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Hillcrest Memory Gardens
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Felecia Vaughn

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo,
funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

R Surnames

BabylandRAINEMEL JR.19701971 See photo
ChristRAINEMAE CEIL11/12/19401/31/2001 See photo
FaithRAMSEYPARTHENIA4/10/19317/27/1982 See photo
FaithRAMSEYRICHARD JR.19161999 See photo
FaithRAMSEYKATHLEEN C.19232010 See photo
GethsemaneRAMSEYJACQUELIN12/22/19447/4/2005 See photo
GethsemaneRAMSEYVERNON DELBERT9/18/19568/7/2003 See photo
GethsemaneRANDALLJOHN19061975 See photo
BabylandRANDLETRINITY I. K.9/18/200211/21/2002 See photo
RICHARD ALLEN6/1/19437/3/1994PVT US Army Vietnam
See photo
PrayerRANDLEPEARLIE M.6/23/19432/24/2003 See photo
MasonicRANDLEMELVIN19321997 See photo
MasonicRANDLELENA M.19311994 See photo
RememberanceRANDLEPATRICIA A.3/22/19497/19/2007 See photo
BabylandRAWLINSOPRAH N.5/14/19909/8/1992 See photo
BabylandRAYTIM'ARI GLENN8/26/200912/9/2010 See photo
ChristRAYCHARLIE M. JR.3/24/19497/21/2010 See photo
FaithRAYWILLIE 19121979 See photo
FaithRAYELIZABETH19291990 See photo
GethsemaneRAYMILTON RED11/11/192810/16/1998 See photo
ChristRAYBURNNORMA L.2/5/19637/18/2009 See photo
NORMAN RAY7/10/19447/23/2001EN1 US Navy
See photo
CLARENCE2/19221/2/1987TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
FaithREASONVIRGINIA19162000 See photo
JAMES B.10/20/19461/19/2002PFC US Army Vietnam
See photo
RememberanceREDCROSSFRANKIE M.12/23/19409/25/2004 See photo
RememberanceREDCROSSREUBEN V.5/31/19765/30/2001 See photo
BabylandREDDSTEVEN LEE ALLEN19851985 See photo
BabylandREDDLENORA D.1/4/199610/23/1996 See photo
GethsemaneREDDRAYMOND, REV.9/2/19405/14/2005 See photo
MasonicREDDGEORGE5/18/19196/14/1992 See photo
MasonicREDDMARGARET GRACE4/24/19253/8/1994 See photo
GethsemaneREDWINEFRANCES KAY7/10/19524/10/2003 See photo
EDGAR ALLEN JR.4/6/19702/5/1995SPC US Army
See photo
MasonicREECEIVY19031976Difficult to read
See photo
ROY G.3/14/19422/9/2003US Army Vietnam
See photo
BabylandREEDHASSUN D.5/29/19928/28/1992 See photo
BabylandREEDT'ANNA DA'DRIANNA3/4/20113/22/2011 See photo
EternityREEDPEARLIE MAE19191977 See photo
EternityREEDIRENE VELMA3/9/19159/13/1986 See photo
EternityREEDVIRLIE19101978 See photo
EternityREEDMAGNOLIA19102007 See photo
EternityREEDCURTIS L.19321997 See photo
FLOYD JR.2/4/19358/11/1996US Army & US Air Force
See photo
MasonicREEDBETTY (WEDGEWORTH)1/14/18988/19/1991 See photo
MasonicREEDO. R.18991963 See photo
RememberanceREEDKANISHA N.12/22/19021/22/1999Difficult to read
See photo
PrayerREED-FARRISDONNA KAY10/2/196212/31/2005 See photo
RememberanceREESEFRANKIE MAE12/3/19417/11/1986 See photo
Eternity-CompREEVESORVILLE19311987 See photo
ROBERT RAY6/14/193711/17/2007A3C US Air Force
See photo
EternityREEVESMINNIE M.19341986 See photo
JESSE A.1/13/19184/27/1981SSGT US Army WW II
See photo
FaithREEVESWIGGENS W.19141997 See photo
FaithREEVESOPAL M.19131986 See photo
PrayerREEVESWIGGINS ROFF12/6/19482007 See photo
PrayerREEVESWILDA LOUISE12/1/19508/27/1996 See photo
GethsemaneREEVESCHARLES D.19371993 See photo
GethsemaneREEVESGARY M.3/27/19632/6/2007 See photo
ChristREIDDONNA LEE7/2/19619/1/2005 See photo
ChristREIDJOYCE E.11/1/19339/9/2004 See photo
JOHN EDWARD5/8/19389/14/199?A2C US Air Force Korea
See photo
MasonicREIDLAURA J.188411/30/1959 See photo
MasonicREIDSYLVESTER18831960 See photo
BabylandRENTIEBABY19831983 See photo
BabylandREXQUANYAH KOCINA8/12/20103/6/2011 See photo
WILEY C.6/12/194810/12/2001SP4 US Army Vietnam
See photo
SHERMAN WALTER1/5/19503/5/2001A1C US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
EternityREXJIMMIE RICHARD III4/17/197711/24/1996 See photo
Eternity-CompREYNOLDSMARIE19071982 See photo
ChristREYNOLDSAL1/24/194712/31/2009 See photo
LoveRHOADESEUGENE19071981 See photo
BabylandRHODESNYREE LASHAY-LYNN10/30/20081/28/2009 See photo
MasonicRHODESADDIE A.5/27/19038/13/1982 See photo
OBANDER OLIVER3/9/192511/3/2001US Navy WW II
See photo
PrayerRICEJOSSIE N.19001987 See photo
GethsemaneRICECLIDE19141975 See photo
MARVIN R.10/6/19205/29/2004US Army WW II
See photo
PAUL10/5/19311/26/1996US Army Korea
See photo
BabylandRICHARDSMONROE D.19891989 See photo
FaithRICHARDSCHARLOTTE G.2/6/19421/14/2001 See photo
WALTER C.11/5/19431/18/2007SGT US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
JOHNNIE L.11/17/19368/29/1999US Air Force Korea
See photo
LoveRICHARDSONCLARA L.19162010 See photo
GethsemaneRICHARDSONWADE191719777Can't read See photo
RememberanceRICHARDSONLEWIS C.Can't read4/2007 See photo
RememberanceRICHARDSONDENNIS R.5/29/195710/10/2008 See photo
PrayerRIGGSJOHN T. III12/27/19643/25/1993 See photo
ChristRILEYJEWLINE M.4/11/19272/20/2007 See photo
GethsemaneRILEYRUBY M.10/8/19374/2009 See photo
JENKINS3/27/18951/5/1971PVT 162 Depot Bg. WW I
See photo
PURVIS R. SR.5/11/19408/1/1999US Army Vietnam
See photo
MasonicRIVERSMACK C. "POKE"3/18/19003/9/1986 See photo
MasonicRIVERSGRACE1/19/19002/5/1989 See photo
GethsemaneROARKJUANITA7/8/19446/7/2004 See photo
FaithROBERSONTINA L.8/19/19625/27/2002 See photo
PrayerROBERSONRUTH A.6/19/19402/14/2002 See photo
PrayerROBERSONIRENE (HENDERSON)5/17/19185/11/2005 See photo
JUNIOUS6/11/18968/4/1989PVT US Army WW I
See photo
RememberanceROBERSONJOYCE L. (CHEATHAM)12/19/19351/26/1990 See photo
PrayerROBERTSEDWARD G.4/24/19381/9/1995 See photo
EternityROBERTSWILLIAM L.12/12/191612/18/1984 See photo
LoveROBERTSMILDRED M.12/1/191812/8/1991 See photo
LoveROBERTSANNA M.19031979 See photo
LoveROBERTSWALTER19011976 See photo
PrayerROBERTSWANDA JEAN1/23/19484/9/2002 See photo
PrayerROBERTSCAMERON L. EMERY4/30/198811/27/2008 See photo
MasonicROBERTSCARL B., REV.3/10/19467/30/1990 See photo
RememberanceROBERTSJ. D.12/16/194411/26/2008 See photo
RememberanceROBERTSLEROY M. SR.7/3/197711/5/2003 See photo
BabylandROBERTSONSTACEY D.19881988 See photo
RememberanceROBINSVERONICA R.4/15/19704/15/1998 See photo
BabylandROBINSONTERENCE L.19821985 See photo
BabylandROBINSONMARKUS19691970 See photo
BabylandROBINSONMARK EARL II19881988 See photo
BabylandROBINSONTYRITTA GADDIS11/1/19923/19/1994 See photo
BabylandROBINSONCHYNA C.5/11/19995/31/1999 See photo
CURTIS L.6/16/19267/19/2008S1 US Navy WW II
See photo
EternityROBINSONDALE12/5/19619/20/1994 See photo
EternityROBINSONGLEN EARL1/18/19541/3/1993 See photo
EternityROBINSONSALINA SUE (STOREY)3/6/19311/10/2006 See photo
EARL8/14/191310/3/1960PFC US Army WW II
See photo
EternityROBINSONLEANARD19332006 See photo
JEFFREY L.4/27/19664/15/1989A1C US Air Force
See photo
EternityROBINSONEARLENE K.3/4/19277/7/1994 See photo
MAURICE L.7/4/19447/17/2004PFC US Army Vietnam
See photo
FaithROBINSONLLOYD O.19401988 See photo
FaithROBINSONCLAUDIE M.19261981 See photo
FaithROBINSONHATTIE RUTH6/23/19286/30/2008 See photo
THAD JUNIOR11/1/19211/13/1993CPL US Army WW II
See photo
FaithROBINSONTHOMAS, REV.Can't readCan't read See photo
FaithROBINSONSUSIECan't readCan't read See photo
FaithROBINSONLUCIEL W.19151992 See photo
FaithROBINSONTHEDFORD19131988 See photo
JAMES H. SR.10/13/19329/3/2005US Army
See photo
FaithROBINSONH. C.3/4/19388/17/1997 See photo
FaithROBINSONYVONNE R.12/25/19533/14/2007 See photo
FaithROBINSONBEAULAH D.11/26/19347/9/2009 See photo
LoveROBINSONTOMMIE DANIEL3/29/19091/25/1984 See photo
LoveROBINSONCLIFTON D.2/1/19754/26/1990 See photo
PrayerROBINSONJAMES E.8/20/19343/13/2007Difficult to read
See photo
GethsemaneROBINSONMABLE R.19081978 See photo
GethsemaneROBINSONMAE ANNIS19371975 See photo
GethsemaneROBINSONJAMES H.19202003 See photo
MasonicROBINSONWILLIE19091969 See photo
MasonicROBINSONANNE B.4/22/19298/10/1994 See photo
DAVE JR.11/17/192311/17/2006SFC US Army WW II
See photo
MasonicROBINSONTOMMIE C.1/14/192711/27/1997 See photo
MasonicROBINSONCALLIE A.19081999 See photo
MasonicROBINSONMARIE E.5/28/19265/26/1998 See photo
MasonicROBINSONDORIS GAY19381973 See photo
ED10/13/19253/17/1955PVT US Army WW II
See photo
LEE BURTON8/7/18948/12/1971PVT 804 Pioneer Inf. WW I
See photo
MasonicROBINSONCLEEVESTER6/30/19025/8/1991 See photo
RememberanceROBINSONTAZJON DeMARQUIS1/29/19957/1/2007 See photo
RememberanceROBINSONBENJAMIN A.19282007 See photo
RememberanceROBINSONMARION H., REV.6/29/191511/18/1992 See photo
KEVIN LEE4/16/196412/18/2010BMCS US Navy Korea
See photo
RememberanceROBINSONJOHN MELVIN SR.11/22/191810/6/1991 See photo
RememberanceROBINSONNEOLA O. (FISHER)11/30/19314/15/2006 See photo
HARRY TRACY JR.3/12/19299/17/2010GMG2 US Navy Vietnam
See photo
BabylandROGERSLAFAYETTE LAMONT19771977 See photo
ChristROGERSLOUISE3/30/193311/17/2010 See photo
ChristROGERSEDDIE LAVELL, REV.4/25/195911/24/1993 See photo
EternityROGERSNETTIE P.4/17/189612/13/1990 See photo
EternityROGERSETTA F.18931980 See photo
EternityROGERSGREGORY LAURENCE II10/30/19793/19/2002 See photo
FaithROGERSESTHER R.4/9/19066/29/1992 See photo
RememberanceROGERSPATRICK F.1/6/19646/2/1997 See photo
RememberanceROGERSPRINCE P.1/20/19611/1/1995 See photo
RememberanceROLANDLAURA A.3/6/190512/11/1990 See photo
GethsemaneROLLANDAMANDA19031978 See photo
RememberanceROLLINSCARLOS D.5/7/19785/18/2003 See photo
EternityROSEJAMES JR.19221976 See photo
EternityROSEGENEVIA P.19242005 See photo
EternityROSELEDA M.19031988 See photo
LoveROSSMECHELLE10/22/19548/22/1965 See photo
SAMUEL JR.2/13/19349/12/2009TSGT US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
FaithROWLANDEUGENE4/23/19126/5/1997 See photo
FaithROWLANDCHARLESETTA12/29/19147/12/2000 See photo
ChristRUCKERJOHN LEE12/2/194212/1/2000 See photo
FaithRUCKERHARVEY J. JR.9/25/19526/6/2006 See photo
FaithRUCKERWILLIAM H.19162004 See photo
FaithRUCKERLUCILLE19211982 See photo
FaithRUCKERHARVEY J. SR.3/28/19232/26/1984 See photo
BabylandRUFFINTREYTON KELLY8/9/19928/9/1992 See photo
GethsemaneRUFFINLORINE KAYE5/8/19314/17/1992 See photo
FaithRUNNELSKATHLYN "KATIE"6/3/19558/5/2003 See photo
FaithRUNNELSMARY B.3/12/19221/5/1991 See photo
RememberanceRUNNELSCLARENCE1/17/??3/10/2001 See photo
RememberanceRUNNELSMARTHACan't readCan't read See photo
Eternity-CompRUSSELLGEORGE L.7/29/19191996 See photo
Eternity-CompRUSSELLALMA L.1/4/191911/12/1992 See photo
LEON DWIGHT9/8/19503/9/1993SGT US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
EternityRUSSELLCHARLES E.11/26/19399/27/1995US Army
See photo
EMMERSON E.9/30/19423/6/1981SA US Navy
See photo
PrayerRUSSELLCHARLIE19202000 See photo
GethsemaneRUSSELLJERRY O. SR.11/9/19405/1/2000 See photo
WILSON T. J. JR.10/30/192611/21/1974PVT US Army Air Forces
See photo
RememberanceRUSSELLLEA ECHELON8/10/19706/27/1971 See photo
RememberanceRUSSELLLUCILLE11/20/19163/24/1994 See photo
RememberanceRUTHDILLARD MURRAY JR.3/22/193812/8/2004 See photo

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