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Capitol View Cemetery
Beaver County, Oklahoma

Location: S15-T2-R23
     From Elmwood, this cemetery is located 2 miles north, turn west at the old Elmwood schoolhouse, continuing about 2 ½ miles, on a blacktop road. Mr. And Mrs. James Bare donated the land for the Capitol View Church. The cemetery was just across the road, donated by the same people. It is the burial place of all the early settlers of that community. The first burial in the cemetery was Grandma Coleman in 1907. The graves are marked and well maintained.
AbossClaude19071983 metalB59
AlbinBertha Annita1935 Jan 7b/dd/Robert & Bertha B10
AlbinBertha P18921938w/o Robert nee Russell B15d
AlbinRaymond Leon1928-Dec 151936-July 1s/ Robert & Bertha B12
AlbinRobert P18851962  B15d
ArmstrongL L Ted Turner18961989  E7d
ArmstrongLeta Maye19011986  E7d
BareJames18431927  G20d
BareMalinda18551934  G20d
BarkerAlberta Vestine1927 July 91982 July 10  I22d
BarkerErmal1897 Oct 61980 Oct 24  H14d
BarkerGayle June1913 Jun 181979 May 2m. Oct 8 1932nee PruettH18d
BarkerGlen1913 Dec 291990 Apr 21m. Oct 8 1932 H18d
BarkerGlendola Fern1894 Aug 61985 Jan 23  H14d
BarkerJames Allison09 Sep 187724 Feb 1943Father H25d
BarkerJames Keith03 Jan 19181934  H23
BarkerLeslie Morton1932 JUL 91933 Oct 27  H14d
BarkerRuby1910 Dec 81916 Feb 23da. of J A & S N H21
BarkerSarah Naoma187617 Dec 1959 nee WilsonH25d
BarkerWinston James1926 Aug 15   I22d
BennettRock H Jr  metal marker I 
BlosserCecil19231930 metalC35
BlosserClaude A1907-Oct 261983-Jan 16  C49
BlosserDonald19201983 metal markerB40
BlosserLeslie J1912-Nov 111914-Oct 11so. W A & L A C36
BlosserLydia18891983 metal markerB39
BlosserMartha M19321933 metalB52
BlosserMinnie Mary19041956Mother C50
BlosserMorley Lee?? metalC38
BlosserWilliam A18841933  C39
BridgesWillie1875 May 171968 Feb 7  G40
BrockA W?? metalC10
BrockBaby?? metalC11
BrockHoward19101991 metalC12
BrownBABY?? metalC44
BuckleyJane18401916Mother D39
CampbellAnnie M1877 Feb 11948 Aug 7  D37
CampbellCarrie May1895 Apr 11968 Jul 7m. Feb 13 1912 E32d
CampbellCharley Clay1889 Nov 221968 Aug 17m. Feb 13 1912 E32d
CampbellChristena E1861 Jul 281936 Jul 29  D30d
CampbellGuy D1883 Jul 211941 Feb 13  D35
CampbellJ H1886-Mar 251950-May 11  D26
CampbellLeslie C1917 Oct 5 m 1941 May 16 B 
CampbellLois N1923 Jul 141997 Apr 5m 1941 May 16 B 
CampbellOlive Gail1919 Sep 151996 Nov 14m 1941 Mar 22 B 
CampbellThomas C1912 Feb 271922 Aug 2  D34
CampbellThomas D1850 Nov 241915 Mar 27  D30d
CampbellWilliam T1897 June 61922 Jan 26  D28
ColemanLaura V1865-June 91907-Feb 19  D10
ColemanRichard-1917 12 28 mortuary records  
DavisBertha Turner18811951Mother D12
DavisEarl T D D S18771963Father D11
DavisEarl Turner1921 Feb 31998 Nov 17m. May 30 1969 E4d
DavisFay1928 Feb 15 OKLA PVT IISupply Train 36 DIVB54
DavisRosa May1923 Dec 51989 July 26m. May 30 1969 E4d
EadesThomas Roy1877 03 241963 05 13 mortuary records  
EisE E "Bert"18821968  C24
EisGerda V18781930  D23
EisLewis Leroy19141987  C25
EllisArthur B1892 May 201978 Oct 27m. Jan 5 1916 D52d
EllisEvelyn "Dot"1895 May 11975 Jan 11m. Jan 5 1916ch. Iris Kenneth JennieD52d
EllisKenneth A1921 Feb 221921 Feb 26  D54
FergusonJames D19551992 metalJ30
FergusonRuth1931 Sept 271990 July 3  J29
FinnMartha1875-July 41959-Feb 6  C17
FishAnnie B1900 Jul 171989 Jan 28  F32d
FishBobby LaVerne 1945s/ Wiley & Lou I18
FishClarence Eldon19191919 metalF26
FishDelmer Allen19231923 metalF25
FishEugene19291929 metalF30
FishLucy R18851918 metalF29
FishRobert E1874 Sep 131942 Aug 6  F32d
FlinnFrank Sidney18871950 metalG30
FlinnGeorge Henry19151930 metalG33
FlinnLulu May18811943 metalG31
FrazeeClaude1918 Nov 161995 Sep 13  K19d
FrazeeFern MFeb 1 1922   K19d
FrazeeFlorance L18811918  F22
FrazeeLorinza-1918 12 02 mortuary records  
FrazeeJune18941957  F20
GregoryElizabeth E1911 Sept 261988 May 18  J19d
GregoryGeorge W1940 Dec 11982 Oct 28  J19d
GregoryRalph C1811 June 281996 May 21  J19d
GroendykeBernard1919 Mar 41925 Mar 9  G14
GroendykeDean Leroy19171992metal G 
HancockBarney?1913blank cementmetalC20
HaskellA A "Lonnie"1867 Jan 81936 Jul 8Pioneer Settlers1887G8d
HaskellAlonzo Edward18901924  G10
HaskellEtta1867 May 41957 Nov 10Pioneer Settlers1887G8d
HibbsAsa   metalE37
HibbsHarry Osro1917 Apr 131917 Apr 15so. of M/M O Hibbs E34
HibbsLeora1919-Aug 31921-Sep 18da J A & M C33
HibbsMary Louise19301941  B34
HibbsPeter1887  metalE38
HolderAmanda Kile1909-Dec 281987-Nov 21m. 1928-May 18 A49d
HolderHezzie1905-Nov 111986-Sep 18m. 1928-May 18 A49d
HolderMarle Marie1929-Sep 121934-Aug 22  A54
HolderTwila1938 Nov 51939 Feb 28  A51
HooverBarbara L1939 Jun 181989 Apr 16  I29
HooverDonald L1921 May 201993 Jun 17SAGT USArmy Air Corp I 
HooverJ Ernest1899 Aug 131945 June 16  I25d
HooverJack Wade19381938 metalC22
HooverLizzie1901 Feb 41987 Jan 14  I25d
HooverRonald1919 May 271987 Jan 18TEC5 US ARMY WWII I28
InmanJohn?? metalC14
JacksonMary Jane18491939 metalG36
KeeverMartin1852 Sep 61920 Apr 1  F45
KileBenjamin "Bennie"1890 Jul 221972 Dec 28  B45
KileBessie J "Jewell"1895-Oct 201986-Feb 9  B44
KileBobby19231929so. O E & Vivian B49d
KileCora Irene1882-Apr 121956-Dec 5Mother C51
KileHarvey W1900-Apr 61984-Feb 21  A45
KileJennie M1900-Oct 21976-Feb 27  A45
KileKennethb-d 1927   B49d
KileO E "Pete"18971973  B47d
KilePaul1908-Mar 201916-Feb 4  C54
KilePlezia?? metalC48
KileVivian B18961969  B47d
Lockhartdaughter1913-Aug 28b-dda Pearl & Maude C26
MaloneAlfaretta18731974 metalI15
MaloneFrank Elmer19161972 metalI14
MaloneRoyce Darrel19371940  G16
MaloneVirginia Helen19301932  G17
McDevittAsa Thomas   metalF50
McDevittLaura19201920 metalF49
McDonaldChester M1903 June 231969 Mar 17  D46d
McDonaldEdward D1932 Apr 301989 Dec 7SGT US ARMY KOREA D50
McDonaldElva L1910 Jan 201957 Oct 22  D46d
Meridithbaby?? metalD16
MeridithMrs Ferd?? metalD15
Morrisbaby1915   E46
MorrisHugh1846 Apr 21918 Jan 12Father E47d
MorrisPermelia F1846 Feb 161918 Jan 6Mother E47d
OvertonGrace J1862-Apr 91914-Feb 12wife of W A C28
OwensHouston19041985Fatherm. Sept 30 1920I10d
OwensNannie19021984Motherm. Sept 30 1920I10d
OwensSylvia1938 Jun 231939 Jan 4  H10d
OwensYvonne1933 Feb 17b/d  H10d
PateTrent19801993 metal  D 
PlainDollie Sue1948 Nov 201948 Nov 20  H45
PlainErnest Gustavus1908 Jan 311969 Aug 16  G43d
PlainHubert F1915 Mar 281972 Oct 15  H47d
PlainJosephine M19081977  G43d
PlainLorene A1917 May 211988 Feb 25  H47d
PlainSadie E1892 Dec 201933 Jan 9two baby girls G45d
PlainSylvia19381939 Mortuary records  
PlainWalter1876 Jan 211954 Jan 13  G45d
PoundsFrancis L18601935  F17
PoundsJessie L1909 July 71985 Sep 13  J15
PoundsLouisa18671956  F15
PoundsMarjorie Dillon1898 July 201990 Nov 24  J14
PoundsOrris Waldean1921 Dec 221997 Dec 4  J 
ReiswigGeorge18771933 metalE24
ReiswigJoseph   metalE23
ReiswigKatrina   metalE21
RigbyJohn Calvin1864 07 081920 02 29 mortuary records  
RizleyJohn Calvin1864 Jul 111920 Feb 29  F35
RizleyRetha18791968  F38
RizleyRobert M1861 Nov 161921 Sep 23  F37
RogersThelma Turner1929 Jan 171993 Jan 7  I 
SchultzLeila1917 Sep 221988 May 23m. Feb 5 1944 F40d
SchultzLeRoy1910 Sep 161984 Apr 13m. Feb 5 1944 F40d
SealIva Nell1926 Mar 141993 Aug 9  I 
SealLeota Ione18741976  H7d
SealRonald L1911 Jul 41998 Jul 27  I 
SealZeddie True18691964  H7d
SettleElizabeth-1921 02 17 mortuary records  
SettleWayne?? metalC41
SlocumAnna L1890   E26d
SlocumErnest18841974  E26d
SlocumVictor Earl1912 Apr 291915 Jan 5so. of M/M E E29
StansberryDaniel1871 Dec 81935 Aug 7  H28
StarnesCourtland1933 Dec 161995 Jan 12  I 
StarnesNannie Nadine1924 Jul 121992 Sep 15  I 
StewartA G18491925 METALE18
TaylorFrancis Henry1840 02 221918 11 09 mortuary records  
TaylorW Z   MetalF11
TaylorWm A1866 Nov 261917 Sep 28FatherMetalF10
ThomasonWilliam H1869 05 011930 12 27 mortuary recordsG38
Thompson ?? metalC16
TurnerBernola L1894-Mar 81918-Oct 3Co H 6th MARINE D24
TurnerFeeby Jane18511931  D20d
TurnerFred M18861965  D19d
TurnerMerideth18471926  D20d
TurnerRobert J1927 Mar 151954 Apr 10OKLA WWIITEC 4 11 CONSTAB REGTE19
TurnerSusie E18851952  D19d
TurnerThomas F1922 Jan 281974 Feb 2OKLA WWIIPFC US ARMYI31
WardAnn?? metalD44
WardHarrison18601942 metalD40
WelchH J1862-Feb 261920-Feb 2157Y 11M 25D C32
WoodfinEdward B18881937 metalG25
WoodfinHannah18931952 metalG27
WoodfinLeo I1913 11 121930 8 31 metalG24
WoodfinLeota19121977 metalH30
Wright    metalE15
Wright    metalE16
YatesForrest W1895 Sep 181968 Nov 21m. Sep 29 1926 H35d
YatesLaveta May1941 Aug 27b/dInfant daughter ofForrest & OdessaH33
YatesOdessa M1908 Feb 61988 Dec 14m. Sep 29 1926 H35d
YoungOla E18971928 metalE39
ZinnLouis Monroe1904 Dec 12   E10

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