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Sterling Cemetery
Comanche County, Oklahoma

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Hartman ~ Hurley, F
NE Secton OldHARTMANGeorge L.02/Dec/191703/Feb/1980 1 Sgt US Army Air Forces ~ World War II
 HARTMANGlenn Lee "Pete"25/May/192014/Jul/1984"Married June 4, 1955" SS/W & H/O Mary Louise [Watson] Hartman
 HARTMANMary Louise [Watson]03/Dec/1923
Loco OK
Fort Sill OK
 "Married June 4, 1955" SS/W & W/O Glenn Lee "Pete" Hartman, D/O Chester Joseph & Effie Pearl [Haston] Watson, Becker Funeral Home & Cremation Service ~ Fletcher OK
NE Secton OldHARTMANMaurene C. [Cook]18/Mar/192518/Nov/1987"Daughter" "Generous of heart, constant of faith"
NE Secton OldHARTMANTressie [Booth]26/Feb/191603/Feb/1980D/O Loyd C. & Minnie R. [Swafford] Booth
34.73779 ~ 98.166867HARVEYKaren Sue [Kendall]12/Sep/1954
Marlow OK
Comanche CO OK
"Married Aug 7, 1998" SS/W & W/O Roy Harvey Jr, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
34.73779 ~ 98.166867HARVEYRoy Jr15/May/1959 "Married Aug 7, 1998" SS/W & H/O Karen Sue [Kendall] Harvey
NE Secton OldHATFIELDC. W.16/Jul/189230/Aug/1972 
 HAWKVernon Alfred08/Jul/194616/Dec/2010 "SP4 US Army" "Together Forever July 19, 1969" SS/W & H/O Barbara L. Hawk
 HAWKBarbara L.143/Nov/1945 "Together Forever July 19, 1969" SS/W & W/O Vernon Alfred Hawk
 HAYESWalter Edgar02/Jun/1933
Mountain View AR
Sterling OK
"" H/O Clydine [Snider] Hayes, M --/Feb/1965, S/O William & Pearl [Barnes] Hayes
 HAYSSondra K. [Halbrooks]28/Aug/194215/Feb/2008"In loving memory"
 HEATHCOJuanita [Halbrooks]22/Dec/192409/Feb/1978"We can never forget that she died . . ." W/O Unknown Heathco, D/O Corbett H. & Sophia Marie [Stice] Halbrooks
 HEATHCORoy Don05/Dec/191306/Jan/1987 
 HEISEMargaret Elizabeth20/Apr/193803/Sep/1995"Nanny" "Beloved Mother & Grandmother" W/O Unknown Heise
 HELMDoyle Lee08/Dec/1926
Chandler OK
Lawton OK
  "US Army" H/O Lucille [Bolerjack] Helm, M 05/Aug/1951 Chandler OK, S/O Ezra F. & Lessie M. [Murray] Helm, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
 HENDERSONBillie Sue [Moore]17/Jan/1944
Sterling OK
Lawton OK
W/O [1] Jimmy E. Upton, M 1962 Lawton OK [2] Joe L. Henderson, M --/Dec/1977 Wichita Falls TX, D/O Jacob Malcolm & Margaret M. [Bailey] Moore, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
 HENDERSONDana Renee09/Jul/1960
Sterling OK
Sterling OK
"We love you Renee" D/O Harrell D. & Thelma Lucille [Julian] Henderson
 HENDERSONHarrell D.11/Sep/1920
Sterling OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" "Married Sept 24, 1949" SS/W & H/O Thelma Lucille [Julian] Henderson
 HENDERSONJoe L.16/Feb/193708/Sep/2000"World's greatest Daddy and Papa" 2nd H/O Billie Sue [Moore] Henderson
 HENDERSONJohn C.17/May/188130/Aug/1958"Married 1906" SS/W & H/O Lula Lillian "Lilly" Henderson
 HENDERSONLula Lillian "Lilly"07/Feb/188629/Apr/1983"Married 1906" SS/W & W/O John C. Henderson
 HENDERSONMaxine [Read]18/Apr/193515/Dec/1994"Dau of Rob & Ruby Read" SS/W & D/O Ruby Mae [Sanders] Read, W/O Unknown Henderson
 HENDERSONRonald K. "Doc"30/Sep/195505/Aug/2008"Gone Fishing" "In God's Care" 
 HENDERSONThelma [Julian]21/Jul/1929 "Married Sept 24, 1949" SS/W & W/O Harrell D. Henderson
NE Secton OldHENDRIXSONAlvin Theo19211926S/O James Clark & Flora Annie [Gresham] Hendrixson
NE Secton OldHENDRIXSONFlora Annie [Gresham]18851962W/O James Clark Hendrixson, D/O William Harrison & Jennie Adelaide [Keen] Gresham
NE Secton OldHENDRIXSONJames C.18781937H/O Flora Annie [Gresham] Hendrixson
 HERNANDEZClarissa Nadine [Tossee]29/Nov/1959
Sterling OK
Lawton OK
W/O Dennis Hernandez, D/O Andrew B. & Eunice [Sovo] Tossee, Comanche Nation Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Lawton OK
Sterling OK
SS/W & U/O Emory Lee Roney, S/O Kent Herring Jr & Claudia Louthen, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
 HERRONBuck H.04/Mar/1858
Lawton OK
H/O B. H. Herron, Unmarked grave See obit
 HERRONMarjorie Ella01/Mar/1930
OK City OK
Lawton OK
D/O Leonard A. & Katherine Marie [Sanders] Herron
NE Secton OldHERRONMinnie Lee25/Aug/190216/Sep/1983"Mother Granny"
NE Secton OldHERRONWilliam L.22/Mar/189216/Nov/1970 "Oklahoma Pvt US Army ~ World War I" "Papa"
 HESTER SIMPSONIna Mae Lucille [Harris]07/Jan/190926/Jul/1999 
-- Secton OldHESTONBunah M. [Klingman]06/Jun/1915
Binger OK
Sterling OK
"Married Apr 21, 1934" SS/W & W/O Earl L. Heston, M Cheyenne OK, D/O Irl V. & Bertha F. [Webb] Klingman
See obit
-- Secton OldHESTONEarl L.29/Oct/1914
Elk City OK
Sterling OK
"Married Apr 21, 1934" SS/W & H/O Bunah M. [Klingman] Heston, S/O John George & Arrenia [West] Heston, Hodge Funeral Home ~ Elgin OK
NE Secton OldHESTONMyron Earl Jr28/Nov/196905/Sep/1978S/O Myron Earl Heston SR & Caroline Marie [Hatfield] Heston Dodson
 HESTONMyron Earl Sr "Boodie"11/Apr/193820/Feb/2004"Mother and Father of Myron Jr" SS/W & 1st H/O Caroline Marie [Hatfield] Heston Dodson
 HESTONSharon04/Aug/194204/Aug/1942"Our Darling"
 HESTON DODSONCaroline Marie [Hatfield]25/Jan/1951 "Mother and Father of Myron Jr" W/O [1] Myron Earl "Boodie" Heston Sr [2] Unknown Dodson
 HEWITTCarl Ralph02/Feb/190728/Jan/1990 "Cpl US Army" SS/W & H/O Flora Lorene Heweitt
 HEWITTFlora Lorene24/Oct/191821/May/1978SS/W & W/O Carl Ralph Hewitt
 HICKMANHelen18731915"Mother At Rest"
1st Section OldHICKSJoseph D.18731923H/O Lillian Alice [Purdy] Hicks, buried Albuquerque NM
NE Secton OldHIGGINSLonnie B.31/Dec/194631/Dec/1946"Daughter of T. E. & Thennie Higgins" D/O Tillman E. & Thenie E. Higgins
1st Section OldHIGGINSPluma A.15/Aug/185821/Nov/1949SS/W & W/O Dr Thomas J. Higgins
 HIGGINSThenie E.07/May/192614/Sep/1983SS/W & W/O Tillman E. Higgins
1st Section OldHIGGINSThomas J. MD--/Apr/1842--/Dec/1907 SS/W & H/O Pluma A. Higgins
 HIGGINSTillman E.19/Jan/192110/Mar/1993SS/W & H/O Thenie E. Higgins
NE Secton OldHIGHAdelene B. [Summers]14/Jul/191611/May/1935 
1st Section OldHIGHAnna [Magnusin]30/Jan/190408/Aug/1986SS/W & W/O Homer Hiram High
 HIGHGerald W.23/May/1935
Sterling OK
Lawton OK
 US Army 1955 ~ 1957  Lawton Policeman ~ 20 Yrs SS/W & H/O Jean Ann [Yates] High, M 29/Aug/1958 Sterling OK, S/O Homer Hiram & Anna [Magnusin] High, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
NE Secton OldHIGHHenry Alvin01/Sep/185701/Mar/1934"Gone but not forgotten" SS/W & H/O Sarah E. High
1st Section OldHIGHHomer Hiram12/Jan/189606/Apr/1985 US Army Pfc ~ World War I SS/W & H/O Anna [Magnusin] High, S/O Henry Alvin & Sarah E. High
 HIGHJean Ann [Yates]31/Jan/1939
Apache OK
Marlow OK
 SS/W & W/O Gerald W. High, M 29/Aug/1958 Sterling OK, D/O Clarence & Minnie [Owens] Yates, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
 HIGHLucille Ruth30/Sep/193002/Sep/1963"Mother of Rose • Robert • Joe • Lesa • Ronnie • Connie • Paula" 
1st Section OldHIGHMary Alice [Jones]08/May/195210/Feb/1969"Parents of Cynthia" SS/W & W/O Robert Ray High Jr
NE Secton OldHIGHOrie Arthur18841945"Father" "May be rest in peace" H/O [1] Eunice H. [Ramsey] High [2] Agnes [Seffron] High Park, S/O Henry Alvin & Sarah E. High
NE Secton OldHIGHOrie Arthur Jr19331975 US Navy ~ Korea S/O Orie A. High & Agnes [Seffron] High Park
1st Section OldHIGHRobert Ray Jr15/Apr/194910/Feb/1969"Parents of Cynthia" SS/W & H/O Mary Alice High
 HIGHRobert Ray Sr09/Apr/192723/Dec/1994 "US Navy ~ World War II" "Dad" 
 HIGHRonnie Paul 14/Apr/1954 
NE Secton OldHIGHSarah E. [Wallis]27/Mar/186521/Dec/1927"Gone but not forgotten" SS/W & W/O Henry Alvin High, D/O William Jasper & Eliza [Kimbrell] Wallis
 HILLISMargie R.19301932Homemade marker
NE Secton OldHIMESClyde E.18991987SS/W Eldo D. Himes
 HIMESDavid Pat18/Jul/195230/Mar/2009"In loving memory" "Loving Son and Brother" 
NE Secton OldHIMESEldo D.18991958SS/W Clyde E. Himes
 HINCHF. Lloyd13/Oct/1938 "Parents of Delain & Lyn" "Together Forever" SS/W &
 HINCHMargie Lou [Kitchens]19/Apr/193206/Nov/1987"Married Sept 12, 1955" SS/W & 1st W/O Raymond Zolen Hinch, D/O Asa & Frances Mae [Monsey] Kitchens
 HINCHMartha Sue02/Oct/193828/Jun/2007"Parents of Delain & Lyn" "Together Forever" SS/W & W/O F. Lloyd Hinch
 HINCHRaymond Zolen11/Jan/1932
near Rush Springs OK
Cache OK
"Married Sept 12, 1955" H/O [1] SS/W Margie Lou [Kitchens] Hinch [2] Flora Mae Whittle Hinch
See obit
 HINCHTheo L.30/Nov/187526/Jun/1942"Mother" SS/W & W/O Dr. Walter Nelson Hinvh
 HINCHWalter Nelson Dr04/Aug/186808/Jan/1950"Father" SS/W & H/O Theo L. Hinch
NE Secton OldHIXMary F.02/Apr/186119/Jun/1937"Mother At Rest"
NE Secton OldHIXWilliam H.24/Jan/185326/Jan/1926"Father At Rest"
 HOARDBetty Jo [Beckman]16/Apr/194125/Oct/2014"Married 12/Sept/1983" W/O Thomas Ed Hoard Sr, M 0000Lawton OK, D/O John Edward & Oleta [Kerr] Beckman, Callaway-Smith-Cobb Funeral Home ~ Rush Springs OK
NE Secton OldHOARDCharles Emery02/May/193013/Oct/1930"Our Darling"
NE Secton OldHOARDEmery H.14/Aug/191014/Aug/1970SS/W Opal O. Hoard
NE Secton OldHOARDLela Ann29/Sep/187315/Sep/1952 
NE Secton OldHOARDOpal O.23/Apr/191718/Jan/1994SS/W Emery H. Hoard
NE Secton OldHOARDT. Edgar30/Sep/187830/Aug/1937"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"
 HOARDThomas Ed Sr15/Sep/1936
Sterling OK
Chickasha OK
  "SP3 US Army ~ Germany" "Married 12/Sept/1983" H/O Betty Jo [Beckman] Hoard, M Lawton OK, S/O Emery Hugh & Opal [Odell] Hoard, Callaway~Smith~Cobb Funeral Home ~ Rush Springs OK
NE Secton OldHODGEAline20/Sep/190323/Feb/1940 
NE Secton OldHOLLISCharlottie12/Sep/187608/Aug/1962"The Lord is my shepherd" "Mother" SS/W Mose Mack Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISDixie C.08/May/193119/Nov/1934 
NE Secton OldHOLLISDonald W.12/Sep/192903/Jan/1930 
NE Secton OldHOLLISEssie Lee [Wallace]17/Jul/190518/Aug/1995"[Married] March 29, 1924" "Beloved Mom" SS/W & W/O Rolles Franklin Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISJohn W.T.02/Jan/189701/Aug/1970 "Oklahoma Pvt 97 inf US Army ~ World War I "
NE Secton OldHOLLISJessie E.28/Feb/190312/Feb/1935SS/W & H/O Naomi [Franklin] Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISMose Mack03/Oct/186917/Mar/1951"The Lord is my shepherd" "Father" SS/W & H/O Charlottie Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISNaomi [Franklin]04/Jul/190705/Jan/1936SS/W & W/O Jessie E. Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISRolles Franklin16/Feb/190125/Dec/1964 "[Married] March 29, 1924" "Beloved Dad" SS/W & H/O Essie Lee [Wallace] Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLISRolles Lee21/Jun/193222/Feb/1933"Infant Son of Rolles & Essie" S/O Rolles Franklin & Essie Lee [Wallace] Hollis
NE Secton OldHOLLOWELLBonnie Jewel [Shinn]21/Jan/1901
Comanche CO OK
SS/W & W/O Roy Levi Hollowell, D/O Henry Burt & Lillie Ivil [Pigman] Shinn
NE Secton OldHOLLOWELLJune Caletha19/Jun/1934
Sterling OK
Sterling OK
"Dau of Mr & Mrs Roy Hollowell" D/O Roy Levi & Bonnie Jewel [Shinn] Hollowell
NE Secton OldHOLLOWELLRoy Levi03/Mar/190017/Oct/1985SS/W & H/O Bonnie Jewel [Shinn] Hollowell, S/O Levi & Edna Mae [Mongold] Hollowell
 HOLTAlfred M.30/Apr/1936 SS/W & H/O Jerry Jean [Ward] Holt
NE Secton OldHOLTCallie Lee [Jay]16/Feb/1914
Spiro OK
Lawton OK
SS/W & W/O James M. Holt, M 123/Jun/1931 Weteetka OK, Robbins Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
NE Secton OldHOLTGwendolyn [Williams]01/Jan/195629/Jan/1981"Mother of Dianna & Cynthia"
NE Secton OldHOLTJames M.04/Feb/190607/Mar/1995SS/W & H/O Callie Lee [Jay] Holt
 HOLTJerry Jean [Ward]27/Jul/1938
Lindsay OK
Sterling OK
SS/W & W/O Alfred M. Holt, M 08/Feb/1955 Lawton OK, D/O Walter Ward & Anna Mae [Prichett] Ward Snider, cancer, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
NE Secton OldHOLTTimmy Lee21/Jul/196612 Aug 1966 
 HOOVERBonnie [Bridgman]11/May/1964
St Augustine FL
Colorado Springs CO
W/O Olen R. Hoover, M 12/Aug/1999 Williamsburg VA, D/O James Townsen & Anne [Cannon] Bridgman, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
 HOTCHINWilliam04/May/187329/Jul/1935"Asaleep in the Lord" 
NE Secton OldHOWELLFannie11/May/1919--/Nov/1992Lawton~Ritter~Grey FHM ~ Lawton OK
NE Secton OldHOWELLJohn Thomas19231992Lawton~Ritter~Grey FHM ~ Lawton OK
NE Secton OldHOWRYHarold M Jr "Rusty"15/Apr/195117/Mar/1975"In memory of our loved one"
 HUDDLEDarrell R.25/Nov/194127/Jul/1991 "Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam" "God keep me in Thy care" Buried W/ Tommy Wright
 HUDDLEJimmie Margaret [Scroggins]27/Jul/1923
Honey Grove TX
Duncan OK
SS/W Leonard D. Spencer, W/O Unknown Huddle, D/O James & Mamie [Casey] Scroggins, M/O Jimmy Al, Jerry & Tommy Wright, Terry Hooper, Fletcher Funeral Home
1st Section OldHUITTEddie Lee13/Dec/192002/Mar/1997 "US Army ~ World War II" "Parents of Lynford Robert Edward " SS/W & H/O Ima Iola [Cook] Huitt
1st Section OldHUITTIma Iola [Cook]19/Jul/12925
Chattanooga OK
Lawton OK
 "Parents of Lynford Robert Edward " SS/W & W/O Eddie Lee Huitt, M 15/Nov/1942, D/O Roy & Lottie Mae [Horn] Cook, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
NE Secton OldHUITTJames Terrell07/Sep/192324/Aug /974SS/W & H/O Wanda Eloise Huitt
 HUITTLynford Wayne "Lyn"14/Mar/1944
Altus OK
Sterling OK
 AIC US Air Force F/O Robert Huitt, Ashley Schute & Chloe Huitt, S/O Eddie Lee & Ima Iola [Cook] Huitt, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
 HUITTHelen Marie [Fehring]19/Feb/1937 "Together Forever" SS/W & W/O Marion Alton "Red" Huitt
 HUITTMarion Alton "Red"31/Jan/1932
Blair OK
Sterling OK
  "Cpl US Army" "Together Forever" S/O J. B. & Viola [Underwood] Huitt, H/O Helen Marie [Fehring] Huitt, M 18/Aug/1956 Sterling OK, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
1st Section OldHUITTRobert William14/Jan/194716/Feb/1964"In Loving Memory Of" S/O Eddie Lee & Ima Iola [Cook] Huitt
NE Secton OldHUITTViola [Underwood]03/Jan/190303/Jun/1972"Mother of Terrell, Waunell, Alton & Shirley" W/O J. B. Huitt
NE Secton OldHUITTWanda Elois12/Jun/1929 SS/W & W/O James Terrell Huitt
1st Section OldHUNTERBillie Guy18/Sep/193203/Mar/1940 
 HUNTERCarolyn Kay20/Feb/1943--/May/1943 
1st Section OldHURLEYDavid Willard26/Dec/193722/Jul/1989"Sonny"
1st Section OldHURLEYFloyd L.14/Mar/190717/Aug/1961"Born in Gould, Okla"

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