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Ft. Sill National Cemetery
Comanche County, Oklahoma

partial survey

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F Surnames
Section 30
Site 236
FALLSElaine Marie09/Aug/194214/Sep/2005"Two islands in the stream" W/O MSgt William R. Falls US Air Force See photo
Section 30
Site 236
FALLSWilliam Ray28/Jul/1944
Bardstown OK
Galveston TX
  "MSgt US Air Force ~ Vietnam" "Wild Bill" H/O Elaine Marie Falls, S/O Lewis E and Georgia B. Falls, Carnes Brothers Funeral Home ~ Galveston TX See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 142
FALLWELLBoyd Eugene03/Sep/1933
OK City OK
OK City OK
 "Cpl US Army ~ Korea" "Loving Husband, Daddy & Grandpa" H/O Pat Fallwell, F/O Rocky Eugene Fallwell & Kellie Lynn Ross, S/O Cecil & Hazel Fallwell, John M. Ireland Funeral Home ~ Moore OK See obit
Section 3
Site 142
FALLWELLPat L.04/Oct/1933
Roosevelt OK
Winston-Salem NC
W/O Boyd Eugene Fallwell, D/O Amos Benton Walker & Iona Cloy [Simpson] Walker-Sewell, John M. Ireland Funeral Home ~ Moore OK See obit
FANNINRobert L.06/May/194620/Feb/2003 "Sgt US Army ~ Vietnam" "Beloved Husband" See photo
Section 3
Site 381
FARGASONKenneth Eugene26/Feb/1946
Roscoe TX
Lawton OK
 "SSgt US Army ~ Vietnam" "Gone but not forgotten" H/O Patricia LaRue [Casey] Fargason, F/O Tracy & Dawn Fargason, S/O Hugh Lee & Verle Edith [Provine] Fergason, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 1744
FARLEYE. F.16/May/1930
Elk Creek WV
Lawton OK
 "Sfc US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather" H/O Kazuko [Kojima] Farley, M 15/Apr/1958 Japan, S/O Eli Fernandis and Martha [Slone] Farley, Becker-Rabon Funeral Home. ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 29
Site 88
FARLEYSharron K. [Weaver]05/Dec/195001/Dec/2008 "Wife of SP4 Johnie Earl Farley USA" "Forever in our hearts" D/O Alta Weaver, Ferguson Funeral Home See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 525
FARLEYSteven Lee18/Dec/1950
Fort Polk LA
 "Capt US Navy SP5 US Army ~ Vietnam ~ Persian Gulf ~ Iraq H/O Donna Farley, F/O Brett, Chris & Cameron Farley,State Dept killed in Sadr City attack See obit
Section 30
FARMERSammy L.29/May/193804/Apr/2004 "SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam" "In loving memory" See photo
Columbarium Wall 2
Row B, Site 46
FARRINGTONArthur Albert, III04/Sep/1942
Chewelah WA
Lawton OK
burial 9 Nov
 "Sn USN Navy ~ Vietnam" "He is with God" S/O Arthur & Hazel [Kimball] Farrington, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 345
FAULKNERBradley James04/May/196228/Jul/2007"Sgt US Air Force" "Beloved Son" See photo
Section 30
Site 305
FAULKNERGentry B.03/Feb/192024/May/2004 "Sgt US Army ~ World War II" "Till we meet again" See photo
Columbarium Wall 2
RowB , Site 22
FEDJEEarl W.31/Jul/192821/Oct/2005  "Cdr US Navy ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "He proudly served"
Section 3
Site 217
FEDRICKBarry H.23/Oct/1959
Fort Benning GA
Lawton OK
"Son of Sfc USA Johnnie Lee Fedrick and Keteral" "You will be missed" Adult dependant See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 216
FEDRICKKatereal [Height]02/Oct/193622/Mar/2007"Wife of Sfc Johnnie L. Fedrick USA" "Loving wife and mother" See photo
Section 3
Site 58
FEHRINGRichard J.12/Dec/193317/Jun/2006 "SP3 US Army ~ Korea" "Beloved Father and Grandfather"
Section 30
Site 40
FERRANTETony A. Jr14/Sep/197222/Apr/2003 "Sgt US Army ~ Persian Gulf" "Beloved Son Husband & Father"
Section 3
Site 425
FIERROJuanita Yolanda19/Mar/2008
Lawton OK
Lawton OK
""Our Beloved Daughter"" D/O Ronald Fierro & Yolanda Dickson, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 1821
FILEDelmar Kenneth "Del"02/Feb/1935
Montgomery CO IL
Lawton OK
 Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam H/O Ollie File, S/O Roy V. & Sarah [Compton] File  See obit & photo
Section 30
Site 199
FILESLemueal D.29/May/193926/Nov/2004 "SN US Navy"
Section 30
FINCHJerry Norman05/Aug/1939
Clay Center KS
Lawton OK
 US Army ~ Numerous Medals H/O Un Cha Finch, M 24 Jan 1968 Seoul Korea, F/O John Finch, S/O Charles Wilburn Finch & Virginia Estelle Hook, Whinery~Huddleston Funeral Service See obit
FISHArthur J.29/Nov/193624/Oct/2005 "Sgt US Marine Corps ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather" See photo
Section 30
Site 5
FISHERJohn J.18/Aug/192215/Jan/2005 "Tec 5 US Army ~ Workd War II ~ Korea" "At Peace With God"
Section 30
Site 89
FISHERSamuel E.31/Mar/1929
Huntingdon PA
Lawton OK
 "Cpl US Army ~ World War II" "Gone but not forgotten" See photo
Section 30
Site 45
FITTERYCharles R.14/Aug/1934
Huntingdon PA
Lawton OK
 US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam ~ Numerous Medals H/O Ethel Elisabeth [Cook] Fittery ~ D May 1962, M Huntingdon PA, S/O Russell R. & Lena Marie [Porter] Fittery, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 29
Site 3
FITTSAlbert, Jr.01/Jul/195008/Sep/2006 "SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam" "Never to be forgotten"
Section 30
Site 678
FITZGERALDFortina20/Feb/194023/Nov/2004"Wife of MSG Larry E. Fitzgerald USA" "Loving Wife & Mother" See photo
Columbarium Wall
Row , Site
FITZGERALDSteve Eldon16/Jul/1942
07/jun/2010"PC3 USN" "Loving Husband & Father" H/O Beverly Fitzgerald, S/O Cecil & Edith Fitzgerald See obit & photo
FIEWELLENFred W.12/Jul/193502/Jul/2006 "A3C US Air Force"
Section 3
Site 817
FLORESJuan Cruz Sr21/Apr/1953
Brownsville TX
El Reno OK
 "SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam" H/O Unknown Flores, S/O José & Narcisa [Banda] Flores, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 1912
Los Angeles CA
Lawton OK
 SP5 US Army ~ Vietnam H/O Carol Jean [Tarpedo] Flores, M 20/Dec/1968 Wichita Falls TX, S/O Francisco & Maria Flores See obit
Section 3
Site 225
FLORESWilfred, Jr Spec10/Apr/1986
Lawton OK
Baghdad Iraq
 Cpl US Army ~ Iraq ~ KIA See obit
Section 3
Site 440
FLOWERSJames Grady30/Jan/1936
LaGrange GA
Lawton OK
 Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam ~ "Loving Husband and Father" "Always in our hearts"
POW ~ VFW ~ DAV  H/O Tsuneko [Kudaka] Flowers, M 7 Apr 1964 Okinawa, F/O Elaine Coeland, Denise Long, Dale & Jerry Flowers, S/O Silver, Jr. & Lady [Russell] Flowers See obit & photo
Section 30
Site 732
FLOWERSMayfield08/Sep/192513/Jan/2002 "PO1 US Navy ~ World War II" "Forever in our hearts" See photo
Section 30
Site 381
FONSECAAnthony L.09/Mar/198022/Feb/2004"Son of Sfc Roberto Fonseca USA" "Wisdon 4 13 15"Adult dependent son See photo
Section 30
Site 41
FORDAlbert A.11/Sep/192224/Apr/2006  "Pfc US Army ~ World War II" "Beloved Father" H/O Margaret Millie [Balcon] Ford, M 13 Sep 1943 England, F/O Barbara Tedder, Laura Perez & Terri Nogueras See photo
Section 3
Site 477
FORDCharlie Freddie12/Sep/1941
Quinton OK
burial 29 Feb
 "US Army" "Always in our hearts" H/O Brenda Ford, S/O Fred & Hester [Crosslin] Ford, Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home See obit & photo
Section 30
FORDFrank W.17/Jul/192526/Sep/2005 "Cpl US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea" "Beloved Husband and he proudly served" See photo
Section 30
Site 41
FORDMargaret Millie [Balcon]11 Dec 1920
Greater London England
01 Aug 2007
Lawton OK
"Beloved Mother" W/O Albert A. Ford, M/O Barbara Tedder, Laura Perez & Terri Nogueras, D/O Isaac & Bella [Levy] Balcon, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home See obit & photo
Section 30
Site 641
FORDWillie C.09/Mar/192929/Aug/2002 "SP6 US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Section 30
Site 286
FORTUNERomeo A.03/Jul/192128/Oct/2004 "MSgt US Air Force ~ World War II ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "He proudly served" H/O Cordelia E. Fortune See photo
Section 30
Site 385
FOSTERAnnie J.1/ Feb/194708/Jul/2005W/O Luster B. Foster
Section 30
FOSTERLuster B.05/Nov/194123/Jan/2004 "Msg US Army ~ Vietnam" H/O Annie J. Foster
Columbarium Wall 2
Row C, Site 2
FOUGHTYDanny S.27/Apr/194702/Apr/2003 "PO3 US Navy ~ Vietnam" "Beloved Brother" See photo
Section 30A
Site 56
FOWLERCharles Richard "Dick", Sr.04/Jun/192104/Nov/2004
 "1Lt US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea" "Silver Star ~ PH ~ He Proudly Served" Sevier Funeral Home See obit
Section 33
Site 490
FOWLERGeorge Dean28/Aug/1932
Nevada MO
Marlow OK
 "US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" H/O Rosemary Fowler, S/O George & Beulah FowlerWhinery-Huddleston Funeral Service ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 30A
Site 99
FOWLERHildegard E.27/May/193715/Jul/2005"Loving Wife & Mother" W/O Bobby J. Fowler Msg US Army See photo
Section 3
Site 141
FOWLERLore L. [Raab]10/Jul/1942
Nuremberg Germany
Lawton OK
"Wife of Csm Pat J. Fowler" "Rest in Peace" M 28 Dec 1961 Nuemberg Germany, M/O Rickey Lee & Mark Anthony Fowler, Patricia Lorraine Saylor, D/O Andreas & Josefine [Rohlederer] Raab, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 337
FOWLERRobert Carl06/Jul/1931
Santa Barbara CA
Rush Springs OK
 "US Coast Guard ~ Korea" "Always in our hearts" H/O [1] Helen [McAuliff] Fowler [2] Christine Hawkesworth Fowler, S/O Lotnee & Clara [Montgomery] Fowler, Callaway~Smith~Cobb Chapel ~ Rush Springs OK See obit & photo
Section 30A
Site 56
FOWLERVirginia L. [Mickle] 07/Jan/1931
Topeka KS
28/Dec/2001W/O Charles Richard Fowler, D/O Ernest Joel & Mildred Elizabeth [Hergert] Mickle, Mercer~Adams Funeral Home ~ Bethany OK See obit
Columbarium Wall 2
Row C, Site 33
FRALEYGeorgia Lee "Georgie" [Simmons]14/May/1923
Electra TX
Wichita Falls TX
"Forever in our hearts" SS/W & W/O William Orville "Bill O." Fraley, D/O George Washington & Eva Mae Lee [Tankersley] Simmons See obit
Columbarium Wall 2
Row C, Site 33
FRALEYWilliam Orville "Bill O."10/Feb/191804/Sep/2006 "TSgt US Air Force ~ World War II ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "Forever in our hearts" SS/W & H/O Georgia Lee "Georgie" [Simmons] Fraley
Section 2
Site 135
FRANCEDiane Dolores [Venne]07/Jan/1953
Niagra Falls NY
Cache OK
"Wife of CW4 Robert A. Francwe USA" "Loving Wife and Mom" D/O Lawrence & Grace [Boyer] Venne, Whinery~Huddleston Funeral Service ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 1982
Amori Japan
Wichita Falls TX
"Wife of France, Samuel Willis SSg US Army" Alzheimer's, Owens & Brumley Funeral Home ~ Burkburnett TX See obit & photo
Section 30
Site 453
FRANCOISMarshall J. III21/Feb/194708/Oct/2003 "Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam" "He proudly served" See photo
Section 3
Site 83
FRANKLINBessie [Braxton]27/Jun/1911
Wynnewood OK
Lawton OK
"Wife of Ssg Theodore B. Franklin" "In loving memory" M 1962 Wichita Falls TX, M/O Renee Smith, D/O Thomas & Rachel Braxton, Jefferson Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit & photo
Section 3
Site 501
FRANKLINCarl Thomas Sgt25/Apr/1928
Wilder TN
Lawton OK
 Ret. Master Sgt US Army ~ Vietnam ~ Numberous Medals H/O Trudy [Mock] Franklin, M 5 Feb 1954 Germany, F/O Birgit Shepherd & Barbara Ward, S/O Melvin Thomas & Arizona [Rains] Franklin, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK See obit
Section 30A
Site 112
FREEMANEdith Mae [Adams]23 Dec 1933
Garden City KS
23 Nov 2005
Duncan OK
"Beloved Wife and Matriarch" "We Love You" W/O Jimmie Freeman, M 23 Jan 1953, M/O Ilene MacDonald, Lisa Anderson, Yancy & Kelly Freeman, D/O Tom Kloster & Ruth Elizabeth [Lynn] Adams, Don Grantham Funeral Home See obit & photo
Section 30
Site 207
FREEMANJerry Wayne26/Aug/1951
OK City OK
OK City OK
 US Army ~ Vietnam H/O Millie [Hunter], M 30 Nov 1970 Okmulgee OK, S/O J. D. & Rosemary Freeman Walker Funeral Service See obit
Section 309
Site 540
FREEMANOtis Leon22/Jun/193130/Dec/2002 "A1C US Air Force ~ Korea" "Together Forever" S/O John Odell & Eva Lenore [Baker] Freeman
Section 30
Site 16
FRENCHFrank Vernon30/Oct/191902/Mar/2005 "Pvt US Army ~ World War II" "At peace with God" S/O Ralph Wick & Bertha Victoria [Mulnix] French See photo
Section 30
Site 69
FRENCHKevin D.11/Feb/196923/Apr/2005 "Sgt US Air Force ~ Persia Gulf" "Beloved Husband" See photo
Section 30
Site 130
FRIDAYRay J.06/Mar/193014/Jun/2005 "PO3 US Navy ~ Korea"
Section 30
Site 143
FUGETTWilliam M., Jr.26/Jul/194613/Jul/2006 "Pfc US Army ~ Vietnam" "Gone but not forgotten" See photo
Section 30
Site 549
FULLERLawrence A.14/Aug/1941
07/Dec/2002 "Cpt US Army ~ Vietnam" S/O Unknown & Mary Elizabeth [Cross] Fuller See photo
Section 3
Site 125
FULTONBobby G.16/Jun/192714/Dec/2006 "S1 US Navy ~ World War II" "It Is Well With My Soul"

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