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Celestial Gardens Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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Rackley ~ Rush Surnames

Row 11RACKLEYAlice Marie [Morrison]10/Jan/192523/Sep/1981W/O Edgar Peyton Rackley
Unmarked grave

Row 11
RACKLEYEdgar Peyton18/Aug/191427/Jan/1980 "Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
H/O Alice Marie [Morrison] Rackley, S/O Edgar Arthur & Nellie Sarah [McDaniel] Rackley
Unmarked grave
Row 17RALEYCathlean "Cathy" [Fike]16 May 194326 Feb 1999SS/W & W/O Gene Allen Raley
Row 17RALEYGene Allen07 Nov 1940
Cement OK
Chickasha OK
SS/W & H/O Cathlean "Cathy" [Fike] Raley, S/O Arnold Wade & Beulah [McGinnis] Raley, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
See obit
 RAMIREZBeatrice02/Jun/191919/Dec/2002"In Memory of"
 RAMOSAlexander Ray "Alex"23/Jun/1954
OK City OK
Conroe TX
S/O Cecelia R. "Mickie" Peck
Unmarked grave
See obit
 RANEYAlice Benton [Whorton]21/Sep/1929
Atkins AR
Lawton OK
W/O [1] J. D. Blackburn [2] Preston Raney, D/O Grover & Ola [Wright] Whorton, Fletcher Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
 REAMJason Alan16/Jun/1965
Warren OK
Lawton OK
H/O Unknown Ream, S/O Ralph Allen & Karen Lee [Cole] Ream, Fletcher & Elgin FHM ~ Fletcher OK
See obit
 REAMKaren Lee [Cole]11/Aug/1942
Warren OK
Cyril OK
"Together Forever"
SS/W & W/O Ralph Allen Ream, D/O Willis & Leona [Byer] Cole, Fletcher & Elgin Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
See obit
 REAMRalph Allen Sr18/Jul/1935
Fawn Grove PA
Carlisle PA
burial 09 Feb
 US Army ~ Korea
H/O Karen Lee [Cole] Ream, M 12/Jul/1961, S/O James Allen & Evelyn Mae [Wright] Ream
See obit
 REDDENFlorence "Flo" [Livingston] 02/Aug/1945
Long Island NY
Duncan OK
"[Married] Oct 23, 1965" "Flo"
SS/W & W/O Otis "Jay" ReddenD/O Frank Earle & Henrietta Livingston, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
See obit & photo
Row 5REDDENJ. B.01/Feb/1915 14/May/1993 Sfc US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea
See photo
 REDDENOtis "Jay"08/Sep/194320/Jul/2002 "A2C US Air Force" "[Married] Oct 23, 1965" "Jay"
SS/W & H/O Florence "Flo" [Livingston] Redden
See photo
Row 2REDDENTheo28/Jul/1924  "Beloved Daughter, Wife~Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother"
See photo
Row 11REDMONJohn Shirley20/Feb/1901
Boonville MO
Cyril OK
H/O Margaret Ida [Goldsmith] Redmon, S/O William Thorn & Sallie Elizabeth [Hufford] Redmon
Unmarked grave
Row 11REDMONMargaret [Goldsmith]15/Sep/1907
Cement OK
Bartlesville OK
W/O John Shirley Redmon, D/O Henry Lynza & Lena Marcedes [Latimer] Goldsmith
Unmarked grave
 REDMONMargaret Ida21/Jul/191701/Feb/2003
burial 04 Feb
See obit
 REEDJohn Byron19/Feb/1959
Cyril OK
OK City OK

H/O [1] Sherrel Lynn [Taylor] Reed, M 22/Nov/1978 [2] Carol [Tryon] Reed, M 18/Apr/2009, S/O L. D. & Betty [Cook] Reed
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 7REEDL. D.06 Jan 192426 Jan 1994H/O Betty [Cook] Reed, F/O John Byron Reed
 REEDSherrell Lynn [Taylor]07/Jan/1954
Caney KS
18/Apr/20081st W/O John Byron Reed, D/O James & Clytee Taylor, McRay's Cyril Funeral Home ~ Cyril OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 18REMYDorothy29/Nov/191926/Jul/1973 
Row 16RENNERWalter Earnest "Son"21/Jul/190711/Jan/2004
 "S1 US Coast Guard ~ World War II" "[Married] Mar 27, 1940" "Son
SS/W & H/O Wilma Grace [Abrams] Renner, S/O Walter L. & Mable A. Renner
See obit
Row 16RENNERWilma Grace [Abrams]05/Jul/1921
Cyril OK
"[Married] Mar 27, 1940"
SS/W & W/O Walter Earnest "Son" Renner, M/O Steve & Jan Renner
 REYNOLDSAndrew Jack14/Aug/1920 Wanette OK02/Sep/2005 OK City OK
 "S1 US Navy ~ World War II"
H/O Doris [Benton] Reynolds, M 02/Sep/1941 Lawton OK, S/O George Dee & Melvina Diane [Hopkins] Reynolds
See obit & photo
Row 1REYNOLDSBradley Dale "Brad"19 Jul 196918 Sep 1998"Brad"
 REYNOLDSDoris Yates [Benton]28/Sep/1924
Cyril OK
OK City OK
W/O Andrew Jack Reynolds, M 01/Sep/1941 Lawton OK, D/O Virgil H. "Mike" & Myrtle I. [Williams] Benton
See obit & photo
  REYNOLDSJackie L.29 Mar 1942
Fletcher OK
OK City OK
"[Married] Jan 25, 1969" SS/W & H/O Josephine [Keeler] Reynolds, M 25 Jan 1959 Anadarko OK, S/O Andrew Jack & Doris [Benton] Reynolds
See obit & photo
 REYNOLDSJosephine [Keeler]21/Feb/1941 "Together Forever" "Married Apr 13, 1983"
SS/W & W/O Jackie L. Reynolds
See photo
Row 7REYNOLDSJoyce L.15/Oct/195903/Feb/1992"Together Forever" "Married Apr 13, 1983"
SS/W & W/O Martin F. Reynolds
See photo
Row 1REYNOLDSLeo D. "Rusty"12/Jun/191601/Jul/1990"Married Aug 5, 1967"
SS/W & H/O Vera Mae Reynolds
See photo
Row 7REYNOLDSMartin E. 11 Jun 1958 "Married Apr 13, 1983"
SS/W & H/O Joyce L. Reynolds
See photo
Row 1REYNOLDSVera Mae27/Dec/191206/Sep/2007"Married Aug 5, 1967"
SS/W & W/O Leo D. "Rusty" Reynolds
See photo
Row 13RHOADSClyde Robert30/Sep/192403/Sep/1970Unmarked grave
Row 13 RHOADSIrene L.22/Jun/189810/Apr/1978Unmarked grave
Row 13RHOADSJohn V.24/Sep/189408/Jun/1975 Pvt US Army ~ World War I
Row 4RHODESConnie [Lingle]09/Jul/195614/Jul/1992M/O Dustin Allen & Blake Andrew Rhodes
 RICHARDRobert Max Jr02/Jun/1965 Pasadena CA03/Dec/2003
"Go with God" "A true man of God . . ."
See obit & photo
Row 22RICHARDSBurl Veso29/Apr/193524/Oct/1998 "Cpl US Marine Corps" "Together Forever"
SS/W & H/O Mary A. Richards
 RICHARDSMary A.09/Mar/1936 "Together Forever"
SS/W & W/O Burl Veso Richards
Row 14RIVERSH. C. "Shorty"06/Sep/190116/Nov/1986SS/W & H/O Ida B. [McClaran] Rivers, M 18/Jun/1934 OK City OK
Row 14RIVERSIda B. [McClaran]22/Apr/191020/Sep/1976SS/W & W/O H. C. "Shorty" Rivers, D/O Everett & Myrtle Idell [Andrews] McClaran
 ROBBINSThomas Cyril Golden27/Mar/2011
OK City OK
OK City OK
S/O Ian Jacob & Tiffany Nicole[ Golde] Robbins, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 17ROBERTSC. E.08/Apr/192608/Apr/1992 "SM3 US Navy ~ World War II ~ Korea" "Wed Nov 7, 1952"
SS/W & H/O Ila Iona [Davis] Roberts, F/O Brad Dewitt & Steven Roberts
Row 5ROBERTSEldon Brady13/Nov/191402/Jul/1998"Married Dec 1, 1937" "Papa"
SS/W & H/O Isla Marie [Clift] Roberts, M 01/Dec/1937, F/O Alvin, Sharon, Carolyn & Lonnie Roberts, S/O Brady & Mary Etta Roberts
See photo
Row 20ROBERTSElvie14/Jul/190210/Dec/1986 
Row 20ROBERTSHarlan26/Sep/189214/May/1978 
Row 17ROBERTSIla Iona [Davis]26/Feb/1921
Cyril OK
Cyril OK
"Wed Nov 7, 1952"
SS/W & W/O C. E. "Jack" Roberts, M 07/Nov/1952, D/O Jeff & Lilly [Cyrus] Davis, Binyon-Funeral Home of Cyril OK
See obit
Row 5ROBERTSIsla Marie [Cliff]01/Jan/1918
Cyril OK
Chickasha OK
"Married Dec 1, 1937" "Mema" SS/W & W/O Eldon Brady Roberts, M/O Alvin, Sharon, Carolyn & Lonnie Roberts, D/O Everett Jackson & Rose Etheh Cliff
See obit & photo
Row 16ROBERTSWilliam A.29/Mar/192615/Oct/1982 ""Cpl US Marine Corps ~ World War II"
Other side of double marker is blank
Row 19ROBERTSONBruce18/Oct/188510/Jun/1970 
Row 19ROBERTSONLola05/Jun/189017/Aug/1969See photo
Row 16ROBINSONBuster11/Sep/191023/Dec/1988 
Row 19ROBINSONCecil15/Nov/190516/May/1971See photo
Row 8ROBINSONDonald Ray03/May/195027/Jun/1995See photo
 ROBINSONEdwin Marion "Butch"22/Jul/194113/Apr/2005H/O Unknown Robinson, S/O Oather Hobart & Opal Annie [Stepp] Robinson
Unmarked grave
 ROBINSONOather Hobart11/Sep/191023/Dec/1988"[Married] Dec 24, 1927"
SS/W & H/O Opal Annie [Stepp] Robinson, S/O Enoch Marion & Susan Belle [Trammell] Robinson
 ROBINSONOpal Annie [Stepp]21/Apr/191221/Feb/1995"[Married] Dec 24, 1927"
SS/W & W/O Oather Hobart Robinson, D/O William Paris & Mattie Ellen [Wilkinson] Stepp
 ROSEBetty Lou [Campbell]14/Aug/1929
Mulhall OK
Anadarko OK
 "[Married] Aug 20, 1948"
SS/W & W/O Chester Curtis Rose, M Guthrie OK, Cyri; Funeral Home ~ Cyril OK
See obit & photo
 ROSEChester Curtis20/Aug/1927
Wickes AR
Chickasha OK
   "US Army ~ World War II" "[Married] Aug 20, 1948"
SS/W & Betty Lou [Campbell] Rose, S/O James Steven & Ruby Ethel [Romaines] Rose, Cyril Fineral Home ~ Cyril OK
See obit & photo
Row 2ROSIERAda Marzella [Skipworth]05/Jul/1926
Lindsay OK
Lawton OK
"Married July 9, 1943"
SS/W & W/O Elmer A. Rosier
See obit & photo
Row 2ROSIERElmer A. "Ted"27/Dec/191225/Nov/2001"Married July 9, 1943"
SS/W & H/O Ada Marzella [Skipworth] Rosier
See photo
 ROSIERWilliam Denton "Bill"05/Feb/194624/Apr/2006
Chickasha OK
"In God's Care" "Rest in Peace" "Wanda was the love of his life"
S/O Elmer A. & Ada Marzella [Skipworth] Rosier, Ferguson Funeral Home ~ Chickasha OK
See obit & photo
 ROSSJanice Kay [Gilliam]194222/Mar/2005
OK City OK
"Wife & best friend" "Sure do miss you"
W/O Unknown Ross, D/O Raymond C. & Dimple Irene [Bennett] Gilliam, Smith-Parks Funeral Service ~ Harrah OK
Row 14RUSHO. Charlene30 Oct 1931 In God's Care""
 RUZICKABarbara Lee10/Mar/194707/Mar/2010"[Married] July 30, 1966" "Psalms 23"
SS/W & W/O Larry Allen Ruzlicka
See photo
 RUZICKALarry Allen26/Nov/1946 "[Married] July 30, 1966" "Psalms 23"
SS/W & H/O Barbara Lee Rulicka
See photo

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