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Oklahoma Misc Obits

Welcome! I am Mel Owings, area coordinator for
 Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Oklahoma Misc. Obits is a project to honor individuals:
who are interred in Oklahoma and the name & location of the cemetery is unkonown
who have an Oklahoma Connection that are interred out of state.

If you have obits (with newspapers permission or
an obit that you can write) that you would like to see listed here,
 please e-mail the area coordinator.
Any photos or other information that you would like to add would be appreciated.
For more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.


B Surnames

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BOAL, Hoy Merton

BOATMAN, Joe Allen

BOATMAN, John Frederick   © Parks Brothers Funeral Home
BOATMAN, Rev. Troy Eugene   Submitted by:
Peggy B. Perazzo
BOATMAN, Wanda L. BAGENSTOS   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
BOATMAN, William R., II   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOATRIGHT, Eva Lutisha Sep 22,1879 - May 1888 Submitted by: June C. Stone
BOATWRIGHT STATUM, Mona   © Chickasha News
BOBBIT, Charles Thomas "Charlie"
flag US Army  WW II
Sep 7, 1925 - Jun 21, 2012 Jo Aguirre
BOBO, Jack Laurel flag

BOCOX, Nora Catherine Garver

BODINE, John E.   Submitted by:
Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOECHER, Evelyn Feb 7. 1924 - Sep 13, 2011 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOEHM, Charlene (Trimble)   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
Submitted by: Kay Hubbard Thompson
BOETTLER, Cathryn Mae Renshaw Nov 10, 1918 - Oct 30, 2008 © Strode Funeral Home
BOGART, Ruth Pierce

BOGGS, J. Leroy Cemetery not listed  
BOGLE, Dennis Dean
Dec 10, 1947 - Now 29, 1969 Submitted by: Glenn Shroads & Jo Aguirre
BOGUS, Patsy Faye (Ford) Jan 14, 1943 - Jan 28, 2010 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOHANAN, Ed © Chickasaw Enterprise
BOHANNAN, Clyde W. © Amarillo Globe News
BOHUSLAVICKY, Robert Donald   © Ford Funeral Service
BOISE, Justin Apr 14, 1984 - Aug 1, 2016 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BOLAND, Thomas Henry
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
BOLEY, Della Mae Smith   © Palmer Marler Funeral Home
BOLINGER, Calvin Coolidge   Submitted by: Alex Carter
BOLINGER, Gary Lynn    
BOLSER, Joyce Winifred (Miller)   Jean Whiteneck
BOLTON, Warren J.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOLZ, Keith Alan    
BOMGARDNER, Gail M.   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
BONAR, Charles P. Sr   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BONAR, Kathleen Kay    
BOND, Alice Norene [Trammell]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOND, Carl Albert Jan 19, 1952 ~ Nov 02, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOND, Clarence T.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOND, Dennis Eugene   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOND, Georgia E. Munsell   Submitted by:
Becky Rodgers
BOND, Ginger Renee    
BOND, Jeanette Marie    
BOND, John Wesley
© Cunningham Funeral Home
BOND, Josephine Lou "Jodie" Oct 31, 1936 - Nov 21, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOND, William Travis Jan 18, 1923 - Aug 26, 2010
Bluebonnet Cem, Coffeyville, TX
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BONDS, Luther

BONDS, Minnie Lee
Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
BONE, Charles R.   Submitted by: Carol Rice
BONIFIELD, S. Lester May 30, 1897 ~ 1984 Submitted by: Jo & Glenn
BONNELL, Margrie M.   Submitted by:
Tammie Chada
BONNELL, Ralph Edwin
flag US Navy Sea Bees  Korea
Feb 13, 1933 - May 24, 2016 Ann Weber
BONNER, James Frederick Jan 12, 1924 - Oct 21,2013 Submitted by: Wanda Purcell
BONNETT, Velma Lee    
BONNEWELL, Valeria L.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOOHER, Tempie D.   Submitted by: Alex Carter
BOOK, Carrie Naomi [Lancet]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOOK, Sara Nov 9, 1917 - Feb 4, 2015 Ann Weber
BOOKER, Edmond C.
flag US Army
Jan 27, 1928 - Jun 11, 2017 Ann Weber
BOOKER, Hollis Wayne    
BOOMER, Donald   flag Submitted by: Martha Real
BOOMER, Rev. W O Sep 23, 1932 - Mar 6, 2016 Ann Weber
BOON, Glenda Fay   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOONE, Charcey Fay Apr 23, 1913 - Jul 10, 2002 Amarillo Globe-News
BOONE, Daniel J.   © The Daily Democrat
BOONE, Jo Anne Age 64 - Dec 26, 2011 Submitted by: Sherry
BOONE, Paige G.

BOOTH, Billie Bob   Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BOOTH, Harold Greenlawn Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA flag
Alex Carter
BOOTH, James Vance    
BOOTH, Mike Jul 10, 1954 - Mar 17, 2016 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BOOTH, Ronda Kay (Archer) Oct 15, 1962 - Dec 2, 2016 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BOOTH, Sharlene   Submitted by: Alex Carter
BOOTHE~HOOVER, Elsie Marie   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BORDNER, Emma Lee (Fambrough) Dec 13, 1919 - Jun 25, 2016 Ann Weber
BORDWINE, Billie Fan   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOREN, Mary Elaine Ball
© Redinger Funeral Home
BORTHICK, David Wayne Jul 12, 1954 ~ Mar 04, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BORTNER, Shawndra Ann (Secondi) Feb 23, 1966 ~ Aug 16, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOSTON, Belinda “Katy” Cemetery not listed Jo Aguirre
BOSTON, Valerie Grace (Friscia) Feb 10, 1958 ~ 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOSWELL, Daymond Jul 28, 1936 - Jul 8, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber

BOSWELL, Lavada Brinlee

BOSWELL, Lowell "Charlie"   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOSWELL, Mary Bartee McCombs

BOSWELL, William R., Sr   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOTCHLET, Earlene [Killer]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOTCHLET, G. L. "Jiggs"   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOTHE, Lisa Marie Jun 12, 1981 - Jul 09, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOTTORF, Patricia   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOTTS, James C. "Sonny"   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOUALWAN, Youssef Jan 01, 1931 - Dec 29, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber

BOUDREAU, Mrs. Fleve   Submitted by:
Susan Gabel
BOUGHAN, Fountain James "Pee Wee" flag

BOULDIN, Hiram Vernon

BOUND, Carl R Jul 12, 1945 - Feb 15, 2017 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BOURLAND, Jim   Submitted by: Mollie Stehno
BOUSE, Caroline Christine 11-15-1927 to 05-03-2017 See more
BOUSE, Helen Grace Shepherd

BOW, Marion Cole    
Sandi Carter
BOWDEN, Avis Leon
flag U S Army
Aug 30, 1921 ~ Oct 25, 2011 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOWDEN, George Harold
  Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOWDEN, Vesta Jean   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
BOWDOIN, Wayne Kent

BOWEN, Delayne Feb 21, 1935 ~ Sep 05, 2012 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOWEN, Jason James   © Eisenhour Funeral Home
BOWEN, Joe Ben Cemetery not listed Pati Holder
BOWEN, Patsy Mae [Abney]   Submitted by:Jo Aguirre
BOWEN, Trudy J.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOWEN, Wallace D Oct 20, 1965 - Dec 18, 2015 Submitted by: Tammie Chada
BOWERS, Fannie Bell

BOWERS, Jeannine Frantz    
BOWERS, Jerry Lee   Submitted by: Dale Talkington
BOWERS, Nellie Juanita (Haupt) Nov 2, 1917 - Apr 7, 2017 Ann Weber
BOWERS, Norma Lee Jun 8, 1949 - Nov 25, 2016 Ann Weber
BOWERS, Ralph O.

BOWERS, Raymond Frank

BOWERS, Thomas A.

BOWERSOCK, Doris Patricia (Cranmer) May 18, 1941 ~ Jan 08, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOWIE, Juanita G.   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOWLAN, James David “Dave”
flag U S Navy
Feb 29, 1928 ~ Apr 28, 2011 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOWLER, Zenoba Ilene Githens

BOWLES, Gloria A. ??? ~ Feb. 6, 2005 | Age 73 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOWLES, Marjorie Anne    
BOWLES, Mollie   © Amarillo Globe News
BOWLES, N. L. "Jack"   Submitted by: Helen Hatfield
BOWLES, Thelma Jean Bowles Highland Cemetery, Lawton, OK Pati Holder
BOWLING, Damian Angel Dec 16, 2016 - Dec 16, 2016  © Parks Brothers Funeral Service
BOWLING, Jason Codey, Jr Dec 16, 2016 - Dec 16, 2016   © Parks Brothers Funeral Service
BOWLING, David Lee 08-24-1953 to 07-07-2013 See obit
BOWLING, Deaun Allie Wright

BOWLING, Glenda Jean Aug 15, 1937 - Nov 13, 2005
Riverview Cem, Kiowa, KS
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOWLING, Leona   Submitted by: Mary Anneler
BOWMAN, Billy Buford flag

BOWMAN, Judith Annetta "Judy" (Wallick) Sep 05, 1944 ~ Feb 01, 2018 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOWMAN, Thomas N. "Nat"   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOXLEY, Ethel “Sue”   Sub by:Sandi Carter
BOXLEY, Norma (Wright) Jan 05, 1928 ~ Mar 01, 2018 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOYCE, Randall O'Dell

BOYCE, Theresa Madeline (Weber) Apr 23, 1916 - Aug 20, 2005 Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOYD, Amy C. Oct 21, 1964 - Dec 11, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOYD, David Robinson, M.D. Jun 28, 1944 ~ Mar 04, 2013 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BOYDSTON, Brenda Kaye (Stiles)   Submitted by:
Sandy Bain
BOYDSTON, Janice   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
BOYER, Betty L (Stone) Dec 12, 1924 - Aug 17, 2009
White Chapel Memorial Gardens Springfield, MO
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOYER, Gretchen Marie (Semrad) Apr 02, 1961 ~ Jan 21, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOYER, Lee   Submitted by: Glenn Shroads
BOYER, Linda Jalayne (Logan) Aug 01, 1945 - Jun 16, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BOYER, Ross Todd   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOYETT, Carolyn Dian   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOYETT, Harlan Eugene   Wanda Purcell
BOYLE, Bessie Butcher

BOYLES, Floyd M.    
Sandi Carter
BOYSTER, Lloyd Wayne Sep 28, 1961 ~ Dec 29, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BOZARTH, Anita Lucille [Thomas]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOZARTH, Carl   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BOZARTH, Vernon Kelly    

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