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Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Welcome! I am Mel Owings, area coordinator for
 Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Oklahoma Misc. Obits is a project to honor individuals:
who are interred in Oklahoma and the name & location of the cemetery is unkonown
who have an Oklahoma Connection that are interred out of state.

If you have obits (with newspapers permission or
an obit that you can write) that you would like to see listed here,
 please e-mail the area coordinator.
Any photos or other information that you would like to add would be appreciated.
For more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

D Surnames

| Da... - Dh... |  | Di... - Dz... |

DIAL, Johnny Drew Dec 29, 1937 - Feb 27, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DIAZ, Antonio Valentin   Sandi Carter
DIAZ, Jeramey Ray   Sandi Carter
DIAZ, Paul Felix Apr 30, 1958 ~ Aug 23, 2015 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
DICK, John Lewis
  Submitted by: Alex Carter
DICK, Paul Franklin Jul 10, 1943 - Apr 7, 2016 Ann Weber
DICK, Trudie Sarah (Ogle) Feb 14, 1963 - May 9, 2016 Ann Weber
DICKENS, Patsy [Hill]   Sandi Carter
DICKENSON, Lottie Fay #1
Lottie Fay Dickenson #2
  Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DICKERSON, Donald Alvin
  Amarillo Globe News
DICKERSON, William Joseph "Bill"
flag US Marine Corps  WW II
Mar 20, 1927 - Dec 4, 2012
Mt. Calvary Cem, St. Mary's, KS
Sabrina Hitchcock
DICKEY, Evelyn "Tex" [Newman]   Submitted by: Alex Carter
DICKEY, Joan Louise    
DICKEY, Loyd Dean Dec 13, 1939 - Dec 2, 2016 Ann Weber
DICKEY, Marie Catherine   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DICKEY, Mary Louise Frankford

Buried in Harper Cemetery in Harper, KS
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DICKMAN, Vance E.    
DICKS, Tony Feb 18, 1956 - May 19, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
1925 - 07-27-1987 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DICKSON, Mary Opal [Templer]   Sandi Carter
DIEFENBACH, Barry J.    
DIEHL, Daughter

DIEHL, Walter Wilhelm   Parks Brothers Funeral Home
DIEL, Reginald "Denny"
  Submitted by: Sandy Bain
DIERCKS, Beverly May Wakeman
Shaw-Redinger Funeral Home
DIETRICH, George A. Jr.   Sandi Carter
DIETRICH, Mary Louise   Sandi Carter
DIETZ, Frances Irene 11-08-1919 to 11-19-2015 See more
DIFFEY, Lester LeRoy   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DIGGS, Napoleon Jr.   Sandi Carter
DIGGS, Napoleon Sr.   Sandi Carter
DIGONNO, Mary Jane Hackman    
DILL, Joyce Jean [Norris]   Sandi Carter
DILL, Nola Peters

DILLARD, Archie K.   Submitted by: Alex Carter
DILLARD, M. L.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DILLARD, Willie Addie   Submitted by:
Alex Carter
DILLINGER, Carl 03-16-1920 - 04-27-2012 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DILLINGER, Maxine Miller    
DILLINGHAM, Warren B.   Submitted by:
Emily Jordan
DILLON, Ethel Colleen Jul 05, 1954 - Mar 09, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DILSAVER, Dorothy    
DIMMITT, Jerome Roscoe May 14, 1958 ~ Jul 25, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DINKEL, Darlene (Johnson) Apr 11, 1943 ~ Jul 04, 2015 Submitted by: Jan Grooms
DIPAULO, Michael Renee   Lehman Funeral Home
DIPIANO, Catherine R. Nov 11, 1915 ~ Jun 09, 2012 © Havenbrook Funeral Home
DIRKES, Marty Jun 05, 1967 ~ Jan 02, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DISS, Ramona Kathleen Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
DITTMAR, Velma A. (Barber) Sep 19, 1940 ~ Aug 21, 2006 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DITTMEYER, Bruce S.   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DITTMEYER, Harley G.   Enid News & Eagle
DIXON, Craig, Jr.
flag U S Marines
Jan 10, 1961 ~ Aug 06, 2017 Submitted by: Sandy Bain
DIXON, Delbert Mell

DIXON, Ernest Ewel Feb 12, 1928 - Jan 20, 2013
Elmhurst Cem. Texas Co.
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DIXON, Ethel "Myzella"   Submitted by: Peggy B. Perazzo
DIXON, Helen J.    
DIXON, Iva Belle Dykes

DIXON, Jeffrey Allen
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DIXON, Leatrice "Pat" Joy (Diller) Feb 09, 1934 - Jun 23, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DIXON, Lottie Haley

DIXON, Virginia L. (Hunt) Sep 22, 1937 ~ Oct 18, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DIXSON, Charles H.    
DO, Luyen Van Jul 03, 1932 - Jun 26, 2017  © Mercer-Adams Funeral Home
DOAK, Gary W. Aug 23, 1954 ~ Nov 15, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOAN, Lucille [Parton] Sr.   Sandi Carter
DOAN, Thin Van Dec 30, 1954 ~ Dec 16, 2012  © Havenbrook Funeral Home
DOANE, Harriet Bea Jul 05, 1936 ~ Jan 11, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOBBINS, David   Bakersfield Californian
DOBBS, Doris Fay Jan 24, 1932 - Apr 09, 2017 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
DOBBS, H.J., Rev.
  Submitted by:
Alex Carter
DOBRY, Jerome Francis O.S.B.   Sandi Carter
DOBRY, Lavona Maddux

DOBSEN-HALL, Mary M. Daugherty

DOBSON, Dorothy May (Battles) Oct 02, 1932 ~ Jan 25, 2018 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DOCKINS, Hollis, Sr.   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DOCKINS, Leon Carroll

DODD, Richard Eugene
11/09/1941 - 12/31/1970
Burial in Washington
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre and Glenn
DODD, William Cecil, Jr   Submitted by: Ann Weber
DODDS, Fred J.    
DODSEN, James Howard

DODSON, Edith Evylene   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DODSON, Laura J.    
DODSON, Mary Lee   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DODWELL, JoAnn McCowan Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
DOENGES, James Davis "Buddy" 1948 - 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOERNER, Ruth Hean
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DOKE, James Allen
05/05/1943 - 03/24/1966
Burial in Missouri
KIA - Okla SGT CO A 26 INF 1 INF DIV - Vietnam - PH
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre and Glenn
DOLES, John G.   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DOLL, Robert O.    
DOLLAR, Goldie A. [Willit]   Sandi Carter
DONALDSON, Issac Markley   Fairview Republican
DONALDSON, Joe Sr. Antioch Cemetery Submitted by: Martha Real


DONOVAN, Bonnie L. (Shepherd)    
DONWERTH, Emeline "Joan"   Submitted by:Sandi Carter
DOOLEY, Allan Lee   Sandi Carter
DOREMUS, Donald "Ray"   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DOREMUS, June Marie   Submitted by:
Alex Carter
DORMAN, Charles A. "Butch" Jul 27, 1951 ~ Feb 23, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DORMAN, Winfred Huel   Sandi Carter
DORMAN, Zelma Fay   Sandi Carter
DORRIS, George Albert flag   Sandi Carter
DORSETT, Mark Twain, Jr. Sep 18, 1932 ~ Jan 09, 2018 © Stumpff Funeral Home
no obit
DORSETT, Vivian Laverne Jan 25, 1933 ~ Feb 03, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DORSEY, James E. Jr. flag   Sandi Carter
DORTCH, Helen L.   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DORTON, Victoria Townsend   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DOSHIER, Lois [Walker]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DOSHIER, Raymond Henry   Sandi Carter
DOSHIER, Syble Ray   Sandi Carter
DOSIER, Cindy Kaye (Catron) Aug 29, 1974 ~ Oct 22, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOSS, Herbert Laverne   Sandi Carter

Submitted by: Wanda Elliott
DOTSON, Alma Lucille McGee   Submitted by: Alex Carter
DOTSON, Richard "Dick" N.    
DOTSON, Robert LeRoy No cemetery listed Submitted by: Martha Real
DOTTER, Lee Allen   Lehman Funeral Home
DOTTERER, Charles Leroy   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
DOTY, Cheri Faye 1931 - 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOTY, Janis L.

DOTY, Jeannie Janae 08-15-1947 to 05-04-2016 See obit
DOUGAN, Victoria Ann "Vicki"    
DOUGHERTY, Lorensa (Mena) Sep 05, 1926 ~ Jan 31, 2010 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DOUGHERTY, Winona Lee Phillips

DOUGHTY, Dakota Charles   Sandi Carter
DOUGHTY, Nora Dell Hughey

DOUGLAS, Jan Marie   Lehman Funeral Home
DOUTHIT, Robert "Bob" flag
Amarillo Globe News
DOVE, Jesse J., Jr.   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DOVER, Jacqueline Ruth "Jackie" (Neumann) May 20, 1950 ~ Oct 4, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOVER, Mary Lou Oct 12, 1923 - Aug 10, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOW, Gladys Lee   Amarillo Globe-News
DOW, Leona "Onie" (Farrington) 05-09-1955 to 07-19-2014 See more
DOWDY, Edith Louise   Becky Rodgers
DOWELL, Bobby Joe Jan 03, 1947 - Sep 29, 2011 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
DOWELL, Robert   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
DOWELL, Virginia Lee Adair Springfield City Cemetery, Springfield, CO Submitted by: Martha Real
DOWERS, Connie Jane 01-06-1940 to 01-05-2015 See more
DOWLEN, Glenn Wade, Jr.   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DOWLING, Louis Lee   Amarillo Globe-News
DOWNING, Bertha M.   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
DOWNING, Jerry    
DOWNS, Dora Faye Miller

DOWNS, Monte May [Hibler]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DOWNS, Sue Ann (Olsen) Nov 13, 1940 - Sep 25, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DOXEY, Mrs. Sam

DOYEL, Donal Paul, Jr.   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DOYLE, William Randall No cemetery listed flag  Submitted by: Martha Real
DRAIN, Misty L Sep 21, 1950 - Jun 25, 2014 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DRAKE, Andrew Jess "Jack"
  Amarillo Globe News
DRAKE, Billy Dean
flag National Guard
Apr 29, 1950 ~ Sep 21, 2015 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DRAKE, Billy Ray Ganderville Cemetery, Summers, AR Submitted by: Martha Real
DRAKE, Harvey F., Sr. flag

DRAKE, Holly Elisa    
DRAKE, Mary Marie (Bearden) Jan 9,1930 - Jul 6, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DRAPER, Ernestine Kathleen   Submitted by: Becky Rodgers
DRAWBAUGH, Franklin "Frank" Roosevelt Cemetery not listed Pati Holder
DREISKER, David W. Dec 12, 1937 ~ Dec 06, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DREW, Isabelle Marie   Sandi Carter
DREW, Shirley Ann   Sandi Carter
DREWRY, James W.   Donna Buckner
DRIGGS, Margaret Morgan

DRIGGS, Richard King

DRIGGS, Ted Edwin   Davis Funeral Home
DRISKELL, Gary Allen    
DRISKILL, Lewell Wayne
  Submitted by: Alex Carter
DRISKO, Nancy Jo (Massingill) Nov 11, 1932 ~ Nov 8, 2010 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
DRIVER Gary Wayne

DRIVER, Debra Gail Unknown to 01-2016 See obit
DROESCHER, David Matthew Apr 1, 1983 - Oct 30, 2015 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
DRUMHELLER, Warren Ellwood, Jr   Submitted by: Carol Rice
DRUMMOND, Judith [Holmes]   Sandi Carter
DRURY, Mary F.   Submitted by: Mary Anneler
DUBBERS, Wilma Joy   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
DUCKWORTH, Horace Chester flag   Sandi Carter
DUDLEY, Mrs. Charity D. No cemetery listed Submitted by: Wanda Elliott
DUDNEY, Jessie Lee

DUEL, Georgie Geraldine Mar 4, 1914 - Jun 8, 2009
Eagle Chief Cem. Alfalfa Co.
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUEL, Maxine Harriett (Moser) Jan 18,1920 - Apr 14, 2011
Carmen City Cem, Alfalfa Co.
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUEL, Thad Delos   Submitted by: Sylva Rhodes
DUER, Doris Gail Baker

DUESER, Dennis Jan 13, 1947 - Feb 05, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUFF, Howard ''H.T.''
flag U S Navy
Dec 03, 1924 ~ Jul 31, 2017 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
DUFFY, Dale S.    
DUFRESNE, Marcelle
Submitted by: Kay Hubbard Thompson
DUGAN, Albert Cecil   Parks Brothers Funeral Home
DUGGAN, Earl Gene   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DUGGER, William D.   Sandi Carter
DUGGER, Wilma B.
Amarillo Globe-News
DUGGINS, Mary Lou Morris 11 Jun 1945 - 16 Apr 2015 Obit
DUGGINS, Stanley Gene Dec 19, 1944 - Oct 27, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUKE, Arvilla Inez Richey   Submitted by:Sandi Carter
DUKE, Carol Jean (Lute) Sep 25, 1945 ~ Jul 04, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUKE, Doris "Tooter" [Wynn]   Wanda Purcell
DUKE, Fred   Coalgate Record Register
DUKE, George Edward, Jr.   Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUKE, Lou (Little) Dec 30, 1951 - Oct 23, 2008 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUKE, Oda Lewis flag

DULANEY, Arna Lee   Sandi Carter
DULANEY, Lynn Ellen (Lane) Dec 19, 1954 ~ Aug 24, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DULING, Cody N.   Submitted by: Ann Weber
DULL, Janet   Amarillo Globe-News
DUMONT, Michael David Dec 15, 1963 - Feb 10, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUMONT, Toni Dee   Submitted by: Ann Weber
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUNCAN, Bobby Ray   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DUNCAN, Edwin George    
DUNCAN, Emma Lee [Jackson]   Sandi Carter
DUNCAN, Jimmie Allen   Sandi Carter
DUNCAN, Joanne "Jody" Oct 9, 1941 - Jan 11, 2014 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
DUNCAN, Judson Cash Jan 25, 1996 - Mar 19, 2017 Jo Aguirre
DUNCAN, Norma Jean (Armstrong) 1931 to 2016
Burial in Kansas
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUNCAN, Pansy Johnson

DUNCAN, Paul Crockett, Jr. Oct 01, 1940 - Sep, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNCAN, Sarah Carman Age 45 - Oct 15, 2012 Submitted by: Julie Stevens
DUNCAN, Vona Delphine (Smith) Jan 31, 1928 ~ May 09, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNCAN, Wanda Louise [Scott]   Sandi Carter
DUNCAN, William J.


DUNEGAN, Emojane Carter
Durant Daily Democrat
DUNGAN, Charles D.
Dec 27, 1927 - Aug 27, 2013 US Air Force
Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNHAM, Charles Ray "Charlie" 06-04-1932 - 07-23-2009 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUNLAP, Betty Jo

DUNLAP, Elizabeth Lorain Feb 14, 1935 - Jul 18, 2013 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
DUNLAP, George, Jr. Sep 26, 1986 - Aug 29, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNLAP, JoAnn Loretta Anderson

DUNLAP, Julia Ann   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
DUNLAP, Pearl Eva Walker
Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DUNLAP, Tully L., Sr.   Gene Phillips
DUNLAP. George Jr.   Submitted by: Jeff
DUNN, Cecil Aug 2, 1924 - Sep 6, 2003 Buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park Bakersfield, CA Submitted by: Sandi Carter
DUNN, Donald Louis
10/17/1932 - 02/11/1971
burial in Arlington National Cemetery, VA
KIA - E7 MSgt US Air Force - Vietnam
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre and Glenn
DUNN, Doris [Lee]   Sandi Carter
DUNN, Keith
Oct 19, 1951 - Oct 14, 2013 US Marine Corps - Vietnam
Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNN, Marcia W. Jul 17, 1929 - Jan 09, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNN, Sandra Kay   Parks Brothers Funeral Home
DUNN, Vernon Leroy Feb 20, 1928 - Sep 16, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUNNE, Helen Louise (Crist) Sep 24, 1913 ~ Jul 29, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DUPLER, Beatrice Mae   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe-News
DUPUS, Elisabeth M. Barnes

DUPY, Gary Gene
Shaw-Redinger Funeral Home
DURAN, Mary Lou   Submitted by: Ann Weber
DURHAM, Cora Gardner   Amarillo Globe-News
DURHAM, Kathryn "Pearl"   Submitted by:Sandi Carter
DURHAM, Mary Alice   Submitted by: Alex Carter
DURHAM, Obe Earl   Sandi Carter
DURRETT, Frederick E.
03-23-1941 to 02-17-2017 See more
DUTTON, Clara Josephine Thomas Pioneer Cemetery, Wagoner, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
DUTTON, Jerry Estel    
DVORAK, Charles J.   Submitted by: Martha Reddout
DWINELLE, Deloris Jane (Buck) Apr 16, 1936 - Oct 10, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DYE, Anna "Grace" Oct 17, 1923 - Jul 20, 2008 Submitted by: Becky Rodgers
Wife of Dale
DYE, Clella L. Waters   Amarillo Globe News
DYE, Clifford H.
  Submitted by:
Alex Carter
DYE, Dale J. "Jack" May 22,1924 - Aug 29, 2008
Riverview Cem, Arkansas City, KS
Submitted by: Becky Rodgers
H of Anna
DYE, Doris F. Clark

DYE, Eddie Riley   Sandi Carter
DYE, James Darold
flag US Army National Guard over 8yrs
Jan 16, 1938 - Oct 22, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
DYE, Opal Maxine   Sandi Carter
DYER, Louis M. Jr.   Submitted by: Angela Bell
DYER, Marvin Lee   Jo Aguirre
DYER, B. B. "Bo"   Sandi Carter
DYER, Harley N.   Submitted by:
Amarillo Globe News
DYER, Jimmie Raymond   Sandi Carter
DYER, Mary Lee [McFall]   Sandi Carter
DYER, Wallace Bruce   Sandi Carter

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