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Gray Cemetery
Beaver County, Oklahoma

Location: S7-T1-R20

     This cemetery is located 3½ miles south of Bryan’s Corner (intersection of State 3 and US 83), on the west side of the road. It has a black wrought iron fence with three gates. There are 297 graves. Many, especially those of children, are marked with white cinder blocks on which a simple mortuary marker is firmly attached. Usually only the name is given, no dates. Only one grave is unknown because the letters have been scattered. The oldest dated gravestone is November 8, 1906, the body being moved from a family plot in 1923. The earliest dated marker who was originally buried there was 1908. There are about twelve soldiers buried in this cemetery.

AdairClifton "Tip"1924 Aug 11998 Dec 8Daddy/Grandpa J 
Andersonbaby    A4
AndersonJohn J1895 Aug 131971 Jun 27m. 1915 May 17 A10
AndersonMarvin19181921baby A8
AndersonRuth M1897 Sep 161933 Dec 3m. 1915 May 17 A10d
ApplingNancy W18441930  J90
ArmitageOwen K18711945  J62
BaggettMarilyn 1961 Jul 28  C100
BaggettMary 1961 Jul 28  C100
BakerBaby  ch/o Eugene BakerMort Plaque/StoneJ82
BakerBenjamin F1868 Sep 301927 Jul 19"Frank" J76
BakerEdith Dolleta1906 Nov 291994 Nov 11  J 
BakerEugene Debs1906 Jul 201997 Jul 19  J 
BakerFlora Mae1915 Apr 7living  J 
BakerHarrison W1910 Aug 241972 Oct 2  C110
BakerJuanita O1919 Mar 311955 Apr 18  J83
BakerJulia Ann1868 Feb 111951 Oct 14  J76
BakerMary E1914 Mar 6--  C110
BakerWilburn H1900 May 131957 Dec 28  J96
Baker   "Our Darling" F63
Bertrand?? 1944 Apr 7 cement coveredC19
BertrandOren J18661942 cement coveredC17
BlackJ H   Mort Plaque/StoneC44
BondArthur F1867 Sep 211940 May 2  C55
BondBaby  ch/o G E Bond D55
BondBaby  ch/o G E Bond D56
BondBaby  ch/o Jim Bond D59
BondGeorge E18701929Father C47d
BondJ B   Mort Plaque/StoneC51
BondL B   Mort Plaque/StoneC50
BondL Ida1908 Jul 31909 Mar 28ch/o G E & M J Bond D58
BondMattie J18751925Mother C47d
BransgroveChandler A1879 Dec 181963May 6 Photo on markerB98
BransgroveEleanor L1926 Feb 14 p/o Wm/Linda/Richard B 
BransgroveElsie M1884 Jan 181963 Dec 19 Photo on markerB98d
BransgroveJeannine1929 Sep 14 p/o Gena/Alan B 
BransgroveLaurence A1917 Oct 111996 May 27p/o Gena/Alan B 
BransgroveWeldon C1922 Sep 261994 Jul 18p/o Wm/Linda/Richard B 
BrickleyGlen    A42
BrickleyMintia1877 Oct 3119883 Feb 27  A40
BrickleyPerry F1869 Dec 261952 May 9  A40d
BrickleySally Ann    A43
BrownAnnie1870 Sep 101911 Jan 10 w/o Chas BrownF65
BurnsHazel Littleton1904 Jun 201934 Jan 22  I86
BurrusMary S18521932  G89
BushEarl1909 Jan 271909 Mar 19age 1 mo 20 da C65
BushPaul   Mort Plaque/StoneC63
CampbellBaby    E18
CampbellCharlie A1912 Jul 171976 Jun 7m. 1931 Aug 24 E16
CampbellClyde F1908 Mar 181981 Mar 9m. 1934 Mar 11 E29d
CampbellE C "Bud"1906 Nov 111978 Apr 28  E4
CampbellElsie F1911 Feb 28--  E04d
CampbellEmmie B1887 Oct 311939 Dec 4  E25d
CampbellM Jewell1916 Apr 29--m. 1931 Aug 24 E16d
CampbellNetttie M1914 May 151976 Oct 5m. 1934 Mar 11 E29d
CampbellRobert Arthur1910 Feb 281925 Apr 6  E23
CampbellRobert W1879 Sep 111957 Jan 7  E25d
ClineJames1882 Mar 31944 Jan 3  E84
ClineMary E1868 Dec 131929 Jun 16  E86
CollierDr William18651923  F79
CorbinAlvis W 1925 May 6  H32
CorbinEdith R1905 June 261925 June 3  H30
CorbinFred Manuel1893 May 121981 Sep 28  A79
CorbinIsaac M1870 Sep 201958 Aug 2  A88
CorbinKatie Ellen1896 Apr 31980 Jan 13  A79
CorbinLina1875 Nov 221957 Apr 1  A89
CowanEva M1923 Sep 14livingm 1942 Jan 15p/o Richard/Mark/FreddieE 
CowanFreddie L1922 Jul 281994 Mar 27m 1942 Jan 15 E 
CrouseSarah E18631926  A84
DanielsJim   Mort Plaque/StoneG77
DavidsonBeverly19311988  J9
DavidsonJimmy19351992metal marker J 
DowerLouis B19091958"Funny" C90d
DowerOlive R19071980  C90d
DuffAnna Mae19051999  B40d
DuffFrank18941977  B40d
DunnJoy   Mort Plaque/StoneG57
DunnL E   Mort Plaque/StoneG56
DunnS E   Mort Plaque/StoneG55
DurossDorothy Oleta19121971Mother J33
DurossJesse C18981970Father J28
EldridgeMerle1907 Oct 91944 Apr 4"Daddy" F7
EllisSusan Phelps19031938 Mort Plaque/StoneH28
EoffEd1919 Nov 11956 Sep 18Husband J31
EoffGary A19521981  J26
EwingChester A18931922  C78
FayAnnie18691929  D86
FishRobert Dale1930 Jul 10  m 1953 Oct 11D 
FishShirley O'dean1935 Jan 281993 Sep 23Rural Carrierm 1953 Oct 11D 
FreemanAlfred   Mort Plaque/StoneG44
FreemanAlta Mae1930living"Judd" E 
FreemanBenjamin F18551935  G41d
FreemanCarl1917 Jan 141921 Nov 9 cement coveredG15
FreemanGarnett1926 Jan 211935 Jan 9 cement coveredG17
FreemanIrene1907 Jan 141989 Apr 23m. 1924 Apr 4 G27d
FreemanJohnnie19231992  E9
FreemanNancy Jane18561947  G41d
FreemanOllie Todd1881 Dec 271966 Apr 10Mothercement coveredG19
FreemanRalph F1904 Mar 91984 Jun 27m. 1924 Apr 4 G27d
FreemanRalph Terry1951 Oct 81951 Oct 18Our Baby E8
FreemanRobert H1877 Nov 291947 Feb 5Fathercement coveredG21
FreemanWilliam B18861921  G32
GrayDr Joseph E1878 May 281917 Mar 25Age 38Y 9M 27D G51
GrayDr Robert L18821978  G46
GrayLola O1893 Nov 61965 Jan 17  C75d
GrayMildred E18521904bur Johnson Co ILL G50d
GrayOrville Ray1917 Nov 171973 Oct 28OKLA PVT US ARMYWWIII98
GrayPinkney1846 Jul 261929 Nov 21Age 83Y 3M 25DPictureG50
GrayPinkney Loyd18881958SGT AIR CORP WWI G48
GrayThomas W1873 May 131954 Feb 26  C75d
HankinsBaby  ch/o W B Hankins B32
HardimanCharles E1954 Sep 211960 Feb 10  A100
HardimanLaurence J1952 Aug 221952 Nov 22  A101
HarrisCora A1885 Jan 281986 Feb 26  G92d
HarrisEthel LaVona (Cross1917 Apr 211997 Jun 16p/o Waymon/Jay/Gaylam 1937 Nov 2F 
HarrisJohn Cody1918 Jul 12livingp/o Waymon/Jay/Gaylam 1937 Nov 2F 
HarrisJohn N1877 Feb 221946 May 31  G92d
HarrisWaymon Leon1940 Jun 131999 Jun 25f/o Jeffry Don/Jana LeeF 
HasenmaierMinnie Otey1910 Feb 91977 May 30"Bobbie" D31
HaskellVestol V "Veck"1920 Jan 311995 May 14  G 
Heltonbaby  ch/o Charles A58
Heltonbaby  ch/o Charles A60
HeltonGrandma    A63
HendersonC B    I38
HendersonOra B    I43
HendricksDenman    B42
HendricksElizabeth    B43
HilderbrandAddie1886 Oct 11986 Oct 1Mother G81
HilderbrandAlvis A19131968  G85
HilderbrandElmer19191986 Mort PlaqueH91
HilderbrandGirthry1885 Mar 91950 May 6Father G81
HilderbrandHomer E19101972  H90
HilderbrandMyrtle1916 Jan 241930 Feb 2  G86
HucklebyBaby    I50
Johnsonbaby  ch/o Joe Johnson A21
JohnsonInfant  ch/o Joe Johnson A19
Jonesbaby  ch/o R M Jones A28
JonesBud    E75
Jonesinfant  ch/o R M Jones A26
JonesLorie May18681908Mother G64
JonesRobert L18691923  E77d
JonesRuby E19131926  E77d
KernsAncel Joe1925 Dec 31932 Jun 9  E48
KernsAnnabelle McCartor1922 Sep 26 m 1943 Feb 14p/o Dale/K Annette (Penn)F 
KernsAvis Joan1936 Feb 27--m. 1954 Dec 26 D24d
KernsBaby    D65
KernsBenny Bob1935 Feb 231984 Sep 7m. 1954 Dec 26 D24d
KernsCarl E1915 Jun 281989 Jul 31  F75
KernsDale B1921 Apr 29 m 1943 Feb 14WWIIF 
KernsDanny Joe1960 Mar 211988 Oct 17  D26
KernsEdith Morrow1897 Mar 71921 May 10Mother D62d
KernsElsie Botts1897 Nov 271916 Apr 4Mother D65d
KernsFloyd A19021959  C7
KernsFreda Viola19051956  C12
KernsHenry1886 May 221969 Jul 19  C5
KernsIvan I19101977  C4
KernsJames Garrel1895 Mar 271955 Aug 16  D11d
KernsJoe O1886 Aug 281929 Jan 16  F58
KernsMary Jane18551930  F56d
KernsMaude B1888 Sep 141921 Feb 25Wife of Joe O F60
KernsMerrill18531942  F56d
KernsNora Lee19041977  C9
KernsOsa Marie1899 Nov 111962 Aug 21  D11d
KernsRobert Merrill1917 Feb 171934 Jul 28Son D62d
KernsRuby1928 Oct 281940 Sep 15Playmates D20d
KernsVernie Irene1913 Jan 131965 Mar 18  F77
KernsVirgie R1901 Nov 21994 Jul 23  D16d
KernsWilliam R1889 Oct 201947 Aug 21  D16d
KuykendallA W    A45
KuykendallDiana Kay1947 Feb 28* +da/o Lloyd/Violet A52
KuykendallDolph1883 Feb 261969 Jul 19Father A49
KuykendallJackie191919212Y 4M A51
KuykendallNora1884 Oct 141920 Feb 13Mother A50
KuykendallSallie    A47
LaddBaby1917  Mort Plaque/StoneD79
LaTourChester Lawrence1919 Jul 201997 Nov 2m 1944 Jan 15 E 
LaTourJoy Leatherman1922 Mar 17livingm 1944 Jan 15p/o Roger/DennisE 
LeathermanBaby  ch/o F E D41
LeathermanBaby  ch/o F E D42
LeathermanBaby  ch/o F E D43
LeathermanBelle May1893 Dec 211976 Feb 1  D39d
LeathermanCharles B1874 Jan 31952 Aug 6  C26d
LeathermanCora1928 Jul 231940 Sep 15Playmates D20d
LeathermanEthel1916 May 271921 Nov 19  C29
LeathermanFrank E1886 Sep 231955 Mar 31  D39d
LeathermanHoward1911 Dec 311920 Aug 19  C31
LeathermanLena M1881 Jan 121960 Jun 21  C26
LileBeatrice C1933 Jul 211996 Jan 24Daughter D 
LileCharlie A18881964  B76d
LileEsse Cleveland1893 Apr 21968 Nov 27COLO PVT CO H121 INF WWID98
LileHarriet E18571942  B78
LileHenry G18821970  C82
LileJames T18491922  B78d
LileM Ruth18961973  B76d
LileRonald D1936 Apr 261961 Sep 22  D96
LileZella M1914 Feb 61996 Mar 17Mother D 
LimerRoy F1902 May 131966 Apr 30PVT US ARMYKY WWIIE58
LovellRosa A1848 Feb 41917 Dec 29Mother F44
ManningBurton T18851949 Cement coveredD92
ManningEarl Norton1920 Sep 211950 Mar 24TEXAS AM1 USNR WWII E90
ManningEdith Dillingham1890 Oct 181975 Feb 6  D90
ManningJames Thomas "Tommy"1950 Sep 171955 May 30  E89
MarsdenAnna18611943 cement coveredC85
MarsdenIsaac18621933 cement coveredC86
McLainEarl L18941918CoF 357 Inf 19 DivAmerican Legion EmblemA76
McMurryJames    B26
McMurryMartha    B27
MeigsRoy LaVerne1926 Feb 181929 Mar 6  B58
MorganBaby1918- Mort Plaque/StoneH51
MorganFay19091958  H45
MorganJane18811947  H48
MorganJohn18791953  H48
MountsDaniel1938 Oct 21997 Jul 18m 1977 Jul 9 C 
MountsJudy C1945 Oct 19 m 1977 Jul 9 C 
NeiceMrs   Mort Plaque/StoneC60
OteyRosetta1874 Oct 11961 Apr 24  D30
OteyWalter Robert1900 May 11918 Dec 31  D29
OvertonChild  ch/o John Overton A15
OvertonChild  ch/o John Overton A17
OvertonDelia K1888 Jan 161966 Jun 19m. 1910 B9
OvertonEmma    B15
OvertonGiffriollo    B21
OvertonJ T    B13
OvertonJohn    B17
OvertonLenora  LPN 8/a B12
OvertonLeonard H1888 Aug 241982 Apr 21m. 1910 B09d
OvertonRuby    B19
PalmerIra N1906 Jul 251984 Feb 13m.1928 June 17 B117
PalmerOpal M1909 Jul 111996 May 9m.1928 June 17 B117
PendergrastC W18521933 Mort Plaque/StoneH86
PendergrastD W   Mort Plaque/StoneH85
Percifieldsbaby  ch/o Alice A67
PhelpsEwing W1889 Sep 51962 Nov 14m. 1909 Feb 25FatherI17
PhelpsGeorge Richard1898 Jun 61930 Jul 2  H20
PhelpsJ R1886 Apr 291944 Jan 26Father H9
PhelpsJoanna1868 Jan 91932 Jun 21Mother H11
PhelpsLola Mae1921 Dec 201921 Dec 25"My Baby" F15
PhelpsNettie A1891 Jul 11979 Dec 17m. 1909 Feb 25MotherI17
PhelpsTom Eugene19131968 Mort Plaque/StoneH13
PresnallJerry Bruce1950 May 111997 Mar 16s/o Johnie/Edna D 
PyleAgnes L18991980  D05d
PyleLester R19041985  D05d
RagsdaleAlice1873 Jan 131932 Nov 21  I59
RagsdaleBuddie1932 May 81937 Jan 20  J49
RagsdaleCharles C1866 Oct 81947 Apr 22  I57
RagsdaleDoris Helen19151996m. 1934 Mar 31 E54d
RagsdaleElmer William19171991m. 1934 Mar 31 E54d
RagsdaleJessie J18961988Mother E50d
RagsdaleJoel L19071917  F50d
RagsdaleLeonard V19001919  F50d
RagsdaleMary1845 July 171906 Nov 8His Wife I55
RagsdaleW F R1842 Dec 271923 Jan 2  I55
RagsdaleWm Claude18961922Father & infant son E50d
RaymondEllen S1881 Mar 281917 May 21w/o R B Raymond H60
RobbBaby  ch/o Homer Robb E63
RobersonHelen Ragsdale1914 Sep 301932 Jul 27  J55
RoweBaby  ch/o Earl Rowe I62
RoweBaby  ch/o Earl Rowe I63
RoweBaby  ch/o Earl Rowe I65
RoweCharlie N1861 Dec 221932 Mar 30 Cement coverI78
RoweGeorge M1855 Dec 161946 Jul 20 Cement coverI77
SargentBessie M18921960  B48d
SargentCarl C1916 Jan 141996 Dec 4m 1947 Sep 28 H 
SargentGeorge S18861973  B48d
SargentMaxine F1927 Dec 201997 Sep 20m 1947 Sep 28 H 
SargentMinta18601909Mother B50d
SargentRoy J1912 Oct 91997 Dec 24m 1939 Nov 28p/o Gerry/Darrell/+G 
SargentVlva V1919 Oct 61993 Nov 21m 1939 Nov 28p/o+ Judy/JoyceG 
SargentW M18511934Father B50
SchollenbargHarvey L1919 May 141920 Sep 19  H41
SchollenbargInfant1923 Apr 11923 Apr 1  H41
SchollenbargJessie L1916 Mar 101918 Sep 21  H41
SchollenbargJoseph N18821955  J40
SchollenbargMargaret E1921 Dec 51922 Jun 8  H41
SchollenbargNannie L18891963  J40
SchroederAnna W1895 Jan 121962 Mar 23m. 1917 Nov 14 G100
SchroederOscar F1894 Sep 291979 May 20m. 1917 Nov 14 G100
SearcyMary Kathryn1881 Jan 121957 May 9  D9
SmithAlfred Wayne1940 Apr 171975 Sep 13SH3 US NAVY A12
SmithRuby    B5
SpanglerA S    E59
SpauldingMrs Jones    E79
SpringmeyerAnna   Mort Plaque damagedH77
SpringmeyerBaby  ch/o E L Springmeyer H79
SpringmeyerW H18561935  H75
StephensFreda M1931 Mar 28livingm 1949 Jul 15"Nanny"F 
StephensLloyd P1931 Jan 141997 Sep 25m 1949 Jul 15"Papa"F 
StewardCharles Guy1919 Feb 31998 Jul 19m 1943 Aug 14 H 
StewardDorothy Marie1920 Aug 27livingp/o Connie/ Max/Bim/ LeslieH 
StewartCharlie H18801965  B94d
StewartDaisy O18851959  B94d
StewartGaylord L19081970  B90d
StewartHubbard W18501923  J47
StewartMary A18501923  J47
StewartNell G19151992  B90d
StewartRobert E1940 Nov 81999 May 7  J 
StroudAlvie1901 Sep 111985 Dec 24  I46
StroudGeorge H1879 Oct 71956 Jun 29  I39
StroudMary Ann1879 Jun 191954 Jun 15  I41
SturdivanRicky Dean1955 Mar 221955 Mar 22  H94
SymonsJessie18911929  F86
SymonsOpal W1924 May 41924 Sep 4  F23
TedderAllie    B29
TedderB W    B28
ThomasCharlie I1891 Oct 161962 Oct 3  E98
ThomasGladys L1901 Nov 111988 Sep 10  E98d
ThomasRobert A    E21
TimmerElizabeth H1931 Feb 8--m. 1951 Nov 10 G110
TimmerJoseph E1927 Aug 181976 May 9m. 1951 Nov 10 G110
TindleReba Corbin1902 Feb 231992 Oct 25  A 
ToddJohn F1851 Sep 51945 Aug 4  G12
WarkentinJohn W18811928  B87
WatsonAlice M1912 Sep 301971 Mar 21  F98
WatsonCecil T1908 Dec 291994 Jan 17  F98d
WatsonJohn C18351908  E65d
WatsonNancy A18501909  E65d
WeaverRonald Max1932 Aug 121935 Jan 17  G7
WhippleJohn H1919 Apr 241976 Oct 23PFC US ARMY D110
WhipplePauline D1921 Aug 23--  D110
WhitmarshBaby  ch/o Essie Whitmarsh I23
WhitmarshBaby  ch/o Essie Whitmarsh I25
WibkingPearl Marie19151939  D51
WilliamsAlton H1898 Feb 161982 Jan 5m. 1919 Jun 4 A110
WilliamsBaby  ch/o J D Williams B60
WilliamsBaby  ch/o Alton Williams B68
WilliamsCarrie A18711944Mother B65
WilliamsCharles A18661949 FatherB65
WilliamsClaud18941908 SonB65
WilliamsLawrence O1892 Apr 201965 Mar 4 photo on monumentB57
WilliamsMamie D1894 Jun 21999 Jan 16m. 1919 Jun 4 A110
WillisGlen1914 Sep 71914 Sep 7so M O & M E Willis A31
WillisMary Ethel1890 Apr 251931 Jan 21w/o M O A30
WrightJune Kerns1926 Jun 14 m 1947 Oct 31p/o Stan/Taresa/CandaceF 
WrightW T   Mort Plaque/StoneH66
WrightWeldon E1922 Apr 81993 Apr 8m 1947 Oct 31p/o Stan/Taresa/CandaceF 
WysongGladys Phelps1910 May 151939 May 16  I20

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