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Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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G Surnames

Gaines, W. T.11 Feb ????1 Jun 1943Homemade marker ~ See photo
Galaway, Elbert19061966Homemade marker ~ See photo
Gandy, Gladys 17 Jul 1908Jun 1987 
Gant, Callie18731954See photo
Garland, Laura31 Oct 189416 Feb 1980Gone Home ~ SS/W Walter Garland ~ See photo
Garland,Walter10 Sep 18894 Feb 1967Gone Home ~ SS/W Laura Garland ~ See photo
Garner, Estella10 Sep 18894 Feb 1967In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Garner, Fannie M.15 Aug 19102 Dec 1998Wife Of Sanford Garner ~ See photo
Garner, Sanford G.1 Sep 189618 Jul 1972Husband ~ See photo
Garner, Vernon Kassel19 Oct 19194 Oct 1981Cpl US Army World War II ~ See photo
Gates, Debbie LynnOne date27 Jul 1956See photo
Gatewood, Rev. T. M. 19 Sep 18752 Dec 1953Husband ~ SS/W Willie V. Gatewood ~ See photo
Gatewood, Willie V. 15 Aug 188910 Jun 1944Wife ~ SS/W Rev. T. M. Gatewood ~ See photo
Gay, P. D.17 Oct 191326 Sep 1990See photo
Gee, Claude L.5 Sep 190712 Jun 1933See photo
Giddings, Edward 18941852 
Gilkey, Elmo18851956See photo
Gilkey, Hester2 Jun 188310 Nov 1971Mother ~ See photo
Glasco, Elizabeth B.2 Feb 188931 May 1973In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Glasco, Isaac (Ike)10 Mar 184512 Jan 1943Father ~ Sleep On, And Take Your Rest ~ See photo
Glasco, J. Earnest, Sr.4 Jun 18876 Sep 1970In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Glass, Mary H. 24 Aug 190012 Sep 1974 
Glass, Nelson 27 Jul 189723 Feb 1969 
Glenn, Herbert E.14 Oct 19135 Mar 1992Beloved Husband ~ See photo
Gordon, Mary Elizabeth13 Oct 187329 Aug 1959At Rest ~ See photo
Graham, Chester10 Apr 18903 Dec 1937Homemade marker ~ See photo
Grainger,Lillian born 1895died 1947 
Granger, Lillian M.18951947SS/W Raymond L. Granger ~ See photo
Granger, Raymond L.18821959SS/W Lillian M. Granger ~ See photo
Graves, Bessie 9 Aug 188912 Sep 1974Mother ~ See photo
Graves, Helen Spencer 19101962See photo
Graves, Pearl Spencer19101948See photo
Graves, Wade 17 Aug 188523 Aug 1950See photo
Gray, Hilliard H., Sr.22 Dec 188130 Nov 1961SS/W Leona Gray ~ See photo
Gray, Leona10 Mar 18919 Jan 1981SS/W Hilliard H. Gray, Sr. ~ See photo
Gray, Thomas, Sr.19121995See photo
Grayson, Carolyn Yvonne24 Nov 195325 May 1994See photo
Grayson, Robert2 Jun 190918 Nov 1990See photo
Grayson, Salena E.No date22 Jan 1990See photo
Green, G. H.18 Sep 18793 Apr 1938Homemade marker ~ See photo
Green, Hattie L.17 Jan 188720 Oct 1972See photo
Green, James Arthur12 May 189617 Mar 1979Pvt US Army ~ See photo
Green, John Henry, Sr.9 Oct 191624 Oct 1999Another Child Of God At Rest ~ See photo
Green, Lee Esther6 Feb 194321 Nov 2005Mama You Will Always Be In Our Hearts ~ Mother of LaRhonda, Raymond And Harold ~ See photo
Green, MaggieAbt 187827 Jan 1949Homemade marker ~ Age 71 ~ See photo
Greene, Bessie T.7 Dec 190715 Mar 1979SS/W Nathan L. Greene ~ See photo
Greene, Nathan L.22 Oct 189411 Jan 1986SS/W Bessie T. Greene ~ See photo
Greene, Houston L.28 Jan 188014 Sep 1948Father ~ See photo
Griffin, Christabel S.No dateNo dateSS/W John Griffin ~ See photo
Griffin, Elizabeth18 Oct 18874 May 1986See photo
Griffin, Ivette19121939See photo
Griffin, John19101982SS/W Christabel S. Griffin ~ See photo
Griffin, Otho J.18 May 192125 Sep 1952My Darling Son ~ See photo
Griggs, JosepheneNo dateNo dateHomemade marker ~ See photo
Grime, UnknownNo dateNo date 
Grissom, Henry Marlind11 May 19259 Aug 1953Oklahoma SK 3 USNR World War II ~ See photo
Grissom, Mildred B.6 Sep 192817 Feb 1989In Loving Memory Of ~ See photo

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