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Sunny Lane Ra-Rm Surname Index

Submitted by: Bill Hallman

RAAK Paul Sect. 7 N-Z
RACHEL Sarah Sect. 1
RADER Dannie Lee Sect. 3
RADER Myrtle M. Sect. 7 N-Z
RADER Waitman W. Sect. 7 N-Z
RADFORD Aubrey V. Sect. 14 N-Z
RADFORD Edythe A. Sect. 10 Part 4
RADFORD Minnie M. Sect. 14 N-Z
RADFORD Thomas A. Sect. 14 N-Z
RADGOSKY Alexander B. Sect. 19
RADLE Alma L. Sect. 9 N-Z
RADLE Hobert K. Sect. 9 N-Z
RADUSHEFF Marle L. Sect. 3
RAGAN Alva W. Sect. 10 Part 6
RAGAN Benny W. Sect. 14 N-Z
RAGAN Dorothy Jane Sect. 14 N-Z
RAGAN Erma L. Sect. 10 Part 6
RAGAN J. Daniel Sect. 3
RAGAN Mary May Sect. 3
RAGER Judith Lynn Sect. 7 N-Z
RAGER Paul Sect. 7 N-Z
RAGER Paula Sect. 7 N-Z
RAGLAND Donald S. Sect. 15
RAGLAND John W. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAGLAND Myrle Sect. 6 N-Z
RAGLIN Daniel Sect. 13
RAGLIN Lena D. Sect. 8 Part 1
RAGLIN Oscar T. Sect. 8 Part 1
RAGSDALE Romy B. Sect. 17
RAGSDALE William H. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAHAM Billy Raymond Sect. 10 Part 2
RAHILL Gertrude Sect. 6 N-Z
RAINES Albert L. Sect. 14 N-Z
RAINES Mary (Smith) Sect. 14 N-Z
RAINS Bert W. Sect. 19
RAINS Gladys J. Sect. 2
RAINS J. D. Sect. 2
RAINS James Eldon Sect. 11
RAINS Ronald Dale Sect. 2
RAINS Toney R. Sect. 10 Part 5
RAIRDON Bertha L. Sect. 4
RAIRDON Ossie M. Sect. 4
RAISON Christin Jolene Sect. 13
RALLS Charlie B. Sect. 8 Part 2
RALLS Malissa F. Sect. 8 Part 2
RAMAGE Joe Taylor Sect. 17
RAMAGE Mildred F. Sect. 17
RAMBO Ada Elizabeth Sect. 6 N-Z
RAMBO Roy L. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAMBO S. J. "Jack" Sect. 6 N-Z
RAMER Lula G. (White) Sect. 3
RAMER W. S. Sect. 3
RAMEY Alma D. Sect. 3
RAMEY Inez L. Sect. 3
RAMEY Laura D. Sect. 13
RAMEY Virgil Sect. 13
RAMIREZ Albert Sect. 9 N-Z
RAMIREZ Betty Jo Sect. 12
RAMIREZ Brigida Sect. 17
RAMIREZ Concepcion Sect. 13
RAMIREZ Delfina Sect. 10 Part 6
RAMIREZ Fernando Sect. 14 N-Z
RAMIREZ Fernando Jr. Sect. 13
RAMIREZ Manuela Sect. 13
RAMIREZ Mary E. (Green) Sect. 12
RAMIREZ Piedad P. Sect. 15
RAMIREZ Simon A. J. Sect. 12
RAML John O. Sect. 10 Part 4
RAML Sarah "Jo" Sect. 10 Part 4
RAMOS Albert T. Sect. 14 N-Z
RAMOS Isabel T. Sect. 14 N-Z
RAMOS Julian V. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAMOS Mac Sect. 3
RAMOS Opal Sect. 17
RAMOS Ortha Marie Sect. 3
RAMOS Petra G. Sect. 10 Part 2
RAMOS Priscilla (Stow) Sect. 9 N-Z
RAMOS Rex G. Sect. 17
RAMOS Robert Sect. 3
RAMSEY Ada Mae Sect. 3
RAMSEY Adina Sect. 11
RAMSEY Boyd L. Sect. 12
RAMSEY Donald Ray Sect. 13
RAMSEY John U. Sect. 2
RAMSEY Leslie J. Sect. 2
RAMSEY Lucille Sect. 8 Part 2
RAMSEY Mildred E. Sect. 17
RAMSEY Otis L. Sr. Sect. 17
RAMSEY Raymond Sect. 11
RAMSEY Robert R. Sect. 8 Part 2
RAMSEY Thomas J. Sect. 1
RAMSEY William D. Sect. 3
RANDALL Charles H. Sect. 1
RANDALL Clif G. Sect. 3
RANDALL Gordon Emerson Sect. 11 South
RANDALL Jasper G. Sect. 19
RANDALL Mary E. Sect. 1
RANDALL Murieldene Sect. 19
RANDALL Nell F. Sect. 3
RANDALL P. M. Sect. 7 N-Z
RANDALL Ruby Sect. 7 N-Z
RANDOLPH Jesse Harrison Sect. 14 N-Z
RANDOLPH Nancy Anne Sect. 7 N-Z
RANEY Charley C. Sect. 7 N-Z
RANEY Lillie E. Sect. 7 N-Z
RANKIN Caroline Sect. 3
RANKIN Clyde R. Sect. 3
RANKIN G. C. Sect. 3
RANKIN Nellie Sect. 3
RANKIN William Sect. 3
RANKINS John T. Jr. Sect. 10 Part 5
RANSCH A. Myrtle Sect. 10 Part 6
RANSCH Edward G. Sect. 10 Part 6
RANSOM Robert Leigh Sect. 12
RANSOME Kimberly Nicole Sect. 13
RAPER Charles L. Sect. 17
RAPER James Calloway Sect. 10 Part 4
RAPER Neley L. Sect. 11
RAPER Sallie Sarah Sect. 10 Part 4
RAPER Trella Lucille Sect. 11
RARDON Bessie F. Sect. 14 N-Z
RARDON Frank B. Sect. 14 N-Z
RASH Homer E. Sect.10 Part 1
RASH Homer E. Sect. 10 Part 2
RASH Lloyd L. Sect. 18
RASH Ola Jane Sect.10 Part 1
RASH Ola Jane Sect. 10 Part 2
RATCLIFF Sandra Lynn Sect. 9 N-Z
RATHEAL T. W. Sect. 13
RATLIFF Arlene F. Sect. 11 South
RAUEN Annie Sect. 6 N-Z
RAUEN J. P. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAUNER Jeffrey A. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAUNER Karen M. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY Ailie A. Sect. 10 Part 6
RAY Alden Earl Sect. 6 N-Z
RAY Alpha A. Sect. 10 Part 7
RAY Anna May Sect. 4
RAY Baby Sect. 13
RAY Ella E. Sect. 10 Part 4
RAY Emmitt Earl Jr. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY Ethel Lee Sect. 13
RAY Gary Reece Sect. 13
RAY Gordon Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY Harlene Sect. 10 Part 4
RAY Harley H. Sect. 10 Part 4
RAY Jackson V. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY John A. Sect. 10 Part 5
RAY John H. Sect. 10 Part 7
RAY Lester W. Sect. 10 Part 4
RAY Lillie J. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAY Mark W. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY Mary Pink Sect. 4
RAY Mildred Sect. 10 Part 5
RAY Nell I. Sect. 17
RAY Opal N. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAY S. J. Sect. 10 Part 6
RAY Samuel Sect. 7 N-Z
RAY Thelma L. Sect. 3
RAY Viola Sect. 2
RAY William Sect. 2
RAY William C. Sect. 17
RAY William Warren Jr. Sect. 18
RAYBURN Alton E. Sect. 12
RAYBURN Cora L. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAYBURN Ernest L. Sect. 6 N-Z
RAYBURN John C. Sect. 7 N-Z
RAYBURN Lloyd O. Sect. 19
RAYBURN Margie (Franklin) Sect. 12
RAYBURN Virgie B. Sect. 2
RAYBURN William B. Sect. 9 N-Z
RAYMER Betty Sherlena Sect. 9 N-Z
RAYMER Iva E. Sect. 7 N-Z
RAYMER Phillip G. Sect. 7 N-Z
RAYNA Dosia "Dodie" Sect. 17
RAYNOR Grace F. Sect. 8 Part 2
RAZIER Fred Sect. 10 Part 2
REA Alvin Don Sect. 14 N-Z
REA Etha C. Sect. 3
REA Jack L. Sect. 7 N-Z
REA Joseph H. Sect. 3
REA June M. Sect. 14 N-Z
REA Robert V. Sect. 11
REAGAN Alfred P. Sect. 14 N-Z
REAGAN Charley Sect. 7 N-Z
REAGAN Clem Sect. 4
REAGAN Dorothy L. Sect. 18
REAGAN Emerson L. Sect. 15
REAGAN Kathryn L. Sect. 15
REAGAN Louise N. Sect. 14 N-Z
REAL Jo Ann Sect. 14 N-Z
REAM Leona M. Sect. 14 N-Z
REAMES Kay "Link" Sect. 10 Part 4
REAMES Milburn C. Sect. 12
REAMES Thelma L. Sect. 12
REAVES Commie E. Sect. 4
REAVES G. F. Sect. 8 Part 1
REAVES Maxine M. Sect. 8 Part 1
REAVES Naomi [Mccoy] Sect. 10 Part 7
REAVIS Olive Jo Sect. 10 Part 7
REAVIS Raymond J. Sect. 10 Part 7
REBMAN Florence Sect. 10 Part 4
REBMAN Henry O. Sect. 10 Part 4
RECIO Raymond D. Sect. 7 N-Z
RECORD John E. Sect. 13
RECTOR Donald Sect. 14 N-Z
RECTOR Fred Sect. 9 N-Z
RECTOR Minnie M. Sect. 9 N-Z
RECTOR Verda L. Sect. 14 N-Z
REDD Helen L. Sect. 14 N-Z
REDD Henry E. Sect. 14 N-Z
REDDELL Edward A. Sect. 10 Part 3
REDDELL Jessie M. Sect. 10 Part 3
REDDEN Arvil Sect. 15
REDDEN Delter Sect. 11 South
REDDEN Norma Sect. 11 South
REDDING Lafayette W. Sect. 9 N-Z
REDDISH Elizabeth Sect. 15
REDDISH Everett H. Sect. 15
REDEKER Carl W. Sect. 14 N-Z
REDEKER Eugenie B. Sect. 14 N-Z
REDMOND Jack E. Sect. 13
REDMOND Rosa Anna Sect. 17
REDPATH Josephine P. Sect. 6 N-Z
REDPATH Mayme Sect. 6 N-Z
REDPATH Tom Sect. 6 N-Z
REDWINE Bennie L. Sect. 9 N-Z
REDWINE Coleta B. Sect. 9 N-Z
REDWINE M. Sue Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Alice May Sect. 10 Part 4
REED Alva T. Sect. 10 Part 4
REED Amy (Trent) Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Beulah L. Sect. 8 Part 2
REED Cecelia M. Sect. 10 Part 4
REED Charles Lee Sect. 8 Part 1
REED Clara Isabell Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Cleo V. Sect. 9 N-Z
REED Davina Sue Sect. 13
REED Don Edward Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Don N. Sect. 9 N-Z
REED Dorothy M. Sect. 9 N-Z
REED Elvira Sect. 2
REED Estel C. "Moon" Sect. 8 Part 1
REED Fannie Sect. 8 Part 2
REED G. Franklin Sect. 2
REED Idell Sect. 14 N-Z
REED James R. Sect. 19
REED James Roger Sect. 13
REED Jeanie (Koch) Sect. 11 South
REED Jessica Ann Sect. 13
REED John William Sect. 2
REED Kenneth Dale Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Levi Newton Sect. 9 N-Z
REED Lon H. Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Lucy Myrtle Sect. 2
REED Mildred F. Sect. 10 Part 7
REED Roy J. Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Roy Lee Sect. 14 N-Z
REED Thomas Calvin Sect. 13
REED Tommie Sect. 13
REED William F. Sect. 2
REED William M. Sect. 13
REEDS Mae (Osburn) Sect. 17
REEDY Josephine G. Sect. 10 Part 5
REEDY Lewis L. Sect. 10 Part 5
REESE Charles T. Sect. 3
REESE Eliza Jane Sect. 3
REESE Elsie F. Sect. 6 N-Z
REESE Jossie Sect. 1
REEVES Albert B. Sect. 17
REEVES Allan E. Sect. 12
REEVES Allen Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES Andy E. Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES Carless N. Sect. 17
REEVES Effie Lee Sect. 17
REEVES Emma E. Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES Grace B. Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES James Claude Sect. 14 N-Z
REEVES Joe M. Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES Margaret Sect. 13
REEVES Martha Sect. 7 N-Z
REEVES Minnie C. Sect. 10 Part 4
REGUR Clair M. "Jack" Sect. 6 N-Z
REGUR Josephine M. Sect. 6 N-Z
REHBEIN Fred W. Sect. 6 N-Z
REHBEIN Gertrude O. Sect. 6 N-Z
REHMERT Charles W. Sect. 7 N-Z
REICH Jeanette Sect. 10 Part 2
REICH Laura M. Sect. 13
REICH Troyce W. Sect. 10 Part 2
REICHERT Elaine Sect. 9 N-Z
REICHERT Marjorie Jane Sect. 10 Part 7
REID Anna P. Sect. 12
REID Elmer L. Sect. 11
REID Henry A. Jr. Sect. 11
REID Hershel V. Sect.10 Part 1
REID Hershel V. Sect.10 Part 1
REID Ida Mae Sect.10 Part 1
REID Ida Mae Sect.10 Part 1
REID Michael Neal Sect. 17
REID Norman F. (Jacobs) Sect. 3
REIFSCHNEIDER Shayla Nicole Sect. 13
REILLY Josephine Sect. 8 Part 1
REILLY William E. Sect. 8 Part 1
REINART Lula Sect. 10 Part 5
REINBOLD Richard Todd Sect. 18
REINERT Luther H. Sect. 8 Part 2
REINHARDT Mary C. Sect. 6 N-Z
REINHARDT William T. Sect. 6 N-Z
REININGER Dennis R. Sect. 14 N-Z
REISIG Marouetta Diane Sect. 13
REITER Christine D. Sect. 7 N-Z
REITER Edward F. Sect. 7 N-Z
REMINGTON Arlie M. Sect. 14 N-Z
REMINGTON Art H. Sect. 14 N-Z
REMY Minnie M. Sect. 17
REMY Oric Charles Sect. 17
RENSHAW William H. "Bean" Sect. 18
RENSIMER John Harvey Sect. 6 N-Z
RENSIMER Lydia (Shiver) Sect. 6 N-Z
RENTERIA Arthur Sect. 12
RENTERIA Filimon Sect. 14 N-Z
RENTERIA Filimone Jr. "Phillip" Sect. 14 N-Z
RENTERIA Guadalupe Sect. 14 N-Z
RENUARD Earl W. Sect. 18
RESCINITO Jon Alan Sect. 18
RESER C. A. Jr. "Jack" Sect. 6 N-Z
RESER Donna Sharon Sect. 12
RESER John L. Sect. 10 Part 7
REUST Agnes Sect. 6 N-Z
REUST Chris Sect. 6 N-Z
REUST Cornelius F. Sect. 6 N-Z
REUST Margaret Sect. 6 N-Z
REVELLE Sarah E. Sect. 6 N-Z
REX Lennie C. Sect. 8 Part 1
REX Rev. Robert Lavern Sect. 8 Part 1
REXROAT Belva Ann Sect. 9 N-Z
REYES Candido Rotha "Candy" Sect. 11 South
REYES Santiago Sect. 12
REYNOLDS Ada M. Sect. 3
REYNOLDS Alley Jo Sect. 7 N-Z
REYNOLDS Bessie E. Sect. 9 N-Z
REYNOLDS Billy H. Sect. 18
REYNOLDS Della Rose Sect. 2
REYNOLDS Don S. Sect. 11
REYNOLDS Donna Jean Sect. 13
REYNOLDS Ernest B. Jack Sect.10 Part 1
REYNOLDS Ernest B. Jack Sect. 10 Part 2
REYNOLDS James Brian Sect. 13
REYNOLDS Joe Paul Sect. 4
REYNOLDS John Ivan Sect. 11 South
REYNOLDS John Thomas Sect. 3
REYNOLDS Marilyn K. Sect.10 Part 1
REYNOLDS Marilyn K. Sect. 10 Part 2
REYNOLDS Maudie Margaret Sect. 6 N-Z
REYNOLDS N. G. "Bill" Sect. 7 N-Z
REYNOLDS Opal Sect. 9 N-Z
REYNOLDS Phyllis A. Sect. 7 N-Z
REYNOLDS Richard D. Sect. 13
REYNOLDS Sarah Lee Sect. 7 N-Z
REYNOLDS Thomas J. Sect. 9 N-Z
REYNOLDS Tonette Regean Sect. 13
REYNOLDS Wallace Roy Sect. 17
REYNOLDS William Thomas Sect. 2
RHAMY Phyllis Sect. 12
RHEA Charles Allen Sect. 13
RHEA Joseph W. Sect. 13
RHIND Raymond Sect. 9 N-Z
RHOADES Johnson E. Sect. 7 N-Z
RHOADS Myrtle M. Sect. 9 N-Z
RHODES Ethel Lola Sect. 10 Part 6
RHODES Henry Allen Ii Sect. 11 South
RHODES Ida M. Sect. 6 N-Z
RHODES Jimmie T. Sect. 13
RHODES Laura Mae Sect. 2
RHODES Mary Ellen Sect.10 Part 1
RHODES Mary Ellen Sect.10 Part 1
RHODES Mollie M. Sect. 10 Part 6
RHODES Nancy B. Sect. 3
RHODES Raymond L. Sect. 9 N-Z
RHODES Robert L. Sect. 10 Part 6
RHODES Ruth C. Sect. 3
RHODES William A. Sect. 3
RHODES William E. Sect. 10 Part 6
RHONE Eva Ann Sect. 8 Part 1
RICE Chas E. Sect. 2
RICE Dwayne A. Sect. 11 South
RICE George F. Sect. 3
RICE Henry C. Sect. 4
RICE Jewel M. Sect. 3
RICE Loretta L. Sect. 13
RICE May O. Sect. 2
RICE Nathan Frank Sect. 13
RICE Richard D. Sect. 9 N-Z
RICE Senora E. Sect. 4
RICH Dora Lee Sect. 19
RICH Mary (Linton) Sect. 14 N-Z
RICH Mary R. Sect. 7 N-Z
RICH Orbra M. Sect. 7 N-Z
RICH Roy R. Sect. 7 N-Z
RICHARDS Ada Allie Sect. 8 Part 2
RICHARDS Billie J. Sect. 14 N-Z
RICHARDS Clyde Derrell Sect. 14 N-Z
RICHARDS David & Daniel Sect. 13
RICHARDS E. Arthur Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDS Emma Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDS Glen E. Sect. 18
RICHARDS Gregory R. Sect. 13
RICHARDS Jeff Sect. 8 Part 2
RICHARDS Lula M. Sect. 18
RICHARDS Myrtle R. Sect. 18
RICHARDS Ralph Ray Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDS Robert C. Sect. 17
RICHARDS Rubye Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDS Shan Sect. 8 Part 2
RICHARDSON Bill D. Sect. 7 N-Z
RICHARDSON Clifford Kathryn Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDSON Cora L. Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Daris Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Daris Alton Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Dennis Christopher Sect. 13
RICHARDSON Donald G. Sect. 3
RICHARDSON Georgean Sect. 3
RICHARDSON Helen M. Sect. 19
RICHARDSON Helen M. Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Jack Glenn Sect. 17
RICHARDSON James B. Sect. 14 N-Z
RICHARDSON Jimmy G. Sect. 3
RICHARDSON Jimmy W. Sect. 3
RICHARDSON Joe E. Sect. 13
RICHARDSON June Sect. 14 N-Z
RICHARDSON Junior Alton Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Letha Sect. 3
RICHARDSON Lloyd Henry Sect. 6 N-Z
RICHARDSON Margaret E. Sect. 18
RICHARDSON Michael Bryan Sect. 12
RICHARDSON Nathaniel G. Sect. 10 Part 3
RICHARDSON Ridley Sect. 2
RICHARDSON Robert C. Sect. 7 N-Z
RICHARDSON Thelma Penny Sect. 3
RICHEY Cecil Hampton Sect. 10 Part 5
RICHEY Glen Doyle Sect. 10 Part 5
RICHEY Zelma S. Sect. 10 Part 5
RICHMOND Marcina L. Sect. 10 Part 5
RICHMOND Wanda L. Sect. 2
RICKARD Eugene R. Sect. 17
RICKARD Eunice Sect. 7 N-Z
RICKARD Flora Sect. 17
RICKARD Henry Bunch Sect. 7 N-Z
RICKENBRODE C. Dwight "Rick" Sect. 10 Part 3
RICKENBRODE E. Lucile Sect. 10 Part 3
RICKETTS Hallie Marie Sect. 12
RICKETTS John A. Sect. 9 N-Z
RICKETTS Mintha Sect. 13
RICKETTS Rebecca B. Sect. 9 N-Z
RICKEY Albert Fremont Sect. 18
RICKEY Fairy N. Sect. 13
RIDDLE Blake Anthony Sect. 10 Part 7
RIDDLE Raymond W. Sect. 9 N-Z
RIDDLE Thomas J. Sect. 8 Part 2
RIDEN Charles R. Sect. 11
RIDEN Hazel J. Sect. 11
RIDENHOUR Thelma Faye Sect. 14 N-Z
RIDENOUR Cheri Lee Sect. 11
RIDENOUR Earl Sect. 2
RIDENOUR Gary R. "Rick" Sect. 9 N-Z
RIDENOUR Infant Sect. 9 N-Z
RIDENOUR James E. Sect. 2
RIDENOUR Orville A. Sect. 9 N-Z
RIDENOUR Robert T. Sect. 9 N-Z
RIDER Bernice V. Sect. 2A
RIDER Charlie A. Sect. 10 Part 4
RIDER Frank A. Sect. 2A
RIDER Jennie M. Sect. 10 Part 4
RIDGE David Lee Sect. 13
RIDLEY Bill J. Sect. 17
RIDLEY Doris Y. (Smith) Sect. 17
RIDLEY Gary Joe Sect. 17
RIDLEY Martha A. Sect. 8 Part 1
RIDLEY Morris W. Sect. 8 Part 1
RIEDEL J. R. Sect. 10 Part 4
RIEGEL Arthur V. Sect. 2
RIEL Lula Sect.10 Part 1
RIEL Lula Sect. 10 Part 2
RIGGAN Alene O. Sect. 10 Part 6
RIGGAN Benjamin F. Sect. 2A
RIGGAN Clarence S. Sect. 7 N-Z
RIGGAN Exa E. Sect. 7 N-Z
RIGGAN Homer D. Sect. 10 Part 6
RIGGAN Ora E. Sect. 10 Part 3
RIGGAN William T. Sect. 10 Part 3
RIGGS Calvin M. Sect. 6 N-Z
RIGGS Forrest J. Sect. 10 Part 4
RIGGS Helen M. Sect. 10 Part 4
RIGGS Ida I. Sect. 6 N-Z
RIGGS Marion Francis Sect. 3
RIGGS Pattye R. Sect.10 Part 1
RIGGS Ruth E. (Yeaman) Sect. 7 N-Z
RIGGS Thomas Clinton Sect.10 Part 1
RIGGS Victoria Sect. 4
RIGNEY Jack Eugene Sect. 9 N-Z
RIGSBY Claude R. Sect. 10 Part 7
RIGSBY Darrell Eugene Sect. 10 Part 7
RIGSBY Leola V. Sect. 10 Part 7
RILEY Bobbie M. Sect. 14 N-Z
RILEY Christine Elizabeth Sect. 17
RILEY Donna N. Sect. 14 N-Z
RILEY Ethel M. Sect. 10 Part 3
RILEY Hardy V. Sect.10 Part 1
RILEY Hardy V. Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY James I. Sect. 10 Part 3
RILEY Larry Lloyd Sect. 9 N-Z
RILEY Lawrence R. Sect. 9 N-Z
RILEY Lloyd D. Sect. 14 N-Z
RILEY Louise Sect.10 Part 1
RILEY Louise Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY Lynn Maureen Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY Michael O. Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY Myrtle G. Sect.10 Part 1
RILEY Myrtle G. Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY Oather J. Sect. 15
RILEY Royle Sect. 12
RILEY Ruth Helen Sect. 10 Part 2
RILEY Sammi Dawn Sect. 9 N-Z
RILEY Walter Venable Sect. 10 Part 2
RIMICCI George D. Sect. 18
RIMICCI Grace Janet (Mcleod) Sect. 18
RIMMER Ida B. Sect. 10 Part 3
RIMMER Viola T. Sect. 9 N-Z
RINDER Mildred V. Sect. 14 N-Z
RINEHART Leanora F. Sect. 9 N-Z
RINEHART Vernon I. Sect. 9 N-Z
RINES David J. Sect. 14 N-Z
RINES Florence E. Sect. 14 N-Z
RINES Martha Ruby Sect. 18
RING Bill I. Sect. 18
RING Jesse L. Sect. 8 Part 2
RING Margaretm. Sect. 8 Part 2
RING Paul Dewayne Sr. Sect. 18
RINGEISEN Carl D. Sect. 18
RINGEISEN Pauline M. Sect. 18
RINGGOLD Amanda Z. Sect. 6 N-Z
RINGGOLD John W. Sect. 6 N-Z
RINGGOLD Novice B. Sect. 6 N-Z
RINGGOLD Ruth Sect. 6 N-Z
RIOS Linda S. C. Sect. 10 Part 6
RISCH Earl E. Sect. 8 Part 2
RISCH Glessie Sect. 8 Part 2
RISNER Bill Sect. 14 N-Z
RITCHIE Cecile C. Sect. 6 N-Z
RITCHIE David M. Sect. 6 N-Z
RITCHIE Hughie Crockett Sect. 14 N-Z
RITCHIE Rickie Sect. 14 N-Z
RITCHIE Robert P. Sect. 4
RITCHIE Sherri Lynn Sect. 13
RITCHIE Una Mae Sect. 13
RITTENBERRY Fannie Bell Sect. 14 N-Z
RITTER Dock Sect. 11
RITTER Ellen Tripzone Hart Sect. 10 Part 3
RITTER J. V. Sect. 10 Part 6
RITTER John Henry Sect. 10 Part 3
RITTER Lela B. Sect. 10 Part 6
RITTER Mamie Jane Sect. 10 Part 3
RITTER Mary E. Sect. 11
RITTER Opal Sect.10 Part 1
RITTER Revis Sect.10 Part 1
RIVAS Joel M. Sect. 18
RIVERS Earl Chester Sect. 14 N-Z
RIVERS Mildred E. Sect. 14 N-Z
RIVERS Steven Paul Sect. 9 N-Z

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