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Hillcrest Memory Gardens
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Felecia Vaughn

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo,
funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

T Surnames

FaithTABBJIMMY DEE19121995 See photo
FaithTABBDOROTHY MAE19202006 See photo
PrayerTAFTMILTON RAY11/23/19545/25/2009 See photo
PrayerTAFTMARK A.3/31/196410/10/2006 See photo
PrayerTAFTMARCELLUS TERRELL2/11/19644/14/1990 See photo
MasonicTAFTHARRISON SR.10/16/19182/26/1996 See photo
EternityTALLEYYVETTE (CUMMINGS)7/29/19616/3/2004 See photo
JOHNELL10/30/194812/24/2000LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
See photo
EternityTAPLINCURTIS R.10/11/195310/9/2005 See photo
ChristTATEALEX9/27/192911/1/1999 See photo
ChristTATEMARY M.1/7/19191/29/2004 See photo
MasonicTATEJEREMY WESLEY1/21/19865/15/2008 See photo
BabylandTAYLORJEWELIUS D'WAYNE10/23/200310/23/2003 See photo
BabylandTAYLORISREAL I.12/3/200812/9/2008 See photo
Eternity-CompTAYLORJOHNNY M. "BUTCH"5/25/19492/4/2004 See photo
ChristTAYLORMARY L.7/14/19172/8/2010 See photo
ChristTAYLORJERRY MAE10/2/19452/17/2006 See photo
ChristTAYLORI. O. ALMA8/16/19338/2/2000 See photo
EternityTAYLORHAZEL19151996 See photo
EternityTAYLORDAVID RAY5/6/19677/8/2002 See photo
LoveTAYLORVIDELLA M.Can't read2007 See photo
GethsemaneTAYLORA. B.9/19/19221/3/1990 See photo
GethsemaneTAYLORZENOBIA5/27/19157/27/1995 See photo
GethsemaneTAYLORWILLARD SR.12/5/19441/6/1998 See photo
GethsemaneTAYLORGLORIA D.9/12/194412/1/1990 See photo
GethsemaneTAYLORFLOSSIE MARIE9/10/19222/14/2005 See photo
MasonicTAYLORMARGARETT18821970 See photo
MasonicTAYLORDELIA E.18991978 See photo
REUBEN M.5/1/192211/15/1976PFC US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceTAYLORINEZ L.4/6/194410/14/2007 See photo
RememberanceTAYLORRUBY J.6/19/19378/29/2008Difficult to read
See photo
NATHANIEL SR.8/24/19313/15/2010US Navy Korea
See photo
RememberanceTAYLORTHEODORE C.11/18/19635/6/1992 See photo
Eternity-CompTEAGUEODELLA L.5/5/19203/11/2008 See photo
EternityTEAGUEERNESTINE (FLOYD)5/17/19372/6/1990 See photo
RememberanceTEALFAYETTE F.3/2/19374/6/2005 See photo
MasonicTEMPLEDOROTHY NELL1/19/19217/16/1986 See photo
RememberanceTERRELLDONALDCan't readCan't read See photo
CICERO JR.6/12/19235/18/1999USN & USAF WW II
See photo
EternityTERRYNANNIE V.19212007 See photo
LEO LONNIE SR.11/3/193212/13/1991SP3 US Army Korea
See photo
GethsemaneTHAMESCHARLES B. "BOBBY"19491998 See photo
BabylandTHOMASREGINALD LEROY19691970 See photo
BabylandTHOMASMARCUS CRAIG19821983 See photo
BabylandTHOMASKEYIARA TA'SHAY7/10/20017/10/2001 See photo
BabylandTHOMASSAMUELLE K.6/28/19987/8/1998 See photo
Eternity-CompTHOMASAMOS L.19231976 See photo
Eternity-CompTHOMASCHARLES W.19322010 See photo
ChristTHOMASJAMES H. SR.4/14/19385/29/2010 See photo
JERRY F.2/25/19321/31/2008PFC US Army
See photo
ChristTHOMASKATIE MAE2/26/19433/19/2001 See photo
EternityTHOMASROOSEVELT19061978 See photo
EternityTHOMASMIKEAL A.2/8/19929/28/2002 See photo
EDGAR ALLEN8/24/19497/2/1994US Army Vietnam
See photo
EternityTHOMASLECTRA LEE9/3/19247/2/2001 See photo
FaithTHOMASMARZELIA4/16/19011/15/1986 See photo
FaithTHOMASEVER18851987 See photo
FaithTHOMASWILLIE D.19082007 See photo
FaithTHOMASMARY L.19132000 See photo
FaithTHOMASVELMA S.5/27/193510/5/1999 See photo
FaithTHOMASTHEODORE W.19211988 See photo
FaithTHOMASBRIDGET LaFRANCE6/6/19697/7/2009 See photo
LoveTHOMASTERESA M.2/1/19561/30/1986 See photo
GEORGE HENRY4/15/19091/10/1964CK1 US Navy Res. WW II
See photo
MasonicTHOMASLUCY4/1/19131/4/2000 See photo
MasonicTHOMASDORIS M.6/14/192412/14/1984 See photo
RALPH L.6/21/19252/11/1999TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceTHOMASYONG C.4/8/194511/3/2005 See photo
ROSCOE RC.9/18/194610/30/2008AB US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
BabylandTHOMPSONOTIS10/10/199210/10/1992 See photo
BabylandTHOMPSONOLIVIA10/10/199210/10/1992 See photo
Eternity-CompTHOMPSONELIZABETH19271986 See photo
LORRAINE E.2/2/19216/19/1997PVT US Army Air Corps WW II
See photo
EternityTHOMPSONPEARLINE A. "PEARL"2/15/191712/29/2002 See photo
FaithTHOMPSONWILLIE9/11/19183/21/1988 See photo
CHARLES JR.6/5/19413/17/2005PVT US Army
See photo
FaithTHOMPSONROY L.19322008 See photo
FaithTHOMPSONLOU W.19322002 See photo
LoveTHOMPSONLEBERTHA C.5/20/19146/28/2010 See photo
PrayerTHOMPSONBARBARA ANN5/24/194711/28/1995 See photo
PrayerTHOMPSONGARY ROOSEVELT7/2/19475/22/2002 See photo
ELIJAH3/13/19238/23/2003S1 US Navy WW II
See photo
PrayerTHOMPSONVERTIA MAE3/3/193411/13/1996 See photo
PrayerTHOMPSONTARA R.11/24/19728/15/2007 See photo
GethsemaneTHOMPSONIDA MARIE6/17/19333/18/1995 See photo
MasonicTHOMPSONELLIS9/6/192612/16/1987 See photo
MasonicTHOMPSONWILLIAM "BILL"4/4/19382/28/1997 See photo
MasonicTHOMPSONNAOMI RUTH10/16/19412/5/1996 See photo
MasonicTHOMPSONIVERSON W. JR.9/24/19307/25/1996 See photo
JAMES JR.3/3/19184/18/1970PFC US Marine Corps WW II
See photo
RememberanceTHOMPSONGEORGIA J.6/10/19289/18/1994 See photo
RememberanceTHOMPSONJOE L.1/27/19362/20/1992 See photo
DECATUR GERARD11/24/19567/15/1998CAPT USMC Persian Gulf
See photo
EternityTILFORDNORA L.8/24/19195/12/1993 See photo
ChristTILLMANEVELYN A.8/7/19476/7/2008 See photo
LEON L.5/17/19502/15/2010SSGT US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
FaithTIMMONSISABELL A.19151984 See photo
RememberanceTIMMONSGERALDINE5/7/19306/5/2008 See photo
FaithTINGLEMILDRED5/3/19568/7/1994 See photo
FaithTINGLELINDA G.19491989 See photo
FaithTINNINHELEN M.19271990 See photo
FaithTIPTONALVENIA IRVING12/5/19286/10/2002 See photo
BabylandTITUSCHYNA12/4/200810/15/2009 See photo
PrayerTOBLERJAMES C.5/21/19504/11/2005 See photo
PrayerTOBLERAARON3/21/195212/11/1999 See photo
PrayerTOBLERLEROY3/29/19512/1/1993 See photo
BabylandTODDCHRISTIAN E'VON3/31/20084/1/2008 See photo
ChristTODDRICO11/3/19746/13/2008 See photo
ChristTODDTERRANCE3/12/19716/13/2008 See photo
EternityTODDA. C. JR.19301999 See photo
EternityTODDBILLIE (McCLEARY)1/28/194110/27/2003 See photo
GethsemaneTOLERNINA G.5/24/191010/11/2010 See photo
ChristTOLESJEREMY B.9/9/19864/10/2011 See photo
ChristTOLIVERJOHN "JAY" JR.2/28/19708/17/2002 See photo
MasonicTOLLIVERSAM18891962 See photo
PrayerTOMLINIRMA JEAN7/9/19315/29/2004 See photo
ChristTOTTENJANIE L.19202006 See photo
EternityTOWNSENDBENNIE N.19081978 See photo
See photo
EternityTRAYLORANNA (REEVES)2/6/192311/14/2009 See photo
PrayerTRAYLORSHARON M.2/23/19475/7/2007 See photo
BabylandTRAYWICKRHONDA L.19691970 See photo
RememberanceTRUITTALBERT L.8/21/194712/20/2007 See photo
GethsemaneTRUOCCOLOCHRISTIAN LELIOUS12/13/19983/3/2003 See photo
GethsemaneTRYONBUSTER J.5/18/19318/13/2004 See photo
GethsemaneTRYONRUBY J.4/7/19355/10/1999 See photo
BABYLAND TUBBS ALEXANDER Miracle Nicole Aug 2 2008 Feb 21 2009 See photo
BABYLAND TUBBS TERRENCE JAMES 6/21/2000 6/21/2000 See photo
RememberanceTUBBSMARDIE19391996 See photo
RememberanceTUBBSFAY B.19372008 See photo
ChristTUCKERSHARLEY MAE8/31/19214/3/1991 See photo
FaithTUCKERJREESE E.19151985 See photo
FaithTUCKERROSETTA M.19211984 See photo
FaithTUCKERANTHONY W.7/15/196511/10/2007 See photo
MasonicTUCKERREUBEN V. II19191987 See photo
MasonicTUCKERLUVENIA3/17/190911/11/1976 See photo
JOSEPH SR.9/29/192210/12/2008US Army WW II
See photo
FaithTUNLEYJOSEPHINE18981983 See photo
MasonicTUNLEYBELLE GRUNDY3/1/18912/23/1979 See photo
MACK JR.7/22/19539/22/2009SP4 US Army
See photo
LEONARD L.8/21/194310/23/2010PVT US Army Vietnam
See photo
EternityTURNERLUCY W.19021984 See photo
PrayerTURNERJERMAINE L., REV.1/12/19825/25/2009 See photo
GethsemaneTURNEREVA LOIS (SWINDALL)5/20/193411/17/1991 See photo
GethsemaneTURNERROOSEVELT "ROZIE"4/2/19364/27/2002 See photo
LUCIOUS JR.5/30/19227/17/1910TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
Eternity-CompTYLERSTERLIE19051990 See photo
Eternity-CompTYLERBERTHA19001990 See photo
FaithTYSONDAN12/19/19065/10/1994 See photo
FaithTYSONANNA MAE J.19051995 See photo

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