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Mountain View Cemetery
Beaver County, Oklahoma

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Location: S28-T2N-R25

     This cemetery is around the Mountain View Baptist Church. It is one mile south of US 270. Turn south on the second road east of the Enron Gas Plant. The church is on the east side of the black top road. There is a gate in the west fence with a drive going east then south to another gate. This is a well-kept cemetery. The Mountain View Baptist Church was founded July 30, 1905. Mr. Lou Bair gave two acres of ground for a site for a church and cemetery. There are some unknown graves and perhaps unmarked graves, but 244 graves are listed. The earliest headstone is 1906.

BaggerlyLula MayAug 18 1902July 28 1993m. May 21 1974   
Bair (Bare)Abe5-25-191411-20-1915son of M.E./J.M. L57
BartonThelma1-8-19138-1-1915  K70
BassAlice M18831935  M82
BassBonni JeanJul 7,8 1931 Our Baby M62
BassDelila19131919Daughter M79
BassFuller18471926Father M80
BassRandle18971993  M90
BayliffFred LApr 28 1883Dec 21 1961  H30d
BayliffGrace EJuly 2 1886Jan 28 1976  H30d
BayliffLloyd CSept 4 1911Apr 18 1979  H27
BayliffLucileMay 9 1908July 12 1909da F L & G E H32
BayliffOrville COct 3 1909Dec 27 1984  H28
Beachbabyb-dDec 30 1927  M18
BeardNorma Jean7-6-1926 Wife-Mother I09d
BeardRonald Louis3-18-19248-24-1982Husband--FatherRD 3 US Navy World War III09d
BeckEdward Dale9-27-28  cementB8
BenningtonFlorence Green11-27-18946-1-1917In Memory of sister K70
Bolse    Cement MarkerK87
BullinJ. P.5-23-18525-23-1922Father K38
BullinM. L.6-15-18531-15-1920Mother K39
Bullin    Cement MarkerK42
Bullin    cementM42
BurdittOliveMar 17 1889Aug 27 1989100 Yr 5 Moch on backF6
CarpenterJay COct 12 1914Mar 4 1982  N56
CarpenterJoshua CNov 18 1868Oct 15 1923Father N53d
CarpenterLula ESept 5 1882Oct 20 1950Mother N53d
CarrierCornelia TappanDec 2 1838Apr 29 1907Mother F44
CaseGertrude18831970  Q47d
CaseRalph L18761940  Q47d
CatesBessie MaeJul 15 1906blank recent burial 1991?H06d
CatesFlora2-17-18858-5-1963MOTHER I3
CatesJames M3-15-18751-22-1954FATHER I5
CatesJohn HenryJan 24 1904Jun 7 1986m. Dec 23 1924 H06d
ClarkReeseDec 29 1917July 13 1991Md Mar 5 1937Lucy Ree, Ruthanna, LoisB23d
ClarkRuthApr 1 1918June 8 1988Mar Mar 5 1937 childRussell, Bonnie,DickieB23d
ConnerCharles W18581935Father O74d
ConnerMargarett D18561929Mother O74d
CookBony18781965husband B40d
CookBruce WayneMar 3 1953   N30
CookEarl B19021906son of Bony & Etta B37
CookEtta L18811959wife B40d
CookinfantOct 3 1921 Our infant daughter I25
CookJacobSept 27 1846May 25 1935  J62d
CookJames Edgar12-31-18805-29-1967  O20d
CookJohn T18771953  N81
CookJulia EAug 6 1856Mar 10 1913  J62d
CookMary M10-4-189511-28-1984  O20d
CookMatilda AliceApr 8 1855Apr 6 1941Wife of James T B38
CookMerrille James6433 * & +son of Walter/LeahG25
CookNettie Martin1886-04-071966-Jan-25 from mortuary records  
CookNorma MMay 25 1890July 12 1911Wife of J E F14
CookOllie MayFeb 24 1906Aug 1 1913Da. E M & O ALamb design on stoneJ58
CookPaul19081947  N80
CookPearl18831966  I18d
CookTheresa Nell5-19413-1942Our darling daughter Q75
CookVernon18831931  I18d
Cook    cementN79
CoosClarence S12-18-19148-14-1989m 8-15-1942 R21d
CoosDoris I3-7-1921 m 8-15-1942 R21d
CothranClara E 1931-12-21 from mortuary records  
CunninghamHattie4-2-18681-28-1919Motherwife of Freeman RavenD6
CusterEmma Jean5-5-1948   G6
CusterJ.W.7-13-19219-7-1989  G4
DetwilerSarah E5-11-18437-21-1918  K49
DrumElla12-1-190012-4-1900inf da of L.E/Jessie K58
DrumRichard E18941902  M58
EvansArthur W.18651942  K65
EvansRolland W.10-12-18987-15-1923  K62
EvansZattie L.18751940  K65
EyerBaby8-9-1932 ch of L.A. & Irma O67d
EyerCharlesNov 27 1861Jul 29 1932  P63
EyerDuane Alan7-10-19617-20-1975Beloved son ofDonald & Donita EyerL68
EyerEthel10-20-19031-19-1991m. Aug 8, 1922 L65d
EyerFrank1-31-19046-3-1989m. Aug 8, 1922 L65d
EyerGeorge12-25-19282-4-1929ch of L.A. & Irma O67d
EyerHattie BDec 31 1872Dec 17 1957  P63d
EyerIrma18991972m. 3-26-1919 O64d
EyerL. A.18981975m. 3-26-1919 O64d
Fee(Will?)   cement no datesH38
ForemanAlice PearlMay 1 1918Jan 3 1919  M48
ForemanCharles B.3-8-18934-27-1977FatherPvt US ArmyL38d
ForemanElizabeth M1-15-190212-7-1987Mother L38d
ForemanJohn H8-24-18851-1-1919In Remembrance ofour dear boysL47d
ForemanJohn H9-13-18546-6-1928  L42d
ForemanNancy Ann7-29-18573-16-1926  L42d
ForemanRosa May18941931Mother and Baby M45
ForemanRoy C.3-30-18921-2-1919In Remembrance ofour dear boysL47d
FosterIrma1940 Oct 121992 Jun 6  M82
FoutchWillie Burk1903-07-161968-05-04 from mortuary records  
FreemanEsther J. Huckins8-1-18938-5-1983  G11
FreemanGearold DSept 21 1949Oct 23 1980son H12
FreemanJohn W4-12-18913-26-1963Oklahoma PFC 1Co 164 Depot BrigradeG9
FreemanRalph ""Bud""5-23-19213-8-1980m. 11-29-1941 G13d
FreemanVelma Mae2-25-1922 m. 11-29-1941 G13d
GalyenJames I2-4-188512-17-1939Husband Q62
GalyenJesse W11-10-19191-17-1991Pvt US Army WWII Q64
GetzAlma M5-20-1908 Mother m. 2-6-1924 O41d
GetzEmma M18711943  O47d
GetzJimmy Louis1-16-192910-12-1986  O45
GetzJohn Henry7-27-19246-21-1941  O44
GetzJohn L18631932  O47d
GetzLouis H4-19-18982-2-1975Father m. 2-6-1924PVT US ArmyO41d
GillhamGuy BertSep 19 1880Sep 25 1939  J67d
GillhamLuvina MJul 29 1880Jul 12 1963  J67d
GirtonAnna5-19-187912-9-1906Wife of John W E43
GordonJ JSep 9 1847Feb 8 1916Father M75
GrayCalvin CApr 5 1909May 22 1960IDAHO SGT 81 MECZCAV RECON S Q WWII PH OLCJ52
GrayHerbert C18891947Father J47
GrayMary MargaretMay 23 1919Feb 4 1991Age 71Metal markerJ53
GrayNellie E19071916Sister J49
GraySarah E18761940Mother J48
Greenbaby  NoneCement markerE37
GregoryAlice M1952 Apr 8 m 1974 Aug 21   
GregoryArved F1943 Jun 221996 Dec 21m 1974 Aug 21   
HaddenManda Jane18551935 Cement MarkerQ70
HallAmos W3-4-184910-24-1933  O78
HallLouis Amos5-9-19146-25-1985  O80
Hamcement marker    J39
HamWm CApr 15 1878Jul 15 1910 WoodmanJ38
HansonGilda R19121913    
HardestyPerry L18721936  N47
HeibertClara M5-27 191512-14-1918Da F J & L H M60
HendersonMildred E1911blank  R74d
HendersonRev Charlie C19061962  R74d
HensonGilda R19121913 Metal MarkerE15
HiattWalter   Cement MarkerL76
HulseAlice L18641943  F42
HulseRobert S18651938  F40
HulseW LeeSept 16 1892Oct 19 1953Amer Legion Marker F38
HuntD. O.9-14-18341-10-1913  K24
HutchinsonDaniel OJul 3 1881Dec 8 1964father R66d
HutchinsonHobart AJan 6 1919 son R66d
JenkinsCarrie MMay 9 1893Dec 21 1914da of J N & N V B6
JohnsonHallie W18891982Mother N10
JohnsonHenry3-9-18706-29-1927Father L52
JohnsonIvan H19161978  O8
JohnsonLuther MaxwellDec 21 1932Nov 2 1944  N19
JohnsonMackJan 27 1913Nov 21 1987  N20
JohnsonMary J.11-2-18764-13-1962Mother L53
JohnsonOtis E19241983  O10
JohnsonWm Henry18771957Father N9
JonesCharles HAug 6 1891Dec 22 1906son of W H & D J A40
JonesWm B   cement no datesH25
KeeneyBina11-19-18948-10-1907da of T. E. & Jennie K44
LeisherFred CAug 9 1891Sep 25 1937  P47d
LeisherInez SJul 29 1894Nov 30 1985  P47d
LeisherLeta LouiseFeb 18 1935May 13 1935  P49
LofinkIdaNov 1 1872     
LofinkWilliam3-1-186510-22-1915  I31d
Macybaby   Cement MarkerI38
Macy    Cement MarkerI39
McClainLucinda30443105  I28
McClainRandle18971993  M82
McCuneAnnette Wilson1887-04-061971-12-20 from mortuary records  
McCuneClaude18781948  G31d
McCuneElizabeth Phillips18691947  J5
McCuneinfant6-23-1907b.d.son of Claud/ Nettie G28
McCuneNettie18871971  G31d
McCuneRaymond Wilson6-29-191710-19-1969Our beloved son G33
McCuneSamuel J18731947  J5
McVickerJames M11-27-18848-18-1908  E35
McVickerPriscilla12-5-18917-20-1908da of Wm & PriscillaMotherD34
McVickerPriscilla S.8-16-18598-6-1908Wife of WilliamMotherD30
Medlock(John)   cementJ78
MillikanFred Ernest18901967  R78
MillikanLillian Beatrice19001955  R77
MillikanLynda LorraineOct 30 1945Jun 30 1951daughter Q85
MillikanMary LApr 28 1861May 9 1927  N71d
MillikanMary Viola19021924Wife of F E M70
MillikanNevin ENov 5 19211992 Jan 191 ST LT US ARMYWW II AIR CORPSQ90d
MillikanRobert TOct 17 1852Jul 31 1939  N71d
MillikanW LorraineJune 18 1924living  Q90d
ModrickBartulAug 5 1868Jan 19 1921  N44
ModrickEllaAug 17 1874Aug 3 1959Mother N42
ModrickElla FrancesJun 11 1931May 16 1932  N39
ModrickEva EJul 11 1908Feb 5 1975  P32d
ModrickJohn Joseph10-6-19006-5-1957  O33
ModrickMarion DeanFeb 24 1930June 30 1930  N40
ModrickMitchellSep 11 1905blank  P32d
ModrickWanda PearlNov 18 1932Jan 15 1933  P30
ModrickWayneSep 22 1914Nov 6 1933  N37
MontgomeryLorena  inf da of Emma/Elick D45
NeffFranklin AlbertNov 7 1904Jan 1 1921  M27
PalmerGalen ADec 7 1891Jun 19 1957  R58d
PalmerSallie EAug 12 1889   R58d
Palmer   da of Mr/Mrs L.A. Q59
Pate    cementC17
Phillips(Eliza?)  NoneCement markerE18
PhillipsHallie MayMay 29 1910Sep 23 1998    
PhillipsHallie R1910 May 291998 Sep 23    
PiersonAndrew J2-27-18884-7-1932  K47
PiersonCora M.11-6-18916-1-1979 m. Feb 12, 1910K53
PiersonWilliam R11-6-18677-5-1932 m. Feb 12, 1910K53
RavenHattie1867-04-021918-01-28 from mortuary records  
ReiswigHarvey E19131965  Q37
RichieJosephineAug 4 1839Jan 28 1929Mother P78
SangerEsther Ilene1931 Jul 31     
SangerGlen Leonard1924 Jun 31996 Apr 1US Army WWII   
SangerJ PMay 21 1900Mar 29 1971  P43d
SangerPearl ASep 9 1904MAY 1 1943  P43d
ScobeeVena9-30-190610-1-1906  G38
ScogginsBilly L19601981SP4 U S ARMY R71
ScogginsMildred EMar 18 1938May 14 1977  R72
SkinnerCuster C6-7-18916-11-1915son of S.S. & S. E. K35
SmithC BobOct 6 1908Oct 11 1977  M06d
SmithCharlie LSep 10 1882July 4 1968Father M12
SmithDora (Egbert)Dec 13 1891Apr 14 1925Wife and Mother M13
SmithEsther EJul 20 1910Dec 21 1982m. May 1 1928 M06d
SmithHazel DJan 7 1910Aug 5 1910da of M W & Gracecarved lambF19
SmithJos HAug 13 1854Dec 7 1939  N13d
SmithSina VadaDec 8 1858Oct 3 1931  N13d
Smith    cement marker--no datesD12
Smith    cement marker--no datesD18
Smith   NoneCement markerE33
SpauldingMyrtle M4-3-18943-2-1966  R43d
SpauldingNancy A5-3-18547-20-1942  R48d
SpauldingNellie D7-24-18796-25-1955  R46
SpauldingShelby I8-6-18537-6-1948  R48d
SpauldingSidney S5-24-18863-12-1967  R43d
SpragueAlta EApr 28 1910Oct 16 1995    
SpragueBenjamin SMar 18 1898May 2 1956MISSOURI PVT CO A388 INFANTRTY WW IP57D
SpragueDora E18891960Daughter O59
SpragueEverett Clark8-22-18939-28-1976  O53
SpragueHerbert A18571942  O56d
SpragueKerrold LeoJune 24 1932Apr 10 1938  P59
SpragueMinnie A.18671960  O56d
SpragueStanley W6-28-19648-15-1981son L31
StandleyDorothy M2-10-1921 m 1-20-1937 Q31d
StandleyJohn A9-27-19114-18-1976m 1-20-1937 Q31d
StaplesBertha EJuly 3 1884Nov 15 1947  H40
StaplesClarence TMay 14 1882blank  H40
StaplesIda L. Lofink11-1-1872   I31d
TiffinElizabeth J8-16-18671-17-1912Mother K31d
TiffinHenry B8-15-18625-10-1952Father K31d
Tiffin    Marker broken offK32
Turner   cementno datesF35
VaughnEdna EJan 13 1918May 28 1984  P73d
VaughnGeorge EFeb 2 1892Dec 12 1961  P70
VaughnJ EnslyDec 1 1919Jan 25 1983  P73d
VaughnJohn H8-24-18624-16-1954  L62d
VaughnMaggie E6-13-18681-4-1928  L62d
VaughnMinnie EAug 14 1895Nov 3 1934Wife of George E P71
VincentBaby   Cement MarkerL83
VincentBaby   Cement MarkerL82
VincentEdward   Cement MarkerL84
Webster(Nettie?)  Age 22 J86d
WellsRachalage 35 YJuly 17 1910Wife of Harry J86d
WilkinsenArthur Wayne1-14-282-17-28  C24
WilkinsenL C2-6 292-19-29  C33
WilkinsonCarrie M1893 May 91914 Dec 21da UN/NV   
WilkinsonCarrie MMay 9 1893Dec 21 1914dau of UN & NV   
WilsonAlex Wayne2-4-294-9-29 cementB7
WilsonHazel LeliaAug 14 1916June 28 1918da of M/M J H C6

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