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Sunny Lane La-Lm Surname Index

Submitted by: Bill Hallman

Lo PRESTO Cleo E. Sect. 14 A-M
Lo PRESTO Salvatore T. Sect. 14 A-M
LOBB Cecil Sect. 11
LOBB Judy (Larue) Sect. 11
LOBDELL Ellen T. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOBDELL Helen D. Sect.10 Part 1
LOBDELL Herbert E. Sect.10 Part 1
LOCK Marie J. Sect. 10 Part 3
LOCK Walter B. Sect. 10 Part 3
LOCKAMY Arsula Sect. 3
LOCKARD Mary Ella Sect. 3
LOCKE Georgia F. Sect. 15
LOCKE Leona Sect. 2
LOCKE Ralph G. Sect. 15
LOCKHART Agnes R. Sect. 14 A-M
LOCKHART James E. Sect. 7 A-M
LOCKHART John C. Sect. 14 A-M
LOCKLEAR Calvin W. Sect. 12
LOCKLEAR Mary E. Sect. 12
LOCOCO Lester Sect. 14 A-M
LODES Elmer J. Sect. 12
LODES Lela B. Sect. 12
LOE William A. Sect. 14 A-M
LOEFFELHOLZ Bill Sect. 10 Part 2
LOEFFELHOLZ Sue I. Sect. 10 Part 2
LOFTIN Wilda Jo Sect. 14 A-M
LOGAN Anna Bell Sect. 9 A-M
LOGAN Betty Sect. 12
LOGAN Daniel D. Sect. 11
LOGAN Floyd J. Sect. 11
LOGAN Jewel F. Sect. 17
LOGAN Joe Lewis Sect. 14 A-M
LOGAN Roley J. Sect. 18
LOGAN Sharon Kay Sect. 18
LOGSDON Ada Lee Sect. 14 A-M
LOGUE Pauline Sect. 7 A-M
LOGUE William D. Sect. 7 A-M
LOGWOOD William H. Sect. 9 A-M
LOLLACE Lura V. Sect. 19
LOLLAR Lavonda Sue (Howard) Sect. 6 A-M
LONDON E. L. (?) Sect. 2A
LONES Baby Sect. 2
LONES Ruby L. Sect. 5
LONG Alberta Ann Sect.10 Part 1
LONG Baby Sect. 3
LONG Bert B. Sect. 12
LONG Billye Sue (Tarpley) Sect. 17
LONG Cameron W. Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Charles E. Sect. 11
LONG Charles W. Sect. 13
LONG Cleta Gail Sect. 12
LONG Coleen F. Sect. 12
LONG David Sect. 12
LONG Edward H. Sect. 11
LONG Emma M. Sect. 3
LONG Ester B. Sect. 10 Part 6
LONG Ethel L. Sect. 3
LONG Flossie A. Sect. 17
LONG G. Earl Sect. 3
LONG Garland Carl Sect. 14 A-M
LONG Glenn E. Sect. 19
LONG Harold Sect. 7 A-M
LONG Herbert S. Sect. 17
LONG Huey Sect. 11
LONG Hugh L. Sect. 13
LONG James C. Sect. 10 Part 5
LONG James E. Sect. 4
LONG Jeffrey W. Sect. 9 A-M
LONG Jess Sect. 4
LONG Jessie E. Sect. 3
LONG Joe Catherine Sect. 10 Part 5
LONG John D. Sect. 8 Part 1
LONG Joseph A. Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Judy Ramona Sect. 13
LONG Lee Sect. 13
LONG Lillian Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Lonie Sect. 1
LONG Lorene B. Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Loyd Sect. 3
LONG Lura E. Sect. 3
LONG Martha A. Sect. 2
LONG Maston A. Sect. 3
LONG Miles Frank Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Molly Jayne Sect. 7 A-M
LONG Pete James Sect. 3
LONG Rhonda Sue Sect. 14 A-M
LONG Venis Sect. 12
LONG Vic Sect. 6 A-M
LONG Walter Lee Sect. 10 Part 6
LONG William Perry Sect. 14 A-M
LONG William S. Sect. 3
LONGAN Clarence L. Sect. 5
LONGAN Margaret H. "Marge" Sect. 5
LONGEST Mildred E. Sect.10 Part 1
LONGEST Mildred E. Sect. 10 Part 2
LONGEST Sherrill Sect.10 Part 1
LONGEST Sherrill Sect. 10 Part 2
LONGLEY Clifford A. Sect. 8 Part 1
LONGNECKER Frances Bell Sect. 5
LONGNECKER Marvin E. Sect.10 Part 1
LONGNECKER Marvin E. Sect. 10 Part 2
LONGNECKER William G. "Bill" Sect. 5
LONGORIA Lois (Rawson) Sect. 12
LOOMIS Joseph C. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOOMIS Joseph C. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOONEY Carrie H. Sect. 9 A-M
LOONEY Tomie H. Sect. 11 South
LOPER Baby Sect. 13
LOPER Johnny Alkire Sect. 13
LOPEZ Agnes C. Sect. 15
LOPEZ Albert Sect. 14 A-M
LOPEZ Casildo Sect. 10 Part 7
LOPEZ David Charles Sect. 9 A-M
LOPEZ Francisco Sect. 12
LOPEZ Jesus Sect. 12
LOPEZ Joseph A. Sect. 14 A-M
LOPEZ Julia G. Sect. 10 Part 3
LOPEZ Julia P. Sect. 13
LOPEZ Ofelia Sect. 20
LOPEZ Pete Sect. 10 Part 3
LOPEZ Pete Clifford Sect. 13
LOPEZ Rafael M. Sect. 13
LOPEZ Sam A. Sect. 11
LORD Elaine Marie Sect. 7 A-M
LORENZEN Laura B. Sect. 11
LORETTE Joseph E. Sect. 10 Part 5
LORING Edmond L. Sect. 10 Part 2
LOSER Donald C. Sect. 9 A-M
LOSER Jonathan E. Sect. 9 A-M
LOSER Mildred K. Sect. 9 A-M
LOSKOT Frank Jr. Sect. 2
LOTSPEICH Arthur L. Sect. 6 A-M
LOTSPEICH Jerry W. Sect. 6 A-M
LOTSPEICH Ruth M. Sect. 6 A-M
LOTT Charles Franklin Sect. 13
LOTT Daniel David Sect. 7 A-M
LOTT Harry P. Sect. 2
LOTT J. Newton Sect. 2
LOTT Mary E. (Black) Sect. 11
LOTT Mattie L. Sect. 11
LOTUS Helen C. Sect. 12
LOTZ Crotia L. Sect. 5
LOUBET John G. Sect. 13
LOUGHMILLER Fannie Sect. 13
LOVE Anna L. Sect. 2
LOVE Antionette Sect. 3
LOVE Danah F. Sect. 12
LOVE Edna (Kleckner) Sect. 12
LOVE Eliza Frances Sect. 15
LOVE Ellis Ray Sect. 5
LOVE Freddy Ray Sect. 11
LOVE Herbert M. Sect. 9 A-M
LOVE Linda June Sect. 13
LOVE Natalie Ann Sect. 9 A-M
LOVE Patricia M. Sect. 9 A-M
LOVE Ray Sect. 9 A-M
LOVE Velma I. Sect. 10 Part 7
LOVEKAMP Olive S. Sect. 7 A-M
LOVEKAMP Randy L. Sect. 11 South
LOVELACE Arthur L. Sect. 14 A-M
LOVELACE Betty J. Sect. 17
LOVELACE Daniel Sect. 7 A-M
LOVELACE Delbert J. Sect. 15
LOVELACE James E. Sect. 12
LOVELACE Verna M. Sect. 12
LOVELADY Albert F. Sect. 12
LOVELADY James H. Sect. 14 A-M
LOVELADY Lequetta Sect. 13
LOVELADY Mildred B. Sect. 14 A-M
LOVELADY Ruby Sect. 6 A-M
LOVELADY Sue Esther J. (Griebel) Sect.10 Part 1
LOVELADY Sue Esther J. (Griebel) Sect.10 Part 1
LOVELAND Fred Sect. 13
LOVELESS Infant Sect. 5
LOVELESS Mary Lou Sect. 3
LOVELESS Patricia Ann Sect. 13
LOVELESS Robert D. Sect. 4
LOVELESS T. Houston Sect. 3
LOVELESS Thomas C. Sect. 14 A-M
LOVELL Edward J. Sect. 14 A-M
LOVETT Alvin Duncan Sect. 17
LOVETT Marie C. Sect. 17
LOVETT Thomas Rush Sect. 9 A-M
LOVETT Verne T. Sect. 11 South
LOVETT William R. Sect. 9 A-M
LOVEWELL Roxie L. Sect. 14 A-M
LOWDEN F. M. Sect. 1
LOWE Baby Tim Sect. 2
LOWE Herbert L. Sect. 15
LOWE Liston W. Sect. 17
LOWE Nadine Sect. 8 Part 1
LOWE Nedra J. Sect. 10 Part 2
LOWERY Howard A. Sect. 10 Part 5
LOWERY Lemuel J. Sect. 11
LOWERY Loree L. Sect. 11
LOWRANCE Othar T. Sect. 11
LOWREY Charles N. Sect. 9 A-M
LOWREY Chas N. Sect. 4
LOWREY Donald Lee Sect. 18
LOWREY Marie F. Sect. 4
LOWRIE Harold Lee Sect. 18
LOWRY Amanda M. Sect. 7 A-M
LOWRY Charles Sect. 5
LOWRY Emerson M. Sect. 7 A-M
LOWRY John Pascal Sect. 7 A-M
LOWRY Viora Sect. 5
LOWTHORP Marcus B. Sect. 2
LOWTHORP Minnie Lee Sect. 2
LOYD Bessie L. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOYD Betty J. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOYD Clara J. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOYD Dora Sect. 7 A-M
LOYD Forest L. Jr. Sect. 10 Part 6
LOYD Forest L. Sr. Sect. 10 Part 6
LOYD Harold L. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOYD Lillian F. Sect. 6 A-M
LOYD Mildred E. Sect. 10 Part 6
LOYD Obrey V. Sect. 9 A-M
LOYD Stanley Sect. 7 A-M
LOYD Ted F. Sect. 10 Part 4
LOYD Terry Ray Sect. 9 A-M
LOYD W. G. "Bill" Sect. 6 A-M
LOYD William G. Jr. Sect. 10 Part 4
LUCAS Cora E. (Brooks) Sect. 11
LUCAS David T. Sect. 10 Part 3
LUCAS Dennis Ray Sect. 6 A-M
LUCAS Dottie M. Sect. 9 A-M
LUCAS Ella B. Sect. 6 A-M
LUCAS Felicity Dawn Sect. 13
LUCAS Frances L. Sect. 10 Part 3
LUCAS Fred E. Sect. 13
LUCAS Gail K. Sect. 7 A-M
LUCAS Greta L. Sect. 9 A-M
LUCAS Idell L. Sect. 11
LUCAS Johnny E. Sect. 5
LUCAS Kelva J. Sect. 17
LUCAS Martin Sect. 9 A-M
LUCAS Martin E. Sect. 19
LUCAS Ray C. Sect. 17
LUCAS Susan Hope Sect. 10 Part 3
LUCKIE George Curtis Sect. 13
LUEBKING Dale H. Sect. 11
LUENEMANN Victor H. Sect. 12
LUGAFET Donald Mcarthur Sect. 12
LUGAFET Mary Jane Sect. 12
LUGAFET Meltros Sect. 13
LUKEHART Besse Sect. 5
LUKEHART Billy Joe Sect. 5
LUKEHART David Lynn Sect. 5
LUKEHART Gloyde E. Sect. 5
LUKER Billie L. Sect. 14 A-M
LUKER David B. Sect. 14 A-M
LUKER O. B. "Bill" Sect. 14 A-M
LUMAN Willis Odell Sect. 18
LUMLY Della K. Sect. 5
LUMLY Willie F. Sect. 5
LUMPKINS Alvin R. Sect. 15
LUMRY Wesley E. Sr. Sect. 14 A-M
LUMRY Winifred L. Sect. 14 A-M
LUND Ben O. Sect. 7 A-M
LUND Reva M. Sect. 7 A-M
LUNDBERG John A. Sect. 8 Part 2
LUNDBERG May H. Sect. 8 Part 2
LUNDY Farest M. Sect. 9 A-M
LUNDY Hattie M. Sect. 9 A-M
LUNEY Hattie M. Sect. 3
LUNEY Lloyd C. Sect. 3
LUNG A. R. Sect. 14 A-M
LUNG Stephen Duanne Sect. 13
LUNN Billy H. Sect.10 Part 1
LUNN Billy H. Jun 21, 1938 Sect. 10 Part 2
LUNN C. Lois Thompson Sect.10 Part 1
LUNN C. Lois Thompson Sect. 10 Part 2
LUNN H. U. Curley Sect.10 Part 1
LUNN H. U. Curley Sect. 10 Part 2
LUNOW D. H. "Dick" Sect. 7 A-M
LUNOW Fred Sect. 5
LUNOW Ida Sect. 5
LUNOW Infant Sect. 5
LUNOW J. C. Sect. 5
LUNOW John Sect. 5
LUNOW Minnie Sect. 5
LUNOW William H. Sect. 5
LUNSFORD Lonnie A. Sect. 9 A-M
LUPER Jess G. Sect. 7 A-M
LUSE Charley Sect. 5
LUSE John Sect. 6 A-M
LUSE Lola Sect. 5
LUSE Lola Sect. 6 A-M
LUSE Yvonne Sect. 13
LUSHER Diana Lynn Sect. 18
LUSK Alice Sect. 5
LUSK Louisa Sect. 5
LUSK Neal Sect. 5
LUSK Rochelle Sect. 5
LUSK Wade Sect. 5
LUTON Lucile (Walker) Sect. 3
LUTTRELL Eddie Murle Sect. 10 Part 6
LUTTRELL Ella Sect. 10 Part 4
LUTTRELL George P. Jr. Sect. 10 Part 6
LUTTRELL Ida Bell Sect. 10 Part 6
LUTTRELL Isaac D. Sect. 10 Part 4
LUTTRELL J. A. Sect. 13
LUTTRELL Larry W. Sect. 7 A-M
LUTTRELL Maudie B. Sect. 5
LUTTRELL Rose Sect. 13
LUTTRELL Wallace Sect. 13
LUTTS Faye Belle Sect. 8 Part 2
LUTTS Gayle Lynn Sect. 13
LUTTS Jay Elmer Sect. 14 A-M
LUTTS Mary J. Sect. 8 Part 2
LUTTS W. T. Sect. 8 Part 2
LUTZ George R. Sect. 5
LUTZ James Michael Sect. 12
LYLE Bernard M. Sect. 12
LYLE Charlotte M. Sect. 12
LYLE Nova Lee Sect. 4
LYLES Chester Loran Sect. 10 Part 4
LYLES Tiffany Marie Sect. 13
LYMAN Cara Lynn Sect. 9 A-M
LYMAN Ronald Elmo Jr. Sect. 9 A-M
LYNAM Robert A. Sect. 14 A-M
LYNCH Carl J. Sect. 10 Part 3
LYNCH Charles E. Jr. Sect. 7 A-M
LYNCH Cleetis M. Sect. 18
LYNCH James Richard "Dick" Sect. 17
LYNCH Martha P. Sect. 10 Part 3
LYNCH O. T. Sect. 11
LYNCH Thelma A. Sect. 11
LYNCH Thomas P. Sect. 17
LYNCH Viola D. Sect. 10 Part 2
LYNCH Winfield H. Sect. 10 Part 3
LYNCH Woodrow W. Sect. 10 Part 2
LYNN Clyde R. Sect. 7 A-M
LYNN Daisy L. Sect. 7 A-M
LYNN Dayle Sect. 6 A-M
LYNN Delitha Sect. 6 A-M
LYNN Edward C. Sect. 6 A-M
LYNN Elizabeth B. Sect. 6 A-M
LYNN Ida W. Sect. 3
LYNN Joe Mitchell Sect. 12
LYNN John A. Sect. 10 Part 2
LYNN Vernon B. Sect. 3
LYON Geneva Mae Sect. 8 Part 2
LYON Homer F. Sect. 9 A-M
LYON James H. Sect. 8 Part 2
LYON Lillie M. Sect. 9 A-M
LYON Robert B. Jr. Sect. 15
LYONS Billy Joe Sect. 7 A-M
LYONS David Maxwell Sect. 11
LYONS Elvan J. Sect. 14 A-M
LYONS Jacob B. Sect. 3
LYONS Joyce R. Sect. 7 A-M
LYONS Lonnie E. Sect. 7 A-M
LYONS Minnie Sect. 7 A-M
LYONS Rena Sect. 14 A-M
LYONS Russell Dean Sect. 7 A-M
LYONS Ruth W. Sect. 5
LYONS Susan E. Sect. 3
LYONS Yoko Sect. 17
LYTER Mary Sect. 14 A-M
LYTLE Warren Eldon Sect. 9 A-M

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