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Fletcher Cemetery
Comanche County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
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Clifton ~ Constant, L Surnames

CLIFTONCatherine M. [Vogel]02/Feb/1926
Fletcher OK
Edmond OK
SS/W & W/O Jack Clifton, M --/Jun/1960 Fletcher OK, D/O Harry Theodore & Syrena Catherine [Hildebrand] Vogel, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CLINEDelbert Eugene24/Dec/198917/Mar/1965"Father" H/O Olive Lee [Bowman] Cline, F/O Delbert Lee Cline
CLINEDelbert Lee12/Jul/1926
Fletcher OK
OK City OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" "[Married] Apr 21, 1962" SS/W & H/O Joyce Marie [Schneberger] Cline, S/O Delbert Eugene & Olive Lee [Bowman] Cline
CLINEHenry12/Dec/190513/Jul/1996SS/W Marie Cline
Lawton OK
 H/O Joyce Florene [Davenport] Baxter Cline, S/O Delbert Eugene & Olive Lee [Bowman] Cline, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CLINEJoyce Florene [Davenport] Baxter10/Jul/192512/Dec/1988"Wife of Jack Cline" M 24/Feb/1968 Marlow OK
CLINEJoyce Marie [Schneberger] 29/JSep/1931
Apache OK
Tulsa OK
"[Married] Apr 21, 1962" SS/W & W/O Delbert Lee Cline, D/O Simon "Sam" & Bertha Barbara [Huber] Schneberger, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CLINEMarie13/May/190301/Aug/1982SS/W Henry Cline
CLINEOlive Lee [Bowman]23/Jul/190214/Jan/1996"Mother" W/O Delbert Eugene Cline, M/O Delbert Lee Cline
COBBArnold Dale23/Jul/193118/Oct/1931 
COBBBernice03/Jan/191109/Sep/1994"God is our refuge and strength" SS/W & W/O Buster C. "Buss" Cobb
COBBBuster C. "Buss"04/May/190904/Feb/1980"God is our refuge and strength" SS/W & H/O Bernice Cobb, S/O John Fannin & Jane Evalyn "Janie" [Everett] Cobb
COBBClyde09/Jul/191105/Nov/1914"Farewell our little Clyde that we all loved so well"
COBBCora L.24/Jul/187403/Mar/1918"Mother" W/O William Moses Cobb, M/O Lester & Nellie Cobb
COBBJane Evalyn "Janie" [Everett]18821954"Come unto Me all you who labor . . ." SS/W & W/O John Fannin Cobb, M 12907 Comanche CO OK
COBBJohn Fannin22/Mar/1881
Saint Jo TX
Fletcher OK
"Come unto Me all you who labor . . ." SS/W & H/O Jane Evalyn "Janie" [Everett] Cobb, heart condition, Wisener Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
COBBJohnie H.12/Mar/190301/Aug/1909"Son"
COBBNora Belle18/Feb/1885
Midwest City OK
W/O Thomas L. Cobb, Cyril Funeral Home ~ Cyril OK
COBBPhillip D.07/Apr/190004/Oct/1957 
COBBThomas L.187306/Jan/1946
Apache OK
H/O Nora Belle Cobb
COBBWilliam Moses19/Nov/186923/Aug/1952"Father" H/O Cora L. Cobb, F/O Lester & Nellie Cobb
COCHRANPaul Alvin "Buddy"04/Feb/192604/Oct/2002 "SN US Navy" "[Married] July 12, 1948" SS/W & H/O Mary Beth Cochran
COGGINEugenia24/Dec/186521/Jun/1917"Wife of J. M. Coggins" "At Rest" W/O John M. Coggins
COGGINJohn M.01/Aug/186018/Dec/1939H/O Eugenia Coggins
COGGINPauline29/Dec/191929/Dec/1919"Our Darling Baby"
COGGINThomas T. 11/Jan/1935 "Oklahoma Pvt US Army"
COLCLASUREGeorge Hampton12/Mar/1917
Devol OK
Blanchard OK
"[Married] Dec 18, 1938" SS/W & H/O Gladys L. [Whitlock] Colclasure, S/O George W. & Arra [Hampton] Colclasure, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
COLCLASUREGladys L. [Whitlock]22/Jan/191522/Jan/2013
"[Married] Dec 18, 1938" SS/W & W/O George Hampton Colclasure, D/O Andrew Frank & Tennessee Belle "Tennie" [Edwards] Whitlock, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
COLEEmerson O.06/Nov/186014/Apr/1912
COLEKailyn Michelle26/Aug/2002
OK City OK
OK City OK
"In God's Care" D/O Greg & Megan Cole, Hodge Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK See obit
COLETaylor Franklin28/Sep/1909
Fletcher OK
SS/W & H/O Verdis Glendale [Carothers] Cole, S/O Henry Holbert & Lillie Alice [Barker] Cole
COLEVerdis Glendale [Carothers]27 Jan 1912
02 Nov 1991
Comanche CO OK
 SS/W & W/O Taylor Franklin Cole, D/O William McCutcheon & Nancy Ellen [Mills] Carothers
COLE ASHLEYRebecca [Athison]12/Sep/186904/Nov/1925
OK City OK
 "Mother" W/O [1] Unknown Cole [2] Unknown Ashley, Marshall & Harper Funeral Home ~ OK City OK
COLEMANPauline Etter Burnett10/---/21/Jul/1995"Our Beloved Mother" 
COLLIERFlora A. [Sweargin]26/Feb/188517/Jun/1959W/O James Albert Collier, M 04/Jul/1906
COLLIERFrancis M.12/Feb/190811/Apr1909"Son of F. M. & C. W. Collier"
COLLIERGeorge Washington30/Sep/185421/Apr/1926""Father""
COLLIERJames Albert Jr03/May/191109/May/1988 "US Army Air Corps ~ World War II" &H/O Lizzie Mae [Melton] Collier
COLLIERJames Albert Sr 05/Mar/1877
Columbus Hill TN
OK City OK
 H/O Flora A. [Swearingen] Collier, F/O James Albert Collier Jr, Dalton Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
COLLIERJimmie Lee21/May/191021/Oct/1997FHM
COLLIERLewis Ray18/Jun/1948
Rush Springs OK
Lawton OK
S/O James Albert Jr & Lizzy Mae [Melton] Collier, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
COLLIERLizzie Mae [Melton]07/Jun/1920
Madill OK
Lawton OK
burial 12 Apr
"Mom" W/O James Albert Collier Jr, Hodge Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK See obit
COLLIERLucille*20/Jan/190624/Aug/1907"Daughter of J. A. & F. A. Collier" D/O James Albert Sr & Flora A. [Swearingen] Collier, *"Lucile" on marker
COLLIERNona Susan16/Feb/185831/Oct/1925"Mother"
COLLIERRobert Allen19/Sep/191325/Jul/1925
 "US Army Air Corps ~ World War II" H/O Viva V. [Culbertson] Collier, S/O James Albert Sr & Flora A. [Swearingen] Collier
COLLIERVirginia19/Sep/190820/Apr/2005D/O James Albert Sr & Flora A. [Swearingen] Collier
COLLIERViva V. [Culbertson]12/Oct/1918
Amber OK
Lawton OK
 W/O Robert Allen Collier, M 16/Jun/1938 Chickasha OK, D/O Ray M. & Frances Evelyn [Caldwell] Culbertson, Robbins Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK, teacher
COLLINSJames Dillard31/Oct/192111/Oct/1997 "US Navy ~ World War II" "Father" "Married Apr 15, 1946 SS/W & H/O Oma Lou Collins
COLLINSKeith Douglas 13/Oct/192518/Dec/2003"In Loving Memory" SS/W & H/O Margaret Aleene Collins
COLLINSMargaret Aleene25/Aug/193215/Nov/2009"In Loving Memory" SS/W & W/O Keith Douglas Collins
COLLINSOma Lou03/Jun/192803/Feb/1992"Married Apr 15, 1946 SS/W & W/O James Dillard Collins
COLLINSRobert Ross26/Dec/1956
Chelan WA
Lawton OK
"Beloved Son" H/O Susan [Delp] Collins, M 28/Jun/1975, S/O James & Unknown Collins, traffic accident, Robbins Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
COLMERAlmer03/Jul/189622/Dec/1956 "Oklahoma Pvt 1340 Machine Gun BN ~ World War I" SS/W & H/O Willie Colmer
COLMERWillie19031994SS/W & W/O Almer Colmer
CONDREAYCarol Ann [Larsen]14/Nov/1934
Oakland CA
Lafayette LA
"[Married] Aug 28, 1954" W/O James Edward Condreay, D/O John Ole & Camille Mae [Candiota] Larsen, other side of double marker is blank
CONDREAYDennis Phillip16/Aug/1908
Farmersville CA
"[Married] July 8, 1933" "Beloved Parents of James E. SS/W & H/O Josephine Hawthorne [Neel] Condreay, S/O Edward Phillip & Ida Suffronia Eudora [Shepard] Condreay
CONDREAYJosephine Hawthorne [Neel]26/Aug/190920/Apr/1995"[Married] July 8, 1933" "Beloved Parents of James E. SS/W & W/O Dennis Phillip Condreay, D/O James Hawthorne & Mary Jane [Adams] Neel
CONLANHenry F.15/Apr/191611/Jan/1990"Doc and Jerrie" SS/W & H/O Geraldine [Marler] Conlan
CONNERJames W.16/Jan/185927/Apr/1946"At Rest" HO Myrtle B. "Martie" Conner
CONNERMyrtle B. "Martie"19/Feb/186428/Jan/1956"At Rest" W/O James W. Conner
CONRADEdith Arnetta [Jeffery] 30/Oct/1899
Mount Olive AR
Fletcher OK
"Married Oct 21, 1917" SS/W & W/O William Thomas Conrad, M Mount Oliver AR, D/O Thomas Mason & Susan Ada [Wiles] Jeffery, Robbins Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CONRADFlorence [Ezzell]18/Ja/1924
Wilson OK
Lawton OK
W/O Thomas Howard Conrad, D/O Abram K. & Willie [Mauldin] Ezzell
See obit
CONRADJohn Clayton "Dick"07/Jul/1879
Calico Rock AR
Elgin OK
H/O Unknown Conrad, S/O William Thomas & Martha Alexanderine [Claiborne] Conrad, Dalton Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CONRADThomas Howard12/Aug/1918
Izard CO AR
Tulsa OK
 "US Army ~ World War II" H/O Florence [Ezzell] Conrad, S/O William Thomas & Edith Arnetta [Jeffery] Conrad
CONRADWilliam Thomas "Tom"14/Feb/1892
Creswell AR
Fletcher OK
"Married Oct 21, 1917" SS/W & H/O Edith Arnetta [Jeffery] Conrad, S/O WEilliam Thomas & Martha Alexanderine [Claiborne] Conrad, Dalton Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
CONSTANTBarbara June [Ikard]14/Jul/1926
Cyril OK
Lawton OK
"[Married] July 19, 1944"
SS/W & W/O Charles Kenneth Constant, D/O Martin Luther & Myrtle Grace [Witten] Ikard
CONSTANTCharles Kenneth08/Mar/1924
Fletcher OK
Apache Caddo CO OK
 "US Navy ~ World War II" "[Married] July 19, 1944"
SS/W & H/O Barbara June [Ikard] Constant, S/O Lloyd Richard & Ruby Lee [Whitlock] Constant
CONSTANTEmma Lou [Peace]12/Oct/1900
Gregg CO TX
Los Lunas NM
"In loving memory"
SS/W & W/O Russell Pollock Constant, M 23/Dec/1917 Elgin OK, M/O Norma Louise & Betty Jane Constant
ConstantJames Louis12/Feb/1880
Winfield KS
Fletcher OK
SS/W & H/O Myrtle Anna [Starbuck] Constant, F/O Lloyd Richard Constant, S/O William Riley & Melissa Ann [Bolton] Constant
CONSTANTLloyd Richard19/Jun/1901
Winfield KS
Lawton OK
Same plot W/ & H/O Ruby Lee [Whitlock] Constant, M 28 Feb 1923 Fletcher OK, F/O Charles Kenneth Constant, S/O James Louis & Myrtle Anna [Starbuck] Constant

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