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Albert Oney/Union Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e-mail to Sandi Carter.

B Surnames

Row 1BAILEYLaura Louise19/Aug/195711/Jul/1994"We love you Momma"
Row __BAILEYGlenn Elvin26/Oct/1938 Married Dec 12, 1973" SS/W & H/O Reva [Tackett] Bailey
Row __BAILEYReva [Tackett]17/Oct/193717/Sep/2003"Married Dec 12, 1973" "We love you Momma" SS/W & W/O Glenn Elvin Bailey
Row __BAINUnknown [Salyer] 31/Jul/1919W/O Harvey Bain, D/O Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Salyer, unmarked grave
Row 21BAKEREdna Inez04/Jun/191108/Apr/1991"Married June 28, 1935" "Beloved Mother, Sister & Aunt" W/O Unknown Baker
Row 14BAKERVema E.12/May/191601Jan/1919D/O Palmert & Unknown Baker
Row 18BARBEEFranklin21/Jan/192823/Feb/1929"In Memory of our Baby" S/O Sam & Unknown Barbee, Anadarko Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row 18BARBEEMittie [Williams]05/Nov/1881
Montgomery CO TX
Anadarko OK
 SS/W & W/O Thomas Barbee, M 21/Oct/1900, D/O Silas & Zilla Frances [Crawford] Williams
Row 18BARBEESam03/Mar/1903 17/Jun/1988"Dad" S/O Thomas & Mittie [Williams] Barbee
Row 18BARBEESilas Charles 21/May/192509/Mar/1927"Baby" "Son of Jim & Mollie Barbee"
Row 18BARBEEThomas "TF"1867
Swan Lake OK
SS/W & H/O Mittie [Williams] Barbee
Row 5BARRINGERLida Alice [Jackson]19/Jan/1864Shelby CO IA06/Apr/1957
Caddo CO OK
"Mother" SS/W & M/O Fay Marie [Barringer] Sheppeard, W/O Jesse Martin Barringer
Row 8BARRYAudie Ellen [Berna]10/Mar/1900
Dallas TX
OK City OK
2nd W/O John Eldridge Barry, D/O William Henry & Mary Daisy [Brown] Berna
Row __BARRYEugene Eldrice "Gene"29/Jan/1941
Chickasha OK
OK City OK
H/O [1] Mildred May [Magill] Barry [2] Cynthia Ann [Smith] Barry, S/O John Eldridge & Audie Ellen [Berna] Barry
Row __BARRYJohn Eldridge21/Jun/1893
Alvord TX
H/O [1] Lilly Mae [Moore] Barry [2] Audie Ellen [Berna] Barry, S/O Eldridge Gary & Elender [Cornelius] Barry, buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery ~ Chico TX
Row __BARRYMildred May Millie" [Magill]04/May/1929
OK City OK
W/O Eugene Eldrice "Gene" Barry
Row 1BARTLETTPearline18/Mar/191822/Nov/2001"Married Nov 9, 1934" SS/W & W/O William C. Bartlett 
Row 1BARTLETTWilliam C.28/Jul/191201/Jan/1999"Married Nov 9, 1934" SS/W & H/O Pearline Bartlett
Row 2BARTONJimmie W.31 Jul 1946
Onaka SD
17 Nov 1965
 PFC 2nd Bn 7 Cav 1 Cav Div Vietnam ~ KIA Honored on Panel O3E, Line 068 of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Row 6BAWCUMOrville P.10/Aug/191124/Apr/1980 PVT U.S. Army ~ World War II
Row 15 East SectionBAXTERMary01/Aug/1880
Caddo CO OK
 W/O Unknown Baxter, D/O David Henry & Margaret Ellen [Foust] Jones
Row 6BEARDENArthur Aron05/Aug/190030/Jan/1974 "Pfc US Army ~ World War I" H/O Ora Irene [Elliott] Bearden
Row 6BEARDENOra Irene [Elliott]05/Oct/190429/Mar/1974W/O Arthur Aron Bearden, D/O John Henry & Mary Elizabeth [Wooton] Elliott
Row 19 BECKER Charles Wilber 1868 1914 SS/W & H/O Pearl LaVerne [Masemore] Becker
Row 19BECKEREarl18921911 
Row 19BECKERPearl LaVerne [Masemore]18781914 SS/W & W/O Charles Wilber Becker
Row 13BEDWELLDewitt18591926H/O Rachel [Starks] Bedwell, F/O Otis Bedwell, S/O Milton & Sarah [Brodie] Bedwell
Row 13BEDWELLOtis19/Jul/189205/Feb/1911S/O Dewitt & Rachel [Starks] Bedwell
Row 13BEDWELLPaul17/Nov/1897
Sullivan CO IN
10/Oct/1986 World War I
Row 13BEDWELLRachel [Starks]1868
W/O Dewitt Bedwell, M/O Otis Bedwell, D/O Perry & Matilda [Durham] Starks
Row 19BENNETTDee Ira11/Jan/191130/May/1981"Married Nov 6, 1937" SS/W & H/O Velma [Clinton] Bennett
Row 8BENNETTLizzie M. [Shultz]18981937 
Row 16BENNETTRedford15/Feb/1904 11/Jul/1918 
Row 19BENNETTVelma [Clinton]26/Oct/191807/Jun/2002"Married Nov 6, 1937" SS/W & W/O Dee Ira Bennett
Row 8BENNETTWilliam N.02/May/1894--/Dec/1965 Pvt US Army ~ World War I
Row 6BERNAGeorge Washington "G. W."30/Jan/1874
Mountainburg AR
Binger OK
"Father" "Rest in Peace" H/O [1] Arenda Texanna [Turnbow] Berna Ballew [2] SS/W Savillar [Reavis] Berna [3] Callie J. Berna Tillman
Row 8BERNAIda [Cathey]1876
Binger OK
Gish Funeral Home
Row __BERNAJames William01/Sep/1887
Crawford CO AR
Caddo CO OK
Harvey Funeral Home, unmarked grave
Row 6BERNALavern B. "L. B."191720/Jul/2010
Burleson TX
 US Navy ~ World War II
SS/W & H/O Regina G. [Crow] Berna See obit
Row 8BERNAMary Daisy [Brown]06/Jun/1876
Georgetown TX
Albert OK
SS/W & 2nd W/O William Henry Berna, D/O Jackson Alexander Brown & Sarah Jane [Tackett] Brown Wells
Row __BERNARebecca [Reeves]23/May/188515/Feb/1933Anadarko Funeral Home, Unmarked grave
Row 6BERNARegina G. [Crow]03/Oct/191824/Mar/2003SS/W & W/O Lavern B. Berna
Row 6BERNASavillar [Reavis]18951942"Mother" "Rest in Peace" SS/W & 2nd W/O George Washington Berna
Row 8BERNAWilliam Henry11/Oct/1866
Mountainburg AR
Albert OK
H/O [1] Mary Ann [Wilberg] Berna [2] SS/W Mary Daisy [Brown] Berna
Row 3BERRYAngie R. [McMurphy]1945 26/Feb/1999 
Row 2BIGGEREugene L.17/Feb/191822 Jan 1989"Married Sept 2, 1939" "Daddy" SS/W & H/O Mildred W. Bigger
Row 2BIGGERKenneth L. Sr19471993 
Row __BIGGERMarie [Crenshaw]18/Feb/1942
Beardstown IL
Carnegie OK
W/O Jerry LaMont Bigger, M 08/Jul/1960 Alderpoint CA, D/O Lawrence & Agnes [Hill] Crenshaw, Rasy & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Row 2BIGGERMildred W.13/Jul/192223/Jun/1995"Married Sept 2, 1939" "Mother" SS/W & W/O Eugene L. Bigger
Row 8BLUECarrie H. [Jones]18/Nov188802/May/1968 "Mother" SS/W & W/O Roy M. Blue, M/O Earl, Lela Mae, Irene, Richard, George, Elmer & Howard Blue
Row 8BLUELela May24/Dec/191113/Jul/1913"My Children Earl, Richard, George, Lela May, Elmer, Irene, Howard"
Row 8BLUERoy M.27/Jul/188724/Sep/1917"Father" SS/W & H/O Carrie H. [Jones] Blue, F/O Earl, Lela Mae, Irene, Richard, George, Elmer & Howard Blue
Row __BOWENSDaisy Mae [Landers]1903
Apache OK
W/O Frank William Bowens, D/O Henry Clay & Mary Lou [Ratliff] Landers, unmarked grave
Row 10BOWERMANInfant  "Son of Era & O. L. Bowerman"
Row 5BOXJohn R.28/Mar/187524/Apr/1951 CO. H 4 Ky. Inf. ~ Spanish American War
Row 10BRADLEYJohn A.05/Feb/185012/Apr/1924 
Row 7BRADSHAWInfant20/Jan/193620/Jan/1936S/O Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bradshaw
Row 7BRAKEBILLEffie [Lane]14/Dec/1893
Anadarko OK
W/O W. L. Billbrake, M --/Aug/1924 Anadarko OK
Row 5BRAYNathan Edward23/Jun/190523/Jun/1905Little Ones to Him Belong"
Row 11BRITTONBilly Carroll05/Aug/192420/Nov/1925"Baby" "Son of Mr & Mrs Com Britton"
Row 13;BRITTONCharlie Columbus22/Sep/186922/Sep/1940"Father"SS/W & H/O Mary Alice [Bennett] Britton, S/O John J. & Amanda Ann [Bays] Britton
Row 11BRITTONCommie18931959SS/W & H/O Faye [Ellis] Britton, S/O Charlie Columbus & Mary Alice [Bennett] Britton
Row 11 BRITTONCommie Jr24/Feb/192131/Oct/1992 CM 3 U.S. Navy ~ World War II
Row 11BRITTONFaye [Ellis]18961970SS/W & W/O Commie Britton, D/O Asa & Ethel Ellis
Row 11BRITTONJames Merrill10/May/191510/Jul/1983 
Row 13BRITTONLoyd11/Nov/191305/Jul/1937S/O Charlie Columbus & Mary Alice [Bennett] Britton
Row 13BRITTONMary Alice "Alice" [Bennett]187231/Oct/1940"Mother" SS/W & W/O Charlie Columbus Britton
Row 13BRITTONRay18/Dec/190922/Jan/1911"Son of C. C. & Alice Britton" S/O Charlie Columbus & Mary Alice [Bennett] Britton
Row 21BROWNLillie Fay19071981 
Row 19BROWNMary E.11/Mar/188130/Dec/1918W/O Luther Brown, Spanish Influenza
Row 19BROWNPauleen23/Apr/191127/Jun/1911 
Row 6BROWNThomas B.02/Jan/1882
Georgetown TX
Fort Supply OK
H/O Celia Green [Colbaugh] Brown Rodden, M 08/Nov/1904 Comanche CO TX, buried Denair Cemetery Denair CA, S/O Jackson Alexander "Jack" Brown & Sarah Jane [Tackett] Brown Wells
Row 19BRYANBuddie19161924 
Row 19BRYANElla S.02/Sep/185724/May/1909"Mother" SS/W & W.O James R. Bryan
Row 19BRYANInfant17/Jun/191617/Jun/1916"Infant Son of R.O. & Annie Bryan
Row 19BRYANJames R.30/Aug/184815/Mar/1910"Father" SS/W & H/O Ella S. Bryan
Row 19BRYANMary Alice08/Oct/189408/Dec/1906 
Row 8BRYSONBeulah W.13/May/190405/Nov/1991"Married June 5, 1922" SS/W & W/O William Newt Bryson, M Antlers OK, M/O Dale, Wallace, Andy, Bernice, Allece, Jessie & Grace Bryson See photo
Row 8BRYSONCader A.24/Oct/192830/Dec/1951 Okla. PFC 10 Airborne Ranger Inf CO 45 Div ~ Korea See photo
Row 8BRYSONDale19041931See photo
Row 14BRYSONFay S.08/Mar/190606/Jul/1917 
Row 14BRYSONLillie E. [Martin]29/Mar/1870
Benton CO AR
Albert OK
"Gone but not forgotten" SS/W & W/O M. D. Bryson, M 25/Aug/1889 Mansfield TX, D/O Z. T. & Unknown Martin See obit
Row 14BRYSONM. D.12/Aug/187016/Jan/1943"Gone but not forgotten" SS/W & H/O Lillie E. [Martin] Bryson 
Row 8BRYSONWilliam Newt "W. N."12/Jan/1898
NW Fort Cobb OK
"Married June 5, 1922" SS/W & H/O Beulah W. [McKee] Bryson, heart attack See obit & photo
Row 20BUCKHiram A. 02/Mar/1913 Pvt CO A Bracketts Minnesota Cavalry Union Army ~ Civil War See photo
Row __BYRDLavonda [Green]05/Oct/195326/Feb/2005"Together Forever" SS/W Lynn A. Byrd
Row __BYRDLynn A.14/Sep/1939 "Together Forever" SS/W Lavonda [Green] Byrd

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