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Ft. Sill National Cemetery
Comanche County, Oklahoma

partial survey

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Sitton ~ Snyder Surnames

Section 3, Site 1293SITTONBilly Ray14/Mar/1936
Binger OK
29/Nov/2011 PV2 US Army ~ Korea
S/O Thomas Jefferson & Allie May [Moore] Sitton
Section 3
Site 1303
SIXClinton H. S.14/Aug/196311/Dec/2011  "SSG US Army"
Columbarium Wall 2
Row A Site 11
SIZEMOREAdrian Howard11/Aug/1940
Boyd CO KY
Seymour TX
 "LCpl US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam" H/O Rose E. [Baker] Sizemore, S/O John & Grace Gladys [Meeks] Sizemore
Columbarium Wall 2
Row C Site 16
SKELTONEdward A.27/Mar/192305/May/2004 "Pfc US Army ~ World War II"
 Section 3
Site 220
SKIPPERDewayne Edward30/Nov/1966
Little Rock AR
Duncan OK
 US Marine Corps & US Army National Guard ~ both Iraq wars H/O Brenda Kay [Laws] Skipper, M 13 Mar 2006, F/O Jacob Skipper, S/O Joe & Dorothy Skipper, Carter~Smart Funeral Home ~ Duncan OK
Section 3, Site 994SKOPAKHelen Loraine [Velanis]13/May/1933
Anchorage AK
OK City OK
W/O Leopolda Smith Skopal, D/O Anton & Eugenias Velanis
Section 3, Site 994SKOPAKLeopolda Smith13/Nov/1927
Camden NJ
OK City OK
H/O Helen Loraine [Velanis] Skopal, D/O John & Anna [Smith] Skopak
Section 30
Site 206
SLATONEdgar E.26/Jun/193015/Jan/2005 "TSgt US Air Force ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Section 3
Site 698
SMALLEYDan P.27/Jul/1930
Marvell AR
Lawton OK
 US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam Former H/O Pat Smalley, S/O Lawrence & Lillian [Fielder] Smalley, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Site 410
SMALLWOODClyde W.18/Aug/192714/Nov/2003 "Pfc US Army ~ World War II"
SMARTBillie Rue [Kidd]25/Jun/1923
Davidson OK
Westfield MA
W/O Robert Smart, D/O William Albert & Inzy Kidd, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Section 3
Site 51
SMARTD. Bridgette08/Dec/196301/Jun/2006"Wife of Curtis H. Smart ~ CW2 US Army"
Section 3
Site 962
SMARTJ. W.30/Jun/1941
Granite OK
OK City OK
 US Army H/O Wanda Joy [Johnson] Smart
Section 30
Site 134
SMERCZYNSKICarol Ann29/Jul/195610/Feb/2006 "Pfc US Army"
Section 30
Site 471
SMITHA. D.06/Sep/192118/Feb/2004 "Pfc US Army ~ World War II"
Section 3
Site 206
SMITHAdair Arwul05/Oct/1925
Turpin OK
OK City OK
 US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea H/O Peggy Marie [Cable] Smith, F/O Sylvia Sterling, Sherry, Mark & Scott Smith, S/O Homer Lyle Clara May [Hill] Smith
Section 30
Site 231
SMITHAlfonzo E.29/Aug/200923/Jun/2003  "CSM USA" SS/W & H/O Catherine Smith & father of Walter L. Smith
Columbarium Wall 2
Row D Site 6
SMITHArgus F.24/Jan/191523/Jun/2003 "Maj US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea"
Section 3
Site 1474
SMITHBarbara Ann [Selph]03/Dec/1937
New Orleans LA
W/O Rev Dave Smith, D/O Duncan Hyder & Lillian [McClean] Selph, Stewart Family Funeral Home ~ Tyler TX See obit
Section 30A
Site 111
SMITHBilly Dwight07/Dec/194323/Nov/2005
Prague OK
61 Yrs, Parks Brothers Funeral Service ~ Prague OK
Section 30
Site 231
SMITHCatherine27/Jul/194601/Oct/2005 "Wife and Son" SS/W & W/O Alfonso E. Smith & son Walter L. Smith
Section 3
Site 1089
SMITHCharles Herbert09/Jul/192903/Jun /2010
Duncan OK
 AM3 US Navy ~ World War II Callaway~Smith~Cobb Chapel
Section 3
Site 510
SMITHCharles R., Sr11/Sep/193130/Apr/2003   "SA US Navy ~ Korea"
Site 43
SMITHEdward E.11/Feb/192603/Jul/2004 "Lt Col US Marine Corps ~ World War II ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Columbarium Wall 2
Row A Site 13
SMITHEdward W.12/Jun/191409/Oct/2004 "Col US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Columbarium Wall 2
Row B Site 7
SMITHElda H. Jr08/Mar/193818/Jun/2004 "Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam"
Section 22
Site 201
SMITHEmory Raymond29/Feb/1940
Lost Creek KY
Lawton OK
  "SSG US Army ~ Vietnam" Former H/O Lena Haddix, S/O Sam & Fairlena Smith
Columbarium Wall 5
Row C Site 7
SMITHEugene Akfred "Gene"11/May/1943
Bartlesville OK
Prague OK
  US Naval Mobile Construction 58th Battalion of the Seabees ~ Vietnam Former H/O Virginia [Patrick] Smith, S/O Stanley & Yolanda [Fox] Smith
Section 3
Site 323
SMITHFrank W.09/Dec/193330/May/2007 US Marine Corps ~ Korea
Section 3
Site 1231
SMITHGary Wayne03/Jun/1948
Borger TX
OK City OK
 US Army ~ Vietnam H/O Esther Smith, S/O Fred H. & Juanita A. [Mack] Smith, McNeil's Mustang Funeral Service ~ Mustang OK
Section 3
Site 261
SMITHGerald D.03/Mar/193502/Jun/2007 US Air Force ~ Korea ~ Vietnam
Columbarium Wall 2
Row B Site 6
SMITHGlenn E. Sr23/Sep/193901/May/2004  "SA US Navy ~ Vietnam"
Section 3
Site 115
SMITHHarold T.22/Dec/191718/Nov/2006 "Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
SMITHHazel Ivy [Orange]11/Jan/1936
Chickasha OK
OK City OK
W/O Horace William Smith, M 22/Dec/1950, D/O Rev. L. H. & Bertha Rebecca [Fletcher] Orange See obit
Columbarium Wall 4
Row D, Site 11
SMITHHenry F. Sr01/Sep/193316/May/2011   "SSG US Army ~ Korea ~ Persian Gulf"
Section 3
Site 1463
SMITHJack Lee04/Aug/1948
Elkhart IN
OK City OK
 "E6 US Army" H/O Marcia [McCreary] Smith, M 1971 Elkhart IN, S/O Walter & Betty Smith
Section 33
Site 67
SMITHJay C.23/Jul/194125/Dec/2005 "Cpl US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam"
Section 30
Site 46
SMITHJerry F.19/Feb/195524/Aug/2006  "Pvt US Army ~ Vietnam"
Section 3
Site 649
SMITHJerry James07/Jan/194110/Dec/2008  "Pvt US Army ~ Vietnam" H/O Terry Ann [Rogers] Smith, M 21 Dec 1983 Ontario CA, S/O Earl William & Helen [Evans] Smith, Don Grantham Funeral Home
WL5 Row D Site 7
SMITHJim A.03/Nov/194711/Jan/2012 "Sgt US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam" Cremains
Section 20
Site 185;
SMITHJohn M.15/Jul/194414/Jan/2006 "SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam"
Section 3
Site 602
SMITHLee T.25/Oct/193227/Jan/2009  US Army ~ Korea
Section 3
Site 1403
SMITHLeonard Wade16/May/195319/May/2012 Pvt US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam
Section 3
Site 1944
SMITHLloyd Dean Sr04/Jan/1943
Binger OK
Blanchard OK
 "SP4 US Army ~ Viertnam" H/O Lavon Smith, S/O Ernest Lee Smith & Jocie [Carpenter] Smith, Eisenhour Funeral Home ~ Blanchard OK See obit
Site 770
SMITHMagda Marie [Ziegler]28/May/1937
Kitzingen Germany
Comanche CO OK
 "Wife of SFC Johnnie C. Zeigler USA" W/O Johnnie C. Smith, M 18 May 1957 Germany, D/O Valentine & Elisabeth [Jacob] Ziegler, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Section 3
Site 1058
SMITHMartha M. [Kramer] 12/Feb/1924
Cologne Germany
OK City OK
"W/O Ralph E. Smith, M 8 Apr 1952 Aschiaffenburg Germany, D/O Wilhelm & Lina [Peters] Kramer, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Section 3
Site 1295
SMITHMichael Andrew16/Aug/195121/Nov/2011  "Cpl US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam"
Section 30
Site 24
SMITHMichael J.16/Mar/195913/Nov/2004 "Pvt US Army"
Section 39ASite 121SMITHMorton N.14/Dec/193131/Jul/2005 "SSgt US Air Force ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Section 30
Site 416
SMITHNaomi L.09/Jun/192531/May/2007 US Army ~ Korea
Section 30A
Site 107
SMITHPolly Anna [Jones] 09/Jan/1930
Mangum OK
W/O [1] Pete Smith Doughty [2] Worrell Smith, D/O John & Ella Jones
Section 30
Site 48
SMITHRaymond L. Jr21/Jul/198917/Dec/2006"Son [Minor child] of Smith, Raymond L. Sr"
Fatally shot in chest
Section 30
Site 48
SMITHRaymond L. Sr04/Jul/193424/Aug/2006 "Pvt US Army ~ Korea"
Section 3
Site 1239
SMITHRichard Lee30/Dec/193021/Jul/2011 SP3US Army
Section 33
Site 15
SMITHRobert E.15/Dec/192617/Dec/2005  "US Army ~ World War II"
Section 33
Site 299
SMITHRoger Kenneth15/Dec/192617/Dec/2005  "SP3 US Army ~ Korea"
Section 3
Site 432
SMITHRoyce D.01/Feb/192807/Apr/2008  "F2 US Navy ~ World War II"
Section 30
Site 416
SMITHRupert E.01/Oct/193011/Sep/2003 "Cpl US Army ~ Korea"
Section 3
Site 1294
SMITHSamuel Jack Sr.28/Oct/194130/Nov/2011 "MSgt US Air Force ~ Vietnam"
 SMITHShirley Ann24/Feb/193716/Jul/2014See obit
Section 33
Site 313
SMITHSteven Larry03/Oct/194026/May/2012 A3C US Air Force
Section 3
Site 353
SMITHVernon L.04/Dec/196231/Aug/2007 US Coast GHuard
Section 30A
Site 118
SMITHWillard D.01/May/195003/Nov/2005 SRA US Air Force
Section 30A
Site 107
SMITHWorrell R.15/Aug/192330/Nov/2005 Cpl US Army ~ World War II
H/O Polly Anna [Jones] Smith
Section 29
Site 55
SMITHYong Sun11/Apr/1949
South Korea
Lawton OK
 "Wife of SSG Ronald Fred Smith USA"
Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Section 29
Site 35
SMITHERMANJohn L. Maj29/Sep/1919
Kansas City MO
Lawton OK
32º    US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea ~ Vietnam ~ Numerous Medals H/O Giselinde [Hock] Smitherman, M 19 Dec 1968 Wichita Falls TX, F/O Sharon Smitherman, S/O John S. & Lottie Lee Smitherman, Becker Funeral Home
Section 30A
Site 158
SNIVELYArlene M.18/Aug/193325/Mar/2006"Wife of John W. Snively Sr"
Swction 30A
Site 158
SNIVELYJohn W. Sr26/Jun/193323/Dec/2005 "Sfc US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Section 30A
Site 29
SNYDERJames W.11/Oct/194604/Oct/2002  "PO3 US Navy ~ Vietnam" "You Will Be Remembered"
Section 30
Site 125
SNYDERLloyd C. "Duke"06/Apr/1930
Navina OK
Lawton OK
  "SSG US Army ~ Korea" H/O Madonna Frankie [Hackworth] Snyder, M 25 Jan 1955 Camp Kelmer NJ, S/O John C. & Ella May [Lanning] Snyder, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Section 30
Site 125
SNYDERMadonna F.04/Apr/193505/Jun/2002"Wife of Lloyd C. Snyder ~ SSG US Army"
Columbarium Wall 10
Row B, Site 9
SNYDERWilliam Frank23/Nov/191919/May/2012  Corp US Army ~ World War II

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