEN Kristi Michelle Sect. 9 N-Z
VANHORN Percy Sect. 3
VANLANDINGHAM Bobbie Jean Sect. 17
VANLANDINGHAM Frances L. Sect. 6 N-Z
VANLANDINGHAM William R. Sect. 6 N-Z
VANN Jack D. Sect. 12
VANN Jerry D. Sect. 15
VANNOSDOLL Elmer C. Sect. 8 Part 2
VANNOSDOLL Floydi? Sect. 10 Part 3
VANNOSDOLL Julia Sect. 10 Part 3
VANNOSDOLL Mattie C. Sect. 8 Part 2
VANNOY Grace H. Sect. 7 N-Z
VANNOY James M. Sect. 7 N-Z
VANNOY Nancy J. Sect. 7 N-Z
VANSANT Gladys E. Sect. 9 N-Z
VANSANT Hubert W. Sect. 9 N-Z
VANWAY Charles R. Sect. 8 Part 1
VANWAY Vona F. Sect. 8 Part 1
VANWEY James Clifton Sect. 10 Part 7
VANWEY Jayne Ellen Sect. 10 Part 7
VARGAS Filberta (Munoz) Sect. 14 N-Z
VARGAS Franz Eric Sect. 2
VARGAS Juan Sect. 2
VARGAS Max Sect. 14 N-Z
VARGAS Stella Devera Sect. 14 N-Z
VARGAS Valentino Sect. 14 N-Z
VARNER Carl B. Sect. 10 Part 4
VARNER Cheryln Kay Sect. 13
VARNER Frank R. Sect. 14 N-Z
VARNER Pearl A. Sect. 10 Part 4
VASQUEZ Bernabe Jr. Sect. 13
VASTINE Cynthia Marie Sect. 9 N-Z
VAUGHAN Albert Lee Sect. 9 N-Z
VAUGHAN Aleene Sect. 9 N-Z
VAUGHAN James V. Sect. 9 N-Z
VAUGHAN Lonie R. Sect. 11
VAUGHAN Mary F. Sect. 6 N-Z
VAUGHAN Thomas J. Sect. 6 N-Z
VAUGHN Ernest O. Sect. 7 N-Z
VAUGHN Franklin Eugene Sect. 14 N-Z
VAUGHN Herman H. Sect. 11
VAUGHN Houston A. Sect. 15
VAUGHN Marcus M. Sect. 14 N-Z
VAUGHN Megan Elizabeth Sect. 13
VAUGHN Ora A. Sect. 14 N-Z
VAUGHN Sadie J. Sect. 15
VAUGHN Thurlo C. Sect. 11
VAUGHN Winnie L. Sect. 7 N-Z
VAUGHT Odena E. Sect. 19
VAUGHTER William T. Sect. 6 N-Z
VAUT Addie Bee Sect. 10 Part 7
VAVERA Frank Sect. 17
VAWTER Oscar L. Jr. Sect. 9 N-Z
VEACH Dollie Lee Sect. 14 N-Z
VEACH Elbert L. Sect. 9 N-Z
VEACH Joe T. Sect. 14 N-Z
VEACH Sophie Sect. 9 N-Z
VEALE Thelma H. Sect. 17
VEGHER Angelo J. Jr. Sect. 14 N-Z
VEGHER Della L. Sect. 14 N-Z
VELEZ Jaime Sect. 11 South
VELMA Dorothy L. Sect. 18
VENEGAS Manuelia Sect. 11 South
VENEGAS Merced Sect. 11 South
VENEIGH Barbara K. Sect. 17
VENEIGH Leroy J. Sect. 17
VENNERBERG Evelyn Stella [Womack] Sect. 10 Part 7
VENNERBERG Vaughn Ossian Sect. 10 Part 7
VERGE Edith I. Sect. 10 Part 4
VERGE Lloyd Lee Sect. 10 Part 4
VERNER Goldie Sect. 17
VERNON Bob C. Sect. 4
VERNON Donald W. Sect. 17
VERNON La Veeta M. Sect. 17
VERNON Noveline (Fox) Sect. 19
VERNON Ralph Clayton Sect. 19
VERVACK Doris I. Sect. 18
VICK C. June Sect. 7 N-Z
VICK Earl Sect. 6 N-Z
VICK Edward T. Sect. 14 N-Z
VICK Julia Evelyn Sect. 14 N-Z
VICK Verl L. Sect. 7 N-Z
VICKER Donald Edward Sect. 4
VICKERS Jennie M. Sect. 9 N-Z
VICKERS Leonard D. Sect. 9 N-Z
VICKERS Martha E. Sect. 10 Part 3
VICKERS Melton A. Sect. 10 Part 3
VICKERY Robert E. Sect. 14 N-Z
VIGIL Michaela Brook Sect. 13
VILASECA Elsa V. Sect. 15
VILASECA Joseph M. Sect. 15
VILLALBA Hazel Louise Sect. 8 Part 1
VINCENT Clinton Lee "Sonny" Sect. 17
VINCENT Curtis Wayne Sect. 13
VINCENT Dale R. "Ricky" Sect. 17
VINES Dee Sect. 4
VINES Tessie L. Sect. 10 Part 6
VINING Danny R. Sect. 12
VINSANT Donald R. Sect. 6 N-Z
VINSANT John R. Sect. 6 N-Z
VINSANT Lorean A. Sect. 6 N-Z
VINSANT Richard B. Sect. 6 N-Z
VINSANT Richard L. (Dick) Sect. 8 Part1
VINSON Doyle F. Sect. 10 Part 6
VINSON Ethel M. Sect. 10 Part 4
VINSON Jesse B. Sect. 10 Part 4
VINSON Jesse B. Sect. 18
VINSON Leona M. Sect. 10 Part 6
VINSON Linda Joy Sect. 14 N-Z
VINT Beverly R. Sect. 11
VINT Kaye Lynn Sect. 13
VINYARD J. C. "Jim" Sect. 7 N-Z
VINYARD J. P. Sect. 14 N-Z
VINYARD S. Edna Sect. 7 N-Z
VIRES Isaac Jr. Sect. 14 N-Z
VIRES Paul Gene Sect. 10 Part5
VISE Audra Noel Sect. 13
VITATOE Miltonw. Sect. 8 Part 2
VITATOE Norvelle L. Sect. 8 Part 2
VOCHOSKA Mary Sect. 13
VOELPEL Carl H. Sect. 9 N-Z
VOGT Andrew E. Sect. 10 Part 2
VOGT Roberta Lemmon Sect. 10 Part 2
VOIGT Betty R. Sect. 11 South
VOLKER Hugo Sect. 3
VOLKER Leonard L. Sect. 3
VOLTZ Etta Mae (Eaton) Sect. 14 N-Z
VOORHIS Wilson E. Sect. 12
VOWELL Clent Sect. 10 Part 4
VOWELL Joseph L. Sect.10 Part 1
VOWELL Joseph L. Sect. 10 Part 2
VOWELL May B. Sect.10 Part 1
VOWELL May B. Sect. 10 Part 2

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