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Oklahoma Misc Obits

Welcome! I am Mel Owings, area coordinator for
 Oklahoma Misc. Obits

Oklahoma Misc. Obits is a project to honor individuals:
who are interred in Oklahoma and the name & location of the cemetery is unkonown
who have an Oklahoma Connection that are interred out of state.

If you have obits (with newspapers permission or
an obit that you can write) that you would like to see listed here,
 please e-mail the area coordinator.
Any photos or other information that you would like to add would be appreciated.
For more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.


B Surnames

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BICKHAM, Betty Leone Callison   © Winters Express
BIDDLE, Pat Brewer

BIDDY, Bruce A.   © Amarillo Globe News
BIEGLER, James LeRoy
flag U S Marine Corps
Aug 04, 1932 ~ Nov 16, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BIERD, T J (Lumley) Dec 10, 1936 ~ Oct 07, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BIFFLE, Linda Frances Jul 29, 1964 - Aug 11, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BIGELOW, Ruby Lee   Submitted by:
Romona Boyton
BIGGS, Arthur Dywyane "Ott"
© Clark Funeral Service
BIGGS, Kayl Alan   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BIGGS, Kevin Dec 28, 1970 ~ Oct, 2017 Submitted by: Becky Rodgers
BIGGS, Kevin P ???? ~ Dec 16, 2015 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BIGGS, Shirley Susan (Harjo) May 4, 1947 - Jun 27, 2015 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BIGPOND, Harriet Louise “Babe” Thirsty   Submitted by: Martha Real
BILBREY, Ronnie Jan 17, 1956 - Aug 14, 2014 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BILES, Joe May 2, 1957 - Oct 27, 2015 Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BILES, Kenneth Edward
flag U S Marines
Feb 16, 1960 ~ Apr 20, 2011 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BILLBE, Hunter James Jul 5, 2000 - Sep 1, 2012  Cremation See obit
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BILLINGS, James Stephen   Submitted by: Sandi Carter

BILLINGS, Loralu D. Dean

BILLINGS, Michael Leon Mar 28, 1957 ~ Aug 15, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BILLINGS, Ruby   © ©The Bakersfield Californian
© Redinger Funeral Home
   Alex Carter
BILLINGTON, Maren I. (McMahan) (Stevens) 12-24-1941 to 10-01-2015 See more
BILLS, Annette   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BILLS, Jewell   Submitted by:
Jo Aguirre
BILYEU, Hazle Thelma [Scott]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BILYEU, James "David"   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BINDRUM, Julie Ann 07-27-1962 - 02-13-2013
BINGHAM, Bill   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BINGHAM, Deborah Jo Freeman   © Parks Brothers Funeral Home
BINGHAM, Easter Lilly Bachmann

BINNION, Stacy Ann Penny   Submitted by: Amarillo Globe News
BINYON, George Edgar "Eddie"   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BINYON, Nora W.   Submitted by: Alva Review - Courier
BIRCH, John Edward Sep 12, 1949 - Nov 17, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BIRD, Charles Everett

BIRD, John L.   Submitted by:
Jo Aguirre
BIRD, Wesley
Submitted by: Martha Real
BIRDCHOPPER, Jennie   Submitted by: Smiley Scott
BIRDCHOPPER, Mike   Submitted by: Smiley Scott
BIRDCHOPPER, Noah   Submitted by: Smiley Scott
BISEL, Glenna Bisel (Reames) 11-28-1932 to 09-22-2016 See obit
BISELL, Gordon   © Shawnee News Star
BISHOP, Cleda Creek   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
BISHOP, Gordon L.   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
BISHOP, James Ray   © Examiner-Enterprise
Submitted by: Angela Bell
BISHOP, Joe Emmett flag

BISHOP, Joyce Lynn   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BISHOP, Ricky Carl Aug 30, 1950 ~ May 11, 2017 Submitted by: Sandy Bain
BISHOP, Sarah Vacie   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
BISSINGER, Clarissa Sue (Burggraf) Sep 08, 1949 ~ Oct 14, 201 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BISSONETTE, Richard Edwin Enemy Swim, SD Submitted by: Martha Real
BISZANT, Kevin Dwayne Feb 23, 1960 - Apr 14, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BITTLE, Abra ???? ~ Oct 15, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BITTLE, Eunice Barnett   Submitted by:
Alex Carter
BITTLE, L. R. "Ray"    
BITTLE, Patricia Ann   Submitted by:
Sandi Carter
BIVIN, Raymond L.
11-27-1929 - 11-05-2008 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BIXLER, Karen Marie May 09, 1947 - Sep 04, 2016 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLACK BEAR, Jacob G 1939 - Jul 9, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLACK, Ada Pauline   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLACK, Albert Eugene
1938 - 2016 US Army
Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLACK, Amos Earl IV   Submitted by: Dale Talkington
BLACK, Bryan Tom
flag U S Army
Jul 23, 1925 ~ Apr 26, 2015 Submitted by: Jan Grooms
BLACK, Darrell Charles

BLACK, Fannie Bell   Submitted by: Alex Carter
BLACK, Kenneth Foster "Pop" flag

BLACK, Melvin Wayne   Submitted by: Dale Talkington
BLACK, Patricia Gayle Jun 21, 1966 - Jun 23, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLACK, Paul flag

BLACK, Ruby "Jean" Feb 17, 1929 - Sep 12, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLACK, Ruby Marie [Alexander]   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLACK, Wilma "Susie" Lorene Akers   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLACKBEAR, Charles David Jul 04, 1960 ~ Sep 17, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLACKBURN, J. C.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLACKBURN, Marjorie Dawn Green

BLACKBURN, Tina (Sheppard) Sep 08, 1958 ~ Nov 23, 2013 Submitted by: Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BLACKBURN, Wilma [Turner]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLACKSMITH, Wanda J. Leininger   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLACKWELL, Harold May 15, 1949 ~ Sep 27, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLACKWOOD, Robert Henry   © Lehman Funeral Home
BLACKWOOD, Sally Ft. Gibson National Cemetery, Ft. Gibson, OK Submitted by: Martha Real
BLACKWOOD, Tena "Crowell" Cemetery not listed Pati Holder
BLAGG, Earl Eugene "Chuck"   © Bakersfield Californian
BLAGG, Irene (Pierce)   Submitted by:
Janet Laubhan Flickinger
BLAIR, Joe   Jo Aguirre
BLAIR, Lilian Schmeler McCaskill

BLAIR, Noreen Mae Nov 22, 1932 - Jun 05, 2015 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLAIR, Ruby   Submitted by:Carol Rice
BLAKE, C. B., Capt.   Submitted by:
Emily Jordan
BLAKE, Norvell Ray   © Amarillo Globe News
BLAKELEY, Janice Dianne   © Palmer Marler Funeral Home
BLAKENEY, Wynona Weiser "Winnie"
Submitted by:
Peggy B. Perazzo
BLAKLEY, Genevieve [Upchurch]   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLALOCK, Eugene D.   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLAN, Carroll "DeWayne" flag © The Bakersfield Californian
BLANCHARD, Hadlee Renee Jul 16, 2017 ~ Jul 16, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLANCHARD, Kenneth   Submitted by: Sylva Rhodes
BLANCHARD, Neriah Faith Jul 16, 2017 ~ Jul 16, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLANCHARD, Larry Louis   © Lehman Funeral Home
BLANCHARD, Sunny (McComas) May 07, 1932 ~ Jul 01, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLAND, Alice Louise (Maurey) Sep 10, 1926 ~ Jul 08, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLANKENSHIP, Briannon Marie (Hill) May 4, 1988 - Jan 24, 2015 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLANKENSHIP, Dawn G (Moore) Dec 25, 1981 - Jul 17, 2016 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre

BLANKENSHIP, Eugene "Gene"   Submitted by:
Alex Carter
BLANKENSHIP, Mary Cathrine Hamilton   © Lehman Funeral Home

BLANKINSHIP, Jerrie [Landis]   Submitted by: Dale Talkington
BLANKINSHIP, Norman C.   Submitted by: Dale Talkington
BLANN, John B., Sr. flag

BLANN, Lester William

BLANTON, Richard "Stubby" Sep 21, 1953 - Jun 10, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLASSINGAME, Edward Alvin   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLAYLOCK, Brice Grover   Submitted by: Peggy B. Perazzo
BLAYLOCK, Donald Ray "Sonny"   © Amarillo Globe News
BLAYLOCK, Herman Leo   Submitted by:
Peggy B. Perazzo
BLAZER, Anna Frances   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLAZER, Melvin L.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLAZER, Pauline Joann [Jordan]   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLEDSOE, Lula Marcella PAIGE   Submitted by: Area Coordinator
BLEVINS, Francis McKinley "Mack"
flag Merchant Marines  WW II
Mar 23, 1924 - Aug 3, 2012 Jo Aguirre
BLEVINS, Norma Jean [Perky] Enox   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLEVINS, Trey   Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLEVINS, William Wesley "Denver"
Verden Cemetery, Verden, OK
Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLEW, Audrey M. HUTCHINS    
BLEW, Claud Malcom 08-10-1899 to 07-02-1992 See obit
BLEW, Ruby Lois (Lamb)(Means) (Garner) Feb 5,1908 - Sep 18, 2006
Cherokee Municipal, Alfalfa Co.
Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLEW, Ruby Lois MEANS GARNER 02-05-1908 to 09-18-2006 See obit
flagUS Army 4th Div
b. ? - Jun 3, 1926 Submitted by: Mollie Stehno
BLOCK, Iona May "Onie" (Canipe) Feb 1, 1942 - Oct 24, 2014 Submitted by: Ann Weber
© Clark Funeral Service
BLOCKER, Dalania Elizabeth Feb 24, 1994 - Jun ??, 2017 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLOOD, Randall Benton   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLOOD, Curt Allen   Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLOOD, Randall Benton   Submitted by: Martha Reddout
BLOOMER, Dorothy   Submitted by: J. McPhail
BLOOMER, Jack Walton
  Submitted by: Martha Reddout

BLOSSER, Steven Charles Mar 07, 1959 ~ Nov 05, 2017 Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
BLOSSOM, Axl Owen Private Family Service  
BLOSSOM, Hazel Mary Watt   Submitted by: Martha Real
BLOUNT, Hilary Kathleen (Welch) Apr 10, 1983 - Nov 15, 2013 Submitted by: Ann Weber
BLUBAUGH, Bernita "Nita" Lucille (Henry) 07-11-1926 to 12-04-2015 See more
BLUBAUGH, Marcella M. 08-12-1920 to 12-01-2012 See obit Born in Clyde OK, lived in Danville, KS, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Danville KS
BLUE, Evelyn P. Slossen
© Clark Funeral Service
BLUE, Vella Eugenia Jean   Submitted by: Sylva Rhodes
BLUE-WEBB, Earline Gelushia

BLUMHOFF, A.   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLUNT, Lewis Andrew   Submitted by: Sandi Carter
BLURTON, John A. flag

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