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Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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C Surnames

Calvin, Ozella Pettis6 Jun 18842 Aug 1957 Mother ~ See photo
Campbell, Dan 10 May 189314 Mar 1977See photo
Campbell, Lula M.30 Mar 18995 Apr 1947See photo
Campbell, Roy 19171943See photo
Cannon, Minnie 5 Feb 189327 Jan 1973See photo
Caperton, Sallie Lee 13 Jan 187126 Jun 1964 
Carter, Carse17 Jan 192720 Apr 2005In Loving Care ~ See photo
Carter, Celia Grace17 Oct 192925 Aug 1992In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Cater, Minnie CatesOne Date27 Mar 1946Mother ~ See photo
Cates, Willie , Jr.17 Jul 190630 Jun 1963 Oklahoma PVT Co. C 67 INF TNG BN WW II
Ceasar, Bennie14 Oct 18967 Oct 1946Oklahoma Pvt 65 Pioneer Inf. World War I ~ See photo
Chandler, Juliet Broughton17 Dec 19182 Jul 1997 We Love You ~ See photo
Chandler, N. F.18891962Elder ~ See photo
Chandler, Rosie18921973Mother ~ See photo
Chaplin, Tenisha Shauntel8 Feb 198122 Jul 1997 Baby T ~ In God's Hands ~ See photo
Childers, Cooie Van12 Mar 19081 Dec 1986See photo
Childers, Frances D.16 Jun 19092 Sep 1958See photo
Childress, Mamie B.4 Mar 18807 Jul 1970See photo
Childs, Annie A.18631954Mother ~ See photo
Childs, Rosetta E.18631954See photo
Christian, Arkley18781962SS/W Effie Christian ~ See photo
Christian, James Earl, Dr. May 14, 1938Jul 24, 2020 See obit
Christian, Effie18881969SS/W Arkley Christian ~ See photo
Ciccel, Henry8 Oct 187020 Jun 1942SS/W Lula B. Ciccel ~ See photo
Ciccel, Lula B.7 Mar 19006 Jul 1977SS/W Henry Ciccel ~ See photo
Clanton, Fred Douglass18871951Father ~ See photo
Clanton, Louisa18601942Mother ~ See photo
Clark, Lillie5 Apr 189020 Apr 1986SS/W Robert Clark ~ See photo
Clark, Reuben1899Oct 1949Mason ~ See photo
Clark, Robert1 Mar 189210 Sep 1970SS/W Lillie Clark ~ See photo
Clemons, Andy W.18861968Father ~ See photo
Clemons, Andy Z.9 Jun 191620 Mar 1976US Marine Corps World War II ~ See photo
Clemons, Ora Belle9 Apr 188010 Nov 1921Mother ~ See photo
Clemons, Ralph Claude19231954See photo
Clemons, Zula R.23 Aug 188726 Oct 1955Mother ~ See photo
Cobb, MackNo date11 May 1959See photo
Coffee, Ethel Colver2 Jan 190212 Oct 1997In Memory Of ~ See photo
Colbert, Kathryn E.28 Apr 19309 Aug 1981 Mother ~ In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Cole, Fred11 Jun 18802 Dec 1954SS/W Mary H. Cole ~ See photo
Cole, Mary H.17 Jan 187931 Jul 1951SS/W Fred Cole ~ See photo
Cole, Susan 18361946 
Coleman, Bunnie C.189019--SS/W & H/O Gussie Coleman ~ See photo
Coleman, Gussie18941956SS/W & W/O Bunnie C. Coleman ~ See photo
Coleman, Katie No dateno date 
Coleman, Leshia MarieOne date14 Feb 1956See photo
Collins, Edward18 Jul 190221 Nov 1921See photo
Collins, Hester18841954See photo
Collins, John19081981See photo
Collins, Kathy A.29 Sep 196325 Jan 2005In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Collins, Will6 May 187910 Jan 1966See photo
Colver, Joseph M.19041980Mason ~ Father - Brother - Uncle ~ See photo
Colver, Mary Caudeaux18701954Mother ~ See photo
Colver, Theodeau29 Mar 189211 Sep 1966 Oklahoma Pfc World War I ~ See photo
Combs, Al3 Mar 18934 Oct 1961SS/W Allie Combs ~ See photo
Combs, Alberta21 Jul 19014 Jul 1954Daughter ~ SS/W & D/O Maggie Level ~ See photo
Combs, Allie2 Feb 190815 Sep 1984SS/W Al Combs ~ See photo
Conard, Ernest31 Jul 19316 Oct 1994See photo
Conard, Michael A.26 Oct 19591 Oct 2001Our Children - Maria, Marcus, Myriah ~SS/W & H/O Stacy L. Conard ~ See photo
Conard, Pam19601960See photo
Conard, Stacy L.22 Sep 1964No dateOur Children - Maria, Marcus, Myriah ~SS/W & H/O Stacy L. Conard ~ See photo
Constantine, Lujulia 8 Jul 19204 Jul 1969 
Constantine, Otto 8 Nov 19153 Aug 1975Pvt US Army
Cook, Isaac, Sr., Rev.11 Dec 192531 Mar 2005 US Navy ~ Always Loved Never Forgotten ~ See photo
Cook, Mamie L. Criddle16 Mar 19031 Sep 1999 Sisters Forever ~ SS/W Elizabeth Criddle Harris ~ See photo
Cooper, Jennie L.2 Sep 18985 Aug 1944To Our Beloved Mother and Grandmother ~ See photo
Cooper, J. E. Count21 Jun 190216 Dec 1956At Rest ~ See photo
Cooper, Susie7 Jun 187719 Jan 1943Mother ~ Love and Memory of ~ See photo
Cotton, Dinkie Bell 7 Jul 18887 Oct 1943 Mother ~ See photo
Cotton, Harry16 Oct 18838 Aug 1976Father ~ See photo
Cozart, Bernice Graves 16 Oct 191526 Jul 1999  
Cozart, George L. Date buriedDate buried Oklahoma PFC Med Det. 1311 Engineers WW II ~ See photo
Craig, Mildred G.24 Aug 19229 Apr 1974God Bless ~ See photo
Crow, Jennie D.30 Jul 19123 Sep 1974Sugar Baby ~ See photo
Crutcher, Madison6 Sep 18915 Mar 1956Pvt H Company 65 Depot Brigade World War I ~ See photo
Crutchfield, K. V.29 Nov 19122 Aug 1961Dad ~ See photo
Culberson, Jesse N.26 May 191215 Jun 1952At Rest ~ See photo
Cullars, Evonne20 Jul 19352 Dec 1999Loving Sons ~ See photo
Cullars, Wallace17 Feb 190815 Sep 1983In Loving Memory ~ See photo

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