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Midway Cemetery
aka Floris Midway
Beaver County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © 2002-06 by: Nareen Lake

Location: S19-T5-R22E

This cemetery is one mile north and a half-mile west of Floris town site. This road is one mile south of US 64. It is on the south side of the road.

History: In the early days it was called Midway because it was halfway between Beaver, Oklahoma and Liberal, Kansas. In 1905 Walter C. Fincher, his brother W. H. Fincher and John Dorman donated four acres of land for burial purposes. Later as the community of Floris developed, the cemetery became known as Floris Cemetery. The first burial there was 1905. In 1931 the Greenough Homemakers Club had twenty-five cement markers made for unmarked graves.

Recorded and pictures taken in August, 2002 by Nareen Lake
ALLENJames Oscar14 Jan 189011 Mar 1942  
ALLENW. B.15 Nov 188922 Jul 1920  
ANDREWClaude L.19061974On SS with Georgia A. 
ANDREWEverett C.28 Apr 190027 Jan 1908  
ANDREWGeorgia A.18991973  
ANDREWOrlando S.16 Oct 187510 May 1961On SS with Rosa Lee 
ANDREWRosa Lee25 Nov 187728 Jul1955  
AUSMUSArvis B. (Shores)31 Dec 1922 On SS with Charley 
AUSMUSBillie22 Jun 186108 Feb 1933On SS with Miles D.See More
AUSMUSCharles C. "Charley"17 Sep 191430 Dec 1992  
AUSMUSMiles D.28 Aug 185515 Feb 1927 See More
AUSMUSBlanche M.04 Jul 188508 Apr 1957  
AUSMUSHenry B.03 Aug 188314 Aug 1962On SS with Blanche M. 
AUSMUSInfant daughter 05 Aug 1914Infant daughter of H. B. & B. M. Ausmus 
AUSMUSLeroy12 Feb 191627 Aug 1916Son of H. B. & B. M. Ausmus 
AUSMUSPaul Edwin17 Aug 191208 Mar 1913Son of H. B. &B.M. Ausmus See More
BAILEYByron Earl10 Sep 192229 Jul 1988M. SGT. US ARMY WW II Korea (2 stones)See More
BAILEYDoris Gladys14 Jan 1925 On SS with Byron EarlSee More
BAKERBarbara Jean 07 Sep 1937Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bert BakerSee More
BAKERClayton16 Apr 190324 Nov 1991Married 22 Dec 1927 
BAKEREloise30 Oct 190719 Nov 1995On SS with Clayton; Parents of Doris Everett Evelyn Betty 
BEARDEldon26 Feb 191106 Mar 1984  
BEARDGeorge W.08 Dec 187918 Sep 1957  
BEARDGoldie18 Apr 190902 Feb 1992On same stone with Eldon 
BEARDIda Mae11 June 188220 Apr 1968On SS with George 
BEARDInfant daughter08 Sep 193508 Sep 1935Infant dau. of Eldon & Golide Beard 
BEARDKenneth24 Sep 191502 Dec 1915  
BEATYBertha M.20 Apr 1906   
BEATYEdwin L.22 Sep 190503 Oct 1995On SS with Bertha M. 
BEATYElizabeth M.17 July 182311 Nov 1905Age 82 yr. 3 mo 25 ds 
BEATYJ. P.12 Dec 1825 On SS with Elizabeth M.; Ground shows two people are buried here. 
BEATYJoseph E.18661946On SS with Laura M. 
BEATYJoseph Edwin19251962  
BEATYLaura M.186519_Last 2 numbers missing 
BEEBEIma26 Feb 1916 Mother of Deborah & Larry 
BENNETTC. Arthur19071982Next to Carl W. Smith 
BENNETTEdwin A.18711938  
BENNETTWarren J.19411986Next to C. Arthur Bennett 
BILLINGSJames Dow18611924  
BILLINGSMary4 Oct 186523 Sep 1906On SS with James Dow 
BIRMINGHAMElizabeth A.18521933 Photo
BIRMINGHAMGuss M.22 Nov 190914 Apr 1918Son of M.L . & Mary E. Birmingham 
BLUMRalph D.19131929Miller Funeral Home Marker 
BOWMANSarah A.22 Oct 18442 Dec 1929  
BREENDennis Michael17 Oct 194931 Oct 1969  
BRYANAdella M.11 July 1930underground  
BRYANFloyd J.24 Dec 1928undergroundNext to Adella M. 
BRYANLizzie18771961On SS with George 
BRYANShockley7 July 182827 Aug 1911Next to Floyd J. 
BRYANValhalla M.23 Aug 190611 Jan1964On SS with Floyd G. 
BURCHArner J.15 Dec 1916underground  
BURCHBurl A.2 Feb 191014 Feb 1910  
BURCHNora E.18741937Mother 
BURCHYvonne L.28 Dec.1913 Next to Nora E. 
BYRANFloyd G.18 Dec 190210 Apr 1964married 24 Aug 1925 
BYRANGlen D.4 Apr 19265Dec 1978married 24 June 1951 
BYRANTroy Gene9 Oct 195321 Jan 1954  
BYRANViola M.11 Dec 19285 Sep 1976On SS with Glen D. 
CALHOUNAlice B.18751972  
CALHOUNJames H.18451934Next to Mary J. 
CALHOUNMary J.18421931  
CALHOUNSeaborn M.18681939On SS as Alice B. 
CARTERArthur L.6 Dec 191528 Dec 1999married 29 Mar1936 
CARTERDeedra Dee 1963Baby 
CARTERThelma Eden25 July 1919NoneOn SS with Arthur L. 
CHAMBERSJoseph R.25 July 18925 July 1964PVT ORD DET 5 Field ARTY WW I 
CHAMBERSMerlyn Joe19331934  
CHAMBERSZula E.8 Jan 189625 Aug 1956Next to Joseph R. 
CLEMMONSAnnie8 July 1854Undergroundnext to William Clemmons 
CLEMMONSWilliam   No dates 
COLEMANJohn S.2 Feb 18828 Jan 1916  
COLEMANLeroy26 July 19136 June 1931  
CROSSFloyd Allen19171918  
CROSSMary M. (Sipe)18811924IN Remembrance of Our Dear Mother: Ruth Audrey 
CULLINSBelya Lou 1928  
CURTC.N.14 Oct 187328 June 1912  
DEPPINKWm. Woodrow 2 Aug 1913InfantPhoto
DESPERBessie Lee19071934Mother of Raymond Lee Floyd Wm. 
DESPERBessie Lee19 Sep 190711 Aug 1934  
DESPERCharles Otis20 Apr 187927 Nov 1948  
DESPERDale19111931Son of Otis & Levida Desper 
DESPERJoseph F.14 Apr 187510 Aug 1916  
DESPERLevida Ann9 Oct 188324 Nov 1956  
DESPERWilliam Dale15 Aug 191125 Dec 1931  
DORMANAlice L.19061906Next to Minnie & John Dorman 
DORMANAlice Virginia7 Jan 190421 Dec 1985On SS withWilliam Hugh 
DORMANC. E.18 Nov 18638 Jan 1913  
DORMANJohn A.18751915  
DORMANMinnie B.18791965On SS with John A. 
DORMANWilliam Hugh26 Sep 19002 Jan 1986  
DUERSONHerman R.8 Mar 189630 Jan 1977  
DUERSONJ. D.24 Jan 19224 Oct 1924Son of Herman & Ruth Duerson 
DUERSONRuth E.6 Aug 189819 Sep 1978On SS with Herman R. 
DUVALLFrona18961939On SS with Belmer 
EAGANCharles Edwin13 July 190420 Jan 1980On SS with Dora GladysSee photo
EAGANDora Gladys2 Dec 190523 Apr 1974 See photo
EAGANCarl Joseph3 Jan 19213 July 1922Son of P. C. & Esther F. EaganSee photo
EAGANEsther F.6 Apr 187913 Sep 1966 See photo
EAGANEvalina C.14 Feb 185527 Mar 1939 See photo
EAGANGeorge W.22 Jan 19035 Sep 1976On SS with Lillian A.See photo
EAGANJames Olen19 Aug 192411 Sep 1925 See photo
EAGANJoseph F.21 Mar 185822 July 1919Next to Evalina C.See photo
EAGANLillian A.7 July 190528 Feb 1974 See photo
EAGANLoretta Grace1929None See photo
EAGANNorman Dean 11 Aug 1932Next to James OlenSee photo
EAGANParmenio L.29 Sep 187725 June 1953On SS with Esther F.See photo
EBINGJoseph18751931Co. A. 17US Inf.Photo
ECKERSONJoseph30 Oct 180714 Feb 1908  
EDENClarice L.10 Nov 191316 Sep1966On SS with George W. 
EDENGeorge W.24 Jan 19136 Oct 1983  
EDENInfant daughter   Infant dau. of Roy & Ollie Eden No dates 
EDENIva M.18841948On SS with William F. 
ELLISONEdna Lovica (Long)17 Mar 191127 Mar 2000nee Windsor; next toClifford Samuel Long 
EVANSAlva Marion18 Nov 190612 Feb 1907Son of L. M. & Lethe Evans 
FINCHEREll Dean4 June 188124 Dec 1968On SS with Walter C. 
FINCHERWalter C.21 Jan 18779 Dec 1972  
FISHDelbert E. 15 June 1952On SS with Gladys & Roy 
FISHGladys L.5 Aug 19216 June 1996On SS with Delbert & Roy 
FISHRoy A.24 July 1921NoneOn SS with Gladys & Delbert 
FLINTJohn R.2 Nov 18776 June 1922  
GLOVERMatilda A.24 July 1869underground  
GRADYAda Gladys19071908Next to Alvia and Maudie 
GRADYAlvia E.18821940On SS with Maudie B. 
GRADYMaudie B.18811948  
GREENWOODBeaulah E.19151965  
GREENWOODOtto H.19131969On SS with Beaulah E. 
GRIMWOODAlice18531932On SS with Wesley M. 
GRIMWOODCharles L.18821936On SS with E. Eloise & Harold 
GRIMWOODDon Wesley18891948On SS with Gertrude 
GRIMWOODE. Eloise18791971On SS with Charles & Harold 
GRIMWOODEvelyn Norine9 Sep 191419 Dec 1914Next to Don Wesley & Gertude Grimwood 
GRIMWOODGertrude (Jones)18941989  
GRIMWOODHarold R.19051953On SS with Eloise & Charles 
GRIMWOODWesley M.18551924  
GROVEAlta M.18871994  
GROVEFrancis J.19121978  
GROVEJacob B.18841923  
GROVEMary18511915 Photo
GROVEOpal M.1911NoneOn SS with Francis J. 
GROVEWashington18491931On SS with MaryPhoto
GROVESEdna19121995On SS with Karl 
HACKEREunice Fay8 July 1916Underground  
HALMARK     3 stones; No dates or given names 
HARRYMANSylvia A.18721954On SS as Overton 
HECKARTKeith10 Apr 192322 Dec 2002  
HECKARTWinifred23 Dec 192415 Dec 2005   
HENNESSClarence19 Nov 1906undergroundnext to Earl J. 
HENNESSEarl J.12 May 191015 Nov 1918son of M. T. and M. H. Henness 
HERRENOdessa Ann (Wares)18811942 Photo
HETRICKInfant DaughterNo dates    
HETRICKInfant SonNo dates    
HETRICKPearl18741931Next to R. P. Hetrick 
HETRICKR. P.12 Feb 187323 Nov 1930  
HETRICKRay Pauline18 Feb 18976 Apr 1918Son of Mr. & Mrs.  
HILLDelbert F.4 Nov 191119 Aug 1998married 16 June 1934Photo
HILLZaidee B.13 Oct 1917NoneOn same stone with DelbertPhoto
HINDSGerald 1916Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Hinds 
HINDSIda A.12 May 187127 Jan 1926On SS with Samuel N. 
HINDSSamuel N.23 Jan 186524 Feb 1947  
HINDSVirginia26 Feb 19219 Nov 1922dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Hinds 
HOBBLEJohn M.16 Mar 191819 Jan 1992 Photo
HODGESAnna18781935Mother In Smith-Hodges Plot 
HODGESGraham20 Nov 189731 Mar 1988Beloved friend of the 7 - J's 
HODGESJohn18721970Father; In Smith-Hodges Plot 
HODGESLewey19131942Son; In Smith-Hodges Plot 
HODGESLt. Jack D.19171943Son; In Smith-Hodges Plot 
HODGESMarcus W.18991983Interred at Sea; Point Loma Ca; In Smith-Hodges Plot 
HOODVernon Oscar18861919On SS with Artha Hood Kelley 
HOUSEGranville "Bill"3 Apr 193811 July 2002  
HOWARDRalph2 Apr 192623 June 1926  
HOWARDThelma8 July 191821 July 1918  
HOWARDWesley A.28 June 191711 Nov 1917  
HOWARD     Children of J. Howard; No names or dates 
HUMBLEJesse B.18811959On SS with Mary E.Photo
HUMBLEMary E.18851961 Photo
HUMBLEMelvin   Not sure if Melvin is correct; see picturePhoto
HUTCHISONA. M.17 Feb 1836NoneOn SS with Martha E. 
HUTCHISONDanie Del20 Mar 1908NoneDeath date underground 
HUTCHISONJohn I.4 Oct 187510 Jan 1920On SS with Victoria 
HUTCHISONMartha 4 Feb 1907aged 58 yrs. wife of A. M. 
HUTCHISONNellie   Both dates probably underground 
HUTCHISONVictoria1 Mar 187427 June 1946  
JOHNSONDaniel M.6 Sep 184429 Jan 1921On SS with Susan C. 
JOHNSONDaniel Marvin7 Nov 189615 Mar 1971OK PVT. SUP.Co. 388 Inf. WW I (2 stones) 
JOHNSONDorothy Sue17 Nov 194018 Nov 1940  
JOHNSONFlossa G.19061981  
JOHNSONSusan C.27 Oct 187124 July 1945  
JOHNSONThomas I.19031978On SS with Flossa G. 
JONESAlta Flodine28 June 191422 July 1914dau. of Thomas & Ollie Jones 
JONESCharles E.1 July 19097 Aug 1986  
JONESJames T.18701943  
JONESJeanell12 Jan 1935    
JONESLeslie5 Mar 187615 Feb 1914Next to Richard Jones 
JONESOllie L.18741948On SS with James T. 
JONESPauline D.10 Aug 190930 May 1998On SS with Charles E. 
JONESRichard8 Feb 191423 Feb 1914  
KELLEYArtha Hood18881947Next to Byes Kelley; On same stone with Vernon Oscar Hood 
KELLEYByes16 Oct 189610 May 1961OK PVT HQCo. 80 Inf. WW I 
KIRKPATRICKFloyd William30 Nov 19308 Dec 1997Father of William Douglas 
KIRKPATRICKRaymond Lee5 June 1929None  
KRAUTZDonald R.19151981  
KRAUTZLillie M.19191995On SS with Donald R. 
LANDERSCarl Jay "Pee Wee"18 Dec 19343 May 2000  
LANDERSCharles H. "Harry"24 July 19025 July 1991  
LANDERSIda May15 Mar 185924 Mar 1954Next to Mamie Landers 
LANDERSMamie5 Sep 18964 May 1970Next to Charles H. "Harry" Landers 
LANDERSMary J.27 Oct 190123 Mar 1963On SS with Royal G. 
LANDERSRoyal G.20 Oct 18929 May 1978  
LANDERSSusie19 Dec 190927 Nov 1941Mother 
LANDERSTwila Lenor29 Oct 193229 Jan 1938Little Sister; next to Susie Landers 
LANKFORDBret19772002Locksmone Funeral Home Marker 
LEMONSAnna M.18631947  
LEMONSJohn P.18661929On SS with Anna M. 
LEMONSNellie C.7 Dec 189820 Aug 1912  
LONGClifford Samuel19071938next to Edna Lovica Windsor Long Ellison 
LONGInfant daughter 11 June 1908dau. of S. L. & M. A. Long 
LONGMatilda A.18701944On SS with Samuel L. 
LOUDERBACKSarah Lavina28 Apr 186725 Dec 1916wife of George W. Louderback 
MARKWELLDoris Leroy19191930  
MAYOGene1 Aug 19105 Aug 1971  
MAYOVirdie A.12 Aug 19119 Dec 2001On SS with Gene 
MEISENHEIMERInfant daughter 5388Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs.O. E. Meisenheimer 
MESSERSMITHDr. J. W.18701941  
MOODYHannah18591934On SS with George 
MOONEYAnna F.4 Oct 19005 Apr 1907dau. of E. S. & R. M. Mooney 
MOONEYWilliam Earl4 Mar 1918stone brokennext to Floellen Mooney 
MORRISCharles21 Nov 184830 Sep 1925  
NOONChristine Kathryn8 Apr 1920Nonenee POSL; on SS with Richard Paul Noon 
NOONRichard Paul18 Feb 19142 Nov 1994  
PARUMGeorge Edward28 July 193919 Sep 1970picture of guitar on stone 
PEMBERTONJames R.5 June 190431 Dec 1999married 24 Oct 1947 
PEMBERTONRuby E.18 Aug 19095 June 2002On SS with James R. 
PIERCECleadon R.18771921  
PIERCEDonnie M.19031965  
PIERCENora D.18621951On SS as Cleadon R. 
PLUNKBaby Wallace28 Sep 192629 Sep 1926  
PLUNKClyde19071986Next to Peter F.& Lucy 
PLUNKElsie E.19071981Next to Clyde Plunk 
PLUNKPeter F.18711960On SS with Lucy 
PLUNKThomas10 June 190212 Oct 1921Son of P.F. & Lucy Plunk 
PLYMELLAudrie (Sipe)1 Aug 190513 Sep 1993  
PORTERRuby P. (Moore)24 Mar 189828 Mar 1991 Photo
POSLLois 1913Little Sister 
POSLMartha 1908Little Sister 
POSLP. Henry19091993  
POSLRose C. 14 May 1916  
POSLTeresa 1910Little Sister 
POTTEREtta A.8 Dec 186628 July 1907wife of David PotterPhoto
POTTERF. B.18541942Father 
POTTERStella Marie27 Mar 189220 May1976On SS with William Thomas 
POTTERWilliam Thomas1 Apr 188229 May 1952  
PRICESusian E. 18291918 Photo
PRIVITTPatricia Ann19341940  
PROBSTHenry J.18941932  
R. P. Hetrick     
RA____NDNellie1914197?Miller Funeral Home Marker 
REAAlle M.18581956  
REARobertR.18511929On SS with Alle M. 
REEDH. S.23 Feb 18628 June 1914  
REIDElla V.18531909wife of J. S. ReidPhoto
RICHARDLois G.19051930  
ROSSArthur I.18731941  
ROSSClarence L.16 June 19043 Nov 1986  
ROSSElla Jane8 July 187517 Feb 1962  
ROSSSylvia H.27 Aug 190730 Aug 1988  
ROSSTwin boys 11 Aug 1936Sons of Clarence & Sylvia Ross 
SALINGBurton21 Jan 18252 Mar 1907Sgt. Co. K. 50 ENR. MO. MIL. 
SALLEYAlex Neil 28 Jan 1979 Photo
SALLEYDarren Lee 8 June 1978 Photo
SCHULTZMabel R.25 April 190518 June 1981married 27 July 1926 
SCHULTZPhilip E.29 June 190124 Mar1991On SS with Mabel R. 
SCHULTZPhillip R. "Charley"9 Mar19361 Apr 1983  
SHARPAlice EvileneNoneNonedau. Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Sharp; age 9 weeksPhoto
SHARPMamie A.3 Aug 18881 Jan 1992On SS with Sidney 
SHARPSidney3 Jan 18821965  
SHARPW. Eveline30 Aug 187416 Dec 1950dau. R. A. & Nancy Sharp 
SHIRLEYArvil Eugene7 May 196229 Apr 1965  
SIMMONSClyde A.12 Aug 190510 Dec1994On SS with Leta B. 
SIMMONSLeta B.15 June 190930 Oct 1980  
SIMSJohn S.18641942Next to Luticia P Simms 
SIMSLuticia P.18711954  
SIPEEllis Warren24 May 190921 Apr 1991  
SIPEJ. D.24 Nov 18625 Mar 1912Next to Audrie Sipe Plymell 
SIPELeslie Olen12 Oct 190014 Feb 1910  
SMEDLEYJohn6 Aug 1896NoneDeath date underground 
SMEDLEYSarah Lydia20 Nov 1890NoneDeath date underground 
SMITHAndrew18301918Father In Smith- Hodges Plot 
SMITHBaby No dates  
SMITHCarl W.18881963Next to Josie Bennett Smith 
SMITHJosie May (Bennett)18811963Next to Edwin A. Bennett 
SMITHJudy Mae 29 DEC 1949  
SMITHLaura18481909Mother; In Smith- Hodges Plot 
SPEARLois Alberta11 Jan 19075 Feb 1908dau. of H. T. & E. E. Spear 
STAKERGeo. Marvin14 Apr 19164 Mar 1919Son of F. M. & Myrtle Staker 
STAKEROtto Perry4 Aug 19146 Mar 1915Son of F. H. & Myrtle Staker 
STANFORDAlice Ethel18 Aug 19127 July 1918 Photo
STANFORDEnnis L.19011929  
STANFORDJames Albert15 Apr 187510 Mar 1958  
STANFORDPearl May29 Oct 1883NoneOn SS with James Albert 
STANGERArdella Joan (Wares)30 Apr 192618 Sep 1994  
STILLJacob L.29 Aug 186418 Aug 1959On SS with Mary E. 
STILLMary E.8 Apr 187729 Nov 1947  
STILLPvt. Orange R.18931921US A. Hosp. TR. 63 
SUBLETTECharles William18581917  
SUBLETTEEdith Marie19001903dau. of Chas. & Etta; Buried Canon City Co 
SUBLETTEEtta Florence18621957  
SUBLETTEIda May18911907dau. of Chas & Etta 
SUBLETTEIrma Leona18871888dau. of Chas. & Etta; Buried Richards, Mo. 
TERRELArthur16 Dec 190317 Dec 1926  
TERRELE. S.25 Nov 186413 Nov 1910A. O. U. W. 
TERRELHarry5 Sep 190218 Dec 1927  
WALKERGeorgia L.11 Nov 18705 Oct 1907dau. of T. B. and M. G. Walker 
WALKERLouis 1909Baby; Next to M. G. & T. B. Walker 
WALKERM. G.18461920Next to T. B. Walker 
WALKERT. B.18441934  
WARDPearl Ross19061928  
WARESCarmen L.14 Feb 190416 Jan 1977Mother; Parents of Oscar Ardella Florence Ronald Patricia Harold 
WARESCheryl D.4 Nov 19446 Dec 1996Daughter; On SS with Harold & Carmen 
WARESClyde19161997On SS with Edna 
WARESHarold F.23 July 190228 Sep 1967Father; On ss with Cheryl D. & Carmen L. 
WARESIrvin R. 23 July 1927PVT 162 Depot Brig.Photo
WARESOscar W.26 Apr 187615 Jan 1916 Photo
WARES     Parents of Bruce Allan - Mary AnnPhoto
WAYBRIGHTClaudene23 Mar 192729 May1990Son 
WAYBRIGHTEvelyn15 Sep 192315 Sep 1923Infant 
WAYBRIGHTFrances25 Oct 189727 May 1976On SS with Guy 
WAYBRIGHTGuy22 Mar 189414 Feb 1974  
WEISSEarl Otta13 July 192026 Jan 1961Next to Faye Elizabeth Weiss 
WEISSFaye Elizabeth13 June 192016 Mar 1967  
WEISSGeorge K.18921978married 20 Jan 1915 
WEISSGrace B.18971981On SS with George 
WHEELESSOra A.5 Sep 18991 May 1907dau J. S.& M. E. Wheeless 
WHITELEYBobby L.16 June 1931Nonem. 6 June 1951; Parents of Bill, Rod 
WHITELEYPatricia Ruth31 Jan 193428 July 1900On SS with Bobby 
WILGUSE. H. "Bud"19061978  
WILGUSFlorine V.19081996On SS with E.H. "Bud" 
WILLIAMSBaby 2 Apr 1911Next to Glee Williams 
WILLIAMSBrandon Keeth13 Oct 19805 Aug 2001Brother of Brandee & Brad Photo
WILLIAMSGlee11 Oct 190622 Feb 1915Next to Opal Williams 
WILLIAMSJanette Irene24 Oct 18832 June 1932  
WILLIAMSLawrence John30 Sep 187531 Mar 1957On SS with Janette Irene 
WILLIAMSOpal 26 Mar 1912  
WINSTEDElizabeth Forshee19101995On same stone with Ralph 
WINSTEDHorace Edward9 Oct 187719 Jan 1967  
WINSTEDSusan Maude26 July 188129 Dec 1941Next to Horace Edward 
WRIGHTCarl James11 Sep 191524 Nov 1915  
YORKLonnie L.31 May 193412 Sep 1982SP4 US ARMY 

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