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Ft. Gibson Citizens Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

B Surnames

If you have family buried in the Ft. Gibson Citizens Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

BadgettMamie RossSep. 6, 1863June 23, 1899See picE
BaileyBertha E.Mar. 11, 1898Dec. 13, 1975shared with Charles W.
See pic
BaileyBillAug. 15, 1910Nov. 13, 1928See picG
BaileyBonnie RainesJune 12, 1915Nov. 30, 1979See picF
BaileyCharles W.Jan. 23, 1889May 8, 1970share with Bertha
See pic
BaileyEthel N.Feb. 13, 1889Jan. 5, 1963shared with Frank B.
See pic
BaileyFrank B.Mar.11,1884Mar.19.1936shared with Ethel
See pic
BaileyFrank R.Dec. 20, 1908Feb. 6, 1983shared with Gladys M.
See pic
BaileyGeorge B.May 8, 1912Sep. 21, 1974See picG
BaileyGladys M.Dec. 03, 1905Apr. 2, 1985shared with Frank R.
See pic
BaileyJanis Ellen  age 11 m 5 d
See pic
BaileyLucy M.1867July 3, 1915See picG
BaileyMerelOct.7,1907May.24,1917See picG
BaileyRegina E.Oct. 3, 1905Jan. 14, 1980See picG
BaileyRobert A.18661934See picF
BaileySamuel L.Dec. 15, 1986June 12, 1992  
BaileySteve LeeDec. 15, 1986June 12, 1992See picC
BairdAmyAug. 12, 1975Jan. 11, 1991See picH
BaisJesse JamesNov. 21, 1927Mar. 13, 1929See picG
BakerAlva E.July 9, 1921Apr. 17, 2004shared with Johnie
See pic
BakerBrent ColbyNov. 5, 1997Jan. 4, 1998See picF
BakerElmer D.19031988shared with Lillie
See pic
BakerJohnie E.Jan.23,1928 shared with Alva
See pic
BakerLillie Ann19031983See picA
BakerLinda  See pic 
BakerVirginia SavageOct. 10, 1945 See pic 
BaldridgeLeslie ViolaSept. 9, 1909Mar. 1, 2000See picH
BaldridgeSamuel J.Jan. 29, 1906Feb. 15, 1989See picH
Lieut. A. G.  See pic 
BalesBrandy MaureenJuly 27, 1978Dec. 11, 2006See picH
BallEdgar19081916See picH
BallMary Stephens18681916See picH
BallSophie19051917See picH
BallardCarl GeneAug. 11, 1921May 20, 2003See picA
BallardLillie B.July 10, 1903Nov. 13, 1983shared with Roy
See pic
BallardMichael GeneMay.25,1954 See picG
BallardRoy EuralDec.17,1903 shared with Lillie B.
See pic
BallardRuby WheelerMay 11,1916 See picA
BalridgeBetsy 184?1892See picH
BanddaMary JaneJuly 13, 1962Apr. 16, 2003See pic 
BarnesAlexander Foreman  See picE
BarnesHenry C.Aug. 29, 1846Jan. 2, 1906See picF
BarnesJohn Albert  See picE
BarnhartCharles S.July 19, 1865Mar. 6, 1936See picA
BarnhartCleo MonroeJan. 16, 1925Dec. 10, 2007See picA
BarnhartCliffordJune 27, 1955June 28, 1955See picA
BarnhartEthel N.Jan. 12, 1893Aug. 7, 1976shared with Wyley
See pic
BarnhartFrances L.Oct. 7, 1932 See picA
BarnhartRickeyJan. 25, 1960Jan. 25, 1960See picA
BarnhartVera FlorenceSep. 13, 1917Apr. 22, 2001See picA
BarnhartWyleyJune 27, 1890July 24, 1938shared with Ethel
See pic
BarnoskieOden Lee Byfield20052005See picF
BarnoskieRicky JamesSep. 7, 2003Sep 7, 2003See picF
BartelsSharon DeeJune 2, 1946Sep 12, 2003See picH
BartlettJamie19652008See picH
BartonEdithApr. 21, 1912Mar. 2, 1958See picG
BartonEstherJan. 13, 1889?an, 15, 1982shared with H. L.
See pic
BartonH. L.Jun. 1, 1889Jul. 5, 1982shared with Ester
See pic
BartonWanda MayoApr. 23, 1928Oct. 10, 1976See picG
BateaseAnnie1873Jun 6, 1891See picH
BateaseMartha Feb. 17, 1834See picH
Capt. WalterMar. 9, 1818Feb. 13, 1893See picG
BatesLouannJune 15, 1859Sep. 3, 1933See picA
BatesMarion18611940See picA
BattenfieldJames L.Sept.6,1949Feb.21,1998See picG
BaughmanAddieFeb.29,1896 Dec.24,1957 Maiden Name Van Slyke
Wife of Joseph Baughman
See pic
BaughmanErnaleFeb.12,1926Dec.13,1991Son of Joseph and Addie Baughman
See pic
BaughmanFrances S. E.1857June.16,1933See picA
BaughmanHattie18771911See picA
BaughmanJoseph H.Apr.15,1874Mar.31,1945See picA
BaughmanMary Elizabeth    
BaughmanPeter W.Dec.11,1855Mar.5,1928Husband of Frances Elizabeth Champbers Baughman
See pic
BaughmanRuth V.1939 1970See picA
BaumAndrewSept.18,1877Aug.17,1956See picA
BaumMamie D.Mar.29,1886June.14,1959See picA
BeanAlice WoodsJan.11,1879July.30,1947See picG
BeanAlice GenevaMay.10,1907May.6,1995  
Beaver Fern HendersonJan.22,1931  See picH
Beaver Roy LyndleAug.19,1927 Feb.28,2003See picH
BeckerDonald W.Aug/12,1945Oct.21,2005See picC
BeckmanElouiseOct.9,1923Nov.14,1958See picG
BeebeC.C. (Bub)Sept.24,1905Feb.7,1979shared with Leota
See pic
BeebeLeotaJune.5,1909Oct.18,1996shared with C.C. (Bub)
See pic
BelcherEvelynJune.10,1944Mar..8,1996See picH
BelcherRe Elsie19251975See picH
BellElma Nov.21,1891June 16,1898See picD
BellJ.W.Apr.17,1837Nov.11,1909See picF
BellMinnieJuly.7,1858Mar.21,1918See picD
BellS.T.July.27,1854July.17,1921See picA
Benge May 18,1877See picC
BengeAda StarrMar.1,1871June.28,1951See picD
BengeAnna L.Nov.20,1901 See picD
Benge AnnieJan.11,1916August 4,2002Annie Heneretta Viona Young was the wife of Theodore Blue Benge
See pic
BengeCora A.Mar.6,1882Aug.9,1961See picF
BengeDannyApr.7,1947Dec.12,1967OKLAHOMA SP4 CO B 1 BN 1 ENGR TNG REGT
See pic
BengeElizaNov.8,1868Aug.22,1978See picC
BengeElla W.June.5,1880Jan.1,1953shared with Louie R.
See pic
BengeEloise M.July 24,1933 See picD
BengeFloyd FranklinMar.8,1959July.25,1980See picD
BengeFloyd V.Apr.5,1900Jan.21,1964See picD
BengeGeorge RossJan.18,1903Feb.25,1944See picD
BengeHoolieJuly.29,1930Apr.12,1971See picD
BengeJack 18801953  
BengeJack R.Dec.20,1901July.18,1953See picF
BengeJohnnyMar.18,1877June.3,1877See picC
BengeJosephineApr.11,1874Nov.17,1947See picF
BengeLizzieSept.6,1868June.26,1936See picG
BengeLouieAug.26,1895Apr.9,1945See picG
BengeLouie R.Aug.29,1879Aug.2,1949shared with Ella
See pic
BengeLynda Mandy D.Nov.6,1970Aug.29,1996  
BengeMaggieDec.31,1901July.15,1991shared with Samuel
See pic
Benge Ma'Lynda D'LynNov.6,1970Aug.9,1996See picD
BengeNannieMar.18,1906 shared with Richard
See pic
BengeRichard Sept.7,1885See picC
BengeRichardFeb.25,1902Mar.26,1968shared with Nannie
See pic
BengeRiddleMar.10,1840July.7,1903shared with Taky
See pic
BengeRobert L.Sept.7,1868Nov.30,1937See picF
BengeSam H.Nov.20,1872Feb.2,1946shared with Josephine
See pic
BengeSamuel (Jab)Feb.26,1898Dec.13,1960See picG
BengeTakySept.25,1846Mar.3,1910shared with Riddle
See pic
BengeTedeSept.1,1874Mar.29,1912See picF
BengeTheodore Jr.June 2,1940Jan.1,1946See picA
BengeTheodore BlueAug.27,1911May 21,1987shared with AnnieSee picA
BengeThomas L.Sept.16,1929 June 19,2007See picD
BennettDellar DayDec.24,1907Jan.5,1990See picG
BennettJ.W.Mar.20,1902June.25,1978See picG
BennettPamela JeanOct.23,1950Dec.25,1985See picH
BennettScott ConardOct.28,1977 Dec.25,1985See picH
BennettThelmaJan.5,1940Dec.4,1944See picG
BennettWilliam LeeAug.2,1924Dec.25,1988See picH
BentonLillie J.July.23,189?Sept.23,1942  
Berd Eva LinderOct.22,188?Oct.19,1921See picA
Berd Harold J.July.18,1901Apr.10,1963See picA
Berd Jane Miller  See picA
Berd John C.Mar.5,1869May.10,1925See picA
Berd Thomas Sept.10,1841Oct.23,1901See picA
Berd BabyFeb.17,1946Feb.17,1946  
BergmanMary Megan Sept.27,1984See picH
BerkenbileLucilleSept.19,1920 July 31,1989See picH
Berry A.?   See picH
Berry Annie BelleOct.2,1874Oct.30,1954See picH
Berry Berden Scott19051933  
Berry BessieJan. 16,1885Oct.23,1965See picA
Berry Edward18761924See picH
Berry EulaOct.27,1908 shared with Jack
See pic
Berry George StantonApr.7,191?Mar.23,1970See picA
Berry Harold19501950See picH
Berry JackFeb.28,1911Apr.24,1968shared with Eula
See pic
Berry Jenetta19151932See picH
Berry Lucy HubbleJune. 10,1927   
BerryLula  See picH
BerryM.H.Apr.25,1908July.5,1985See picA
BerryMinnie A.Aug.5,1882Feb.9,1961See picH
BerryP.L.Apr.25,1883Dec.31,1958See picH
BerryPhillip QuintonMay.13,1926Dec.6,1972See picA
BerryRuby G. "Lee"Mar.19,1914Aug.3,1998See picA
BerrySavannah Taylor    
BerryWm. H.Aug.24,1876Nov.29,1959See picA
Bias HelenFeb.14,1910Aug.12,1992  
BiasIreanFeb.14,1910Aug.18,1982See picA
BiasJesse JamesNov.21,1927Mar.13,1929  
BiasTommy RalphJune.21,1910Nov.4,1978See picA
BickleArthurNov.30,1831Nov.27,1889See picG
BickleRachelFeb.27,1932Jan.15,1896See picG
BigelowJosephine LavinaAug.28,1848Jan.15,1895See pic 
BiggsHerbertAug.14,1913Feb.9,1980See picG
BinghamJacob  See picF
BinghamS. A.Aug.24,1836Oct.14,1930See picF
BishopGeorge E.Jan.24,1879Feb.6,1965See picG
BishopMayme Eva18831968See picD
BishopSarah18611936shared with L.M.
See pic
BishopL.M.18501931shared with Sarah
See pic
BivensEvelina WelchNov.9,1909June.9,1986See picA
BivensGeorge O. BrownNov. 21,1908Mar.16,1988See picA
Black Dorothy WatkinsJuly,8,1923 See picA
Black StanleyDec.30,1928Dec.15,1999See picA
BlackardEvelyn B.Nov.28,1905Mar.23,1979See picA
BlackardThomas M.July.28,1907May 28,1965See picA
BlackwellAlexDec.27,1903Dec.28,1994See picH
BlackwellAnita Y.19471961See picH
BlackwellLucyJuly.31,1904Jan.3,1957See picH
BlackwellWiley  See picH
BlairAvea NellAug.11,1932Mar.5,1998See picH
BlairBill G.May 27,1934Aug.19,2005See picH
BlakleyBetty J.Apr.27,1923 See picH
BlakleyJoe M.Aug.5,1920Dec.14,2006See picH
BlandFrank A.Sept.28,1909Feb.25,1985See picH
Blanton J.H.Aug.31,194?Dec.26,1946See picG
BledsawEthelene Oct.21,1940 See picH
BledsawVirgil E. Sept.23,1938Apr.5,2000See picH
Blythe Betty A.Oct.10,1858Mar.24,1931See picF
Blythe Freeman A.Feb. 8,1881 Mar. 16,1971See picF
Blythe George W.Nov.11,1855Jan.9,1932See picF
Blythe Homer18931950OKLAHOMA PVT 59 INFANTRY 4 DIV. WW I
See pic
Blythe James O.Dec.9,1879Oct.16,1916See picF
Blythe Perry W.Dec.9,1909Mar.15,1924See picF
Blythe RobertJune,27,1890Apr.9,1948OKLAHOMA PVT 358 INF 90 DIV WW I
See pic
BlytheWilliam R.Feb. 19,1884May 8,1942See picF
BoatwrightHelen MayesMar.26,1913Jan.19,1948See picH
BoatwrightLillian BainesJuly.27,1912June,26,1923See picE
BohuslavickyEdJan.1,1921Mar.7,2002See picH
BohuslavickyFaySept.18,1922Mar.22,2005See picH
BoldingBobbyMarch 2,1945 March 2,1945See pic 
BoldingJames R.Feb.12,1901Jan.16,1966See picA
BoldingHannah LeeJuly.20,1965July.20,1965See pic
See pic
BontragerRay Sept.6,1906July 18,1988See picH
BooklessRobert M. TurnerMay 8,1991June 29,1991See picH
Boone Roger W. June 8,1962Mar.18,1990See picH
BootheCathy EastApr. 25,1956Apr.5,1987See picA
BoswellGeraldine June 23,1935Apr.1,2007See picH
BottJune MoundsMay.1,1928Aug.10,1988shared with Robert J. Bott 
BottRobert J.July.5,1925Aug.10,1988shared with June Mounds Bott 
BouyerJohn W.?,18,1868May.1,1951See picG
BouyerM. Susan June.12,18?Dec.31,1951See picG
BouyerMary HudaJuly.29,189?Mar.29,1939  
BowdenRonnie A. Oct.4,1966Mar.8,2007See picH
BowersClementine18551938See picG
BowersLula18731962See picG
BowersSamuel Ross18731948See picG
BowlinMartha AnnDec.10,1903Dec.12,1985See picF
BowlinMary D.Nov.10,1928Nov.21,1929See picG
BowlinNellie MarieDec.24,1912Mar.4,1976See picF
BowlinSamuelNov.30,1901Mar.25,1956See picG
BoydLily Taylor  Dec.27,2005See picG
BoydLouisa C.18811955shared with Okla H.
See pic
BoydOkla H.18771959shared with Louisa C.
See pic
BoydstunQuince B.Dec.8,1898Feb.23,1986shared with Floy
See pic
BoydstunFloy L. Clark Oct. 30,1902Sept. 12,1974 shared with Quince B.
See pic
BrackettEtta MaeNov. 18851905  
BradleyBrandon K. Jackson Nov.18,1981Sept.19,2005See picH
BradleyEllen L.Dec.25,1889Mar.8,1973shared with Wren E.
See pic
BradleyEmma E. Dec.5,1932Apr.10,1997See picH
BradleyGladys (Sis) Lovett    
BradleyWillard J. (Billy)Nov.3,1952Apr.17,1991See picD
BradleyWren E.Ju;y,14,1899Apr.10,1977shared with Ellen L.
See pic
BrannonAnna L.19111945See picA
BrannonHarold D. Oct.3,1935Feb.12,2005See picH
BrannonJo Ann May 5,1940 See picH
BrannonMary A.18891962shared with Oscar
See pic
BrannonMary JaneAug.27,1922 shared with Pat O.
See pic
BrannonMike H.Oct.22,1908Sept.7,1976See picA
BrannonOscar18791942shared with Mary
See pic
BrannonPat O.Jan.25,1910Apr.3,1970shared with Mary J.
See pic
BrasillJessie OSept.28,1916May.8, 1940See picF
Bray Bessie Mae Benge Jan. 12,1937Aug.5,2004See picA
Bray Cleattus DaleJune 15,1958June 15,1958See picA
Bray CoraApr.27,1883Dec.31,1965See picA
Bray GroverJuly 5,1889June 12,1968See picA
Bray J.C.Aug. 9,1935 See picA
Bray Joel DeanMay 11,1959June.22,1964See picA
Bray Leslie ReneeMar.11,1967Aug.28, 1975See picA
BrewerCharles E.Nov.8,1899May.28,1969See picE
BrewerDarlene Apr.26,1954 Feb.5,2004See picH
BrewerElizabeth19141947See picE
BrewerFannie1875 shared with Jack W.
See pic
BrewerJack W.Mar.18,1902July,25,1920See picE
BrewerJack W. 18721875shared with Fannie
See pic
BrewerMary18641904shared with William T.
See pic
BrewerPauline R.Mar.9,1919July,28,1990See picF
BrewerTeresa Lynn Jan.24,1959 Dec.13,2008See picH
BrewerTiny Mae Oct.13,1938 Mar.103,2009See picH
BrewerWilliam S.July.18,1906June.19,1925See picE
BrewerWilliam T. 18561943shared with Mary
See pic
BrickeyDenver J.May.1,1907May.12,1979shared with Ida
See pic
BrickeyIda M.Sept.4,1914July.23,1993shared with Denver
See pic
BridgesAnn J.Apr.25,1833Mar.7,1904shared with Wila
See pic
BridgesWila W.June.26,1833Aug.16,1908shared with Ann J.
See pic
Brockman Nora AliceJan.29,1886June.3,1975See picA
BrogdonCora FayeDec.13,1934Mar.31,2006See picA
BrogdonLinda KaySept.25,1953Nov.13,1957See picA
BrogdonNadineSept.20,1930May.10,1947See picA
BrogdonPatricia LynnSept.15,1971Oct.6,1971See picA
BrogdonPaul RaymondApr.11,1919Sept.8,1989See picA
BrogdonBaby BoyMay.8,1947May.8,1947  
Broken Stones    See picC
BrooksJames A.18791938shared with Pearl D.
See pic
BrooksPearl D.18871971shared with James A.
See pic
BrownAgatha S.Oct.17,1903Mar.16,1944See picH
BrownBaby BoyMay.1909May.1909See picG
BrownBaby  Baby of Joe and Stell 
BrownBonnie L. July 23,1950 See picH
BrownBrenda LeighJuly.19.1957Aug.4,1990  
BrownCharles DavidOct.25,1892 (1932?) See picE
BrownCharles H.July.22,1876 Nov.19,1936shared with Elizabeth G.
See pic
BrownClayton Guy Jr. IIIApr. 10,1953Apr. 17,2003 
See pic
BrownClifford JamesApr.11,1882Mar.18,1946See picD
BrownDavid J.Apr.13,1856Feb.3,1879See picD
BrownDoris JeanSept. 2,1938Sept.5,1938See picE
BrownDorothyJuly.11,1915Dec.,1917shared with James H.
See pic
BrownDarthy I.Mar.23,1912May 26,2002See picC
BrownElizabeth G.Sept.26,1884Jan.6,1927shared with Charles H.
See pic
BrownFinis LeeOct.7,1901Nov.13,1918See picB
BrownGeorge L.18861955See picE
BrownGeorgia1872 See picB
BrownGeral DOct.6,1939Apr.28,2000See picG
BrownIsabelle C.Feb.1,1870Sept.4,1946See picB
BrownJackJuly.5,1876Apr.4,1955See picG
BrownJack C.Nov.15,1935Aug.16,1981See picB
BrownJames H.Oct.26,1908Nov.28,1993shared with Darthy I.
See pic
BrownJohn A.  with infant daughter 
BrownJohn C.Oct.13,1899July,13,1971shared with Ruby M.
See pic
BrownJudy Lynn July 26,1944 See picG
BrownJulia M.June 1,1888Nov.26,1959See picE
Brown Louie MorganMay 10,1942Dec.24,1988See picB
BrownMarcious  See picB
BrownMarioin RagsdaleJune.15,1924June.16,1992See picE
BrownMerril WestMar.23,1911June.5,1992shared with Orion
See pic
BrownNolanJuly.30,1912Apr.7,199?shared with Viola G.
See pic
BrownOpal M.Jan.3,1917 Jan.17,2007See picF
BrownOrionSept.27,1914Oct.30,1981shared with Merrill
See pic
BrownOrvil W.Nov.6,1915Mar.16,1982See picG
BrownRuth MatthewsMar.20,1898Aug.6,1982See picF
BrownRuby M.Feb.27,1902 shared with John C.
See pic
BrownSonOct.19,1917Nov.23,2002See picF
Brown Viola G.Dec.8,1919Sept.18,1986shared with Nolan
See pic
Brown William E.Nov.25,1863May.1,1935See picB
BrownWillis D.Feb.24,1937 See picH
BrumbackFern19211957See picG
BrumbackRachel C.June 24,1898 Oct.21,1978See picG
BrundageDavid E.Apr.25,1986Nov.23.1965See picA
BrundageMaryJan.22,1886Sept.13,1968See picA
Bryan Jeffery AllenJan.3,1976Nov.15,1987See picC
BryantMayhue18711909shared with Minerva 
BryantMinerva18711941shared with Mayhue 
Bryant Ruth E.July 17,1917Apr.7,2004See picH
BuceCharles M.Apr.26,1863July,20,1954See picG
BuckJohnny F.June.8,1903Oct.18,1971
See pic
BuckMamieApr. 8,1914 See pic 
BucknerWilliam BatesAug.19,1936Oct.9,2004See picG
BuffingtonFrannie D.18581928See picH
BuffingtonW.M.18591929See picD
BullEarldeanAug.18,1928May 7,2002See picA
BurgePauleneSept.2,1918 Oct.18,1992See picH
BurgeTeddy C.Nov.11,1912 Dec.5,1989See picH
BurginSharon Kay EastSept.7,1950 Oct.10,1993See picH
BurkD.H.18501917See picB
BurkEthel SevierAug.13,1879Apr.4,1883See pic 
BurkFannie Morgan18521931See picB
BurkHugh A.Mar.8,1889Oct.27,1889See picB
Burke Patrick EdmondJune.6,1925Jan.6,1980See picB
BurnettPhoebe AnnJuly.18,1860Oct.30,1951See picF
BurnsMargaret Apr.5,1851 Jan.10,1935See picE
BurrisEllis T.Dec.19,1909Dec.30,1987See picG
BurtonDewey H.Mar.8,1918 Mar.16,2003See picH
BurtonMary T.Apr.25,1924 See picH
BushyheadElizabeth A.Oct.22,1827Oct.30,1882See picE
BusterBess A.Apr.29,1880June.18,1954See picA
BusterCharlie BerryAug.28,1915Oct.8,1916See pic 
BusterCharles B.Nov.20,1855Apr.23,1928shared with Lillian See picA
BusterCharles H.July.31,1920July 26,1928See picA
BusterLillian H.Nov.18,1856Sept.30,1923shared with Charles B.
See pic
BusterOwen M.18831950See picA
ButlerJohn S.July.19,1875Aug.9,1940See picG
ButlerMargaret E.Mar.24,1876?,5,1960See picG
ButlerMason Jan.29,1903See picC
ByfieldBettyJuly 24,1934 See picH
ByfieldBillyJan.29,1946 See picH
ByfieldCharles H.July 15,1933 See picH
ByfieldDaleApr.6,1925 See picH
ByfieldWilliam L.June 8,1921 Jan.8,2007See picH
ByfordElmiraJune.1868Dec.7, 1907See picA

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