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Bethany Cemetery
Beaver County, Oklahoma

Location: S21-T4-R21

     This cemetery is located two miles east, one mile north and half mile west of Bryan’s Corner, (Junction of US 83 and State 3). The cemetery is on the south side of the road. V. V. Wilson was the secretary in 1931 and until his death. W. C. Bryan was president at the time the cemetery blue- print was drawn. The first grave was a baby from the family of Moon (Myrtle, daughter of John Moon.) The child was originally buried on the north side of the section line and later moved when the cemetery was started. On lot 55 there are several members of the Holt family. These are unmarked except for a concrete marker with Holt family and no date. One of the oldest graves is 1906. There are about 223 graves in this cemetery, at least five of which are soldiers of this country.

AbbeyFannie T1868 Oct 221908 Oct 7w/o F O Abbey R2
BallardCecil L1926 Dec 231968 June 21OKLAHOMA PVT146 SIG CO 6 ARMD DIVH15
BallardEdna V18891918w/o Charles Ballard F2
BallardIva Mae18951984  I20
BallardJ M18521907  H10
BallardLevi R1870 Apr 271960 Apr 10  H13
BallardSamuel18831954  I20
BallardSarah J18521930  H10
BrooksJames L1927 Apr 281927 Apr 28infant s/o Frank& EvelynF17
BryanEdd1850 Aug1935 Jul  O12
BryanEdgar Marvin18851933  L5
BryanElla M1914 Jun 91975 Aug 17  J32
BryanElla V1857 Jan1942 May  O12
BryanElmo W1921 Apr 201986 Sep 16  J34
BryanEula K18841977  L5
BryanJeff1917 Mar 91917 Mar 22a twin K7
BryanLou1917 Mar 91917 Aug 11a twin K7
BryanMinnie E1898 Apr 161986 May 16  J27
BryanWalker O1921 Feb 261991 Jan 18"BOV" J40
BryanWalker R1894 Apr 221959 Aug 13  J27
CampbellBaby 1907  V42
CampbellMarvin 1924  M32
CarrCharlie1871 Mar 251914 Jan 9  C10
CarterBradley S 1930 Apr 4COLORADO PVT 27 INFCement coveredR17
CarterMartha G18581945MotherCement coveredR19
CasdorphEthel M18761947 MORTUARY RECORDS 0
CasdorphJ P18691936  H27
CasdorphSon 1922  H25
CaseElmira1877 Feb 211911 Sep 18w/o J D Case P18
CaseMattie Taylor18821980  E18
ClaybrookEddie E1891 Dec 281962 Dec 20 Cement coveredR23
ClaybrookEmma F18861948 Cement coveredR21
ClaybrookInfant Sons   cement coveredP25
ClaybrookJames T18561938 cement coveredP27
ClaybrookJoe1899 Dec 211972 Mar 7Devoted FatherCement coveredQ33
ClaybrookJohn Lee18891963Dad P20
ClaybrookMalva B1901 Oct 191957 Dec 30Loving MotherCement coveredQ32
ClaybrookMartha L18661947 cement coveredP28
ClaybrookOpal Omega18901981Mom P20
ClaybrookWilliam T18831942 cement coveredP29
CowanAlvin "Dude"19191999  W 
CowanEdward A 1942 June 3InfantCement coveredR28
CowanJohn A18611951FatherCement coveredQ6
CowanLloyd J1892 Apr 141964 Jun 15 Cement coveredR26
CowanOla M1894 Dec 81975 Aug 22 Cement coveredR24
CowanSteve M1920 Oct 71980 Jan 11PFC US ARMY WWII VFWCement coveredQ5
CreedLowell18981907  L25
CrockerEdwin18421918  Q25
DethlefC Rud18631946 MORTUARY RECORDS 0
DethlefsC Rudolph18631946 Cement coveredF30
DewaldOlive E1905 Feb 131908 Feb 11  V1
DobbsInfant 1916  J25
DowersHarvey18841934  A11
DowersMoses19171918  A10
FishLafayette1853 Apr 221914 Apr 30  D2
FullerAbigail D1910 Oct 30--m. 1927 Apr 19 S27
FullerEdward P1881 Nov 181962 Feb 12m. 1927 Apr 19 S27
GablerNaomi1907 Sep 191995 Nov 7  V 
GardnerMartha Drucille19081936  L2
GatesCharles F1880 Mar 201961 Feb 22  N33
GatesElizabeth K1855 Jul 171946 Oct 20  P14
GatesJames Thomas1852 Jun 191907 Sep 18  P15
GatesPearl1886 Apr 151966 June 23  N33
GeorgeJessie F1878 Aug 191954 Nov 10  K28
GeorgeJessie Margaret19171922 Lamb markerK27
GeorgeJoseph L19091915  K25
GeorgeWilliam A1874 Apr 171957 Oct 5  K28
Gift"Baby" 1913  O17
GiftArthur L18941917  N20
GiftChalmer Ben1900 Mar 201961 May 8  G25
GiftCharles R18561927  N18
GiftGladys H19071913  N22
GiftHarold Charles1909 May 71948 Nov 29Dad G33
GiftHenry 1928  O19
GiftIsabel M18621918  N18
GiftKathleen R1913 Apr 81997 Oct 26MOM G 
GiftLorene19301934  O20
GiftMaude May1906 Jun 41942 May 26  G25
GiftNeal Reid19321964  G35
GiftOpal L1904 Dec 231978 Aug 9  I26
GiftOrville W 1926 Aug 7Infant so. V R & O I25
GiftVirgil R (Dick)1902 Apr 71971 Mar 12  I26
GrossDessie19101910  L17
GrossJessie19101910  L18
GurnLeon19221922  M17
GurnLola19111917  M18
GustkeGertrude L1912 Dec 31914 Apr 27Sister H2
GustkeIda1868 Jan 11907 Feb 20Mother V46
HargadineE L1870 Feb 241908 July 21w/o Geo Hargadine Q16
HarshHazel 1916  T13
HarshLewis19101928  U10
HenlineGeorge18801944  I11
HenlineH P18531939  I12
HenlineJoseph R18561924  I10
HenlineMary E18561937  I13
HenlineR L18921946  E25
HenlineWm1876 Aug 251962 June 27"Uncle Bill" E27
HillIda May 1910 Dec 15Age 57y 5m 3d C1
HolidayLucinda18621934  L34
Holt    Wooden stakeV29
Holt    Wooden stakeV31
Holt    Wooden stakeV33
Holt    Wooden stakeV35
HulingClair18981918  F10
JohnsonMinnie B18691938 Cement coveredR30
JohnstonInfant 1915  G17
KarberLeonard C1914 Oct 271976 Dec 3  H33
KightGeorge O1900 Mar 141913 Nov 5s/o C W & Nellie G J17
KightGrandma18311915  J22
KinseyJohn Leroy18761960  H6
KinseyLennas May19171919  H5
KinseyStella M18871935  H4
KruseGeorge O18831964  K34
KruseInfant 1923ch/o Allie & Geo K33
LaddLeonard19061907  K10
LaneJoseph H18541937  N12
LaneMaud A18961986  N14
LaneSamuel A18861945  N14
LaneWillie M 1907 Mar 11age 15y 1m 9d N10
LanierCarol S Montgomery1944 May 121994 Oct 15m 1980 Jun 17 W 
LanierEarl Wayne1938 Feb 23 Grandpa W 
LaughlinNo name given    P6
LavenderWanda19171933  G14
LeathermanRussell1906 Jul 221907 Jul 5 cement coveredJ10
LeirleAnna E1858 Jan 141943 Jun 19  T25
LeirleEllsworth18761937  T21
LeirleH C18861939  T24
LeirleOscar Edmond1884 Apr 141962 Feb 15  T27
MannTwins 1916ch/o J W Mann O32
McCartneyHarold 1926  N25
McCormick    InfantD18
McPeakElizabeth E1827 Apr 291911 Aug 10w/o Wm McPeak K2
McPeakWilliam1825 Aug 31913 Oct 31  K5
MitchussonCharles 1923Infantcement coveredG1
MitchussonClara18781951Mothercement coveredG3
MitchussonJames Ura18691951Fathercement coveredG2
MitchussonJames V Jr1919 Sep 231997 Dec 17USN WWII G 
MoonJune H1915 Jun 251981 Oct 10Motherm. 1937 May 29V14
MoonMyrtle Bell 1904  V10
MoonRay G1906 Apr 11987 Sep 6Fatherm. 1937 May 29V14
MorryIda    T10
MynearJ H Dock1876 Apr 21953 Oct 3  B5
MynearMary E18531945  B4
NewberryDora18781907  M10
OwenEdgar A 1905 Sep 24Baby of Powell& ElizabethB7
PattersonEdd18681911 footstoneI1
PattersonJ P18561941  I2
PierceBessie A18891984m. 1910 Dec 1 H23
PierceEarl A18811977m. 1910 Dec 1 H21
PierceEva Prue1913 Apr 171915 Apr 19da/ M/M E A Pierce H17
PierceJay H18921987American Legion M29
PierceLela A19161990  H19
PierceLou Attie18771938American Legion Aux M29
PierceNellie Trimmell19121979American Legion Aux M26
PowersFlora F18821972  D14
PowersFlora M19131974  D12
PowersGeorge W18831971  D14
PowersLois A19081996  D37
PowersPaul D1908 May 211910 Aug 10  D10
PowersPercy G19091984  D36
PraterElijah W1862 Jan 121951 Mar 11  E13
PraterFlorence M1869 Jul 311943 Jul 29  E13
PraterHarold D1901 Nov 201922 July 23  E10
RayBarbara H18361915  O25
RayWilliam F18621932  O25
ReimannAlton B1919 Nov 23  InfantD28
ReimannAugust F18751957Father C25
ReimannBarbara E1929 Jun 291967 Jul 14(Bowles) D28
ReimannFrank A19211987PFC US ARMY WWII C30
ReimannJulia M18871951Mother C25
RobertsJacob18??1913  N 
RobertsJacob18--1918  N33
RobertsSarah18461934  N28
RoperCarl1909 Oct 181989 Aug 1  S36
RoperHenry18991979  S32
RoperOtto1901 Aug 191985 Feb 18  S33
RushGertrude18911926  T18
SchlotterbacMary E  Age 68 y X17
SchollenbargBaby Boy 1915  T2
SchollenbargEarl19221925  T4
SchollenbargLee18861973  S22
SchollenbargMartha18911960  S22
SchollenbargMaurice Lee1917 Jan 11981 Jan 2Dad (Bud) T31
SchwerbElmer    M25
ShermanHenry E18891975  D34
ShermanIrene C18911983  D35
SmithJ K  Baby M1
SniderAmanda L1856 Mar 181914 Feb 1w/o D A Snider B10
StacyFrank18961908  S10
StanleyEdward19281929  O7
StanleyHaskell19101926  O5
StanleyHoward18991918  O2
StanleyJ J18491937  M34
StanleyMaude18761918  O4
StewartInfant    T12
StoltingMrs Mena1828 Apr 61908 Apr 26  T1
StraderMelba A 1959 Nov 22Baby F33
Swift"Baby    R10
TaylorFlorence Leota19221924  E21
TaylorWalter Lee18821928  E19
TempletonElsie M19171920  T16
TompkinsE A1840 Sept 271914 Nov 29  E6
TompkinsRhoda A1849 July 21906 Dec 10w/o E A E6
TrimmellAnna Mae1944 June 211948 Mar 22  C17
TrimmellHoward Judson19071980  C19
TrollingerA J18971931  J2
TrollingerE S1873 Jun 21934 Oct 14m. 1894 Jun 24 I16
TrollingerIda E1876 Oct 281965 Mar 26m. 1894 Jun 24 I16
Unknown   blank cement Q 
WalkerPrudence 1909  M6
WareFlorence19061907  L10
WareLewis19081909  L11
WareRuth19091910  L12
WarnerMildred    P32
WatkinsMyrnia19211921  L32
WatsonMary D18511935  K18
WatsonWilliam J18471933  KT 1
WetzelWilliam F1874 Apr 161910 Mar 8  B2
WickLillian19141916  B18
WilkersonJohn F18621946 Mort Plaque /stoneG11
WilkersonLouise1868?1909  G10
WilsonAnna E18241918  T14
WinterJohn18911964  S18
WinterLena18621938  S2
WinterMoritz18611940  S2
WinterPaul18941940  S7
WinterSarah18931959  S18
WoodMargaret1916 Sep 21916 Nov 23d/o A W & Blanche C C5

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