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Hillcrest Memory Gardens
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Felecia Vaughn

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo,
funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

S Surnames

EternitySADLERROSA LEE6/6/19447/2/1992 See photo
ANTHONY M. JR.19181992A2C US Air Force
See photo
ChristSAMPSONVELORIA G.9/29/19598/19/1999 See photo
FaithSAMPSONLORENE19101992 See photo
WILSON11/22/19229/12/1977SSGT US Army WW II
See photo
Eternity-CompSAMPYNELL FAYE19241995 See photo
BabylandSAMUELTYLER TIONNE11/15/20044/7/2005 See photo
EternitySAMUELSBERNICE R.19021979 See photo
PrayerSAMUELSROEZELL1919199? See photo
PrayerSAMUELSRUBY D.19252002 See photo
BabylandSANCHOJERRALE K.9/26/199710/12/1997 See photo
BabylandSANDERSANDRIE LAMOND19691969 See photo
FaithSANDERSOSCAR LEE5/8/19349/18/1993 See photo
FaithSANDERSJOHNNY LEE SR.1/12/19402/2/2004 See photo
FaithSANDERSMAE JO3/10/19316/30/1982 See photo
PrayerSANDERSDAVID8/27/19704/5/1993 See photo
PrayerSANDERSIRENE O.10/11/193610/24/2005Difficult to read
See photo
PrayerSANDERSROSIE9/6/19247/20/1999 See photo
ERVIN4/7/19128/27/2007US Army WW II
See photo
MasonicSANDERSROY18901959 See photo
RememberanceSANDERSWILLIE L.11/30/191310/5/2003 See photo
WILLIAM L.1/31/19352/20/1998PFC USA, SGT USAF Korea
See photo
WILLIE JAMES SR.4/25/19291/27/1994US Army Korea
See photo
Eternity-CompSAPPJOHN T. REV.1909Can't read See photo
Eternity-CompSAPPJESSIE MAE19211996 See photo
FRANK ELIJAH11/3/19215/27/1993SGT US Army WW II
See photo
BabylandSCOTTLAYLA SHARICE5/1/20025/1/2002 See photo
ChristSCOTTJIMMIE8/4/19428/11/2010 See photo
ChristSCOTTHATTIE J.3/24/192910/2/2005 See photo
FaithSCOTTOTIS SR.9/19/19442/6/1995 See photo
FaithSCOTTDANIELLE NICOLE12/16/197911/15/1999 See photo
GethsemaneSCOTTERMA J.6/9/19354/11/1991 See photo
HORACE E.9/3/19292/27/1998US Army Korea
See photo
GethsemaneSCOTTMILDRED V.3/13/19245/12/2003 See photo
PHELIX5/7/19223/6/2010US Army WW II
See photo
RANDELL19254/13/2003US Navy WW II
See photo
ARCHIE4/25/19582/2/2002US Army
See photo
GethsemaneSCOTTANIKA L.12/2/19779/8/2007 See photo
MasonicSCOTTJESSIE S.18991980 See photo
MasonicSCOTTLULA P.19131992 See photo
RememberanceSCOTTALBERT JR.12/30/19521/4/1998 See photo
RememberanceSCOTTDOROTHY L.4/2/19231/8/2007 See photo
EternitySCROGGINSGEORGE "RABBIT"19091988 See photo
EternitySCROGGINSDOROTHY19121999 See photo
BabylandSCROGGINS-BERRYOLIVIA CHANTE9/11/20038/20/2007 See photo
PrayerSCRUGGSISAAC SR.11/25/19125/5/1999 See photo
PrayerSCRUGGSLARNETTER7/31/191410/10/1995 See photo
GethsemaneSCRUGGS-WILLIAMSYVONNE MARIE9/13/193811/13/1997 See photo
EMMITT9/4/19081/27/1982SGT US Army WW II
See photo
AUDREY W. JR.8/21/19428/1/2009US Air Force
See photo
ChristSEARCYVEASTER FAYE1/29/19462/29/2008 See photo
RememberanceSEASTRONGBEULAH19101994 See photo
GethsemaneSELLSJOHNNIE B.19041976 See photo
GethsemaneSESSIONGEORGE19061989 See photo
GethsemaneSESSIONMARY19061984 See photo
GethsemaneSESSIONMARTIN2/19/191011/1985Difficult to read
See photo
HERMAN11/11/19259/7/1979S1 US Navy WW II
See photo
RememberanceSHANNONVERNON D.6/18/19637/27/2009 See photo
JAMES5/7/19261/22/2001PFC US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceSHARPRUBY D.5/3/19483/30/2005 See photo
WESLEY H.12/6/19283/4/2004PFC US Army Korea
See photo
See photo
RememberanceSHAWANGETTA4/24/19137/15/1997 See photo
RememberanceSHAWELVIS7/9/19457/1/2005 See photo
LoveSHAW-NEVELSLADY BEA18991992 See photo
LoveSHAW-NEVELSETHEL19041976 See photo
BabylandSHEARERWESLEY WAYNE4/30/200911/1/2010 See photo
FaithSHEETSRALPH LEROY12/9/19383/4/1996 See photo
FaithSHEETSJOHN H. SR.19121980 See photo
FaithSHEETSDELIA S.19151988 See photo
PrayerSHEFFIELDMARY C.2/2/19297/31/1998 See photo
EternitySHELTONMICHAEL W.5/18/19722/7/2010 See photo
EternitySHERRILLWILLIE MARIE19311997 See photo
CLAUDE SR.12/12/19234/26/2007CPL US Army WW II & Korea
See photo
ChristSHIPPJOYCE F.10/1/19496/25/2009 See photo
PrayerSHIRLEYEASTMANCan't read1987 See photo
CLARENCE HENRY12/28/19161/28/1996SGT USAF & USN WW II & Korea
See photo
MasonicSHOALSVELMA L.1/6/19163/8/1998 See photo
DENNIS5/19/19414/27/1990A3C US Air Force
See photo
GethsemaneSHOTLOWSARA2/3/19401/21/2011 See photo
EternitySIMMONSFAIRILLA1/9/190912/25/1996 See photo
FaithSIMMONSJOHN H. SR.Can't read11/8/1994 See photo
PrayerSIMMONSPHILLIP DANTE D.8/6/19781/23/1996 See photo
PrayerSIMMONSADONIS ANEAS4/3/196410/25/1995 See photo
BabylandSIMMSJA'KARI DAMONTRE9/2/20053/6/2009 See photo
FaithSIMMSGLADYS19191987 See photo
FaithSIMMSMARCUS E. JR.8/6/195110/11/1982 See photo
FaithSIMMSPAUL19191999 See photo
FaithSIMMSLIATHIA19261989 See photo
FaithSIMPSONW. PEARL9/9/19214/27/1992 See photo
PrayerSIMPSONJACQUELINE A.19422009 See photo
GethsemaneSIMPSONGREGORY HILL11/13/19514/10/1999 See photo
RememberanceSIMPSONLOLA1/6/190011/12/1998 See photo
RememberanceSIMPSONMINNIE F.12/194212/25/1999Difficult to read
See photo
BabylandSIRLSKAYLA JANAE2/13/20022/13/2002 See photo
PrayerSKANESCARNELL L. I.8/2/19534/30/2002 See photo
ROY LEE11/25/193211/23/1993PFC US Army Korea
See photo
ChristSLAUGHTERSETH ANTWONE12/20/19624/1/2007 See photo
EternitySLAUGHTERLOUISE1/15/19154/28/1996 See photo
EDWARD S.11/26/192510/23/1979PFC USA WW II & Korea
See photo
FaithSLAUGHTEREUGENE SR.7/30/19296/15/1992 See photo
MasonicSLAUGHTERSHARLIE A.11/23/19427/28/1997 See photo
MasonicSLAUGHTERCHRISTOPHER K.9/25/19858/6/1988 See photo
RememberanceSLAUGHTERLUCILLE9/2/19012/3/1999 See photo
GethsemaneSLAYDENJOHN J.4/27/19353/6/2006 See photo
GethsemaneSLAYDENLETTIE M.10/27/19392011 See photo
EternitySLEDGELILLIE M.19151992 See photo
MasonicSLOSSMINERVA A.6/2/19216/26/1999 See photo
CURLEY L.19201989CM1 US Navy WW II
See photo
Eternity-CompSMALLWOODLILLIE MAE10/30/19421/22/2010 See photo
BISHOP L.7/13/19169/26/2009SGT US Army WW II
See photo
FaithSMILEYDORIS H.19401987 See photo
FaithSMILEYJACQUELYN (KING)3/19/19448/21/1993 See photo
WALTER JAMES9/25/19305/12/1995USA WW II, Korea & Vietnam
See photo
FaithSMILEYMYRTIS LEE6/27/19365/2/2005 See photo
FaithSMILEYWARRENCan't readCan't read See photo
FaithSMILEYLINNIE B.Can't readCan't read See photo
FaithSMILEYBERTHA L.10/5/19253/30/1995 See photo
LUTHER S.9/9/192512/29/1978MM3 US Navy WW II
See photo
RAYFIELD12/22/19171/19/2011PVT US Army Air Forces WW II
See photo
CHARLES H.2/29/19246/24/1991SSGT US Army WW II & Korea
See photo
FaithSMILEYDOROTHY L.5/3/19292/28/1999 See photo
FaithSMILEYSANDY JR.1/24/19291/5/1998 See photo
MasonicSMILEYSANDY18901980 See photo
MasonicSMILEYSARAH18991993 See photo
BabylandSMITHMAURISHA19841986 See photo
BabylandSMITHRANDOLPH C.19701972 See photo
BabylandSMITHMICHAEL WILLIAM19741975 See photo
BabylandSMITHANTONIO E.7/10/20025/8/2003 See photo
BabylandSMITHBRITTANY D.8/10/19978/10/1997 See photo
BabylandSMITHYANCE D. JR.3/15/19993/15/1999 See photo
BabylandSMITHCeeMEYAH A.3/1/20073/1/2007 See photo
BabylandSMITHDAN TAYVEAN R.4/11/20064/11/2006 See photo
BabylandSMITHFAITH LENAE9/21/20079/21/2007 See photo
BabylandSMITHELUUAH D.12/7/200912/7/2009 See photo
BabylandSMITHJALIYAH DASHAY8/5/201011/9/2010 See photo
Eternity-CompSMITHRUBY J.19372006 See photo
Eternity-CompSMITHCHARLIE19251979 See photo
ChristSMITHISAIAH7/4/19484/17/2001 See photo
ChristSMITHJUANITA M.3/10/19487/25/2004 See photo
ChristSMITHERNEST10/23/19274/10/2007 See photo
ChristSMITHTONY A.12/1/19601/23/1997 See photo
SAMUEL G.6/1/191812/10/19961st SGT US Army WW II
See photo
ChristSMITHBRANDON D.8/5/19827/19/2001 See photo
ChristSMITHBRUCE KELLY10/26/19589/28/2002 See photo
ChristSMITHMINNIE MAE10/21/19251/2/2007 See photo
EternitySMITHROCHELLE DENISE5/24/19718/8/1994 See photo
EternitySMITHBERNICE11/19181/1991 See photo
EternitySMITHDARLENE5/31/19549/9/1995 See photo
EternitySMITHIRENE (McBROOM)1/28/19234/13/1989 See photo
EternitySMITHOTHELLA6/9/19279/6/2000 See photo
EternitySMITHJAMES19051976 See photo
EternitySMITHFRANKIE19202001 See photo
EternitySMITHHENRY JR.19151978 See photo
L. G. ROGERS19171986US Army WW II
See photo
EternitySMITHKATHERINE L.12/3/192910/21/1997 See photo
EternitySMITHDARLENE9/5/193810/5/1995 See photo
FaithSMITHEVELYN G.9/9/19302/11/1994 See photo
FaithSMITHCARNIE A.19061997 See photo
FaithSMITHSHELIA D.19561990 See photo
FaithSMITHSAMANTHA L.10/7/19512/10/2006 See photo
FaithSMITHFRANKIE L.10/27/193310/15/1997 See photo
FaithSMITHARON C. JR.19311986 See photo
FaithSMITHARNOLD SR.Can't readCan't read See photo
FaithSMITHSHIRLEY ANN3/193510/11/1990Difficult to read
See photo
FaithSMITHKIMBERLY12/9/19736/30/2008 See photo
LoveSMITHESTELLA V.12/11/19137/28/1984 See photo
LoveSMITHSALLIE C.18651967 See photo
LoveSMITHJESSIE LEE4/6/192911/10/1987 See photo
LoveSMITHGWENDOLYN A.7/26/196412/13/1994 See photo
LoveSMITHJACKIE L.4/12/197110/18/1994 See photo
PrayerSMITHSONIA A.1/9/19733/30/2005 See photo
PrayerSMITHIRENE A.6/17/19141/9/2000 See photo
PrayerSMITHLEIGHTON VONEL5/9/20002/1/2008 See photo
CALVIN H.6/29/19335/9/2008CPL US Army Korea
See photo
GethsemaneSMITHSTEVEN A. M.Can't readCan't read See photo
GethsemaneSMITHTIMARIA JEANNIE (SPIGENER)11/8/19712/6/2005 See photo
GethsemaneSMITHWILLIAM SR.12/20/192011/15/2004 See photo
GethsemaneSMITHRUBY MAE3/15/19275/5/2007 See photo
GethsemaneSMITHMARY L.4/7/192612/14/1998 See photo
A. G.3/22/19267/19/2007US Army Korea
See photo
GethsemaneSMITHCHRISTOPHER L.6/21/19604/11/1990 See photo
GethsemaneSMITHLEON L.19172004 See photo
GethsemaneSMITHIRENE MAE19222010 See photo
MasonicSMITHLELAND KERRY3/6/197011/30/1991 See photo
MasonicSMITHJESSIE JAMES18981969 See photo
MasonicSMITHCORINE19041979 See photo
JAMES J.11/17/192010/9/1981TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
WILLIE JR.2/6/19221/12/1970SFC US Army WW II
See photo
MasonicSMITHEDMOND L.8/22/19071/18/1987 See photo
GEORGE A.1/13/19225/5/1969PVT 804 Sig. Tng. Rgt. WW II
See photo
MasonicSMITHDANIEL W.5/2/19692/6/2006 See photo
RememberanceSMITHRODNEY L.5/29/19865/1/2010 See photo
RememberanceSMITHSTELLA MAE3/16/19329/26/1994 See photo
RememberanceSMITHROSIE (BROWN)5/17/191512/26/1983 See photo
RememberanceSMITHNAKKETA10/20/19769/13/2008 See photo
RememberanceSMITHDERIALANDA L.4/12/19781/17/1997 See photo
RememberanceSMITHCLARENCE JR.1/30/19766/7/1996 See photo
RememberanceSMITHCLARENCE SR.Can't read9/2010 See photo
RememberanceSMITHBERNICE (HATTEN)12/2/192511/22/1993 See photo
RememberanceSMITHMADGE A.Can't readCan't read See photo
RememberanceSMITHPATTY J.11/11/195910/9/2007 See photo
GethsemaneSMITH-BRUNERCHERYL D.6/16/195812/1/2010 See photo
FaithSNEEDBEATRICE19211982 See photo
BabylandSNELLKINGSTON WAYNE11/9/200711/9/2007 See photo
EternitySNELLMcCLINTON19361995 See photo
GethsemaneSNOWRUBY L.1/2/19163/17/1993 See photo
EternitySNYDERJ. R. ?19202009Difficult to read
See photo
EternitySNYDERARVELLA M.19232010 See photo
PrayerSNYDERJAMES19132005 See photo
PrayerSOLDANLe CLAIRE11/20/19325/26/2009 See photo
GethsemaneSOUTHERNIVY E. M.9/27/192210/16/1999 See photo
FaithSPARKSHENRY L.19181992 See photo
FaithSPARKSVERA M.19242009 See photo
BabylandSPEARSBENNEY RAY19811981 See photo
EternitySPENCEJUDY CAROL3/4/19502/28/2003 See photo
RememberanceSPENCEROPAL19201999 See photo
RememberanceSPENCERL. J.19071991 See photo
JAMES A.4/13/193710/31/1992US Army
See photo
BabylandSPIVEYCIDRYC EVERETTE JR.5/7/200911/30/2009 See photo
BabylandSPOTWOODLaMARCUS ANDREW4/12/20087/14/2008 See photo
LoveSPOTWOODLULA19171983 See photo
LoveSPOTWOODROBERT19101965 See photo
FaithSPRIGGSCURTIS C. JR.10/27/19634/16/1995 See photo
FaithSPRIGGSMARY JANE10/29/18931/31/1988 See photo
GethsemaneSPURLOCKARTHUR R.19201992 See photo
GethsemaneSPURLOCKKATHRYN19341994 See photo
PrayerSTAFFORDJAMIE JORDAN11/5/195010/23/2007 See photo
LoveSTALLINGSKORRION D.8/29/19897/1/2007 See photo
BENJAMIN F.9/3/19313/6/1998US Air Force Korea
See photo
FaithSTAMPSGLADYS (HUBBARD)2/22/19192/27/1997 See photo
PrayerSTAMPSHENRY F. JR.1899No date See photo
PrayerSTAMPSCLARA D.11/6/194410/11/2008 See photo
PrayerSTANFIELDEVELYN C.2/26/192812/12/2003 See photo
GethsemaneSTANLEYCHESTER A.Can't read1980 See photo
GethsemaneSTANLEYEDNA19091986 See photo
GethsemaneSTANLEYJIMMIE19011995 See photo
RememberanceSTARKSMARLAND D. JR.5/9/196011/30/1996 See photo
RememberanceSTARKSARMAND RAPHAEL9/16/20009/17/2000 See photo
EternitySTARRCRAIG EUGENE4/21/19615/28/1985 See photo
EternitySTARRDARROLL L.7/15/19598/21/1993 See photo
L. C.12/8/192212/6/2010PFC US Army Air Forces WW II
See photo
EternitySTEELEJOHN LOUIS SR.2/13/191012/2/1989 See photo
EternitySTEELECHARLOTTE1/10/1914Can't read See photo
FaithSTEELEMARY MILDRED11/25/19385/21/2001 See photo
LoveSTEELEJAMES "SUG"6/8/19115/13/1972 See photo
PrayerSTEELERESHEA LANELL5/21/19982/27/2007 See photo
FaithSTELLSIDNEY E.19591986 See photo
FaithSTEPHENSELISBERRY "E.L."19241995 See photo
GethsemaneSTEPHENSJEFFREY "T"10/30/19697/19/1992 See photo
GethsemaneSTEPHENSM. E. OLA12/14/193710/24/2007 See photo
WES S.3/8/191212/23/1990PFC US Army WW II
See photo
WILLIAM M.1/20/19593/23/1996SGT US Army
See photo
LoveSTEVENSLOLA MAYE19431969 See photo
STEVENS Mattie W. Mar 15 1941   Sister of Janie M. Bowens
WAYNE L.2/17/193512/4/1995A1C US Air Force Korea
See photo
EternitySTEVENSONMYRTLE M.8/8/19273/15/1996 See photo
EternitySTEVENSONCLYDE7/8/19266/14/2000 See photo
EternitySTEVENSONDONALD RAY5/7/19595/13/1978 See photo
PrayerSTEVENSONJACQUELINE LEA (WARRIOR)7/31/19569/11/2004 See photo
RememberanceSTEVENSONHATTIE5/26/19061/9/1994 See photo
RememberanceSTEVENSONJASPER9/14/19052/4/1990 See photo
GethsemaneSTEWARDDARLENE M. W.19381980 See photo
GethsemaneSTEWARDEMBRE DARSHUN7/5/19732/26/2002 See photo
GethsemaneSTEWARDKRISTIE D.19861987 See photo
WILLIE GEORGE6/24/195510/3/1987PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam
See photo
GethsemaneSTEWARDCHRISTOPHER G.19851987 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTJAMES W.19181992 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTESSIE L.19202008 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTJOHNNETTA C. J.19461980 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTJOHNNIE H.12/22/19106/28/2001 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTMARY C.2/20/19266/2/2005 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTJESSE W.10/30/19459/23/1970 See photo
Eternity-CompSTEWARTJOHNNIE H. JR.11/26/19442/17/1979 See photo
ChristSTEWARTCHRISTOPHER R.1/23/19888/11/2005 See photo
FaithSTEWARTARMMA T.8/21/19253/28/1975 See photo
FaithSTEWARTKARLUS D.8/27/197811/14/1997 See photo
MasonicSTEWARTJOHN H.12/25/190912/31/1960 See photo
THOMAS A.4/3/19214/5/1994CPL US Army WW II
See photo
EternitySTIDHAMANDREW J.11/9/194511/23/2004 See photo
EternitySTIFFFRANCES B.3/3/18948/13/1989 See photo
PrayerSTILLDAVID C.11/23/19546/24/2009 See photo
RememberanceSTINSONVELMA GENEVA5/15/19151/27/2007 See photo
BabylandSTINSON-HANKINSTAYSHAWN ANTOINE8/9/20078/9/2007 See photo
BabylandSTITHDE'ANTRE MONTRELL2/26/20003/2/2000 See photo
EternitySTOFERPICOLA JACQUELINE18981982 See photo
PrayerSTORYROBERTA M.12/30/19388/16/2007 See photo
MasonicSTRAHAMAUGUSTA (SMITH)8/20/19175/14/2002 See photo
EternitySTRAINCLARENCE H. "SHORTY"1/17/19152/25/2002 See photo
EternitySTRAINSAMUEL JR.8/10/19254/12/1995 See photo
EternitySTRAINROSETTA3/14/19234/11/1996 See photo
EternitySTRAINBURTON RAYMOND7/24/19169/6/1987 See photo
EternitySTRAINANNIE C. (ALEXANDER)7/1/18933/1/1991 See photo
EternitySTRAINSUSAN M.6/14/19338/29/1999 See photo
EternitySTRAINGREGORY LEE1/24/193312/23/2005 See photo
FaithSTREETLUCINDA T.19001987 See photo
LoveSTREETERANITA S.19611990 See photo
LoveSTREETERPATRICIA G.19821990 See photo
ChristSTRIPLINGCHRISHANDA N.3/13/19796/10/2008 See photo
Eternity-CompSTROTTERANNIE LOUISE12/3/194510/18/1990 See photo
JAMES O.12/11/19279/30/1986US Army WW II
See photo
FaithSTULLKAY DORIS11/27/193511/29/1998 See photo
IRIS ISHMEAL8/11/19218/24/2000US Army
See photo
EternitySULCERAUDRY NELL4/2/19272/17/2002 See photo
EternitySULLIVANINMAN E.7/2/19234/15/1988 See photo
EternitySULLIVANVERDELL R.8/28/19294/30/1988 See photo
LoveSULLIVANCECIL SR.19401977 See photo
GethsemaneSUMMERSRAYMOND D.11/30/??10/24/2008Difficult to read
See photo
GethsemaneSUMMERSERON K.3/14/19335/13/1993Difficult to read
See photo
LEWIS2/12/19365/4/2006A1C US Air Force Korea
See photo
BabylandSUTTERADRIENNE HOPE19791979 See photo
JAMES J.1/17/194311/11/2003US Navy
See photo
PrayerSUTTERKATE E.11/14/19243/5/1991 See photo
ChristSUTTONERNEST WAYNE6/20/194212/10/2005 See photo
JOSEPH8/30/19395/14/1996PVT US Army
See photo
EternitySUTTONJULIA FAYE19061988 See photo
GethsemaneSUTTONMAXINE M.4/8/193610/8/2008 See photo
HERMAN R.4/18/19324/17/2009PFC US Army Korea
See photo
PrayerSWAINLOIS J.8/13/19403/27/1998 See photo
GethsemaneSWAINMARTELL9/7/19171/23/1997 See photo
RememberanceSWAITKASSONDRA12/30/19849/21/2004 See photo
ChristSWANEGANZEFFIE D.11/14/19402/22/2007 See photo
LEON2/11/19232/3/2008US Marine Corps WW II
See photo
MasonicSWEETHARDINGCan't read2007 See photo
RememberanceSWEETEUGENE JR.4/14/19488/13/1988 See photo
MasonicSWIFTPEARL E.19061991Difficult to read
See photo
GethsemaneSWINDALLWILLARD JR.1/31/193812/26/2005 See photo
GethsemaneSWINDALLELSIE R.10/10/193612/8/1996 See photo
GethsemaneSWINDALLLILLIAN A.11/19/19554/13/1994 See photo
FaithSYKESJOHNNY LEE4/2/19539/25/1989 See photo
FaithSYKESJAMES L. SR.19021983 See photo
FaithSYKESGERTRUDE M.19051985 See photo
JAMES III9/6/195712/3/2006US Navy
See photo
FaithSYKESJOSEPHINE (SLAUGHTER)6/23/193010/10/2008 See photo

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