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Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Welcome! I am Mel Owings, area coordinator for
 Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Oklahoma Misc. Obits is a project to honor individuals:
who are interred in Oklahoma and the name & location of the cemetery is unkonown
who have an Oklahoma Connection that are interred out of state.

If you have obits (with newspapers permission or
an obit that you can write) that you would like to see listed here,
 please e-mail the area coordinator.
Any photos or other information that you would like to add would be appreciated.
For more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

C Surnames

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CRABB, Marie   © Amarillo Globe News
CRABBE, Alma Leigh (Mullins) Nov 27, 1949 - Mar 25, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
© Durant Daily Democrat
CRABTREE, John   Submitted by: Ann Weber
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CRABTREE, Mickey Joe
© Durant Daily Democrat
CRABTREE, Sherrey Lynne Jul 20, 1973 ~ Sep 20, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRADDOCK, Robert   © Amarillo Globe News

CRAGO, Yvonne E Age 82 
Battle Creek, Michigan
Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRAIG, Eden Michelle   Submitted by: Gene Phillips
CRAIG, Irene Philomena Renner   © Amarillo Globe-News
CRAIG, Jackie Ray, II Jun 20, 1960 ~ Aug 14, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRAIG, John Alden
flagUS Navy Veteran
Apr 3, 1951-Age 60 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRAIG, Robert Wiley   Sandi Carter
CRAIG, Sam   © Amarillo Globe-News
CRALLE, Edgar Lee   Sandi Carter
CRAMER, Ricky Dwayne Jan 21, 1962 ~ Feb 04, 2018 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRAMPTON, Karen L (Hogue) Dec 7, 1942 - Mar 16, 2016
Oxford Cem, KS
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRANE, Alvin Franklin   Submitted by:
Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CRANE, Evelyn Ochiltree Cemetery, Perryton, TX © Amarillo Globe News
CRANFORD, Leonard James 05-18-1930 - 06-23-2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRANTON, Joyce Elaine   Sandi Carter
CRAUN, Virginia (Johnson) Dec 31, 1944 - Oct 17, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRAUTHERS, Timothy Allen   © Palmer Marler Funeral Home
CRAVATT, Tommie Rose   Enid News & Eagle
CRAWFORD, Frank   © Amarillo Globe News
CRAWFORD, Joyce Marie   Sandi Carter
CRAWFORD, Lee Marble City, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
CRAWFORD, Linda Louise (Linderman) Oaklawn Cemetery, West Plains, MO Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRAWFORD, Luella Fruehbrodt
© Durant Daily Democrat
CRAWFORD, Norma Dean   Submitted by: Alex Carter
CRAWFORD, Ruby Lee Howard   © Amarillo Globe News
CRAWFORD, Teddy S. "Ho Ho"    
CRAWFORD-MEEKS, Vicki Jeannene MCBride   © Palmer Marler Funeral Home
CRAWLEY, Jean   Submitted by: Carol Rice
CRAWLEY, Mike   Submitted by:
Becky Rodgers
CRAWLEY, Nancy Sue   © Lehman Funeral Home
CREECH, Zella Foresman Sharkey 18 Feb 1922 - 20 May 2015 Obit
CREEL, Edward Daniel   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CREGAN, Morgan    
CRELIA, Lloyd Leon   Submitted by:
Martha Reddout
CRENSHAW, Alice Lee King

CRENSHAW, Jerry J. 06-13-1936 - 06-26-2016  
CRESS, Michael Aug 29, 1985 - Mar 18, 2017 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
CREWS, Elmer "Dutch"   Submitted by:
Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CREWS, Jean M. Jordan   © Lehman Funeral Home
CREWS, Thomas Montgomery Age 74 - Feb 1946 Submitted by: Mollie Stehno
CRIDLING, Bernice Frances   Submitted by: Martha Real
CRIESS, Barbara Elizabeth   © Parks Brothers Funeral Home
CRINER, Vinnie Belle [Owens] Cox   Sandi Carter
CRISP, Laverne M. Jones Tharp Cemetery, Fayetteville, AR Submitted by: Martha Real
CRISPO, George    
CRISSUP, Rodney Lynn   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
CRIST, Betty Mae   Sandi Carter
CRIST, Fred E.   © Amarillo Globe-News
CRISWELL, Joe Harlan   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CRISWELL, Rev. W.A.   © Amarillo Globe News
CRITCHFIELD, Faye   Submitted by: Alex Carter
CRITES, Cindy Carol 03-02-1951 - 06-13-2009 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CRITTENDEN, John R. Oakhill Cemetery, Siloam Springs, AR flag  Submitted by: Kay Hubbard Thompson
CROCKETT, Herman Boyd "Sonny"
flag U S Navy
Dec 15, 1940 ~ Sep 08, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CROCKETT, James David   Sandi Carter
CROCKETT, Mary Ellen (Bowles) Dec 16, 1928 ~ Dec 20, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROFFORD, Florence B.   Sandi Carter
CROMWELL, Guy William 11-30-1960 to 12-22-2008 See obit Born in Alva OK, taught in Stigler, Garber and Wakita OK , buried on the Cromwell Ranch
CROMWELL, Lorine Dahlem 03-27-1918 to 07-18-2013 See obit
CROMWELL, Lorine Dahlem Mar 27, 1918 - Jul 18, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRONE, Lois (Pierce) Jun 28, 1942 ~ Jun 26, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROOK, Donald Ray   Submitted by: Alex Carter
CROOK, Eunice Opal   Submitted by:
Peggy B. Perazzo
CROOK, William Oct 13, 1950 - Jul 05, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CROSS, Paul Andrew   Submitted by: Alex Carter
CROSS, Roy George Oct 6, 1950 - Jan 14, 2017 Ann Weber
  Submitted by:
Tammie Chada
CROSSLAND, William Edward "Bill"   © Smith ~ Parks Funeral Home
CROSSWHITE, John Nov 9, 1949 - Nov 25, 2016
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre 
CROUCH, Kim Michael May 03, 1955 ~ Apr 26, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre  
CROUCH, Merritt Arthur "M. A."   Sandi Carter
CROW, David Lynn   Sandi Carter
CROW, Lavona Vernice   © Amarillo Globe-News
CROW, Robert Joseph, Sr.
  Submitted by: Sandy Bain
CROW, Wayne J.

CROWDER, Barbara Kay (Trousdale) Feb 10, 1941 ~ Sepr 18, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre   

© Amarillo Globe-News
CROWDER, William Allan "Bill"
flag U S Air Force
Jul 07, 1945 - Sep 08, 2014 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CROWE, Thomas Francis Patrick "Frank", MD 03-25-1934 to 05-03-2015 See more
CROWLEY, Jay Dean 08-01-1935 to 05-29-2015 See more
CROWLEY, Perry Ashton Age 76 | ???? ~ 1999 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROWNOVER, Dephena Marie (Johnston) Jun 5, 1939 - Mar 16, 2005: Buried in Dodson Cem Collingsworth Co. TX Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROWNOVER, Teddy Max Jul 29,1934 - Feb 4, 2013: Buried in Dodson Cem Collingsworth Co. TX Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROY, Gary Lynn   Sandi Carter
CROZIER, Marjorie Lucille Jun 8, 1925 - Nov 20, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CROZIER, Ruth Irene   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
CROZIER, Terrie Elaine Hawkins   © Lehman Funeral Home
CRUCET, Arturo Manuel "Art"
 flag  U S Army & U S Air Force
Dec 31, 1927 ~ Mar 16, 2012 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CRUM, Betty Hankins Briggs Rose Hill Burial Park, Oklahoma City, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
CRUM, Myrtie Mae [Buchanan]   Submitted by: Donna Buckner
CRUMM, Eliza Rilla   Sandi Carter
CRUMP, Larry Neal   Sandi Carter
CRUMPTON, Debra Joyce Nov 26, 1952 ~ Fe 24, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRUMRINE, Jeanne [Wiley]   Sandi Carter
CRUSHSHON, Barbara Oct 18, 1948 - Nov 10, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CRUTCHFIELD, Peggy J. [Cook]   Sandi Carter
CRUZAN, Clarah Catherine

CRUZAN, Lena May   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CRUZAN, Lena May Carver
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CSERVAK, Stephen Thomas, III Jan 14, 1972 - May 05, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CUBBAGE, Linda Ellen (Perkins) Feb 20, 1941 - Jun 4, 2016 Ann Weber
CULBERTSON, Darrell Wayne    
CULBERTSON, Kenneth Terrell   Sandi Carter
CULPEPPER, George Olin
flag U S Army
Nov 12, 1925 ~ Jun 30, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CULVER, Curtis Mac "Curley"
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CULVER, Harry Strader   Sandi Carter
CULVER, Margaret Ruth (Bebout) Dec 22, 1916 - Jul 7, 2012
Westlawn MemPark Cem, Borger, TX
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CULVER, Violet Estelee   Submitted by: Tammie Chada
CULWELL, Charles May 19, 1957 ~ Dec 05, 2008 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CUMMINGS, Dean    
CUMMINGS, Edward Dwayne   Sandi Carter
CUMMINGS, Emalee Tom "Tommie" (Parks) Apr 5, 1918 - Feb 28, 2017 Ann Weber
CUMMINGS, James Andrew   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CUMMINGS, John I. flag
© The Bakersfield Californian
CUMMINGS, Lewis Vernon
  Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CUMMINGS, Michael Dale Jul 6, 1954 - Apr 24, 2016 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
CUMMINS, Sevelta Jean HILEMAN   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CUNHA, Helen A (Toelle) Nov 25, 1910 - May 5, 2000
Holy Sepulchre Cem, New York State
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CUNNINGHAM, Agnes   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
flag U S Army
Aug 5, 1936 - Jul 13, 2013 Submitted by: Laubhan Flickinger
CUNNINGHAM, Charles Cemetery not listed Pati Holder
CUNNINGHAM, Christine Margaret   Submitted by: Alex Carter
CUNNINGHAM, Derek Fleming   Sandi Carter
CUNNINGHAM, Donna Brucille   Sandi Carter
CUNNINGHAM, Jerry   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
CUNNINGHAM, Linda Kay 11-30-1946 to 12-15-2015 See more
CUNNINGHAM, Richard Lloyd Dec 04, 1968 ~ Aug 05, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CUNNINGHAM, Robert Carter "Bobby" Oct 09, 1955 ~ Jun 13, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CUNNINGHAM, Robert Marshall II 1918 - 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CUNNINGHAM, Ruth Aileen   © Amarillo Globe News
CUNNINGHAM, Shirley Marie (Tuma) Nov 09, 1946 ~ Aug 10, 2015 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CUPP, Marilyn Diane “MiMi” Jun 18, 1948 ~ Jan 02, 2015 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
 CUPP, Odell Jack  
Sandi Bain
CUPP. Christopher Clayton   Sandi Carter
CURBOW, Clarence Edward   Sandi Carter
CUREINGTON, Jelena A. Sep 08, 1978 ~ Sep 16, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre  
CURRENT, Gerald Maurice Aug 21, 1934 ~ Sep 05, 2017 Submitted by: Sandy Bain
CURRY, Jesse Lee Muldrow, OK Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CURRY, Nancy Pridmore

CURRY, Ocie Billy, Sr. Barber Cemetery, Welling, OK flag Submitted by: Annajo Cantrell Limore
CURTIS, Barbara Lamar Dailey   © Palmer Marler Funeral Home
CURTIS, Bobbie Jean (Alley) Apr 10, 1934 ~ Jul 01, 2012 Submitted by: Becky Rodgers
CURTIS, Charles Ricco Sep 20, 1950 - Jan 13, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CURTIS, Clifton John Cleadon Oct 5, 1981 - Oct 3, 2016 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
CURTIS, Clyde Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln, AR Submitted by: Martha Real
CURTIS, Russell Eugene
flag U S Army
Mar 10, 1955 ~ Nov 30, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CURTSINGER, Alma Rae   © Amarillo Globe News
CURVIN, William Patrick "Pat"
flag U S Marines
Apr 26, 1949 ~ Oct 05, 2012 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
CUTRIGHT, Gary W Dec 31, 1945 ~ Mar 14, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
CYPERT, Mary Ann Sep 15, 1929 ~ Sep 24, 2004 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
CYPERT, Wanda Deloris   © Lehman Funeral Home
CYPHERS, Rev. Frank William

CYRIER, Nora [Fitzpatrick] Sherrill   Sandi Carter
Submitted by: Sherry Springer

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