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Caney Cemetery
aka Stewart Cemetery
Atoka County, Oklahoma

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The Caney Cemetery is located just south of the community of Caney. Caney is located 10 miles south and 1/2 mile east of Atoka. The cemetery is still active, well fenced and very well kept. It is still in use today; however, an addition has been added called Caney Stewart.

If you have family buried in the Caney Cemetery or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Adair Annie Thelma Sep 4, 1905 May 12, 1908 d/o J. J. & M. L. Adair
Adair Baby Son Nov 2, 1906 Nov 2, 1906 s/o Matt & Erma
Adair Carl Clark "Casey" 17 Jun 1909 07 Feb 1966 Addtl info provided by:
Ronnie Walker
Adair Cora Ann (Arnn) Apr 20, 1888 Apr 24, 1947 W of Plez
Adair Eric Sep 27, 1900 Oct 10, 1924  
Adair Erma Catherine (Gilbert) Feb 12, 1887 Jun 26, 1940 W of George
Adair Frances Louise (McPherson) 12 Dec 1914 27 Jun 1994 d/o B. J. & Laura "Alexander McPherson
Add info provided by:
Ronnie Walker
Adair George Mattison Apr 9, 1884 Jul 8, 1952 H of Erma
Adair George Washington 1843 1904 H of Lucinda
Adair John H. 1868 1916  
Adair Larry Don Mar 26, 1939 Jan 5, 2011  
Adair Lucinda S. (Hardy) Feb 5, 1845 Feb 2, 1905 W of George W.
Adair Mack Hugh Dec 25, 1942 Jun 4, 2008  
Adair Plez Sharp Jul 22, 1881 Sep 4, 1960 H of Cora
Adair W. H. Sep 14, 1875 Dec 13, 1949  
Arthur James Sep 7, 1914 Dec 1, 1991 WW II Vet
H of Edna Rather
Akers Tom 1877 1932 Daddy
Euctice J. Mar 20, 1923 Jun 2, 2007 US Army WW II
Alexander J. Kathryn   Nov 26, 1947  
Alexander James Richard Michael "Bubba Fincher" Jun 2, 1997 Aug 1, 2006  
Alford Arnold Allen Mar 28, 1908 Mar 26, 1972 H of Lillie
Buddy Marvin May 28, 1936 Jan 28, 2005 US Army
Alford David Lee Oct 6,1973 Sep 24, 2012  
Alford Lillie Francis "Tigert" 14 Feb 1911 06 Jul 2003 Born at Caney;
Died at Durant;
w/o Arnold Allen Alford;
d/o William "Bud" &
Laura Leona White Tigert.
For a complete
obituary, see:
Brown's Funeral Service
Alford Phillip Allen Nov 20, 1979 Jan 18, 1999  
Alford Sammy Lee May 28, 1934 Jul 25, 1940 d/o Arnold Allen &
Lillie Francis Tigert Alford
Alford Wallace Madison Sep 19, 1952 Oct 11, 2013  
Alverson Alice Aderine "Ma" Jan 1861 Mar 4, 1954  
Alverson S. E. (Maybe Sierra Doyle) Aug 11, 1828 Jun 5, 1917  
Ago Anna Lee Dec 30, 1921 Jul 18, 2011  
Armstrong J. H. Nov 11,1858 Feb 15, 1909 W.O.W. Stone
Armstrong Juanita (Langenforf) Jun 17, 1920 Feb 12, 1988  
Arnn J. H. Nov 30, 1860 May 26, 1917 H of Martha
Arnn Martha Feb 10,1866 Dec 7, 1930 W of J. H.
Ashley Ralph Sep 21, 1876 Nov 22,1955  
Ashley Romia C. Nov 13, 1896 Mar 11, 1968  
Ashley Virginia Feb 15, 1904 Jun 15, 1971  
Austin Addie Mar 5, 1895 Mar 30, 1961 Double Stone w/ husband Claud
Austin Claud Aug 1, 1888 Jan 18, 1930 Double Stone w/ wife Addie
Ayers Charlene      
Ayers Mary Frances      
Ayers Royce M.      
Bagby Margaret     Handmade Stone
Bagby Robert Ray, Jr.      
Bagby Robert Reecey     h/o Angeline Welniak Bagby;
s/o Jess Bagby and
Margaret Bolen Bagby
John H.     Military Stone; OK 8 FERG GP AAR WWII
Bell Marcella Dale     d/o J.A. & L.H. Bell
Berry George     Handmade Stone
Black Goldie May      
Bonham Callie Ann (Crites)     d/o Kermit and Willie Crites
Bosher Lou Ellen     Mama
Bowlin Siney      
Brawner Iris (Walker)      
Bush Earl H.     Double Stone w/wife Mary Ellen Bush
Bush Mary Ellen     Double Stone w/husband Earl H.
Byrd Donna E.     Handmade Stone
C. G. W.     Handmade Stone
Cannon Cora Alice     Mother; Double Stone w/h William Leon
Cannon Timmy J.      
Cannon William Leon     Father; Double Stone w/ wife Cora Alice
Carter Christina B.     Double Stone w/Ella M. Carter
Carter Clarence S., Jr.      
Carter Edyth      
Carter Ella M.     Double Stone w/ Christina B.
Carter Infant     s/o W. M. & M. V. Carter
Carter Joy Ann      
Childress Georgia Lou     Double Stone w/husband Lawrence M.
Childress Lawrence M.     Double Stone w/wife Georgia
Childress Loyd T.     Double Stone
w/sister May Irene;
s/o Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Childress
Childress Margaret N.     W. O. W. Stone
Childress May Irene     Double Stone
w/brother Loyd T.;
d/o Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Childress
Childress Taletha A.     Handmade Stone
Childress Thomas W.     W. O. W. Stone
Cobb Simeon T.     Brother Thou Art Gone, But Not Forgotten
Coble Ann     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Coble C. E.     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Coble John Thomas      
Cole Hattie Lou     Double Stone
w/h Oscar Lee; Married 10/21/1905
Cole Oscar Lee     Double Stone w/wife Hattie Lou
Collum W. D.      
Cooksey W. P.      
Crawford Raymond Henry     s/o Dave H. & Annabell
"Martin" Crawford
(Caney Stewart Section)
Craghead Carlton     s/o L. N. & O. V. Craghead
Crites Earl K.     Husband and Father
Crites Edgar Vaughn     s/o Walter and Effie Edna
"Buckner Crites
(Caney Steward Section)
Crites Effie E.     Double Stone w/husband Walter V.
Crites Infant     1958, only date; Handmade Stone
Crites Kermit     Double Stone
w/wife Willie C.;
Married Sept. 21, 1929
Crites Lola M.     Double Stone
w/husband Richard B.
(Monk) Crites;
Our Beloved Parents
Crites Mary Kathryn (Blair)     d/o Lee and Lora "Gillen" Blair
Crites Richard B. (Monk)     Double Stone
w/wife Lola M.;
Our Beloved Parents
Crites Walter V.     Double Stone
w/wife Effie E.;
Married 12/06/1904
Crites Willie C.     Double Stone w/husband
Daniel Pearl Flora     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Daniels Joy Glee      
Davis J. F.     Handmade Stone
Davis Jewel L.     Handmade Stone
Davis Minnie Ann     Double Stone
w/husband S. H. Bunk
Davis S. H. (Bunk)     Double Stone
w/wife Minnie Ann
Davis Willie G.      
Dawson Herbert E.      
Dillbeck Nancy      
Dollar Allen Elmo      
Dollar Alvis Lee      
Dollar Ambrose E.      
Dollar J. C.     Handmade Stone
Dollar J. V.      
Dollar Margaret E.      
Dollar Mary V.     Handmade Stone
Dollarhide C. C. (Lum)     Double Stone w/wife Winnie Lee
Dollarhide Carrol jackson     s/o Cornellous Jackson
and Martha Ida "Young" Dollarhide
(Caney Steward Section)
Dollarhide Grady Ray     s/o Carroll J. and Denie N. Weajley Dollarhide
Dollarhide Winnie Lee     Double Stone w/husband C. C. Lum
Dorothy Mae      
Dorsey Ida     Triple Stone w/ John and Mary M.
Dorsey John     Triple Stone w/Ida and Mary M.
Dorsey Mary M.     Triple Stone w/ Ida and John
Duckworth Mary Doris (Holcomb)     d/o Emit & Florence "Lennings" Holcomb
Earls Mary Frances      
Earls Sarah F.     Double Stone w/Sherel M.
Earls Sherel M.     Double Stone w/Sarah F.
Eldridge Mary M.      
Emert Glenn Wallace      
Emert Melba Jean      
Emert Ruby Catherine (Adair)     d/o Matt & Erma Catherine "Gilbert" Adair
Emmons Fannie      
Evans Hattie Ann      
Evans William A.     Father
Farmer J. W., Mrs.      
Fields Clyde Jun 1, 1913  Oct 3, 2013 Obit
Fincher Adam W.      
Fox William Leo "Buster" 12 Mar 1911 19 Jul 1992 Born at Bromide
to Leo & Manerva Mae Jones Fox;
h/o Ida Belle Pots Fox;
Died at Atoka Memorial Hospital
Francis Bell      
Francis Mollie (Miss. Mollie)      
Franklin Alfus R.      
Franklin Dannie     Handmade Stone
Fryer Frankie Lee      
Fryer Infant     s/o Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Fryer
Fryer Joe     s/o Winnie & Nora Ruth "Graham" Fryer
Fryer Ollie Mae (Simpson)     d/o Albert & Minnie "Plemons" Simpson
Fryer Opal (Webb)      
Fryer Ramie E.      
Fryer Richard E.      
Fryer Rose      
Fryer Samuel R.      
Furr Wm. C.     s/o F. S. & G. T. Furr
Gammon Haskel J.     h/o Rosa Lee White Gammon;
s/o Clennie Tilton &
Delcie Dean Gammon
Gammon Rosa Lee (White)     w/o Haskel J. Gammon;
d/o David Benjamin &
Lucy Ellen "Bagley" White
Gann Dora E.     Double Stone
w/husband James A. Gann;
Married Aug. 6, 1921
Gann James A.     Double Stone
w/wife Dora E. Gann;
Married Aug. 6, 1921
Garvin Mamie     Mother
Gatlin Otho     Handmade Stone; Age 16
Gibby Carla Donna     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Gibby Infant     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Gibson Joseph H.      
Gilbert Essie E.     Double Stone
w/husband Thomas W.
Gilbert Mary E.      
Gilbert Thomas W.     Double Stone w/wife Essie E. Gilbert
Gilbert William H.     Double Stone w/wife Mary E.
Golden John C.     Father
Golden L. E.     Wife of J. C. Golden
Golden Thomas H.     s/o J. R. and Ada Golden
Golden Wennona     Handmade Stone
Goodnight Clara L.      
Gossett Cody Dewayne      
Gossett Martin Earl      
Gossett Walter M.      
Gray John E.     Funeral Home Marker
Green Betty Jo Adair 15 Dec 1932 28 Jul 2000 W of O. C. Green
info provided by:
Ronnie Walker
Green O. C. 16 Apr 1922 05 Jul 1969 H of Betty Jo Adair
Addtl info provided by:
Ronnie Walker
Gregory Rodney Dale     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Hale Cora B.      
Harbick Robert Lee      
Hardy Henry B.      
Harley Efrena      
Harmon Joe B.     Funeral Home Marker
Harris B. L.      
Harris Hillard     Double Stone w/wife Mae Harris
Harris Mae      
Hartis Henry A.     Double Stone w/wife Margaret Ann Hartis
Hartis Margaret Ann     Double Stone w/husband Henry A. Hartis
Hawkins Bill 19 Nov 1939 12 Aug 2012 See Obit
Head Doyle L.      
Head Larry Wayne      
Head Melvin W.     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Head Wesley     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Henderson D. O., Dr.      
Henry Tanya Lafaune      
Hern Ree May      
Honeycutt Sarah      
Hood Sara M.     w/o A. Hood
Hopkins Albert W.     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Hopkins Dorothy      
Hopkins Lee Roy     Handmade Stone
Hopkins Nora Ruth     w/o Thomas O.
Hoskins Bob     Double Stone w/wife Pat
Hoskins Pat     Double Stone w/husband Bob Hoskins
Hoskins Vernon J.     s/o James Bunyun and Grace "Elliott" Hoskins
Hoss Charles William      
Houser Bennie F.     Handmade Stone
Houser Bennie R.     Handmade Stone
Houser Louise     Handmade Stone
Howard Alpha     Mother
Howard Emma L.     Double Stone w/husband Felix E.
Howard Felix E.     Double Stone w/wife Emma L.; Married Dec. 28, 1919
Howard Felix Edward     Father
Howard J. S.      
Howard Janie M.      
Howard John H.     Father
Hughes Annie E.     Double Stone w/husband Thomas M.
Hughes Thomas M.     Double Stone w/wife Annie E.
Ingram Esther B.     Handmade Stone
Ingram Josephine     Double Stone w/Martin Ingram; Mother
Ingram Martin     Double Stone w/Josephine Ingram; Father
Jarnagin France     Double Stone w/Mattie Jarnagin
Jarnagin Mattie     Double Stone w/France
Jarnagin Ray A.      
Jarnagin William Carl      
Johnson ? A.     Handmade Stone
Johnson Ella     Handmade Stone
Johnson James D.     Double Stone w/ Verna Lorene Johnson
Johnson Mazie Lorene Smith     w/o Frank Johnson; d/o John William & Macie Higgs Smith
Johnson Michael Wayne      
Johnson Myrtle     Handmade Stone
Johnson Verna Lorene      
Jones Lois Marie     Handmade Stone
Jumper Bertha (Tucker)      
Keeton Burney      
Keeton Edith V.      
Knight Infant      
Knight Infant      
Knight Infant      
Landers Clyde C.      
Landers Jewel Lawson      
Langendorf A. G. (Gus)     Double Stone w/wife Julia Q.
Langendorf Dora     Double Stone w/Virgil J.; Wed: Nov. 27, 1937
Langendorf Julia Q.      
Langendorf Virgil J.     Double Stone w/Dora Langendorf; Masonic Emblem
Lawson Charlie E.      
Logan John A.      
Loudermilk Bessie      
Manning Infant Daughters     Handmade Stone; Daughters of Annie and Sidney Manning
Manning Samuel Sidney      
Martin Sennie     Mother
Mason Dimple O.      
Mason Fuller Adam      
Mason John F.     Handmade Stone
Mason Lillian G.     W/o Fuller A.
Mason Nimia D.     w/o Fuller John T.
Mason William Henry      
Massey Laney      
Masters Ed Lee      
McCanless Clifford      
McCanless Bettie, Mrs.      
McDaniel Addie E.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
McKee Alma Mae      
McKee Florence A.      
McKee J. E.      
McKinney W. C.     W. O. W. Stone
Mears John A.      
Mears Lelia J.     Double Stone w/husband Thomas M. Mears
Mears Mattie Marie (Moore)     w/o Robert Orlean Mears; d/o Samual & Emma Mae "Kelley" Moore
Mears Robert Orlean     h/o Mattie Marie Moore Mears; s/o Thomas Murphy & Lelia Jeanetta "Beall" Mears
Mears Thomas M.     Double Stone w/wife Lelia J. Mears
Melton Ethel Esther     d/o E. E. & Sarah Melton
Melton Sarah R.     w/o E. E. Melton
Merriman Hazel Pauline (Stafford)     d/o John & Mamie "Carson" Stafford
Miller Francis Ralston      
Miller William E.     Murray Funeral Homer Marker
Mitchell Bessie L.     Triple Stone w/twin infants; w/o R. W. Mitchell
Mitchell Ethel M.      
Mitchell Infant     Triple Stone w/Bessie and twin; Twin Child of Bessie L. & R. W. Mitchell
Mitchell Infant     Triple Stone w/Bessie and twin; Twin Child of Bessie L. & R. W. Mitchell
Mitchell Leslie Gene     Infant son of Ralph & Gale Mitchell
Mitchell R. W. (Bud)      
Mitchell Sallie (Walker)      
Moody H. A.     W. O. W. Stone
Moore Mary E.     Mother
Morgan J. G.      
Mullens J. M.     Father; Double Stone w/wife Virginia Mullens
Mullens S. G., Mrs.     m/o J. M. Mullens
Mullens Virginia     Double Stone w/husband J. M.
Mullins T. F.     W. O. W. Stone
Murray James C.      
Neeley Alice     Handmade Stone
Neeley John F.     W. O. W. Stone; A Loving Husband and Father
Northcutt Bob     Handmade Stone
Northcutt Clarence, Jr.      
Nowlin T. B., Rev.      
Nowlin Tempie      
Nutter Janet Lorene (Ellison)     d/o Thomas Ellert & Georgette Emilinne "Florentine" Ellison
Parham Carl A.      
Parham Gregory S.      
Parham Marlin Dean     h/o Nadine (Pruett) Parham; s/o Curtis & Pearl "Houser" Parham
Parks Impson     Boy; Handmade Stone
Peck Delmer Lee      
Peck Lula Bell     Owens-Brumley Funeral Home Marker
Peck Sarah      
Peck William H.     Handmade Stone; Owens-Brumley Funeral Home Marker
Peck Winnie     Father
Perkins Impson     Funeral Home Marker
Perkins John A.     Double Stone w/wife Susan Perkins
Perkins Louis Paul      
Perkins Louise Paul, Jr.      
Perkins Noah     Handmade Stone
Perkins Susan     Double Stone w/husband John A.
Perrycard William      
Phillips Denton     Double Stone w/wife Etta Phillips
Phillips Emma E.     w/o Robert R. Phillips
Phillips Etta     Double Stone w/husband Denton
Phillips Gray W.     Double Stone w/Solema A.
Phillips Infant     Funeral Home Marker
Phillips Margaret     Double Stone w/Sarah A. (Sisters)
Phillips Robt. R.     W. O. W. Stone
Phillips Sarah A.     Double Stone w/Margaret H. Sisters
Phillips Solema A.     Double Stone w/Gray W.
Potts Ida B.     Double Stone w/John S. Potts
Potts John S.     Double Stone w/Ida B. Potts
Pound Julia Gertrude (Smith)     d/o Commodore Perry & Nancy Nelvina "Carter" Smith
Pounds Benjamin Shelton     s/o Paul Oscar & Julia "Smith" Pound
Pounds Edith Marie (Thurman)     d/o John Willis & Stella Mae "Clark" Thurman
Priddy Mary E.     Double Stone w/husband Wm. T. Priddy
Priddy Wm. T.     Double Stone w/wife Mary E. Priddy
Pruett Cannie Howard      
Ralston J. C., Rev      
Ralston Laura Jane     Wife
Reid B. J.      
Reid Beatrice      
Reid C.      
Reid Harmon A.      
Reid Harold      
Reid Henry Lee     Double Stone w/Ollie Mae
Reid Inez     w/o M. A.
Reid Lee Gladys     d/o of M. A. and Inez
Reid M.      
Reid M. A. (Lon)     h/o of Inez Reed; f/o Lee Gladys
Reid Marie     Double Stone w/Ruth Reid
Reid Mary R.     W. O. W. Stone; w/o H. A. Reid
Reid Ollie Mae     Double Stone w/Henry Lee
Reid R.      
Reid Reubin     W. O. W. Stone
Reid Ruth     Double Stone w/Marie Reid
Reid Sarah     Double Stone w/husband W. J. Reid
Reid Sarah L.      
Reid W. J.     Double Stone w/wife Sarah Reid
Renfroe Mary C.     W. O. W. Stone
Richards S. J.      
Richardson C. R. (Red)      
Richardson C. T. (Doc)     Double Stone w/Lulla Belle Richardson
Richardson J. T.      
Richardson Lester W.      
Richardson Lulla Belle     Double Stone w/husband C. T. (Doc)
Richardson Thelma Lee     w/o Grover F. Richardson; Wed: Sept. 25, 1932 Caddo; d/o James B. Beaird & Mary Jane Dawson Beaird (Caney Stewart Section)
Richardson Vada Joyce     Double Stone w/twin Vera Lois
Richardson Vera Louis     Double Stone w/twin Vada Joyce
Richardson Vinie      
Richardson Virgie Lee     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Roland Alles Lee      
Roland Eugene      
Roland Martha J.     Handmade Stone
Rose Audrey     Double Stone w/Jack Rose; Married June 3, 1931
Rose Francis Lou      
Rose Hoyle Dean      
Rose Jack      
Rose Kenneth E.      
Rose Roy M.     Handmade Stone
Ross Barzella Geneva (Lowe)     d/o Esaw & Ollie F. "Newkirk" Lowe
Ross Bruce Allen     h/o Sherry A. (Speers) Ross; s/o George Sidney & Barzella G. Ross
Sampier Joe A.     h/o Rachel Crites * S/o Henry Rufus & Tweedie "Baggerly" Sampier
Sampier Rachel "Crites"     W/o Joe Sampier-Caney Steward Section
Sample J. M.      
Sample Ila     Handmade Stone
Sample Sallie J.      
Sanders Andy L.      
Sanders Baby Boy      
Sanders Baby Girl      
Sanders C. P.     Double Stone w/W. B. Sanders
Sanders Earnest D.      
Sanders Effie L.     Eastern Star Emblem OES Chapter No. 1
Sanders Lula Ann     Double Stone w/Vernon
Sanders Vernon R.     Double Stone w/ Lula Ann
Sanders W. B.     Double Stone w/C. P. Sanders
Sanders Wesley T.     Masonic Emblem
Savage Bertha Ollie     d/o R. C. & Mollie M. Savage
Savage Mave     W. O. W. Stone
Savage Mollie M.     w/o R. C. Savage
Schafer Ben      
Scott Annie L.     Double Stone w/Dorsey C.
Scott Dorsey C.     Double Stone w/Annie L.; Married: April 3, 1939
Scott Elsie Rea      
Scott Muna Mae     Double Stone w/Solan M.
Scott Ralph E.     s/o Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Scott;
b/o Betty, Dwyight,
& Solan Carl Scott
Scott Solan M.     Double Stone w/ Muna Mae
Seay Theola June (Watson)     w/o Arthur Garland Seay
Settlemire Lewis Raymond   02 Nov 2008 See obit
Sharpe Willie Genetta     w/o Elam Sharpe
Shuffield ??     Mother
Simpson A. C.      
Simpson Abna      
Simpson Columbus Lee     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Skidmore O. T.     Age: 56 Yrs. 6 Mo. 9 Days
Slack Flora     d/o A. L. & Virgie Slack
Smith-Perkins Commodore Perry     Double Stone w/Delilah Mae
Smith-Perkins Delilah Mae     Double Stone w/Commodore Perry
Smith Cecil Marion     s/o Mary & Edgar Smith
Smith Charles P.     Husband and Father
Smith Charlie Clifton      
Smith Clarissa Belle      
Smith Commodore Perry      
Smith Floyd Benson     s/o John William & Macie Higgs Smith
Smith John W.     Double Stone w/Macie Smith
Smith L. G.     Pvt.
Smith Macie     Double Stone w/John W.
Smith Nancy Laurindo     Our Blessed Mother
Smith Vivian D.      
Stanely Frank H.      
Stanely Opal Belle (Donaldson) [Gray]     w/o Oscar Lee Stanley
Stanely Oscar Lee     h/o Opal Bell (Donaldson) Stanley; s/o Mr. & Mrs. John Stanley
Starling Harry E.      
Stephenson Eliza J.     Double Vault w/Ira Stephenson
Stephenson Ira     Double Vault w/ Eliza J. Stephenson
Stewart Elizabeth      
Stewart Grace Rebecca     d/o Lawrence Edward & Nancy Caroline (Blackmon) Stewart
Stewart Lawrence Edward     h/o Nancy Caroline (Blackmon) Stewart; A Baptist Minister
Stewart Lawrence Edward, Jr.     Double Stone (other side is blank); Our Dear Husband and Daddy
Stewart Nancy Caroline (Blackmon)     w/o Lawrence Edward Stewart; m/o Thomas Franklin, Lillian, Catherine Elizabeth, Lou Rene, Grace, Rebecca, Lawrence Edward, Jr. Nedra, & Susan
Stewart Thomas Franklin     s/o Lawrence Edward & Nancy Caroline (Blackmon) Stewart
Tharp Mabel      
Tigert Ben F.     Double Stone w/Mary A. Tigert
Tigert Donald Franklin      
Tigert Mary A.     Double Stone w/Ben F. Tigert
Tigert Sam      
Trigg Charles W.      
Trigg Phillip W.      
Trigg Thomas B.      
Tucker Alene L. (Perkins)     w/o Carl Tucker; d/o Noal W. Perkins & Jincey Gibson Tucker Perkins
Tucker John Thomas     Handmade Stone
Tucker Luke     Handmade Stone
Tucker Maw     Handmade Stone; m/o Frank, Luke, John, Sarah and Rebecka
Tucker William Lee      
VanBurkleo William Earl      
VanMeter Daniel F.      
VanMeter Daniel W.      
VanMeter Mary E.      
Walker Clarence H.     h/o Mary Louise (White) Walker; s/o Sam Houston & Josephine "Nabors" Walker
Walker Jeremy Todd      
Walker Kittie      
Walker Mary Louise (White)     d/o Allen & Lizzie Christine "Griffin" White
Walker Ola Catherine     Double Stone w/Thomas Andrew
Walker Sam H.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Walker Thomas Andrew     Double Stone w/Ola Catherine
Walker Thomas Worth      
Waller Earl J.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Waller Eva     Double Stone w/W. Monroe
Waller Lizzie      
Waller Robert C.     Beloved Father
Waller Thomas A.     Mill-Humphrey Funeral Marker
Waller W. Monroe     Double Stone w/Eva Waller
Ward Charles W.      
Ward Donna E.      
Ward Harriett B.     Double Stone w/W. Baxter
Ward Henry     Double Stone w/Vashti Wardl Married Dec. 15, 1906
Ward Vashti     Double Stone w/Henry
Ward W. Baxter     Double Stone w/Harriet B.
Watson L. D.     Masonic Emblem
Weathers Georgia Ellen (Marrion)     Double Stone w/Henry Thomas;
w/o Henry Thomas Weathers
Weathers Henry Thomas     Double Stone
w/Georgia Ellen (Marrion);
This side is blank
(still living)
Webb Priscilla Ann Jun 8, 1941 Apr 9,1942 Handmade Stone
Welter Glover Fuller 1890 1932 Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Whitaker James H., Jr.     s/o J. H. and Nellie
"Malvich" Whitaker
White Annie Bessie 1869 1953  
White James E.     Handmade Stone
White Nancy J. (Davis), [Lake], [Skidmore]      
White Rena     Double Stone w/W. P.
White W. M.     Name not on stone
is William Marion
White W. P.     Double Stone w/Rena White
White Willie G.      
Wiecher Nellie     Sister
Williams Thomas Hillard      
Willis Mascal J.      
Wimberly Lester     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Woodard Joel B.     Grandfather;
Double Stone w/Susan W. Woodard
Woodard Susan W.     Grandmother;
Double Stone w/Joel B. Woodard
Young Eris L.      
Young Grover C.      

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