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Polson Cemetery

Delaware County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey

ALL photos © Annajo Cantrell Limore
UNLESS otherwise noted on photo page
Photo-survey - Dec. 2012
Additions to "Born" & "Death" dates are also added (dd/mm)

Photos © Mike Freels
Original listing © by: Patricia E. Jones

If you have family buried in Polson Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Annajo for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Delaware County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.  I will however, gladly help, IF there is anything I can look up for you.

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PARISHMinnie Larson 18841951 Photo
PHILLIPSClara 18581932 Photo
PHILLIPSElizabeth 11-Dec-183728-Nov-1931 Photo
PHILLIPSJames I15-Jan-192001-May-1986image  Photo
PHILLIPSJames Thomas31-Jan-194129-Aug-2009Photo
PHILLIPSWm E07-Apr-193204-Dec-1932Photo
PIKEDorothy M05-May-192908-Feb-2007Photo
POLSONBerneice B04-May-191020-May-1988Photo
POLSONF. E.05-Feb-187518-Aug-1877Photo
POLSONFay Ann30-Sep-1933no datePhoto
POLSONFlora G. 05-Apr-183716-Aug-1876 Photo  d/o John Ridge
& Sarah Northrup; grdtr. of Major Ridge
POLSONHenrietta 27-Oct-185116-Jan-1901 Photo
POLSONHenry F20-Nov-190423-Feb-1985  Photo
POLSONHenry F18741941Photo
POLSONInfant Dau28-Dec-187622-Jan-1877Photo
POLSONInfant Son08-Oct-190223-Oct-1902Photo
POLSONJ. Henry12-Apr-187331-May-1902Photo
POLSONJames N.10-Aug-184528-Aug-1894Photo
POLSONJasper L. 18851888  
POLSONLawrence L23-Mar-190120-Mar-1994  Photo
POLSONLorene McGuire05-Jan-192601-Jun-2002Photo
POLSONMaggie E29-Apr-187005-Nov-1874Photo
POLSONMaude V18831971Photo
POLSONMittie M18751960Photo
POLSONO. Evan, Jr.22-Oct-192223-Nov-1989image  Photo
POLSONOrious E05-Mar-189923-Feb-1972Photo
POLSONR.L. 18771878  
POLSONRobert Donald16-Sep-193208-Apr-2008Photo
POLSONRoy T.10-Aug-193504-Jul-2001Photo
POLSONVada S16-Sep-189513-Apr-1985  Photo
POLSONWilliam D(avis) (Dr.) 03-Dec-183003-Dec-1893 Photo
Husb. of Flora Ridge Polson
POLSONWilliam D. 18751950 Photo
POLSONW. L.24-Nov-187719-Jul-1874Photo
POLSONWoodrow Wilson06-Aug-191213-Sep-1995image  Photo
PRATERC. Alfred19221994Photo
PRATERThomas Alonzo19111981Photo
RayDon19-Jul-191523-Sep-1989image  Photo
REEDRuby L.28-Jan-192913-Jan-1999Photo
RICHARDSMarjorie L.19172000 
RIDGEHerman Daggett 18331864 Photo   s/o John Ridge & Sarah Northrup;
Killed at home on Honey Crk. by Union-led Cherokees.
Benediction moved to photo page.
RIDGEJohn 1802June 22, 1839 Photo  MEMORIAL & Grave:
Cherokee Leader; Born Rome, GA. Assassinated: here
1771June 22, 1839 Photo  MEMORIAL & Grave:
Born Hiwassee TN, (Cherokee Nation)
Assassinated Sugar Hill, AR
f/o John Nancy Sallie & "Watie" (Walter)
RIDGEThe 177122-Jun-1839image  Photo
War of 1812
RIDGEWalter C. (Watie) 18061851 Photo
s/o The Ridge & Susannah Wickett
ROBERTSONEstie F.27-Nov-190706-Apr-2002Photo
ROBERTSONIrvin 15-Nov-188825-May-1963 image  Photo
ARK. Pvt Co D 140 INF.
ROBERTSONMarshall W.10-Sep-191905-Jun-2002Photo
ROBERTSONMary A. 18581938 Photo
ROBERTSONToby Darrel28-Feb-197129-Oct-1972Photo
ROBERTSONTom Y. 18501923 Photo
ROBERTSONVivian L. 19211934 Photo
ROBERTSONWalter Benson05-Aug-193201-Nov-2012Photo
ROBERTSONWillard T. 18861941 Photo
ROGERSKevin Lane28-Nov-197220-Dec-2006image  Photo
ROLANDOpal12-Dec-1922no datePhoto
ROLLDora F. 18961948  
ROLLHenry B. 18641943 Photo
ROLLHenry Clyde30-Sep-189825-Sep-1920Photo
ROLLJacob E. 18871945 Photo
ROLLNora Frances18961948Photo
RUCKERClemmie R19-Mar-188407-Dec-1910Photo
RUSSELLDonald L12-Jul-192721-Jun-2003  Photo
RUSSELLJoye Barnes21-Sep-1932no date  Photo
SANDERSAbbie L01-Jan-187923-Apr-1918Photo
SANDERSHenry F11-Jul-195428-Jun-1918Photo
SAUNDERSConnie Marie23-Mar-195426-Jul-1986Photo
SCOTTJohannano dateno datePhoto
SCOTTMarie A23-Jul-190213-Jun-1990Photo
SCOTTRidge Lavan, Dr.19221985Photo
SHEPHERDEdna Lorene03-Sep-192127-Aug-1999Photo
SHEPHERDFrancis L14-Dec-191218-Apr-1998Photo
SHOCKEYPatricia I29-Mar-193303-Feb-1975Photo
SHORTKatherine G27-Jun-192121-Jan-1991Photo
SHORTERHarry, Sr.15-Jan-193004-Feb-2004image  Photo
SHORTERNancy19412010Photo & Obit
SMITHInfant Daughter09-Dec-192009-Dec-1920Photo
SMITHJackie Lee04-Nov-197412-Feb-2005Photo
SPENCEREmma L04-Aug-190513-Jan-1979Photo
SPENCERGeorge L05-Jul-189802-Nov-1945Photo
SPENCERJoseph W18671949Photo
SPENCEROlive May19-Feb-193728-Nov-1940Photo
SPENCERSusan M18671943Photo
SPOHNDoris Eveno date26-Jan-1941Photo
STEPHENSONChester (Sonny)08-Jan-193512-May-2006Photo
STEPHENSONFlora Alice24-Feb-187902-Sep-1883Photo
STEPHENSONMaxine I (Robertson)09-Jun-1937no datePhoto
STEVENSHenry F. 18741941  
STEVENSInfant  1902 15 da.
STEVENSMartha Ann 18291914  
STEVENSMittie M. 18751960  
STEVENSONBecky S23-Jan-1944no datePhoto
STEVENSONCarey N25-Nov-185701-Feb-1885Photo
STEVENSONCloris A18881958Photo
STEVENSOND. Louise13-Nov-1922no datePhoto
STEVENSONElizabeth Ann11-May-182909-Sep-1914  Photo
STEVENSONInfant Son29-Dec-188829-Dec-1888Photo
STEVENSONJ. Mac01-Oct-190029-Apr-1968  Photo
STEVENSONJohn "J. W."09-Jan-191913-Mar-1999  Photo
STEVENSONJohn Mac22-Feb-196905-Feb-2010Photo
STEVENSONJohn W28-Jan-1945no dateimage  Photo
STEVENSONJohn W18551922  (Royal Arch Mason)
STEVENSONMartha Armenta05-Apr-186602-Feb-1946  Photo
STEVENSONMatt A24-Jan-189702-Dec-1970image  Photo
STEVENSONMaurine Corning14-Apr-190523-Apr-1991Photo
STEVENSONNevah Dno date20-Jan-1973Photo
STEVENSONWilliam E18771966Photo
STEVENSONWorth J19121955Photo
STRANGEElizabeth S "Broadbent"27-Jun-19031986Photo
SYRINGKenneth R11-Oct-192929-Jan-1980Photo
TERRYHilda Lee19401966Photo
THIEMANRobert Lee16-Oct-194213-Sep-2005Photo
THOMPSONRoy E19321950Photo
TODDSarah Z13-Oct-185005-Feb-1924Photo
TODDWilliam J29-Jul-184921-Apr-1919Photo
TOWERYGeorge H14-Nov-188509-Aug-1886Photo
TROUTBillie J01-Jan-193913-Aug-1998Photo
TROUTMary R20-Dec-1942no datePhoto
TURNEYFon F24-Dec-190023-Feb-1993Photo
TURNEYRuth E07-Jan-190618-Apr-1995Photo
TYEClyde L30-aug-189318-May-1959Photo
TYEInfant    Photo
of J & C Tye; Dates unknown
TYEJoe H13-Jan-189001-Sep-1962Photo
UNKNOWN 1 - 10  Photo
VanHOOSEJames Earl01-Nov-191807-Oct-1984image  
VanHOOSEMary E25-Feb-189611-Jan-1993Photo
VanHOOSEWilmuth E01-May-192214-Feb-1923Photo
VanHOOSERFloyd E27-Feb-189305-Feb-1965Photo
VanHOOSERJ. D.19221938Photo
VAUGHNFranna C22-Apr-1948no datePhoto
VAUGHNJames M24-Sep-194505-Dec-2001Photo
VILESHarold Eugene01-Aug-191601-Oct-1984Photo
VINYARDElias F16-May-1855__-Oct-1932Photo
VINYARDFrances E22-Jul-188016-Jun-1941Photo
WALESFlorice Faye29-Jul-191001-Sep-1992Photo
WALESJohn Leon16-Jul-191308-Feb-1989image  Photo
WALESValoris Mae18-Jun-194910-May-2009Photo
WALKERJoe C19111984image  Photo
WALKERThelma Pearl21-May-191608-Aug-1971Photo
WALKERThurman J06-Dec-189322-Aug-1922Photo
WASHBORNEInfant  Photo
WASHBOURNAeneasno date01-Aug-1871Photo
WASHBOURNLula R01-Feb-189307-Aug-1893Photo
WASHBOURNEAda Colen13-May-188222-Oct-1883Photo
WASHBOURNECarrie Feb. 1870Aug 1955 Photo  W. of Edw. N. Washbourne;
d/o James Sanford Fields & Charlotte Stover;
twin of Nannie Fields Hatfield; m/o Clyde;
Ruth; (& infant dec.)
WASHBOURNEClaude L(orraine) Aug-1859Mar-1917   Photo
Bro. of Edw. N. Washbourne;
s/o Josiah & Susan Ridge Washbourne
WASHBOURNEEd N(orthrup) 20-Jan-186913-Apr-1925   Photo
Husb. of Carrie; f/o Clyde & Ruth;
s/o Josiah & Susan Ridge Washbourne
Ind. name: A-ta-oogoone-squat.
WASHBOURNEJ(osiah) W(oodward 181927-Dec-1871 Photo  Husb. of Susan Ridge;
s/o Rev. Cephus Washbourne
WASHBOURNEJames W05-Oct-187228-Oct-1893Photo
WASHBOURNELee B. 02-Jun-190604-Aug-1970 image  Photo
Bro.of Gladys W. Howard;
s/o Clyde US Army (ret.); CE Washbourne;
grdson of Edw. N. & Carrie Washbourne
WASHBOURNELouise "Babe"18881959Photo
WASHBOURNEMartha M18661919Photo
WASHBOURNENoble P. 30-Sep-188829-Nov-1953 image  Photo
WASHBOURNEPercy H "Jack"18911941Photo
WASHBOURNERollin Ridge18921939Photo
WASHBOURNERoscoe C "John"18851952Photo
WASHBOURNESusan C 192822-Aug-1871 Photo
d/o John Ridge & Sarah Northrup; grddtr. of Major Ridge
WASHBOURNEW. W.18-Dec-187619-Jan-1916Photo
WASHBOURNEWayne T29-Oct-192109-May-1998image  Photo
WASHBURNECynthia A02-Sep-185319-Apr-1915Photo
WASHBURNEPercy H06-Feb-184814-May-1924Photo
WATIEG. E.182927-May-1877Photo
WATIES (arah) C (aroline Bell) 11-Mar-182008-Feb-1882 Photo  Memorial: Wife of Stand Watie
Married 1843; d/o John Bell & Charlotte Adair
WATIEStand, Gen. 12-Dec-180609-Sep-1871 image    Photo
MEMORIAL obelisk & Grave: Brig. Genl.Civil War
Cherokee troops; Father of 8. Husb. of Sarah C. Bell;
s/o David Oo-Watie & Susannah Reese;
Nephew of Major (The Ridge) Ridge
WESTGerald Eugene22-Apr-192208-Apr-1977Photo
WESTJ. Ellis28-Mar-189504-Jul-1986Photo
WESTMary E26-Jun-186609-Oct-1940Photo
WESTR. J.18551930Photo
WESTRuby J18-Feb-190108-Jul-1987  Photo
WHITFIELDMella Phillips18811961Photo
WICKETTSusan C. 17751849 Photo  Wife of Major Ridge
Born in Cherokee Nation; m/o John,
Nancy, Sallie & "Watie" (Walter)
WILLIAMSEthel Fields 19021928 Photo
d/o R. Freeman & Marguerite Fields.
WILSONByron Sanders27-Sep-190124-Aug-1944Photo
WILSONFred C29-Sep-189702-Mar-1996Photo
WILSONHenrietta E.02-Jul-190218-Nov-1988Photo
WILSON - CLINEMargaret F. Polson17-Jan-190230-Jan-1996Photo
WILSONRobert Craig25-Oct-195621-Nov-1983Photo
WINTERSD. V.no date14-Mar-1929Photo
WINTERSEllano date08-Jan-1929Photo
WOODSHester E.27-Jun-191420-Dec-1985Photo
WOOTENHarl G21-Feb-1943no datePhoto
WOOTENLinda J06-Sep-194312-Mar-2007Photo


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