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Albert Oney/Union Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e-mail to Sandi Carter.

C Surnames

Row 4CALLAHANGary D.19/Jan/196317/Jun/1976"In Memory"
Row 4CALLAHANHarry Lee28/Dec/192822/Apr/1996 "Pvt US Army ~ World War II" "[Married] June 16, 1948" SS/W & W/O Harry Lee Callahan
Row 11CALLAHANLarry Dean18/Jul/195622/Jul/1956"Our Baby"
Row 4CALLAHANMina Modell [Chapman]13/Sep/192931/Aug/2003"[Married] June 16, 1948" SS/W & W/O Harry Lee Callahan
Row 7CARLISLEAugusta Elizabeth "Gussie" [Hoelscher]19/Jan/1879
Warrenton MO
Carnegie OK
W/O Edro Bradley "Ned" Carlisle, M 10/Oct/1906 Anadarko OK, D/O Herman & Anna Wilhemina Catharine [Thesfeld] Hoelscher See obit
Row 7CARLISLEEdro Bradley "Ned"04/Jul/1871
Gambier OH
Caddo CO OK
H/O Augusta Elizabeth "Gussie" [Hoelscher] Carlisle, S/O Dr. Zachariah & Jennie [Colwill] Carlisle
Row 11CARLISLEHarrison T. "H.T."28/Dec/191220/Jul/1979"In God's Care" SS/W & H/O Ora Ada [Mulder] Carlisle
Row 13CARLISLEHoward M.17/Feb/1892 06/May/1911"Son of R. C. & Leticia Carlisle"
Row 11CARLISLELutitia [Bowen]27/Oct/1872
Cowley CO KS
Cogar OK
SS/W & W/O Rinaldo Cosmo "Nal" Carlisle
Row 11CARLISLEOra Ada [Mulder]29/Oct/191503/Jun/2003"In God's Care" SS/W & W/O Harrison T Carlisle (1912 - 1979)
Row 11CARLISLERinaldo Cosmo "Nal"23/Jun/1869
Cowley CO KS
Mustang OK
 SS/W & H/O Lutitia [Bowen] Carlisle, S/O Dr. Zachariah & Jennie [Colwill] Carlisle
Row 14CASHGeorge Marion17/Mar/187530/Jul/1961"Father" H/O Julia K. [Henderson] Cash, S/O Francis Marion "Doc" & Cinthia [Turney[ Cash
Row 2CASHGlenda L. 15/Mar/193711/Aug/2010"Married Feb 19, 1950" "Two hearts as one" SS/W & W/O Waylon Marland Cash, M/O Waylon Marland Cash
Row 5CASHHoward Eugene19091978S/O Robert Leander & Laurette [Henderson] Cash
Row 14CASHInfant14/Oct/192414/Oct/1924"Son of Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cash" "Gone so soon"
Row 14 CASH James Oscar 18 Dec 1897 1 Feb 1975   
Row 14CASHJulia K. [Henderson]16/ May/187702/Mar/1944"Mother" "I am at rest until The Lord comes" W/O George Marion Cash
Row 6CASHL. Ruth03/Nov/191625/Nov/1992"Married Sept 9, 1961" SS/W & W/O William Gerald Cash
Row 5CASHLaurette "Ret" [Henderson]1876
Searcy CO AR
Lawton OK
W/O Robert Leander Cash
Row 5CASHRichard23/Dec/190523/Feb/1983S/O Robert Leander & Laurette "Ret" [Henderson] Cash
Row 5CASHRobert Leander23/Jul/1871
Searcy CO AR
Caddo CO OK
H/O Laurette "Ret" [Henderson] Cash, S/O Francis Marion "Doc" & Cinthia [Turney[ Cash
Row 2CASHUndine Dovey [Grissitt] 20 Jun 1903 15 Jun 1998 "Married Mar 1, 1920" "The Family of Bill and Undine Cash Gerald Betty Jo Garland Maryland Infant Son Cecil Bobby Ronnie Donnie" SS/W & W/O W. "Bill" Cash, M/O Gerald, Garland, Infant Son, Bobby, Betty Jo, Marland, Cecil, Ronnie & Donnie Cash
Row 2CASHW. "Bill"10/May/190020/Dec/1971Married Mar 1, 1920" "The Family of Bill and Undine Cash Gerald Betty Jo Garland Maryland Infant Son Cecil Bobby Ronnie Donnie SS/W & H/O Undine Dovey [Grissitt] Cash, S/O Francis Marion "Doc" & Cinthia [Turney[ Cash
Row 2CASHWaylon "Marland"24/Dec/193428/Aug/1990"Married Feb 19, 1950" "Two hearts as one" SS/W & H/O Glenda L. Cash, F/O Waylon Marland Cash
Row 6CASHWilliam "Gerald"08/Feb/192121/Feb/2000 "SSgt. ~ World War II" "Married Sept 9, 1961" SS/W & H/O L. Ruth Cash, M 9 Sep 1961
Row 11CHAPMANEdna10/Aug/190611/Apr/1924"Weep not Papa and Mama for me for I am wsiting in glory for thee"
Row 5CHAPMANElmer Lee09/Dec/190814/Feb/1980"Loving Father and Grandpa"
Row 11CHAPMANGeorgie29/Jan/188121/May/1967"Grandmother"
Row 5CHAPMANGoldie Lain23/Jan/191126/Sep/1970"Mother"
Row 5CHAPMANRoy11/Nov/189922/Jan/1977"Father"
Row 11CHAPMANRoy James12/Oct/187602/Jan/1957"Father"
Row 11CHAPMANVernie19131967"Brother" "Memories may fade but love never dies"
Row 20CHISMDean Quinton30/Jan/193014/Mar/1931 S/O John Huskinson & Emma Helen [Millwee] Chism
Row 16CHISMEdna M. [Morgan]15/Feb/189229/Jun/1973"Mother" W/O Edward Alsop Chism
Row 16CHISMEdward Alsop21/Jan/188918/Dec/1975"Daddy" H/O Edna M. [Morgan] Chism, S/O James Marshall & Almeda Victoria [McCready] Chism
Row 16CHISMEdward Alsop Jr25/Jul/191831/Jul/1918 
Row 16CHISMTrudy19041909"Dau of Frank Chism"
Row 20CHURCHGeorge W. 1837--/Aug/1909 CO G 10 MO Inf See photo
Row 20CLARYMartha U.15/Feb/184729/Jul/1906 
Row 21COLBAUGHDovia Carlos04/Feb/1886
Hindsville AR
06/Jun/1959 H/O Luda C. Colbaugh, S/O Zachariah Taylor & Hannah Elizabeth [Logan] Colbaugh
Row 21COLBAUGHHannah "Elizabeth" [Logan]04/Mar/1857
OK City OK
"Mother" 1st W/O Zachariah Taylor Colbaugh, M Abt 1876 AR, D/O John & Mary Ann [Stewart] Logan
Row 21COLBAUGHJames Asbery29/Aug/188122/Sep/1956"Brother" S/O Zachariah Taylor & Hannah "Elizabeth" [Logan] Colbaugh
Row 20COLBAUGHZachariah Taylor "Z. T."14/Jan/1849
Hindsville AR
Pottawatomie CO OK
"Father" H/O [1] Hannah "Elizabeth" [Logan] Colbaugh [2] Nancy Jane "Macy" [Cook] Brown Colbaugh, S/O John & Celia Elizabeth [Taylor] Colbaugh
Row __COLDIRONJulia 09/Oct/1932Harvey Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row 18COLENettie V. [Hodges]25/Feb/1878
Farmerville LA
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & W/O Rufus O. Cole, D/O David H. & Emily [Wilson] Hodges
Row 18COLERuffus O.06/Sep/187520/Aug/1943H/O Nettie V. [Hodges] Cole
Far N End of Row 2COMPTONBonnie [Henry]08/Feb/191504/Feb/2000SS/W & W/O Emory Wesley Compton, M/O Carolyn Stover, GM/O Wesley Allen Stover & David Barton Stover
Row 19COMPTONCebell [Bearden]02/Jan/189106/Oct/19181st W/O William Hicks "Doc" Compton
Row 19COMPTONDerotha23/May/189704/Aug/1986SS/W & 2nd W/O William Hicks "Doc" Compton
Row 12COMPTONDora16/Sep/188608/Aug/1939SS/W & W/O John R. Compton
Row 14COMPTONDora S.18741956SS/W & W/O James T. Compton
Far North End of Row 2COMPTONEmory Wesley05/Oct/191117/Jul/1991 
Row 12COMPTONJ. R.192507/May/1930S/O John R. & Dora Compton
Row 14COMPTONJames T. 18771954SS/W & H/O Dora S. Compton
Row 12COMPTONJohn R.18821944SS/W & H/O Dora Compton
Row 12COMPTONJosie17/Nov/188824/Feb/1917"Wife of John R. Compton"
Row 12COMPTONKate19141922 
Row __COMPTONRuby Lee [Cash]02/Jun/1907
Albert OK
Anadarko OK
D/O Robert Leander & Laurette [Hendertson] Cash, Steverson Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK, unmarked grave
Row 14COMPTONShirley S.18/Jul/190419/May/1972 
Row 19COMPTONWilliam Hicks "Doc"22/Jun/187923/Nov/1964H/O [1] Cebell [Bearden] Compton [2] SS/W Derotha Compton
Row __CONNEREliza Jane [Bare]06/Sep/184001/Jun/1916
Row 8CONNERJames M.03/Jan/184318/Mar/1924 "Confedewerate Army ~ Civil War" H/O Eliza Jane [Bare] Conner
Row 9CONNERJohn M. 22/Jun/187125/Aug/1964 S/O James M. & Eliza Jane [Bare] Conner
Row 9CONNERNora18741921"Wife of W. E. Conner"
Row 8CONNERUnknown06/Sep/184001/Jun/1916W/O E. J. Conner
Row __COPPENGERMargaret190406/Nov/1909Gish Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row__ CORNELIUSElmer Leroy30/May/1939
Meeker OK
Lookeba OK
"Dad & Grandpa" H/O Unknown Cornelius, S/O Lewis &Mabel [Kelly] Cornelius, Turner Funeral Home ~ Binger
Row 18COVSSASQ. V.10/Nov/188715/May/1906 
Row __COXR.M. Mrs185111/Mar/190655 Yrs, W/O R. M. Cox, Gish Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row __COXRosa190322/Jul/1906unmarked grave
Row 17CRALLArthur Leslie18/Aug/190823/Feb/1909"Son of Harry J. & Ettie Crall
Row 10CROOKSAgnes J. [Looby]25/Mar/188303/Aug/1965W/O Bert J. Crooks
Row 14CROOKSAnna Lusada [Stuart] 23/Mar/1873
Harrison CO IA
30 May 1948
 W/O Frank Morton Crooks, D/O Henry Yancy & Martha M. [Wright] Stuart
Row 10CROOKSBert J. "B. J."26/Jul/1868
Buster IN
H/O Agnes J. [Looby] Crooks, S/O William & Nancy Arville [Rose] Crooks, Gish Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row 14CROOKSEloise M. Irene13/Aug/190812/May/1910"Dau of Frank and Anna Crooks" D/O Frank Morton & Anna Lusada [Stuart] Crooks
Row 10CROOKSEsther L. [Heard]14/Jan/190902/Feb/1988 
Row 14CROOKSFrank Morton18631923H/O Anna Lusada [Stuart] Crooks, S/O William & Nancy Arville [Rose] Crooks
Row 10CROOKSJ. Clark 09/Apr/190720/Dec/1967 
Row 8CROSKEY~GILBERTNettie B.03/Sep/191325/Aug/1996"In Loving Memory"
Row 5CROWCharlie Otis18801938 
Row 5CROWZora18871975 
Row 18CROWELLChester31/Mar/192703/Nov/1931 
Row 5CROWELLJames Cleveland "J. Cleve"30/Apr/1888
Charlotte NC
Chickasha OK
"Married 24 Dec 1911" SS/W & H/O Luna Mable [Compton]
Row 5CROWELLLuna Mable [Compton]26/Dec/1889
Nashville AR
Hinton OK
"Married 24 Dec 1911" W/O James Cleveland "J. Cleve" Crowell
Row __CRUMMSandra G.05/Mar/1947 "Married Oct 16, 1971" "Parents of Vernon O. III "Tray"  SS/W & W/O Vernon Otis Crumm Jr
Row __CRUMMVernon Otis Jr14/Jul/193516/Jul/2005"Married Oct 16, 1971" "Parents of Vernon O. III "Tray" SS/W & H/O Sandra G. Crumm, S/O Vernon O. Sr & Unknown Crumm
Row __ CURWELLLilly Marie25/Jul/193025/Jul/1930Harvey Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row __ CURWELLWillie May25/Jul/193012/Aug/1930Harvey Funeral Home, unmarked grave

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