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Shamrock Cemetery
Shamrock, Creek County, Oklahoma

© by Bobbi Dunn & Brenda Martin, Kathy Williams, & © Leslie Husted

B Surnames

BACONDudley G.18781958335W6Fathernot on mapSee More
BACONIndia May18851928335W2MotheryesSee More
BACONJ. M. "Uncle Jim"18701950314W3 yesSee More
BACONLottie29 Apr 184712 Feb 1926335W3GrandmayesSee More
BACONNoel Gorden29 Aug 191510 Sep 1964186W6Beloved BrotheryesSee More
BACONO.G. 1958335W4 yes 
BAILEYAlfred L.17 Sep 191619 Oct 2001173W3Proudly served his county aboard the USS Oklahoma
Day is Done; Gone the Sun
From the Lake, From the Hill, From the Sky
All Is Well; Safely Rest. God Is Nigh
yesSee More
BAILEYHattie19 May 188628 Jan 1970173E2 yesSee More
BAILEYIssac M.13 Sep 188123 Jun 1965173E3 map shows E23See More
BAILEYIsaac N.25 Dec 185403 Nov 1931358E5At Rest See More
BAKERGeorge L.02 Apr 191027 Jun 1991   AS US Navy WWII See More
BAKERTom J. 1924335W5possible headstone handmade sandstone
remaining writing says Baker
yesSee More
BALDWINE. P. Jr.08 Jul 191811 Jul 1918332W6 yesSee More
BALLINGERBaby Aug 1978205W6Baby of Virgil Ballingeryes 
BALLINGERVirgil Eugene6 Feb 195020 Aug 1978205W5Our Beloved "Geno"
He Was The Sunshine of Our Lives
yesSee More
BALLINGERVirgil H.18 Dec 192612 Aug 1981205W5SA US Coast Guard
Wed June 10 1948
 See More
BALLINGERWilma J.08 Apr 193022 Oct 1997205W4Wed June 10 1948  See More
BANECharley25 May 191407 Jun 1921162E1 Our Loved OneyesSee More
BANKSHattie Jane 1926318E6  yes 
BANKSIda Mae18861977124E3 yesSee More
BARELLois 1999222W2 yes 
BARNESClara May19271932235W2SisteryesSee More
BARROWSHenry28 May 187826 Dec 1926312E6 yesSee More
BATEMANBlanche 2002317E234 shows S 
BEACHBaby May 1923253E3Baby of D. S. Beachyes 
BEACHGeorge W.06 May 185324 Jun 1920253W3"Pappy"yesSee More
BEARDBaby Jan 1930303E1Baby of H. F. Beardyes 
BEARDENThearmon Edward16 Jul 191018 Feb 1991124E4 yesSee More
BEARDENVera Oneta21 Sep 191328 Feb 1992124E5  See More
BEAVERSJohn Levi07 Jan 189316 Sep 1972342E4ARKANSAS PFC CO A 39 INFANTRYyesSee More
BECKFrankie M.22 Sep 193604 Apr 2008254W2 yesSee More
BEDFORDBaby 1925247W5Baby of Burt Bedford
no stone
BEDSAULDeloris13 Dec 191826 Sep 1960267W2  See More
BELLFrederick A. 17 Apr 1941282W4Oklahoma PVT Base Hosp 107 See More
BELSERBaby May 1923172E2Baby of E. C. Belser
no stone
BELSERGladys M.19031941176E1 yesSee More
BENSONJames W.02 May 189616 Nov 1970267E6 yesSee More
BENSONNettie19 Apr 189601 Jan 1972267E5 yesSee More
BERRYJohn Grant17 Mar 188508 Jan 1925393W1 yesSee More
BERRYRayman Francis 31 Dec 1927357W6California Seaman 4CL US NavyyesSee More
BIERLYArthur G.18801933273W3 yesSee More
BIERLY Nettie A. 18681936314W5  See More
BINGHAMF.M.26 Jul 184421 Aug 1926255E6Gone to a Bright Home Where Grief Cannot ComeyesSee More
BINGHAMMartha J.18611942255E5 yes,
map shows Martha Jane Bingham Moore
See More
BIVINSG. W. 1918332W5 yes 
BIVINSMrs. Bedie Nov 193062E4 yes 
BIVINSR. A. Nov 193162E5 yes 
BLACKBaby Feb 1926274W2 map shows as W6 
BLACKFred  274W3   
BLACKOgle Gale26 Feb 189928 Mar 1922274W1 Remember Friends As You Pass By
As You Are Now So Once Was
As I Am Now So You Must Be
Prepare For Death And Follow Me
yesSee More
BLACKBURNMarie16 Jun 192125 Jul 1975222W3  See More
BLEVINSEmma J.01 Dec 190328 Jan 1981233E1God Bless Her See More
BLOOMAlmond G.18691939227E2FatheryesSee More
BLOOMEdith18821968227E3 yesSee More
BLOOMGeorge H.19031974228E1 yesSee More
BLOOMGlenda19081999221E12 yes 
BOILESNiniver Mar 1927268E5 yes 
BOOKERJames Wesley08 May 186605 Sep 1942246E6 yesSee More
BOOKERJohn Riley11 Apr 192919 Nov 1930246E3Baby of Eugene BookeryesSee More
BOOKERLinnie Jane01 Sep 187330 Oct 1955246E5 yesSee More
BOOKEROtis Henry Dec 1930246E1no stoneyes 
BOOKERR. J.19001926246E4 yesSee More
BORELLois05 Sep 191706 Jan 1999     See More
BOWERSB. F. Mar 1923325E5 yes 
BOWERSBessie  132E6   
BOYDSTONMargueritte H.14 Sep 191520 Aug 1972306E5 yes 
BOYERRev. Francis02 Jul 190925 Jul 1997333E6In God's Loving Care
A Loving Husband Father and Pastor
map shows E2See More
BOYERGoldie Maerea04 Dec 191619 Nov 2002333E1A Loving Wife, Mother, & Pastor's Wifeyes
BOYLESGeorge W.05 Jul 187230 Sep 1944401E2 yesSee More
BOYLESHancel "Scorp"24 Sep 192523 Aug 2002401W1  yesSee More
BOYLESJimmy Ray16 Dec 195109 Aug 200    not on mapSee More
BOYLESN. B. "Pappy"05 Jul 190527 Jun 1984401W4 yesSee More
BOYLESPaula Sue04 Oct 193409 Dec 2001401W2  yes
Hancel W1
See More
BOYLESVeter M.02 Aug 187806 Nov 1936401E2 yesSee More
BRACHERJohn Dec 1921246W6 yes 
BRACKENSarah  246W5  yes 
BRACKENF. P. 1933246W4 yes 
BRATTONEva  195E2 yes 
BRATTONHenry Green18 May 186608 Oct 1925338E3K.K.K.
yesSee More
BRATTONLee A.19 Sep 186714 Jan 1949338E2Mother yes
Henry in E3
See More
BRATTONShortie ct 1967195E1  yes 
BRATTONW. F. 1955195E3 yes 
BRIDGESBaby of Bridges, Ire E-2nd babyno date315W3 map shows W6 
BRIDGESOrin Lee26 Nov 191104 Nov 1918331W5At RestyesSee More
BROOKMargret (West) 1942384E4 yes 
BROOKMarquetta19461992262W6 yes
BROOKTravis 1992262W5 yes 
BROWNBaby 1929172W4no stone
Baby of Fred Brown
BROWNBillie Gene18 Jul 192706 Jul 1929307E1 yesSee More
BROWNHarold Louis Jr.15 Oct 196014 Aug 2004116W5A1C US Air Force
Our beloved Skip
yesSee More
BROWNTisha A.188019??266W4Asleep In JesusyesSee More
BROWNWilliam Ralph18771936266W4Asleep In JesusyesSee More
BROWNWilliam C.07 Oct 190511 Sep 1941307E6 yesSee More
BURCHFIELDRetha L.09 Jan 192318 Jun 201028  Married Aug 15, 1941 See More
BURCHFIELDRonald Dean23 Sep 194205 Jul 2003   Loving Son See More
BURCHFIELDWilliam (Ted)31 Mar 192317 Mar 198728  Married Aug 15, 1941 See More
BURGESSBaby 1920row 49     
BURKEBaby02 Aug 191802 Aug 191881E4Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. G. W. BurkeyesSee More
BURKEBaby30 Oct 191930 Oct 191981W4Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. G.W.yesSee More
BURROUGHSEster L. "Linda"12 Dec 192521 Jun 1999   Beloved Sister And Aunt
See You Later
 See More
BURROWKenneth L. 04 Oct 1927242W3Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven See More
BURYHILLMary Dec 191997  not on map 
BUSHYS. L.  188? written on bottom of map page 
BUSSELLRobert  314W5   
BUSSELLRobert 05 Mar 1934273W3 this plot used by
Bierly need visual lookup
BUSSEYDavid Paul20 Oct 196720 Oct 1967125W1Our Baby Boywritten as baby Bussett on mapSee More
BUTCHERBetty Faye18 Mar 192616 Aug 1927247W3 yesSee More
BUTCHERDon William30 Nov 191928 May 1921248W3Baby of Fred Butcherbaby row 72See More
BUTCHERFred10 Jan 188515 Jul 1941266W1Married Oct 22, 1905
36 Years
yesSee More
BUTCHERGeo M.18511938263W6  yesSee More
BUTCHERMartha C.22 Jan 188509 Apr 1976266W2Married Oct 22, 1905
36 Years
yesSee More
BUTCHEREmma 1951263W5 yes 
BUTCHFIELDRobert D. 1987284E3456 yes 
BUTLERArkie18531930277E6 yesSee More
BUTLERWanetta Nov 1923172E4Baby of J. W. Butler
no stone
BUTTSCarl Marion19121976163W6SGT US ARMY WWII
My Beloved Husband
Parents of Earl Wayne & Carl Marion
yesSee More
BUTTSGeneva09 Mar 1923 163w5Parents of Earl Wayne & Carl MarionyesSee More

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